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  1. Candid is an anonymous chat app that’s been blowing up lately. There’s some moderation on it, but your identity is totally hidden. I started a group on it called “Wet and Messy Women” specifically for anyone who wants to talk about female-WAM in total anonymity – even detached from our usernames on here.


  2. So, anyone who follows my Twitter may have inferred that I’m no fan of The Guardian. Yet, here I am, recommending an article to check out. Anyone who holds any kind of Saturday morning kids’ TV nostalgia (be it TISWAS or Toonattik or anything in between) should check this out:

    The rest of you, get with the goddamn programme. :L

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    • yuck53 says:

      Wow, that’s a surprising article for such a serious sounding newspaper.

      Basically, if I’ve understood it correctly, it’s saying that kids TV has been killed off by political correctness, commercial clutter, excessive caution and enforced vanity. Hmm, sounds about right.

      The only negative is that the only photo of gunge being used is a male. Well, that and the pessimism but that’s hardly surprising.


  3. Max Odrive says:

    I know that Ecgunge has problems every so often, but I don’t think I’ve been able to access it all week. Is it completely dead?


    • MCPridz says:

      I just got on no new posts though


    • yuck53 says:

      I know it was finicky recently, I didn’t have too much trouble Monday/Tuesday last week. I didn’t get round to going on Wednesday. By the time I came back on Thursday it had gone and I haven’t been able to access it since.

      I haven’t been able to try since Saturday though so I’m hoping MC’s post means it is sorted for now. It was saying to send some sort of code to the host as I expect you’d have seen which I expect, theoretically, anyone can do. Unfortunately there’s nothing on that page to reveal which host that is so I wouldn’t know where to send it.


      • MCPridz says:

        think its still on off sometime I can get on it sometimes it says enter the code, maybe it’s something to tweet to Iain about


        • yuck53 says:

          Well, I personally can’t tweet Iain as I spurn Twitter beyond browsing it. I’d have thought he’d be aware though. Both his personal Twitter and the ECGunge one are active and no-one has mentioned this. I was starting to think this was just affecting me and a small number of others until Max brought it up here.


    • I’ve not been able to get on it at all for a few days now. Before then I could get the forum index but no actual content.


  4. RunTheRiskFan says:

    I’ve done a bit of research through old TV Guides I found online and managed to create a list of what celebrities appeared on Run the Risk, which I’ve added to the wikipedia page. As far as I can tell, they were:

    First Episode: Rachel Victoria Roberts (From Grange Hill), Lindy Ann Barras (From Byker Grove) and Kristian Schmid
    Second Episode: Teams from Blue Peter, CBBC and Brookside
    First Episode: Unknown
    Second Episode: Teams from EastEnders, Gladiators (1992 UK TV series) and Maid Marian and Her Merry Men
    First Episode: Diane-Louise Jordan, Tim Vincent (from Blue Peter) , Clare Buckfield, John Pickard (from 2point4 Children), Dean Gatiss and Justin Pickett (from Desmonds)
    Second Episode: Teams from Grange Hill, Birds of a Feather and The Clothes Show
    First Episode: Toby Anstis, Josie d’Arby, Ant & Dec, Donna Air, Danniella Westbrook
    Second Episode: Paul Nicholls (actor), Suzanne Cox, Katy Hill
    Unknown, but there were Christmas specials at least.
    Does anyone have any memories of who was in the generic “teams from X show”, or indeed of those people listed, how messy the females got? The first episode of 1995 was available on youtube (since taken down) and part of the second episode still is, and from those 2 episodes 4 of the 5 females listed got very messy (Josie D’Arby being the exception – she ended up waist deep in the moat once, and in trousers at that – the others all ended up falling properly into the moat several times and/or getting it from above, in shorts). I wonder if the other episodes were so successful, and if they’ll ever turn up online?

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    • yuck53 says:

      Oh, wow! This is awesome, if a smidge galling, research, very well done.

      Josie D’Arby ended up waist deep in the moat once, you say? Well, at least she’s consistent. I’d like to hope for a third time mucky at some point but in this climate and with so much time passing…

      Still I really love this post and your research. You never know, it may inspire people to dig out their tapes and find stuff they never knew was missing. I which I had better computer facilities and time. I’d make it my business to copy and preserve everything that ever turned up on Youtube to reduce the danger of it being lost entirely if it gets taken down.

      Personally I couldn’t get into Run The Risk too much at the time, the way is was could make the sort of gungings that resulted seem incredibly disappointing but what you described here sound anything but disappointing.


      • RunTheRiskFan says:

        Thanks very much. I agree about the galling part – discovering the names was something of a bittersweet discovery given the videos aren’t currently available! Like you say, hopefully that will change.
        In the episode with Josie, she was sitting across a log placed across the moat of gunge, taking part in a pillow fight with one of Ant and Dec, from which she fell in to the gunge – that was the only real mess she got in at that stage, and weirdly for Run the Risk the contestants all started off in trousers for that particular episode. All 6 of them changed into shorts after their first messing, but as that was the only mess Josie got so she mostly stayed dry. Daniella Westbrook fell into the moat in the first round, and then herself and Donna Air played the famous gunge filled wellies game. They both fell in the moat during the pillow fight, and then again in the final (Donna Air was meant to climb the slide with Daniella in the funny costume, but Donna struggled so Daniela ended up taking over – net result was both getting pretty well covered).
        Also, apparently the American singer Debbie Gibson was on an episode at some point (I presume one of the 1996 shows for which I can find no listing?) – she mentions it on her blog :”Even funnier was “Run the Risk” where I was dressed in some sort of wolf costume crossing a pond of green slime! That’s what I love about my fellow theater peeps – we don’t take ourselves too seriously : )” .


        • yuck53 says:

          Nice addition of info. I’m personally not too worried about Josie’s trousers unless she had them securely tucked into her shoes. I concede they make it harder for us to see the mess on her legs but science dictates it should be there, I’ve been gunged (albeit by myself -poorly) a few times and that’s tended to be my experience.

          Ah, the funny costumes, one of those things that kind of spoiled Run The Risk for me. Seemed as bad as gunging Mr. Blobby on GYOB, except perhaps worse because we know who’s meant to be in the costume and often struggle to see them. Although this may have been less of a problem when adults played as I said I wasn’t terribly taken with Run The Risk in general.

          Debbie Gibson sounds cool, which all performers really were as she describes, maybe they are and it really is entirely enforced vanity that we don’t get stuff like this anymore, I certainly often get the impression that it is.

          Of course, I could be mis-remembering a lot and mis-imagining what you describe, all of which sounds awesome.

          Like when Philippa Forester was on both NHP and GYOB in the same year (only gunged on one) and we often wondered which was first we can now ask a similar question about Josie D’Arby on RTR and GYOB. Plus since Phillipa’s double appearances were in 1992 if it transpired she was also on that CBBC team you mentioned, she’d have a hat trick. You really have given loads of fascinating information.

          I take it since that’s when you stop writing RTR finished in 1996. Except of course that the seem to have merged it’s elements into the weaker incarnation of GYOB. So it lived on for some time.

          You say you imagine that Debbie Gibson was in one of 1996 episodes you can’t find info for. That might be considered slightly dubious because the 1996 series is the shortest one going which gives the impression they may be investing slightly less into it.

          If I’ve understood your information correctly other possible episode she could be in are: first episode ’92 (very unlikely), first episode ’93 (big possibility), second episode ’95 (again unlikely). All those appear incomplete in some way as I’m sure you’re aware.

          This info is awesome!


          • RunTheRiskFan says:

            I guess it’s a matter of taste, but for me if you can’t see the mess then what’s the point? The joy of Run the Risk compared to other shows was that between the more revealing outfits and the better aftershots you really got to see much more of what was happening. With GYOB in comparison you didn’t get to see anything other than their head afterwards, and AFAIK only five women got it in shorts in its entire history, all the rest were in trousers. Run the Risk can almost certainly beat that record, despite having only a limited amount of specials featuring adults! From the episodes I’ve found, the record is 4 out of 5 for female’s getting it with bare arms and legs and that’s still a good success rate I guess! In Daniella’s case the funny costumes weren’t so much of an issue – she had taken hers off and had her t-shirt and shorts on underneath by the time she jumped into the moat and then climbed half way up the slide. In the other episode I mentioned from 1995, the celebrities were paired up with kids, and it was the celebs who went up the slide and got messy whilst the kids wore the funny outfits and stayed dry. The two female celebs also got very messy in the first game as well (the rest of the show is not available).

            It is interesting to note that several of the names were of course gunged on other shoes as well. Rachel Victoria Roberts and Josie D’arby both got it on GYOB (with mixed results in Josie’s case as you alluded to) and Katy Hill got it on Live & Kicking. Suzanne Cox (otherwise known as Vogue from Gladiators) may well have appeared in the 1993 episode with other Gladiators. Also, at the time the 1992 special would have aired, the female Blue Peter presenters were Anthea Turner and Diane Louise Jordan – as the 1992 series featured teams made up of 3 players there’s a good chance at least one of those two featured. Anthea of course later got it on NHP, and Diane would appear in a later episode of Run The Risk. If Philippa got it on Run The Risk, with the bonuses to that particular show I mentioned above in terms of outfit and aftershots that would definitely be a clip that needs finding! This is why I’ve posted this, I’m hoping people can fill in the gaps if they can remember who else appeared, or even better find the videos…….


            • yuck53 says:

              It’s not really taste, necessarily. It how I try to access what is happening. It’s certainly better if you can see what mess is where but if the mess is thick enough it can end up obscuring everything to the point you have no idea what they have or haven’t got on under there or even if they haven’t had a wardrobe malfunction, a feature of some WAM stories.

              Also I could get a women in a wheelchair who is paralysed from the neck down, barefoot and in shorts and T-shirt and absolutely cake her body and legs in gunge. But that really would be pointless because she can’t feel it and, surely, the primary purpose of gunge is that the nerves of the skin revolt and recoil from it. I need to be able to imagine first that they’re having that sort of experience or it really does seem to be without purpose. Sorry, if that seems a bit tasteless it’s all I can think of to illustrate the point at the moment.

              For me I need to trust that they’re having a physical and emotional experience I can’t be sure they’re having or else, what purpose is served gunging them. That why I’m put off by the big costumes, they seem to prove genuine protection which means there’s a good chance they’ve got a lot less on them – and so less sensation – than they could have done.

              How you describe, the second 1995 episode would seem to make it unique among RTR specials so far as can be identified. So more useful information, thanks.

              On the matter of contestants it is certainly fascinating how the same people keep coming up, like CBBC had a special source for these people. Gladiators is especially surprising. It may be to do with the vicinity in which Gladiators was recorded (possibly) and the minor similarity between the shows (maybe).

              I like to think that RTR would be more imagination than to have the same Celebrity on twice. In addition, Tim Vincent and Diane Louise Jordon were also gunged on NHP but it was hard to tell because of how it was done. Tim Vincent was also gunged on GYOB (not that we’re interested) and Katy Hill appeared and escaped of, course. And if Kristian Schmid (from Neighbours) appeared with Lucinda Cowden she’d have the triple in appearances (if not gungings) as well.

              I really hope people can find these. Despite my general dislike of Run The Risk as I remember it, this certainly sounds very exciting.


              • RunTheRiskFan says:

                It definitely gets your point across don’t worry. I see it in a completely different way to you – sure it’s nice to think about the feel of it, but being able to see it is the most important thing to me. Clean bare skin becoming messy bare skin, especially legs, is what it’s all about for me. But each to their own!

                But yes, hopefully someone can add to these recollections with a video, or at the very least some more memories!


                • yuck53 says:

                  It is fascinating. I often wonder what sort of things we’re really looking for a WAMmers and why we’re looking for them. There seems to be an awful lot going on and I certainly think it better if you can see more flesh, because you do need to imagine less.

                  But so much is happening I’m often not sure how much of the detail my paraphilia is actually responding to.

                  Here’s hoping.


  5. wamfan101 says:

    So tomorrow officially marks 25 years since noels house party began.


  6. TG says:

    Question of the day: How do I tell my family I want to change my career to writing erotica?


    • yuck53 says:

      I take it you’re joking? You don’t change your career as such your job becomes a career if you prove to be a success it is.

      If you’re currently profiting from your WAM stories it might be showing signs of turning into a career at which point you can abandon your current one and might need to tell your parents about it, though if it’s that successful I suspect they may already have heard, if not it’s just a hobby, more’s the pity.

      I myself have got a pile of WAM game ideas I want to realize but feel my chance of doing so is zero. I feel if I even tried I’d have to get into a good enough position that it wouldn’t matter what my family thought or it would be pretty pointless.

      Artistic and personal freedom, where art thou?


      • TG says:

        No, I’m not joking. A career is something you strive for, not just something you fall into.

        My contract of employment is coming to an end in the not-too-distant future and I’m at a crossroads, deciding whether to spend the rest of my life in a strip-lit office surrounded by wankers or follow my passion of writing strip-lit for wankers. 😉

        I’m seriously minded to spend a few months working full-time as a writer. I have some savings (plus redundancy pay-off) so I could survive without money coming in and if it came to nothing, so be it. I understand that writing WAM alone wouldn’t be viable so I’d mix it with vanilla erotica and maybe some non-porno too. I think I could write horror (people die instead of getting gunged).

        The main issue is what I would tell my family. Do I concoct some fictitious job that I wouldn’t really be doing? Do I pretend to be an unemployed bum? Or do I admit a few things? My parents have always been quite anti-porn, and I think the fetish and “misogynistic” aspects would knock them sideways.


    • johnnyrockit12 says:

      With the disaster about to commence with brexit I would get yourself into secure employment!


  7. yuck53 says:

    How did this get onto a how the popular press are taking over the world topic?

    Back on topic, I did not say that a career is something you fall into. That would suggest I think it’s something that can happen by accident which I don’t.

    I agree totally, as you say, that it’s something you have to strive for, something you actually put the effort in. My point was that you can’t say that something a career when you’ve only been doing it as a profession for five minutes. You need to have been doing it long enough to justify the suggestion that you’ve given it that degree of effort.

    Of course, you’ve been working on this website in many capacities including stories for a long time, it’s highly professionally done and I’m sure everyone here will consider it a successful career in that regard.

    But you seem to be setting up a scenario where you want to move from writing WAM fiction purely for the pleasure of entertaining people who are already predisposed to enjoying such things, to something you can financially profit from enough to live off so you don’t have to get a new job when your present one ends.

    Effectively then, that’s like starting over; writing WAM erotica for us is one thing, writing it for a wider readership is another and one which, so far as I know, has never been done by anyone successfully for profit. But I’m not likely to be very knowledgeable in this regard so I recommend doing some research in the field.

    You say you’re thinking of maybe writing horror and mixing your WAM erotica with vanilla erotica and non-porno stuff but none of that addresses the matter in hand which is how you tell your parents you intend to write WAM fiction professionally.

    The answer is difficult for the following reasons. First in my head the term non-porno stuff is redundant but I’m not sure how you’re using it. To me reading the term ‘non-porno stuff’ just means the parts of the story where erotica isn’t happening and since all stories contain such elements I doubt that can be what you mean. Also adding vanilla erotica doesn’t change the fact that WAM erotica will only appeal to WAMmers. Non-WAMmers will quite possibly miss the arousal part and just see the humiliation of women and may see you as sexist. WAMmers will probably be disappointed if a lot of WAM element reduce to sex with added mess which could also happen. You editors may push for such things

    Like you say you could also write horror, although it doesn’t not follow that horror necessarily involves huge bloodbaths. I can think of horror stories where the body count is little or none. That could help in putting WAM content into stories the horror in this case would come from how desperately these woman want to retain their dignity. Death isn’t always what people are most afraid of. Obviously these aren’t my favourite types of WAM story, they’re often the sort that pain me to read, but that’s because they still tend to be written as commodies and I find the ‘joke’ dubious.

    But ,yes, you could write horror but that just dodges the question. It doesn’t remotely address the question which since you admit your serious about is really just another way of asking ‘how do I tell my parents I’m into WAM?’ because it’s based on the presumption that if you pursue it as a career they’ll find out or need to be told, when currently you don’t feel that they do. (I’m projecting/interpreting all this like I know your mind and circumstances, obviously I don’t)

    Because there are two different questions here and they seem to be getting conflated into one. The question of whether or not you tell your parents you’re into WAM is not really the same as the question of whether it’s viable for you to go into a career writing WAM fiction for profit. If the answer to that question is ‘no’ then the original question as asked becomes moot.

    Of course, it would be wonderful if I could be like so many characters on television and say, ‘go, follow your passion, because you’ll obviously be happier if you do. But I think that we’re both aware that in reality the world sucks and is not very accommodating to us following certain passions, particularly ones we’re uncomfortable talking about.

    Sometimes I think not telling our parents about our fetish is the obstacle and if we could manage that we could turn back to the world and find it’s suddenly a lot more accommodating and loads of doors have suddenly opened up. But the fear remains that what will actually happen is that we’ll just lose our parents and find the rest of the world is no more accommodating than it was before and we’ve got one less source of support to help us through it.

    Hope this makes sense, I fear it can’t be that helpful.


  8. Messymarv90 says:

    Hey everyone, does anyone know of any messy rainwear clips sites or anything like this, or is anyone else into this aswell as this seems to ve really hard to find content of this kind many thanks.


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