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A place to debate whether gunge should always be green, and which pie fillings are the best.

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  1. Candid is an anonymous chat app that’s been blowing up lately. There’s some moderation on it, but your identity is totally hidden. I started a group on it called “Wet and Messy Women” specifically for anyone who wants to talk about female-WAM in total anonymity – even detached from our usernames on here.


  2. So, anyone who follows my Twitter may have inferred that I’m no fan of The Guardian. Yet, here I am, recommending an article to check out. Anyone who holds any kind of Saturday morning kids’ TV nostalgia (be it TISWAS or Toonattik or anything in between) should check this out:

    The rest of you, get with the goddamn programme. :L

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    • yuck53 says:

      Wow, that’s a surprising article for such a serious sounding newspaper.

      Basically, if I’ve understood it correctly, it’s saying that kids TV has been killed off by political correctness, commercial clutter, excessive caution and enforced vanity. Hmm, sounds about right.

      The only negative is that the only photo of gunge being used is a male. Well, that and the pessimism but that’s hardly surprising.


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