Clip Compilations Archive

Here is the page where you can find all of the clip compilations on the site (well, most of them anyway 🙂 ).

American Movie Clip Compilation
Links version

Carrie Tributes
The Carrie tributes

Cooking with Ermo
What madness in the kitchen!

Dunk Tanks
Part one- Civillian
Part 2- Wet
Part 3- TV (messy)

Civillian (and other messy rituals)
Part 2- TV

Holly Willoughby
Holly bears the crown

Pie Quiz Games
Pie Quiz Games

Que Locura
What Madness!

Richard Bey
Richard Bey Clip compilation

Stocks and Pillories
Clip Collection: Stocks and Pillories
Taking Stock

It’s a nice day for a wet wedding

Clip and Pic Collection: Wrestling
Part 1: Gameshows
Part 2: Music Videos
Part 3: Adverts, Soaps, Dramas and Films
Part 4: Pro-wrestling

Please remind me in the comment section below if I have missed any.

7 Responses to Clip Compilations Archive

  1. eps992001 says:

    Shouldn’t the American Clip Compilation be American Movie Clip Compilation?

    Apart from that, it’s all good. and a nice easy way to revisit some of the older compilations!


  2. bucketofgoop says:

    Has part 4 of the wrestling collection been scrapped, or will it be eventually posted?


  3. Chris says:

    Hi- not sure if this is the right place to post this, but ive been looking for a particular scene from a movie called How sweet it is! (1968) where Mary Michael falls into a mud puddle. i saw it on tv years ago and its awesome! cant find it anywhere tho….


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