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Stories by WamWamWam123

The Return of the House Party
     Chapter 1: Surprises, shocks and slime
     Chapter 2: Messy Testing
     Chapter 3: A Royal Opening
     Chapter 4: The Traitor, part 1
     Chapter 4: The Traitor, part 2
The Lauren Johnson Show
     The Saturday Night Show
     Jolie vs Aniston
          Results update
          Final results
     Messy Revenge
     WWE Battle of the Divas: Kelly Kelly vs. Eve vs. Maryse
          Results update
          Final results
     Battle of the Transformers Girls: Megan Fox vs Rosie Huntington-Whitely
          Results update
          The results
     Taylor Swift’s Messy Challenge
     Caroline Flack’s Messy Experience
The WAM Weather
Sing If You Can WAM Special
Wipeout USA Special
Kingdom of WAM
The WAM Awards
     Part 1: Introduction
     Part 2: Megan’s Messy Surprise
Celebrity Supporter’s WAM League
     CWSL Week 1 – Liverpool (Alex Gerrard) vs Sunderland (Lauren Laverne)
     CWSL – Liverpool (Angelina Jolie) vs Everton (Jennifer Ellison)
     CWSL – Liverpool (Caroline Wozniacki) vs. Manchester United (Kym Marsh)
WamWamWam123’s Gunge Grand Prix Entry 2011
Wednesday Late Night Divas
     Week 1, part 1
The Setup: The Hole
Abbie’s Muddy Experience
The Pie Fight
Emma’s Messy UK Tour
     Day 1: London
     Day 2: York
The Hostage
     Part 1
Team GB Athletes’ Quiz
     Part 1
     Part 2
University WAM
     Part 1
     Part 2 – a surprise mess
WamWamWam123’s Gunge Grand Prix 2012 Entry
Holly and Fearne’s Halloween Extravaganza
The Charity Slime-Off
     The Vote
Jen Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge
     Episode 1: Hayley Williams
A Surprise Gunging for Nicole Scherzinger
Tank Talk
     Episode 1: Cara Delevingne
     Episode 2: Charli XCX
     Episode 3: USWNT
     Episode 4: Rita Ora
     Episode 5: Emily Blunt
     Episode 6: Kate Upton
     Episode 7: Amy Schumer
Five Minutes

14 Responses to by WamWamWam123 (TripleWAM)

  1. messyemma11 says:

    hi wamwamwam vanilaslime told me that you would be the best person for me to pitch a idea for a story to would you be intrested ?


    • wamwamwam123 says:

      Yeah sure, what’s your idea?


      • messyemma11 says:

        something along the lines of a girl (me) being put forward for a show abit like wudja cudja but were you get taken to differant towns or citys each day and have to do a messy game in each of them. do you like the idea ?


        • wamwamwam123 says:

          It sounds like a great idea! I’ve seen the other stories about you on the site, would you like me to use the same description of you?

          And do you have any preferences regarding cities to visit or anything else?

          And would you have put yourself forward for the show or would someone else have nominated you?

          I can start the story on thursday and I’ll hopefully have it finished quickly for you 🙂


  2. messyemma11 says:

    yes the same description will do and any cites really thats up to you and which ever you thinks better between being nominated or applying myself

    thank you so much i carnt wait to read it


  3. messyemma11 says:

    good and thank you so much


  4. messyemma11 says:

    thats great wamwam thanks so much


  5. messyemma11 says:

    hi wamwam just fort id ask how the story was coming along ?


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