Music Monday Index

Hey, VXS here with a list of every single Music Monday post, listed in order of artist name and separated between music videos and other miscellaneous WAM material.

Music Videos

2 Unlimited: Singer Anita Doth gets wet in “Nothing Like The Rain”. Genre: Dance/electronic.

3 Of A Kind: Some girls play around in cake in “Babycakes”. Genre: Dance/electronic

AC/DC: The band live up to their song’s title in “Cover You In Oil” as models get covered in oil. Genre: Rock.

Acid Girls: In the video for “Lightworks”, a bunch of girls in Georgian-style clothes have a food fight. Now appearing in a TellyGunge banner! Genre: Dance/electronic.

Aerosmith: Jessica Biel gets wet and dances around in bodypaint in the video for “Fly Away From Here”. Genre: Rock.

Alanis Morissette: Alanis has a pie fight with a few other women in the “You Learn” video. Genre: Pop-rock.

Alie Layus: Girls get hit with bubbles and food repeatedly in the video for “Hit You”. Genre: Dance/electronic

Amy Studt: A barefoot Amy gets splashed with water then blue paint in the video for “Chasing The Light”. Genre: Alternative.

Ash: The band’s frontman and a woman dance underwater in “Shining Light”. All four members of the band (at the time) also apparently got hosed down between takes in the making of “Clones”. Genre: Rock.

Autoerotique: People get covered in exploding cake debris in the video for “Turn Up the Volume”. This would inspire electronica producer Steve Aoki to cake people at his shows. Genre: Dance/electronic.

Avril Lavigne: Avril gets wet and slimy in a few videos and a Nickelodeon appearance. She also gets wet in the video for Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink To That)”. Genre: Pop-rock.

Beyoncé: Whether she’s dancing in a champagne glass in “Naughty Girl” or wet in the videos for “Baby Boy” and “Beautiful Liar”, Beyoncé seems to have done more than her fair share of wetlook videos over the years. Shakira also gets wet in “Beautiful Liar”. Revisit: Gets muddy and wet in Upgrade U. Genre: Pop.

Charlotte Hatherley: A reverse painting is order of the day for the ex-Ash guitarist in “White”. Genre: Rock.

Christina Milian: Another one where the video lives up to the title, Christina gets dipped in paint and used as a human paintbrush in “Dip It Low”. Genre: Pop.

Cradle of Filth: Vocalist Dani Filth drags a girl underwater with him in “Born in a Burial Gown”. Genre: Metal.

Danny T: Girls gunge each other in this preview video for “Rubber Ducky”. Genre: Uhh… Pop? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Delain: Singer Charlotte Wessels goes into a lake in a wedding dress in “See Me In Shadow”, with an aftershot/behind the scenes of it showing up in “The Gathering”. Genre: Metal.

Demi Lovato: The Disney princess gets messy with black goo in “Heart Attack”. Includes behind the scenes footage. Genre: Pop.

Device: A cybernetically-altered woman (I think it’s just special effects though!) writhes around in oil in “Vilify”.

Eliza Doolittle: Eliza plays in a fountain in “Rollerblades”. Genre: Pop.

Epica: Lead singer Simone Simons gets covered in oil FOR CHARITY! Specifically, the WWF in the video for charity single “This is the Time”. Now with banner! Revisit: Simone gets oily again in the video for “Storm the Sorrow”. Also has a banner! Genre: Metal.

Evanescence: Frontwoman Amy Lee goes underwater in “Going Under” and “Lithium” (and sinks into a pit of black ooze in the latter), gets rained on in “Good Enough” and walks into the sea in “What You Want”. Genre: Metal.

Formalin: Black goo goes all over a couple of models in “My Fetish”. Oh, the implications! Genre: Industrial

Flyleaf: Ex-singer Lacey Sturm gets wet and messy in various videos. Genre: Rock

Galatzia: Three women get milked in “Mi cuerpo es touchscreen”. Genre: Dance/electronic

The Go-Go’s: The band get wet in a fountain in the “Our Lips Are Sealed” video. Genre: Pop-rock

Halestorm: Singer/guitarist Lzzy Hale (yes, it’s really spelt without an I…) gets a familiar taste of water via a fountain in the video for “Familiar Taste of Poison”. Genre: Rock.

In This Moment: Maria Brink gets wet in a tank of water and in the sea in “Forever” and comes out of a bathtub fully clothed in “Beautiful Tragedy”. Genre: Metal

Jean Jacques Smoothie: Some creative usage of a lawn sprinkler and a shotgun ends up getting two tennis players wet and muddy in the video for “2 People”. Genre: Dance/electronic

Jessie J: Jessie gets rained upon in “Who You Are”. Genre: Pop.

Jewel: In something of a parody of “girl in wet clothes” fanservice in music videos, Jewel gets soaked with water from a fire hose in “Intuition”. Genre: Pop.

Katy Perry: Katy gets wet in a fountain in “Starstrukk” and in the sea in “Teenage Dream”, with a behind the scenes video of the latter. Genre: Pop.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Kyary gets covered in pink ooze in the video for “Fashion Monster”. Now has its own banner! Genre: Pop.

Lady Gaga: Gets wet or messy in five different videos. I’ll leave it at that. Genre: Pop.

Lights: The girl with the name that sounds like a band splatters paint over a white set (and her own white dress) in “Second Go”. Genre: Dance/electronic.

Lil Wayne: Women get wet and bathe in red goo in the video for “Love Me” featuring Future and Drake. Genre: Rap.

Lindsey Stirling: Lindsey plays violin in a simulated downpour to represent water in “Elements”. Has a behind the scenes view of how the water effect works and Lindsey being filmed under it. Genre: Dance/electronic.

Little Birdy: The whole band (including frontwoman Katy Steele) get covered in paint in “Beautiful To Me”. Also has a TG banner! Genre: Indie.

Mo Collins (MAD TV): In a parody of Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever,” Mo dives into a pit of mud. Genre: Parody.

Mariah Carey: The singer gets wet. A lot. Genre: Pop.

Nicki Minaj: Nicki gets wet and muddy in “Massive Attack”, then wet and gooey with pink stuff in “Super Bass”. Genre: Rap.

Nicola Roberts: Nicola has a fully-clothed shower in the “Yo-yo” video-yo. Genre: Pop.

Nicole Scherzinger: In the video for “Whatever U Like”, Nicole gets wet and muddy. Also includes links to her previous appearances. Genre: Pop.

Non Tiq: I swear, singer gets covered in paint should be a trope by now. Genre: Indie.

Otep: A Sarah Palin lookalike gets splattered with oily brown goo in the video for “Rise, Rebel, Resist”. Genre: Metal.

Paramore: Hayley Williams gets wet in the videos for “Pressure” and “Monster”. Revisit: Hayley gets covered in blue powder in “Now”. Revisit 2: Hayley shows off her slimetastic leggings in “Still Into You”. Genre: Pop-rock.

Pet Shop Boys: Models and actresses get wet and foamy respectively in “How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?” and “Being Boring” respectively. Genre: Dance/electronic.

Pussycat Dolls: Nicole and the girls get rained on in “I Hate This Part”. Genre: Pop.

Rihanna: Poses in body paint for “Umbrella” and “Rockstar 101”, gets wet in “Umbrella” and “Diamonds”.

Sash! Featuring Stunt: On this “Tuneful Tuesday”, Molly Smitten-Downes got wet via a sprinkler system in the video for “Raindrops (Encore En Frois)”. Genre: Dance/electronic.

Selena Gomez: Selena gets wet in the video for “Come & Get It”. Genre: Pop.

Simian Moblie Disco: Models prove to be very messy eaters in “Hustler”. And then they end up turning all deformed. Genre: Dance/electronic.

Slayer: Girls dance in oil in “Beauty Through Order”. Includes some behind the scenes stuff from Pineapple Dance Studios, who did the shoot. Genre: Metal.

Soupnote: One of the members gets doused with champagne, while another gets pied in two of their videos. Genre: Pop (I think?)

Stefanie Heinzmann: Stefanie gets rained on in the video for her butchering cover of Metallica’s “The Unforgiven”, then gets into a foodfight in the “Unbreakable” video. Genre: Pop.

Stereopony: The defunct Japanese pop-rock trio get rained on in the video from “Hitohara No Hanabira”. Genre: Pop-rock.

Supersister: It’s not just Elle who’s getting involved this time – all three members get wet in the video for “Summer Gonna Come Again”. Genre: Pop.

t.A.T.u: A classic, rather controversial video where the duo make out in the rain in schoolgirl outfits. Yes, it’s “All The Things She Said”. Genre: Pop-rock.

Taylor Swift: Taylor performs “Should’ve Said No” under a deluge of water at the 2008 Acadamy of Country Music Awards. Genre: Country.

Tegan and Sara: The twins get wet in bathtubs in the video for “The Con”. Genre: Indie.

The Offspring: Revellers of both genders get covered in foam in “Want You Bad”. Genre: Punk.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: A girl gets dunked in tea in the Alice in Wonderland-themed video for “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. Genre: Rock.

Vampire Weekend: Actress Jenny Murray milks herself after winning a tennis tournament in “Giving Up The Gun”. Genre: Indie.

The Veronicas: Aussie pop-rock twins get slimed at the 2007 Australian KCAs and swim fully clothed in a pool in “4Ever”. Genre: Pop-rock.

Warrant: More firehose action from Warrant in “Cherry Pie”. Genre: Metal.

Weebl’s Stuff: Something a bit different – a song about wanting to cover a girl in various edible substances including marmite, bovril, pickles, chutney, rice, marmalade and even a Cornish pasty! The song (called “Sexual Marmite”) also has some cartoonish messing. Genre: Novelty.

Within Temptation: The whole band, including singer Sharon Den Adel, get rained upon in “Stand My Ground”. Genre: Metal

Unknown artist: Some girls get pied in a christmassy video. Genre: Pop-rock

Various artists weeks:
27/08/2012: Torrential Triple.

19/11/2012: Revisit week.

01/04/2013: Wetlook edition.

Miscellaneous mess:

Arch Enemy: Angela Gossow gets covered in mud in preview pictures for their “Cruelty Without Beauty” video.

Beyoncé: Bey adds to her CV of mess by getting slimed in an advert for Nintendo DS game “Style Savvy”.

Charlotte Hatherley: Charlotte holds her head underwater on the cover of her second solo album “The Deep Blue”.

Cheryl Cole: Cheryl plays a game on Ministry of Mayhem and gets covered with assorted muck.

The Darkness: The album cover art for Hot Cakes is shown to the world, in all its pancake-and-syrup-on-bikini-clad-girls-y glory.

Eleanor Phillips (Supersister): Elle goes on Stop the Snot and loses, getting gunged.

Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass: A classic album cover for “Whipped Cream and Other Delights”, in which the model on the cover is covered in cream.

Katy Perry: Katy presents an award to Miley Cyrus at the 2010 KCAs and gets slimed while doing so.

Kimberly Walsh: Kimberly from Girls Aloud goes in the Ministry of Mayhem gunge tank clean, comes out covered in red goo.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Kyary gets a little bit creamy on the cover for her single “Fashion Monster”.

Lady Gaga: Gaga dances in a vat of gunge, twice. She also poses in goo for a photoshoot.

Paramore: Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor get covered in powder paint on the cover of their self-titled album.

Rihanna: Get’s wet on The X-Factor and some of her dancers have a food fight in an earlier X-Factor appearance. She also expresses an interest in getting slimed at the KCAs.

Selena Gomez: The wannabe-gungee does a watery photoshoot.

Steve Aoki: Steve throws cake at his fans at his gigs.

And finally:

The December 2011 Music Video Compilation, a sort-of precursor to Music Monday which features artists such as Shakira, Emma Bunton and Avril Lavigne in various wet and messy music videos.

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