Want a clip tracked down or a story written? Maybe someone can help you.

You can request dead videos, links, etc to be repaired. I try to keep a copy of everything that gets posted (but sometimes I forget or screw up…).

Also use this page to request authorship to the site.

628 Responses to Requests

  1. erc2905 says:

    I’m looking for two videos if anyone has them:

    1) La Meteo Grand Journal: I think it actually popped up earlier this year. A blond reporter does a segment on (weather?) on the french show and gets white gunge poured over her head afterwards.

    2) Japanese video called “Slammed and Soaked” from a couple years back. There were three contestants (two males, one female in a black dress). They are sat down in chairs and hold different quantities of water (ranging from wine glasses to buckets) in their seats. They are asked multiple choice questions. When they answer wrong, their chairs are tilted backwards, causing the water they’re holding to spill over them.



  2. Petey says:

    A few weeks ago there was a video called something along the lines of ‘mean messy game show’ with a girl with dark hair being messed and having her clothes cut off outside. Seems to have gone from umd and YouTube – anyone have a copy?


  3. 123gunge says:

    Anyone have the video or link to Laura Hamilton gunged on staraoke! It was online but has disappeared! Cheers


  4. thedr4gonslayer says:

    Does anyone have a copy of an episode of Topa y Muni (some Argentinian children’s programme) where the female host gets pied. It’s basically identical to this one except with different actors


  5. Clobbered says:

    Anyone have clips from one of the Mindy Kaling sketches involving a cake or pie in a face? Recently saw a still and was curious about a full clip


  6. Getgunged says:

    Would anyone be able to write a story for me


  7. godsmackinnh says:

    Does anyone know the source for banner #617?


  8. Steve says:

    Hi all, is anyone interested in writing a story? I was hoping for Sally Nugent, Laura Tobin, Holly Willoughby, Emma Willis, Caroline Flack. All in black tights with a charity twist. With tights filling involved for all of them.


  9. Jack Parnham says:

    Can anyone please do a pie in the face edit for Holly willoughby, Laura Hamilton and also Natalie sawyer, Olivia Wayne and Hayley McQueen from sky’s ports please thank you that would really make my day.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I just stumbled upon those Brain + Buddy clips here:

    Unfortunately I seem to have missed them. Does anyone have them, or know an online source?
    Any help kindly appreciated. 🙂


  11. Steven Cook says:

    Hi all! Anyone interested in writing a celeb story? Missing them at the moment.


  12. Gazdadude says:

    hey i have more free time if anyone wants story written let me know


  13. Lee says:

    I’d really like a story written about by partner being gunged on NHP or GYOB. Would anyone be up for writing something?


  14. Momo89 says:

    Are there some good videos of girls getting tied up under then getting messy ? Especially some recibida-videos where this is happening ?


    • TG says:

      Here are a few recibida vids that fit that description. You might have already seen them but I’ll put them up just in case.

      There’s another one where a girl gets tied to a chair but I can’t find that right now.

      Also worth searching for is “blackening” (or “doing”, which is the Irish equivalent).

      Also some of the skydive pies feature the girls being tied up.

      [video src="" /]

      Then there are these two pics I found on WebShots a decade ago. Two girls who annoyed their boyfriends, apparently. Nothing else to go with it, unfortunately, but fun nonetheless.


    • TG says:

      You’re most welcome. 🙄


  15. Clobbered says:

    So I don’t know if it’s the same sarah walker as the what now awards video thats been around but this is a bmx sarah walker at some other what now episode: was curious if anyone had a video for this one?


  16. wamfan101 says:

    Search YouTube for WN Sarah Walker 2


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