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Please use this discussion page to post information about potential wet and messy action on upcoming TV shows, films and the web.

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  1. zach z says:

    Sense no one has posted about this yet il let everyone know what coming up. Easter Monday less in 24 hours What is Easter Monday? Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and is a holiday in some countries In Hungary and other country’s that do tradition of watering girls. Śmigus-dyngus (or lany poniedziałek, the Polish for Wet Monday) is the name for Easter Monday in Poland and the diaspora. In the Czech Republic it is called velikonoční pondělí. In Slovakia veľkonočný pondelok, also called Šibačka/Polievačka or Oblievačka. In Hungary Locsolkodás.


  2. dfsdfggshfd says:

    I know this chap is really keen to get more females on board but finding more males want to sign up. If we can help to get great donations for the females then I think we will see more on-board. please support if you can

    the most high profile female is Faye Louise which for 300 to get gunge. Please help


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  3. Black Opera says:

    For those in the UK with access to Sky 1, Wild Things is back for another series tomorrow (Sunday 10th April) at 7pm. I don’t know what games they’ll be playing this series, but hopefully they’ll be some mud based ones at some point, as seen last series.


  4. razgrizblog says:

    I just got an update about the next Indonesian Kids Choice Awards. It will take place on June 1st, a month from the time of this writing. The past two years have seen some fairly decent female slimings. Just a heads up, for anyone looking for clips or nice screenshots.


  5. drshakalulu says:

    Neighbors 2 might have jello wrestling. There is a jello wrestler on the cast page for the movie on IMDB.

    The cast also features Chloë Grace Moretz and Selena Gomez, though I highly doubt either of them will get messy. The movie is due out on May 20th in the U.S. but it may already be out overseas under the title Bad Neighbors 2.


  6. Dunno if Emma is anyone’s type, but it would be remiss of me not to point out that this is a thing.


    • Max Odrive says:

      I admit I only fastscrolled through this video, but I couldn’t work out how to vote. I clicked on the guy’s website but Firefox didn’t like it.


  7. terroristpie says:

    Hopefully in the middle of the month we’ll get the return of Life for Youth Camp and thier weekly forfeits.


  8. Gungeyjeans says:

    Love Island had a gunge pool fight today


  9. MCPridzgungeycelebstories says:

    There was a massive food fight on the 4th July edition of Monday Night RAE if anyone is a wrestling fan, I am watching it but do have it on record if I can get a clip of it for the morning I will


  10. razgrizblog says:

    Here’s something that we might want to donate to or look for, from the venerable Kosplay Underground…


  11. yuck53 says:

    Outside possibility of a WAM alert. At 19:15 tonight ITV are supposed to be showing a new show called Spotless in which contestants enter rooms that are, as the title, suggests, spotless and attempt to keep them that way.

    The actual potential for mess will be determined by how challenging the designers intend the game to be set again how reasonable the chance of doing well. Also the sort of mess and the mechanisms involved.

    So no way of me gauging the actual potential for actual mess from the information I have. The Radio Time says it’s a ‘one-off’ which I imagine to be either a pilot the people who make pilots can’t decide on or a pilot they have already decided against but someone feels they need to do something with the material recorded.


      • I’ll just copy my comments from ECG on it.

        Viewing it through the WAM fetishist lens, it’s trash. They’re in full-body suits with huge goggles, and the gender ratio of contestants is 3:1 male:female. Might work for some of you, but not for me, and not for what seems to be the biggest audience for WAMmers.

        Removing the fetishist lens doesn’t make it any better. The rounds drag out and it’s edited like a highlights reel for something you’ve not actually watched yet, with very little actual tension. The lack of an actual presenter is an interesting idea, but the dramatic movie trailer-style bass voice does not work at making the show interesting in the slightest. There is way too much “banter” from the morons playing, and not enough actual game. That said, maybe the lack of games is not a big deal since they have little depth and creativity behind them – one of them is literally rock-paper-scissors. Oh, and the soundtrack is utter shite.

        Do not bother.


  12. Max Odrive says:

    It’s intended to be sewerage, so many would probably rule it out of being WAM, but I’m pretty sure that the “Jeeves and Wooster” on channel Yesterday tonight is the one that has, as its climax, a wedding party colliding with a plumbing accident. Because P.G. Wodehouse isn’t funny enough?


  13. gigawiga says:

    An interesting something that may or may not produce anything but might be fun nonetheless. Turner Classic Movies is patterning with Ball State for a Salute to Slapstick starting in September through October. It also has an online course to take with it with info and produced vidoes to go along with as well as a final exam. In the into clip the instructor takes a pie in the face (male) but there are a number of beautiful looking ladies working on the project from Ball that may or may not end up taking part in some sort of slapstick during the duration or possibly as part of the finale. I signed up myself as I am a fan of slapstick in all forms and it seems fun to audit again


  14. MCPridz says:

    Celebrity juice returns tonight and Fearne gets slightly wet and messy but nothing to write home about

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    • yuck53 says:

      😆 I think you just did.


      • yuck53 says:

        I have seen this now so thank you for posing that. I’ve pretty much given up watching Celebrity Juice as it goes out as it tends to disappoint as I can’t disconnect myself from the usually unfulfilled hope of mess, which tends to disappoint.

        So thanks for that heads up. Weak WAM as is was it was a clever bit. Somewhat more frustrating was that it seemed to be some sort of miracle that Anastasia remained (almost) completely clean during her bit.


  15. Well this has been on ecgunge and umd, so I’ll post it on here.

    Channel 4 tonight, 10pm, World of Weird. There’s sploshing on it. Meryl Fernandes (ex Eastenders) ends up doing the whole finding out thing, looks likes she gets it in the photo.



  16. yuck53 says:

    ITV2 have just started broadcasting a show called Prank Pad. It’s a bit like Big Brother but not live, has no home involvement and entirely involves the ten house mates five girls 🙂 and five boys playing pranks of each other when prompted (or sometimes just when they feel like it). Some pranks are messy and according to footage several of the girls are going to get it quite strongly, although one episode in (it started at 23:00 last night) most of the mess and the best of it has gone to the boys. Although the best mess based prank was completely ruined by the execution. Although watching them mix up rudimentary gunge from marmalade and water was quite fascinating including when one of the girl contestants called the process ‘sexy’ suggesting she might, just might, be discovering her inner WAMmer.


  17. So a female alternative model is probably more my thing than anyone else’s but this lady will get pied once she hits 2396 likes on her Facebook page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf4djM7Q_fk

    FB page: https://www.facebook.com/JenniferCharityModel/


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