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A place to talk about “normal” things and technical/admin issues with the site.

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  1. TripleWAM says:

    Hey VXS, can you please add my blog ( to the links section at the side of the page? Cheers🙂


  2. Picking up from are twitter conversation sir, I was wondering if you could grant me the need privilege’s to post my story and future stories here. Please and thank you for your consideration. -Sunflowersama.


  3. MCPridz says:

    I no its not admin for this site but can anyone help I can’t follow or send tweets on Twitter because I’m blocked how can I rectify this


  4. MCPridz says:

    all sorted now needed to change my password


  5. terroristpie says:

    A lot of stories and new authors aren’t getting added to the story archive. For example this one.


  6. henrylee1 says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the guy who ran the slimecore blog and the stories of the same name? I liked reading his stuff but the blog hasn’t been active for 18 months.


  7. oink says:

    Anyone know how to make Firefox ask before rendering the HTML5 player? I have it set this way for Flash, which makes pages load faster, but, with the change to HTML5 for the Youtube embeds, they’re now all loading when I visit this blog.


  8. yuck53 says:

    What does it mean that, according to feeddigest, TellyGunge has a Global Rank of 28? The site tries to explain it but I’m really not clear.


  9. terroristpie says:

    What happened to that story about Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer?
    Did anyone save it?


  10. TG says:

    Just going to mention (in case VXS doesn’t) that the blog is five years old today!


  11. TG says:

    The most important film you will see this year.


  12. yuck53 says:

    This blog has been alarmingly quiet of late. I’m starting to get concerned for the welfare of many of its members.


  13. terroristpie says:

    Dare I ask if the GGP will be resuming soon?


  14. terroristpie says:

    The women’s diving looks like something out of Get Your Own Back right now


    • TG says:

      Now all they need is a ramp and some questions – will make it a bit more interesting!


      • I’ll just quote my tweet on it.

        “Robot Wars is on, everyone’s playing Pokémon, blink-182 are huge, a Clinton’s running for POTUS. A green pool is just another 90s throwback.”


        • yuck53 says:

          This is so curious and amusing I’m pretty sure it would actually qualify for a place on a more WAM dedicated ‘on-topic’ thread.

          At the very least the ‘wet’ part would probably mean it would not be out of place on WAM Alerts.


          • Well I suppose if CITV could add a bit of colouring to some water and call it “gunge”…


            • yuck53 says:

              😆 To be honest perhaps someone has slimified the pool as a prank… or a challenge. After all these are meant to be the worlds best athletes.

              In fairness, in my dubious but somewhat logical experience slime doesn’t feel any slimier the more you thicken it. So even if ITV are using the thinnest slime possible it won’t feel any different to thicker slime except being slightly heavier. But that comment also speaks volumes, ITV slime is so thin it’s often impossible to believe that it’s slime at all.


  15. This is an administrative inquiry of sorts, so I’ll just pop it here.

    Does anyone else think it’s worth putting little story synopses in the archives? Just one or two sentences summing up what each story is about (aside from the obvious “woman/women getting messy” narrative).


    • yuck53 says:

      The best way to find out I imagine would be to try it. It might work or it might turn out that a lot of synopses don’t do the stories justice.

      Who would be writing the synopses, it can’t be the original writer ion all cases I suspect? And are we talking about spoiler or non-spoilers based synopses? I multi-part stories do we have one synopses for each part a block synopses? All these thing need considering to help answer you question.


      • I would go with a couple of sentences, spoiler-free, kind of a general overview of what to expect in the story. For example, Cash or Trash: “Nicki Stevens hosts the UK edition of a Russian gameshow where contestants show off a talent for a cash prize, but the losers get gunged. Her first contestant is a very arrogant magician.”

        As for multi-part stories, I’d say do them as they fit the series. Something like Suzi’s Slop Drop could probably just do with one for each episode, but something like The Crow’s Nest would be better with one in each chapter.

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  16. TG says:

    There have been no fewer than 7,137 spam comments caught in the filter these last three days. Quite a shitstorm out there.


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