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  1. Name says:

    Strange interpretation of the scripture? And very non textual.
    The Rich Man wanted water, I seem to recall in the parable.
    Unless my memory is going, I’ll check, perhaps.


  2. aim11111 says:

    Random question guys… does anyone know where one could find a story containing kelly brook getting messy? thanks guys
    your mate


  3. terroristpie says:

    Sorry, this one has to go – under 16s getting messy, TG

    Loving this vid


  4. wamwamwam123 says:

    wow, I take a short break from the site and loads happens! I like the new description and picture slide show TG, and i’m glad to see that the Gunge Grand Prix seems to be going well. I’m a bit dissapointed that some of my favourites went out, but there are still loads of gorgeous girls in it! I can’t wait for the results!

    As for my plans for stories, I’m not quite sure what to do at the moment. I’m debating wether to continue WAM World, continue Kingdom of WAM or continue the recent WAM awards series. I know i’m going to start writing a one off story right now, but I’m not sure of my future plans. What does everyone else advise I should do?


  5. terroristpie says:

    Nice pieing in slow motion what more could you want?


  6. Noisefan says:

    So the UMD is down, anyone know why?

    On the upside, at least that prick Noise isn’t going to be spamming me with his stuff every third post.


    • eps992001 says:

      It’s down for maintenance, there is a message saying so when you try and visit the site.

      I’m not sure I understand your comment RE: Noise though, unless you are being ironic, he is no different to any other producer advertising their videos, that to me certainly isn’t spam as it is clearly within the rules of that particular forum. If you don’t like his work ignore the threads.


  7. eps992001 says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a video of the Tonicha Jeronimo NHP Panel Beaters clip. I’ve searched youtube and google but can’t come up with anything, Thanks.


    • L.W says:

      Still wait see decent version with sound. Only seen bad quality with sound or no sound but decent quality vid


    • TellyGunge says:

      Interesting personal story behind this one.

      It was the first episode of the new series of NHP, and I was very excited about what the gunging arrangements would be. Even better, I had the house to myself, so I would have no trouble recording whatever happened.

      Not long into the programme, the segment arrived. Noel announced that there would be “forfeits for the losers”, and I knew what this meant.

      And there on the bench was Emmerdale beauty Tonicha Geronimo. She was looking stunning in a sleek black dress which showed a lot of chest; my teenage self was very excited. Compared to the usual GYOB T-shirts I was used to seeing, this was very sexy attire to be gunged in.

      I hit record.

      On the other team was an older female vicar. I definitely wanted Tonicha to get it, but if this didn’t happen, the female vicar would do. These were the WAM-starved pre-internet days after all…

      …And yes joy of joys! Tonicha’s team had lost! To my amazement a curtain went up behind them and the entire seat retracted into the void. Tonicha looked back and squeamishly hunched herself up; she was already screaming. Then came the gunge and she screamed and laughed even more! She reached the back. Down came yellow gunge, soaking her cleavage and her thighs – WOW!! Then the ride came forward again and she looked nicely covered.

      Eagerly, I hit rewind to watch it again. On came a segment of Blind Date. Confusion was followed by dismay. The VCR was set on channel 3 and I’d forgotten to change it – DOH!

      Anyway, nearly a decade later, the gunging turned back up on the internet, but alas it has no sound.

      LW, do you have the clip you mention that has sound? I’d just love to hear Tonicha’s screams once again.

      In fact, if the clip with sound has worse picture quality, it wouldn’t be too hard to combine the sound from that clip with the picture from the above clip…


      • eps992001 says:

        Many thanks for the video TG.


      • Name says:

        I’m pretty sure I have seen this with sound some but can’t be sure and forget where.
        I have rarely heard good things said about Panel Beaters due to it being set in the dark.
        Sadly inversely these days if someone talks about a forfeit you can be fairly sure what it won’t mean.


        • bucketofgoop says:

          The Tonicha scene is superb.

          I would also like to see the clip with sound, build up would be even better.

          There is a clip on a WAM site called ‘wet in red’ but I’ve no idea if it has sound; thing is you have to pay to download the clips, and it doesn’t seem worth it to me, and of course if you did download it and uploaded it to a different site, I think the owner would cotton on and have it taken down.


          • TellyGunge says:

            “I think the owner would cotton on and have it taken down.”

            They have no power to remove the clip from other sites. The copyright holder for this particular clip is the BBC, and they are the only party who can demand its removal (and it seems pretty clear that they do not care when it comes to old NHP clips…)

            In any case, the clip on WetInRed is the same duration and size as the file I have just uploaded, so it is almost certainly the same one.

            Let’s hold out, and hopefully someone will come forward and share the clip for free which is the way things should be… 🙂


  8. L.W says:

    I’ll have a rumage around though fairly sure was on youtube


  9. Anonymous says:

    Had good rumage round on my hard drive n can’t find it so must’ve lost it along with bunch other when hard drive died bout18 months ago 😦


  10. MCPridz says:

    who is going to do this weeks vote


  11. Celia says:

    A woman wanted to clear her iron machine so she went for a “car wash”..


  12. gigawiga says:

    Hey I have a series of stories I think people will enjoy how can i become a contributor


  13. Celia says:

    Starting from 03:25
    Abby (Jennifer Stone) got milk over her head.


  14. GMC Admin says:


    This site is really great – I’m doing the opposite (my blog does Male Celeb Gunge Stories) but this site was an inspiration so thanks! Perhaps one day we could do a link – ie. you post a male celeb getting revenge on a female celeb who gunged him in one of my stories and I do one about a female celeb getting revenge on a male celeb for gunging her in one of yours. 🙂 Keep up the great work!


    • TellyGunge says:

      Thanks. I actually discovered your site a couple of weeks ago and I have been reading your stories to get ideas. They are well written, have good humiliation themes, and are published with impressive frequency, so let me say well done and keep up the good work.

      It would be great to do a story swap with your site. However, I don’t often feature male celebs in my stories. One you might want to consider is Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie putting aside their differences and uniting to get revenge on Brad Pitt for gunging them (story by author WamWamWam123).


      PS: A little present for you (maybe we could get a clip exchange going too).


      • GMC Admin says:

        Thanks very much! That’s a shame about the male celebs, but the Brad Pitt idea sounds good. If you ever do have males gunging females, let me know! I’ve had a few on my site.

        Tulisa (from N-Dubz) gunging Dappy.
        Lucy Beale framing Peter Beale so he ends up getting a mega gunging.
        Caroline Flack gunging Olly Murs
        Katie Waissel gunging Aiden Grimshaw
        Emma Watson and some other Harry Potter stars gunging some of the male cast members.
        Some of the Glee girls gunging the lads.

        I think that’s it – feel free to use any of those stories for revenge ones if you wish. Keep up the great work with the site! 🙂


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