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Stories by MessySoMessy

A Brother’s Last Straw
Part 1
Part 2
The New Get Your Own Back
Series 1
Episode 1 – Holly Willoughby vs Fearne Cotton
Episode 2 – Michelle Keegan vs Catherine Tyldesley
Episode 3 – Sheridan Smith vs Jill Halfpenny
You Goo Who?
Episode 3
Episode 4 – Jenna Louise Coleman vs Karen Gillan
You Goo Who?
Episode 4
Episode 5 – Laura Trott vs Jade Jones
You Goo Who?
Episode 5
Episode 6 – Charley Webb vs Sammy Winward
You Goo Who?
Episode 6
Comic Relief Special – Holly Willoughby vs Karen Gillan
You Goo Who?
Comic Relief Special
Series 2
Episode 1 – Babysitter Special
Episode 2 – Ellie Goulding vs Pixie Lott
Episode 2 You Goo Who?
Episode 2
Episode 3 – Suzi Perry vs Davina McCall
Episode 3 You Goo Who?
Series 3
Episode 1 – Student Georgia vs Maths Tutor Hannah
Episode 2 – Swimming Teacher Hazel vs Mum Jane
Episode 3 – Babysitter Eva vs Big Sister Elizabeth
Episode 4 – Actress Mei vs Guitar Tutor Kirsten
Episode 5 – Big Sister Dani vs Big Sister Robyn
Episode 6 – Series Finale and the tables are turned …
Series 4
Celebrity Special – Lindsey Russell vs Katie Thistleton
You Goo Who?
Celebrity Special
The ‘Best Day’ Of Her Life
Part 1
Part 2
Sudden Slops
“This takes the cake!”                                                                                                                                                                          Sudden Slops 2                                                                                                                                                                                     Part 1
Get Your Own Justice – A Short Story

8 Responses to By MessySoMessy

  1. That picture of the girl with the pink hair, what’s it off?


  2. GYOBCRAZY says:

    hey messysomessy i just want to ask you is it possible for you to write another GYOB story as i have perfect candidates from this series of the apprientice leah totten the hot doctor v sophie lau the restauranter………be great if you could especially that is now talked about that GYOB making a possible return

    hope you reply



    • MessySoMessy says:

      Hey they ARE good suggestions 😀
      I don’t watch the apprentice though, so I have no idea how they act, but I might have a look on iPlayer at some point, but just incase I don’t would be great to know how they act, so I can do it right.

      I won’t be doing any stories though for at least another 4 weeks or something. I’m pretty busy right now, heavy time of the year. But soon enough I will have the summer to write. I have the return of GYOB (With this probably now being the first episode), plus a suggested story from a few days ago which I plan on doing.

      But yeap, the comment is here for me to look back on so sure, I don’t see why not when I get back to writing it!


  3. terroristpie says:

    This page needs updating, a load of GYOB stories are missing


    • MessySoMessy says:

      I hope it does soon! I’d like them all to be easy to find. Not sure how to do it myself.

      Best chance is in a few days time. The story I’m doing now is about 70% done so would be easier when it’s posted.


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