Banners #600 – #699

Banner #600 – Comic Relief

Longtime WAM story favourite Kirsty Gallacher finally gets gunged for real!

Pics: How to make gunge for Comic Relief with Persil!

Banner #601 – The JD Show

Some bikini-clad women stand in bins and get covered in food for Valentine’s Day. Don’t know why, but I’m not complaining!

Clip: The JD Show Love Drum 1

Banner #602 – Noel’s House Party

Exit stage-left for Charlotte after her humiliating visit to Crinkley Bottom. And she thought she was there to tell a story about a dog…

Clip: Noel’s House Party – 23 November 1991

Banner #603 – Killer Karaoke Thailand

A girl gets soaked, messed and blasted with feathers, all while trying to sing.

Clip: Killer Karaoke Thailand – จูน “ลมเพ ลมพัด” 02-06-14

Banner #604 – Killer Karaoke Arabic

Not the Comeuppance Mucky Dip, but probably the closest thing to it that exists.

Clip: كيلر كاريوكى – الجولة الثالثة التحدى الاول ” حوض الالوان ” مصرية تتحول الى كائن فضائى

Banner #505 – Gameblast 2016

A girl gets a decent gunging from DBP (he subsequently gunged two dozen men to offset it) during a charity gaming thing.

Clip: RuneScape Mod Dee Gunged

Banner #606 – VBS

A bible school leader is brutal gunged with “cow pie”.

Clip: Cow Pie-VBS 2010

Banner #607 – The Daily Buzz

Charlotte Hornets Reporter Eryn Gradwell gets Slimed whilst promoting a Nickelodeon Themed Event.

Clip: Sports Reporter Eryn Gradwell Slimed

Banner #608 – Recibida

Another graduand meets the gunge.

Clip: Lau se Recibe..!!!

Banner #609 – BZT show

A woman gets a messy white gunging on a Dutch show.

Clip: Woman gets a nice messy gunging on Dutch tv show

Banner #610 – El Tutumo

A woman enjoys the volcanic mud at El Tutumo in Colombia.


Banner #611 – What Now

“The Tactix” get gunged on the New Zealand kids’ show.

Clip: The Tactix Gunged! | What Now

Banner #612 – Pudding Wrestling

I’d call it custard wrestling myself, but really, who cares?

Clip: Pudding Wrestling

Banner #613 – Noel Edmonds’ Saturday Roadshow

When sharp-penned columnist Nina Myskow is the celebrity guest for the gunge tank segment, a swap is too tempting an opportunity to pass by…

Clip: NOEL EDMONDS SATURDAY ROADSHOW (BBC ONE – Season 2: Episode 3 / 16.09.89 – Road Lay-by)

Banner #14 – Tigerenten Club

Another teacher bites the suds on the German show.

Clip: Maskottchen-Alarm Tigerenten Club SWR Kindernetz

Banner #615 –


Clip: 1

Banner #616 –


Clip: 1

Banner #617 –


Clip: 1

Banner #618 –


Clip: 1

Banner #619 –


Clip: 1

Banner #620 –


Clip: 1

Banner #621 –


Clip: 1

Banner #622 –


Clip: 1

Banner #623 –


Clip: 1

Banner #624 –


Clip: 1

Banner #625 –


Clip: 1

Banner #626 – Recibida

Two friends mark the completion of their courses in very messy style.

Clip: Recibida DCV´S Gime and Emi

Banner #627 – I’d Do Anything For Joe

Two good sports prove they’ll do anything for the now sadly departed Joe.

Clip: I’d Do Anything For Joe – Amy & Autumn #IDAFJ

Banner #628 – Chega Mais (or whatever it’s called these days)

Audience participation is always good, especially when it involves hot girls and messy pies!

Clip: 4 3 16 AUDIENCE GIRL! Pie

Banner #629 – Gunge a Sabb

Kerry narrowly ‘wins’ a student union gunge vote against a bloke. Nothing to do with the WAM vote I’m sure.

Clip: Children in Need 2015 | Gunge A Sabb

Banner #630 – PrankvsPrank

A boyfriend pranks his girlfriend with a leaf-blower full of flour. It’ll make sense if you watch the video.


Banner #631 – Easter soakings

This is what happens in Hungary when you don’t pay protection money to the fire brigade.

Clip: Kőszegszerdahelyi locsolás