Site disclaimers and rules

Regarding stories posted here:

Stories posted on this blog are fictitious in nature, and do not reflect real events. This is despite of many of them referencing, mentioning and/or featuring real persons, companies, TV shows, locations and so on. They should not be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. Some also contain characters, locations and other elements that the authors do not own the “rights” to. None of the stories on this blog are written for profit, and no copyright infringement is intended.

The events that take place in the stories on this blog many not be legal, ethical, safe or even physically possible. As flattering as our authors would no doubt find you enacting the events in the stories to be, we do not take any responsibility for any negative consequences of your actions.

Regarding images and videos posted here:

1. No nude or pornographic content.

2. No under-16s getting wet or messy.

Regarding comments posted here:

It is not necessary to have a WordPress account to comment here, although it may be beneficial since it will save you entering your details every time and you can upload your own avatar.

The site is equipped with a spam filter that does sterling work in blocking dozens of junk comments every day. Regrettably, genuine comments occasionally get caught. If you find that your comment doesn’t appear within a few minutes of submitting it, try again. You may need to remove suspicious-looking links from your comment and be a bit more human in your wording. 😉

Constructive criticism, impassioned debate and good-natured banter are all part of the discussion here. Rude, deceptive and unduly negative behaviour are not. Those posting and commenting are asked to follow the code of conduct:

1. Bad language should be used sparingly (except in stories where it may be “in character”).

2. Disappointing clips can and should be criticised without using hateful language against the participants.

3. All members of the community are to be treated with civility, even when you disagree with them. Personal attacks, name-calling and swearing shall not be tolerated.

4. No individual member is an arbiter of what is or is not worthy of posting or discussion.

5. Impersonation and sock-puppetry are strictly forbidden.

Those who flout the rules may be put under moderation or, in severe cases, banned from the site.

2 Responses to Site disclaimers and rules

  1. pml89 says:

    I think you need to update these rules, particularly with all the stories popping up (and it would provide an excellent place to remind people of the disclaimers)


  2. You might want to add the new code of conduct to this bit of the site.


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