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Stories by Otherguy

Gunge Grand Prix 2011
     Keira’s Gunge Judgement (prelude to Otherguy’s Gunge Grand Prix)
     Otherguy’s Gunge Grand Prix 2011 Entry
     Mila’s Gunge Judgement
The Tuition Free Show
     Part 1
     Your contestants!
     Part 2
     Part 3
     Part 4
     Part 5
     Part 6a – Twin Wheels of Punishment
     Part 6b – Judgement Begins …
     Part 6c – Judgement
     Part 7a – Feet of Daring
     Part 7b – Sloppy Seconds
     Part 8 – Dangling by a Thread
Celebrity Supporter’s WAM League
     CWSL Week 11 – Chelsea (Nigella Lawson) vs Arsenal (Saffron Burrows)
          The Result
The Return
Do They Know It’s Gungemas?

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