Banners #500 – #599

Banner #500 – Combate

A blonde ends up very brightly coloured after proving to be useless at Combate’s bucket game.

Clip: Combate Buckets (part 1), Combate Buckets (part 2)

Banner #501 – Frau Holle

A girl is drenched with pitch in this film adaptation of the German folk tale Frau Holle.

Clip: Frau Holle

Banner #502 – Dirty Money

A contestant celebrates after getting an answer correct and avoiding more gunge on German game show Dirty Money.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #503 – Que Locura

Nelly Pujols is trashed when she pays a visit to the Cooking with Ermo studio.

Clip: Que Locura Ermo – Nelly Pujols and Scarlett Linares

Banner #504 – Novatadas

A line of girls are egg and floured in this Spanish university initiation ritual.

Clip: Novatadas Odonto 2013

Banner #505 – Children In Need

BBC presenter Charlie Charlton ends up in the gunge tank for the Children in Need appeal.

Clip: C.I.N. 2013 – Charlie Charlton Gunged

Banner #506 – Redwood Kickstarter

Actress Amy Paffrath is slimed to support the Redwood Kickstarter campaign.

Clip: Redwood Kickstarter Challenge: Amy Paffrath Gets Slimed

Banner #507 – UCB Shareathon

A presenter at UCB radio takes a trip into the gunge tank after winning their Shareathon gunge vote by a landslide.

Clip: UCB Presenter Gunging

Banner #508 – Bones

Emily Deschanel receives a bowl of yellow slime over her head in a scene from Bones.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #509 – True Presents “Slimed”

A girls vs. boys church event results in the girls losing and their coaches receiving a sliming.

Clip: True Presents “Slimed”

Banner #510 – Domingo da Gente

Ticiane Pinhiero and Denise Rocha face off in Domingo da Gente’s pie game.

Clip: Domingo Da Gente Torta na Cara!

Banner #511 – The Great Race

Natalie Wood poses in the midst of the messy aftermath of the classic pie fight scene from The Great Race.

Clip: The Great Race (1965) — Pie Fight

Banner #512 – Unidentified

Banner #513 – 大人気店でドッキリ!ありえない商品 売れる?売れない?第6弾

Two women and a man are hit with a downpour of multi-coloured gunge in a rare Japanese gunge tank scene.

Clip: 大人気店でドッキリ!ありえない商品 売れる?売れない?第6弾

Banner #514 – Agora e Tarde

Brazilian actress Luiza Ambiel takes part in Jugo Sujo, the messy forfeit card game from Agora e Tarde.

Clip: Jogo sujo – Luiza Ambiel – Agora é Tarde – 20/11/2013

Banner #515 – Combate

Banner #516 – 世界の果てまでイッテQ!

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this Japanese show, but the pie and mud are nice.

Clip: 世界の果てまでイッテQ! Pie and mud

Banner #517 – Fake Reaction

An overall-clad Helen Flanagan braves a series of disgusting gungings on panel show Fake Reaction.

Clip: Overalls Gunged

Banner #518 – BarRat and Jess

A woman is transformed into a human black forest cake on this Australian radio show. Never agree to a radio show dare.

Clip: Human black forest cake

Banner #519 – Liquid Colour Shooting

A model is sprayed with blue paint in this German photoshoot.

Clip: Liquid color shooting – ah-photo video 100

Banner #520 – Tigerenten Club

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #521 – Redwood Challenge: Pie in the Face (Take Two)

When you volunteer to take a pie in the face and it goes horribly wrong, why not be a good sport like this cast member of the internet TV series Redwood and do it again?

Clip: Redwood Challenge: Pie in the Face (Take Two)

Banner #522 – Slime Lita Style Short

A girl is covered in slime for this 90’s Nickelodeon style advert for a pair of shoes.

Clip: The Jeffrey Campbell Slime Lita: Style Short

Banner #523 – Combate

Banner #524 – Unidentified

Banner #525 – Get Your Own Back

Sarah the horse riding teacher takes a spill in Get Your Own Back’s gunk dunk.

Clip: GYOB full episode – Sarah the horse-riding teacher

Banner #526 – CBBC

Kirsten O’Brien ends up in the water after attempting (and failing) to run her way across a series of floating logs.

Clip: Kirsten O’Brien jiggly boobs on log roll

Banner #527 – Slow Motion Photo Booth

An interesting little video of a backwards slow-mo pie in the face.

Clip: Orange Photography Slow Motion Photo Booth Pie in your face edition

Banner #528 – Unidentified

Banner #529 – Unidentified

Banner #530 – Domingo da Gente

Two girls take part in an egg roulette duel on Domingo da Gente.

Clip: Adriane Galisteu e Chris Flores se enfrentam na Batalha dos Astros

Banner #531 – Eggnog Dare

A girl is showered with three cartons of eggnog for a Youtube dare.

Clip: Eggnog

Banner #532 – Generación 9

A girl takes a dip in a “mud volcano” and goes straight under.

Clip: Volcán del Lodo – Arboletes Generación 9

Banner #533 – Esto es Guerra

Banner #534 – 90’s Night

A college 90’s Night can only mean one thing – dancing to the Spice Girls! Wait no, it means slime.

Clip: 90’s Night

Banner #535 – Killer Karaoke Thailand

A celebrity is slimed and feathered on Thailand’s version of Killer Karaoke.

Clip: Killer Karaoke Thailand “CELEBRITY PARTY” – มิ้น มิณฑิตา “ลมเพ ลมพัด” 03-02-14

Banner #536 – ESS Pi Week

A commemoration of Pi Week. Not much else needs to be explained, surely!

Pics: Dropbox – ESS Pi Week

Banner #537 – Bean Bath

Possibly the best bean baths you’ll see in a long time!

Clip: Hollie Weavin Bean Bath

Banner #538 – Skydiving 100th Jump

A girl is tied to a tree, pelted with pies and drizzled with sauce to celebrate her 100th skydive.

Clip: Natasha’s Pie

Banner #539 – The Streets: “When You Wasn’t Famous”

A stop motion series of images from the brief gunge scene in the “When You Wasn’t Famous” music video from The Streets.

Clip: EC Gunge The Streets (Second clip)

Banner #540 – Unidentified

Banner #541 – Life for Youth Camp

The boys win a challenge, so this worker representing the girls gets slimed.

Clip: Coins for Camp Week #5

Banner #542 – Domingo Legal

A woman gets a pie to the face on a live version of the classic pie game from Passa ou Repassa.

Clip: Domingo Legal (30/03/2014) – Torta na Cara – Parte 2

Banner #543 – Domingo Legal

Another contestant is pied on Passa ou Repassa.

Clip: Domingo Legal (30/03/2014) – Torta na Cara – Parte 2

Banner #544 – Ministry of Mayhem

Clip: Holly Willoughby gunged on Ministry of Mayhem’s Thank You Desk!

Banner #545 – Domingo Legal

Valentina takes two pies to the face for incorrect answers on the new Passa ou Repassa.

Clip: Domingo Legal (30/03/2014) – Torta na Cara – Parte 1

Banner #546 – Get Your Own Back

Embarrassing mum Alyson isn’t keen on the idea of ending up submerged in the Gunk Dunk.

Clip: GYOB full episode – Mum Alyson

Banner #547 – Wonder Woman

The superhero gets messed with mud in one of her comic books.

Pic: Wonder Woman covered from head to toe

Banner #548 – Caroline Flack Photoshoot

Caroline Flack gets covered in honey in a photoshoot advertising a product made from bee venom.

Clip: Caroline Flack covered in honey

Banner #549 – Get Your Own Back

Get Your Own Back contestant Denise is cranked up to the top of the ramp leading down to the Gunk Dunk.

Clip: GYOB 3 gungings

Banner #550 – Unidentified

Banner #551 – Easter Soakings

A group of girls are splashed as the buckets of water fly on Easter Monday.

Pics: More Easter Soakings

Banner #552 – Unidentified

Banner #553 – Ukrainian News

A brave Ukrainian news reporter gets hosed while reporting on the Easter soaking tradition.

Clip: Обливаний понеділок у Львові. Репортаж

Banner #554 – Noches Con Platanito

Two female guests take part in the pie catapult game on chat show Noches Con Platanito.

Clip: Noches Con Platanito – Ep. 185 – Ana Layevska, Adrian Carvajal, Dobrina Cristeva y Tito Torbellino

Banner #555 – Noel’s House Party

In character as her villainous character Mandy from Eastenders, Nicola Stapleton is foamed and gunged in the classic Noel’s House Party tank.

Clip: Nicola Stapleton Gunged

Banner #556 – Lozilu

A group of women get the foaming of their lives at a women’s mud run.

Pics: Lozilu 2013

Banner #557 – The Boat Race

The Cambridge cox is thrown into the river after winning the 2007 Oxford vs. Cambridge University boat race.

Pics: Boat Race Dunking

Banner #558 – Crowd Goes Wild

Sports presenter Katie Nolan is pied after spelling a football player’s name incorrectly in Fox Sport’s “NF-Spell” quiz.

Clip: NF-Spell: Pie Edition

Banner #559 – Gunge A Linguist

A student and a professor get a multicoloured gunging after winning a gunge vote at the University of Sheffield.

Clip: Gunge a Linguist 2014, Gunge A Linguist: University of Sheffield (alternate)

Banner #560 – The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Carol Vorderman)

Carol Vorderman (she of the “Gunge Guard”) faces the Ice Bucket Challenge with gusto, being sprayed by fire hoses in a dress strategically selected to make a stir.

Clip Carol Vorderman Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

Banner #561 – Live & Kicking

Heather Suttie has the greenest boobs at the BBC after being set up for a surprise gunging while in an impractical choice of attire.

Banner #562 – Ellen

The guilty brunette’s sentence is revealed in Ellen’s court, much to the glee of the blonde plaintiff.

Clip Ellen Show Dunk Tank

Banner #563 – Noel’s House Party

Anneka Rice returns to the Great House for a second helping of gunge.

Clip Dr Gunge : The TV that made me, NHP clip

Banner #564 – Noel’s House Party

It’s very ornate this year! But you do recognise it, don’t you?

Clip: Noel’s House Party – 23 November 1991

Banner #565 – The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Rachel Riley)

Rachel Riley adjusts her sodden dress after taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Pics: Rachel Riley gallery

Banner #566 – Oxford University

A group of female students are “trashed” after finishing their exams.

Banner #567 – Teachers slimed

The principal and the PE teacher are ideal targets for the slime.

Pics: Calvary Day lower school principal, PE teacher get slimed

Banner #568 – Recibida

An Argentine girl’s very cheeky graduation celebrations.

Pics: Recibida Tortu

Banner #569 – Noel’s House Party

Gloria Hunniford, in costume as Crinkley Bottom’s mayoress, takes a ride in the car wash.

Clip: NHP Gloria Hunniford Gunging

Banner #570 – Breakfast

Reporter Alicia Malone is pied on a New Zealand breakfast show. Banner by Lily.

Alicia Malone Pied in the Face

Banner #571 – Sports Report

PAC-12 host, anchor and reporter, Ashley Adamson receives a thick cream pie in the face. Banner by Lily.

Clip: Sport Presenter Ashley Adamson Pied in the Face HD Edit

Banner #572 – Studio 3

Television host and video gaming personality Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen is covered in sour cream, nachos, guacamole and cheese on ABC3. Banner by Lily.

Clip: Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen covered in food

Banner #573 – Nick Israel

A woman is the target for slime balloons. Banner by Y2Gunge.

Clip: N ISR 2

Banner #574 – Nick Israel

Another woman is the target in the game. Unfortunately for her the woman throwing is a good shot. Banner by Y2Gunge.

Clip: N ISR 3

Banner #575 – Cute young mom cake in the face

A “young mom” gets a colourful cake in the face. Banner by Kuno.

Clip: Cute young mom cake in the face

Banner #576 – Lovely young mom pie in the face

Another “young mom” gets a pie in the face. Banner by Kuno.

Clip: Lovely young mom pie in the face

Banner #577 – Lovely young mom pie in the face

Pie time continues at the moms’ club. Banner by Kuno.

Clip: Lovely young mom pie in the face

Banner #578 – Best Buy Pie Fest

A great pie for a very good-looking girl. Banner by Lily Caverly.

Clip: Girl gets Pied in the Face at Best Buy

Banner #579 – CSU get Dumped!

A student rep get owned with yellow and black paint. Banner by Y2Gunge.

Clip: CSU get Dumped!

Banner #580 – UVM gets owned!

A student has white and blue gunge dumped on her. Banner by Y2Gunge

Clip: UVM gets owned!

Banner #581 – Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento

I’ve got talent, lots of talent! No enough to avoid the slime, it would seem.

Clip: TTMT 12 – Show 16 – Eliminatorias

Banner #582 – Blue Peter

It’s bathtime for Konnie Huq after the public vote for her to face a gungy re-run, following the Comic Relief world’s biggest failed gunging.

Clip: Konnie Huq Gunged

Banner #583 – Kapışma

A very yellow forfeit for the losers on this Turkish talent show.

Clip: Kapışma 2.Bölüm Finali – Sarıya boyayan ekip kim oldu?

Banner #584 –

Christina Tosi screams as she is coated in thick frosting.

Clip: Masterchef Junior

Banner #585 – Chega Mais

A very messy pink pie punishment for a Brazilian diva.

Clip: 5 31 15 Sabrina Pie x 2

Banner #586 – Nick Slime Fest

Pilar Rubio marks the Spanish Nickelodeon Slime Fest.

Clip: El reto Slime con Pilar Rubio

Banner #587 – Heart North West

Radio presenter Lorna Bancroft is gunged with various Lancashire delicacies.

Clip: Lorna Bancroft Gunge – Heart North West

Banner #588 – Crime and Punishment

A woman is dropped in the slop after failing a lie detector test on this Israeli game show.

Clip: אליענה נופלת לבריכת הג׳יפה של החטא ועונשו

Banner #589 – Killer Karaoke Thailand

A big-haired woman is “blown away” in a challenge bearing the same title.

Killer Karaoke Thailand – ไอย์ “ลมเพ ลมพัด” 09-12-13

Banner #590 – Japanese run through the wall game

A shy woman in a long flowing gown gets destroyed in the mud pit after making a bad choice.

Clip: Run Through Wall Japanese Gameshow

Banner #591 – Zapp Duel

A teacher gets a green sliming on this dutch show.

Clip: Teacher gunged on Dutch show

Banner #592 – Chega Mais

Banner #593 – Tigerenten Club

It’s a double dunking for the teachers after the teams draw.

Clip: Tigerentenstarker Einsatz gegen Kinderarmut

Banner #594 – Noel’s House Party

In one of the rare occasions on NHP where a husband has the forethought and guts to set up his wife for a gunging (bravo Mark!), Diane is sent for a trip around the Great House (along with an older woman) for obsessing over her hair.

Clip: Women gunged on Noel’s House Party for spending too much time on their hair

Banner #595 – Woman knocked into swamp

A clumsy (or mischievous?) headmaster barges a teacher to a wet and muddy misfortune.

Clip: FunnyFuse Faves: Woman Gets Knocked Into Swamp!

Banner #596 – RAI Uno Disney

A smartly dressed teacher receives one of the thicker gunge batches to be deployed on this show.

Clip: Another teacher gunged in RAI Disneys newer tank

Banner #597 – Chega Mais

A teasing dab on the nose, then it’s a full hair-and-facial for Sabrina Serer.

Clip: (old) 2 8 15 Sabrina Serer Pie

Banner #598 – Coins for Camp

A girl gets covered in chocolate after her gender loses the coin collection.

Clip: Coins for Camp, Family Night Friday June 29, 2012

Banner #599 – Kids WB

Aussie presenter Lauren Phillips gets a three-courser of jelly, baked beans and custard.

Clip: Lauren Phillips covered in Jelly, Baked Beans and Custard

16 Responses to Banners #500 – #599

  1. Angry Lurker says:

    #534 if from a College’s “90’s Night,” clip is found here.


  2. oink says:

    538 was a skydiving 100th jump, but I can’t find it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. TG says:

    Having made the banners, I should be the best person to identify the scenes. However, I’m not smart enough to make a note of where I get the pics from, and I don’t always remember. But here goes:

    514: One of Jogo Sujo segments from the Brazilian show Agora é Tarde.

    516: From this strange Jap show

    518: It was a radio show where the intern got made into a human sundae, but I can’t find the link now.

    519: Some German body paint thing

    522 and 524: Music videos, but I can’t remember any more details.

    528: An old Japanese game show, but I currently can’t find it.

    530: Egg game from one of those Brazilian shows (Domingo Legal?)

    536: Pi week

    537: One of the better bean baths I’ve seen

    538: As Oink says, a 100th jump trashing, but I can’t find it either.

    540: A trash the dress shoot

    541: One of the brillant Life For Youth Camp vids

    544: Holly Willoughby on MoM – seriously, you didn’t recognise it?

    547: Wonder Woman meets some mud, sourced from ComicBookWAM.

    550: A mud run

    552: Esto es Guerra?

    531: Eggnog

    532: Mud bath

    533: Esto es Guerra

    535: Killer Karaoke Thailand. Maybe one of these?

    544: Noches

    557: Cambridge cox thrown in after winning 2007 boat race.

    Also, be warned on 513: the person in the middle is a guy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve done most of them up to 547. I’ll do the rest later, and the ones I’ve missed I’ll add when there’s more information about them.


  5. Y2Gunge says:

    522 Just popped up in my you may like: 0:36 for the shot!


  6. abgamma says:

    Would it be possible to get links to the new banners?


  7. I hope banner 666 is something thematically fitting!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. oink says:

    529 is from the video for Want U Back by Cher Lloyd.


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