Banners #400 – #499

Banner #400 – Kids’ Choice Awards

Sandra Bullock is doused with Nickelodeon’s trademark green slime while presenting at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Clip: The KCAs 2013 – Sandra Bullock Slimed

Banner #401 – Reporter Soaking

Slovakian news reporter Maju Pavlíkovú is caught out while reporting on the tradition of Easter soakings.

Pic: Civilian Sunday Special – Easter Soakings 2013

Banner #402 – Boarding House

Pies fly during a pie fight in the eighties horror movie Boarding House.

Clip: Boarding House

Banner #403 – Mud Run

A woman grimaces as she scrambles through the mud in a promotional photo for an unidentified mud run.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #404

Banner #404 does not exist (geddit?).

Banner #405 – Get Your Own Back

Grange Hill actress Rachel Victoria Roberts enjoys a trip into the Get Your Own Back gunk dunk for the crime of playing a character who was “too nice”.

Clip: GYOB – Rachel from Grange Hill Christmas Gunging

Banner #406 – Japanese Television

A woman is soaked in an unidentified Japanese TV show.

Pic: 70416_1360239055.jpg

Banner #407 – Comic Relief Pies

A woman receives a very thorough Red Nose Day creaming in order to raise funds for Comic Relief.

Clip: Comic Relief – 2013

Banner #408 – AKBingo!

The “new and improved” AKBingo! pie cannon sprays a frightened participant with a runnier than usual pie cream barrage.

Clip: AKBingo! – More new improved pie cannon

Banner #409 – AKBingo!

A member of AKB48 is left covered in cream in the aftermath of the firing of the “new and improved” pie cannon.

Clip: AKBingo! – More new improved pie cannon

Banner #410 – AKBingo!

Another victim recoils from a cream facial courtesy of AKBingo’s pie cannon.

Clip: AKBingo! – More new improved pie cannon

Banner #411 – Ken Shimura

When this stoogette asked for a shampoo and rinse, this wasn’t quite what she had in mind.

Clip: Ken Shimura – Slapstick Salon

Banner #412 – Noches con Platanito

Vanessa Leon flings gunge to the ground while suffering through the ‘Que Manchados’ game on Noches con Platanito.

Clip: Noches con Platanito – Que Manchados

Banner #413 – Noches con Platanito

Vanessa delivers a wrong answer and triggers another onslaught of watery red gunge.

Clip: Noches con Platanito – Que Manchados

Banner #414 – Le Grand Journal

Weathergirl Doria Tillier receives a pie to the face in the middle of a weather forecast on French magazine show Le Grand Journal.

Clip: Le Grand Journal – La Meteo de Doria

Banner #415 – Local 2 News

The slime-covered floor after the sliming of anchor Lauren Freeman on Local 2 News.

Clip: Local2′s Lauren Freeman Slimed

Banner #416 – Wipeout

Two muddy contestants stride across an obstacle on Wipeout, having taken a spill in the mud earlier in the course.

Clip: Wipeout Series 6 Episodes 2-5

Banner #417 – Two Broke Girls

In a slapstick scene from sitcom Two Broke Girls, actress Beth Behrs gets a cake batter facial when her character slips while carrying a bowl.

Clip: 2 Broke Girls – Cake Batter

Banner #418 – Richard Bey Show

Another dispute on the Richard Bey Show is settled when the victim is thrown into the stocks and pelted with baked beans.

Clip: Richard Bey Show

Banner #419 – Oxford Trashing

An Oxford Student is on the receiving end of a ‘trashing’ after finishing her exams.

Pic: A Trashing Time

Banner #420 – Best Friend Challenge

The Youtube ‘best friend challenge’ craze sees a girl testing her best friend with a quiz featuring pies and eggs.

Clip: Best Friend Challenge

Banner #421 – The Only Way Is Essex

The TOWIE girls attend a boot camp to get in shape for their new series.

Pics: Stay classy: The Only Way Is Essex girls go mud wrestling at boot camp

Banner #422 – Que Locura

Que Locura brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘waterbed’ when they prank actresses filming a commercial into diving backwards into a pool of water.

Clip: Cama de Água (Water Bed) Apanhados

Banner #423 – Pride of Britain Awards

Cheryl Cole volunteers to receive a custard pie to the face while presenting at the Pride of Britain Awards.

Clip: Pride of Britain 2010 – Cheryl Cole gets pied in the face!

Banner #424 – Hexenbad

A witch gets a dunking in this clip from a renaissance fair in Germany.

Clip: Das Hexenbad @ MPS HoWe 18.05.2013

Banner #425 – Unidentified

Banner #426 – 3 Of A Kind : “Babycakes”

A cake fight from the 2004 video for the song “Babycakes” from one hit wonders 3 Of A Kind.

Clip: Music Monday – Double Device and 3 Of A Kind

Banner #427 – Noel’s House Party

Annabel Giles comes to the end of a trip around the Great House on Noel’s House Party, only to discover that the worst of the gunge is still to come.

Clip: Annabel Giles Gunging

Banner #428 – Get Your Own Back

A long-lost clip from Get Your Own Back sees embarrassing policewoman Laura taking a plunge into the gunk dunk.

Clip: GYOB – Laura the Policewoman

Banner #429 – Get Your Own Back

Mother Jayne ends up in the Get Your Own Back gunge after giving her son a bad haircut.

Clip: Get Your Own Back – S7 E5 – Part 3

Banner #430 – That Ragtime Band

Actress Mabel Normand gets the first documented pie in the face of a woman from 1913’s comedy short That Ragtime Band.

Clip: A Century of Pie in the Face

Banner #431 – Slimefest

A very slimy Christina Parie emerges from the dunk tank after being dunked at Nickelodeon Australia’s Slimefest.

Clip: Christina Parie Slime Dunk

Banner #432 – Picnic Advert

A woman is covered by a downpour of chocolate in a nineties advert for Picnic chocolate bars.

Clip: Woman Covered in Chocolate in Advertisement k

Banner #433 – Live & Kicking

Katharine Merry discovers that victory on Stop the Snot doesn’t necessarily mean you escape Live & Kicking’s gunge tank.

Clip: Delta Gamma Dunks and Dips

Banner #434 – Sorority Dunk Tank Event

A Delta Gamma sorority sister is plunged into the dunking booth at a fundraising event.

Clip: Delta Gamma Dunks and Dips

Banner #435 – Yahoo Sports

Melanie Collins receives her just desserts after ending up on the receiving end of an ill-advised bet with a fellow Yahoo sports presenter.

Clip: Melanie Collins Pied

Banner #436 – Nogibingo!

Two idols from Nogizaka46 are blasted with the pie cannon on AKBingo’s sister show Nogibingo!

Clip: Nogibingo!

Banner #437 – Artist’s Impression: Susanna Reid

WAM artist Trouso recreates the fictional pieing of breakfast presenter Susanna Reid by Lenny Henry.

Clip: Susanna Reid and Lenny Henry – An Artist’s Impression

Banner #438 – Artist’s Impression: Katie Derham and Kirsty Gallacher

Another artist’s impression from Trouso depicts the gunging of Katie Derham and Kirsty Gallacher on OTT Reunited.

Clip: Derham and Gallacher Guest On OTT Reunited

Banner #439 – AKBingo!

A torrential downpour is forecast for a member of AKB48 when she takes a turn presenting the weather news in an AKBingo! sketch.

Clip: AKBingo Weather News

Banner #440 – The Mary Tyler Moore Show

A woman ends up sitting on a wedding cake in a classic comedy scene from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Clip: It’s a nice day for a wet wedding

Banner #441 – Drop the Dead Donkey

In an episode of Drop the Dead Donkey, uptight news anchor Sally Smedley receives more than she reckoned in the form of the “gunge plunge” after agreeing to appear on a children’s television show.

Clip: Drop the Dead Donkey Gunge Plunge Scene

Banner #442 – Littlehill

Two girls giggle following a pink sliming in one of Littlehill’s videos.

Clip: Gabby and Fiona Get Slimed

Banner #443 – Pinoy Henyo

A veteran of the gunge tank suffers another gunging on the long-running Philippine word game Pinoy Henyo.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #444 – Soupnote

A woman poses after receiving a pie to the face on a Japanese show.

Clip: Pieing – Soupnote

Banner #445 – Crazy Domains Advert

A bikini clad Pamela Anderson is sprayed with cream in an advert banned from UK airwaves.

Clip: “Sexist and Degrading” Pamela Anderson Ad

Banner #446 – Oxford Trashing

Two girls leap into the river following a post-exams trashing at Oxford University.

Clip: Masha’s Trashing

Banner #447 – Cante se Puder

A mustard and ketchup covered singer grins and bears it while being transformed into a hot dog on Cante se Puder.

Clip: Cante se Puder – Human hotdog and Ice Cream Sundae

Banner #448 – Que Locura

A guest on Que Locura’s fake cookery show Cooking With Ermo recoils after a pie to the face and a bucket of gunge.

Clip: ¡Qué Locura! – Cocinando con Hermo junto a Osmariel Villalobos

Banner #449 – Autoerotique : “Turn Up The Volume”

An exploding cake claims two victims in this strange music video from Autoerotique.

Clip: Music Monday: Steve Aoki/Autoerotique

Banner #450 – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Lucy Liu ends up with a face covered with pie after her luck runs out during the rock-paper-scissors-pie game on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Clip: Lucy Liu Pied on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Banner #451 – Danny T : “Rubber Ducky”

Three girls splatter each other with paint in the music video for Danny T’s “Rubber Ducky”.

Clip: Music Monday: Danny T

Banner #452 – Wipeout

Wipeout USA’s “beauty bar” distracts a contestant with a layer of foam.

Clip: Wiped-out From Youtube

Banner #453 – Potentially Messy Gameshow

Youtube series Potentially Messy Gameshow gets definitively messy with a double sliming.

Clip: Beth and Rachel’s Potentially Messy Gameshow

Banner #454 – Spell-Mageddon

A Spell-Mageddon contestant removes her goggles after being dipped into a giant cream pie.

Clip: Spell-Mageddon – episodes 5 and 6

Banner #455 – Nogibingo!

Two unfortunate girls are blasted with ink rather than pie in a twist on Nogibingo!

Clip: NOGIBINGO! – Pie Cannon

Banner #456 – Ducking Booth

An illustration of a woman being drenched in a medieval ducking booth.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #457 – Comic Relief

A girl wallows in baked beans during a bean bath for charity for Comic Relief 2013.

Clip: Chloe’s Bean Bath for Comic Relief

Banner #458 – Crossing The Line

Gunge is poured over a “pollywog” as part of a particularly messy Crossing the Equator ceremony.

Clip: King Neptune Ceremony on Rotterdam

Banner #459 – La Tomatina

Two girls cower from an onslaught of tomatoes during the Spanish festival La Tomatina.

Clip: Civilian Sunday Special – La Tomatina

Banner #460 – Unidentified

Banner #461 – Unidentified

Banner #462 – Let’s Go! Dream Team II

“Where did these refreshing looks go?” asks Korean show “Let’s Go! Dream Team”.

Clip: Let’s Go! Dream Team II

Banner #463 – Let’s Go! Dream Team II

Two Korean popstars face off above the mud pit as part of the “Let’s Go! Dream Team” competition.

Clip: Let’s Go! Dream Team II

Banner #464 – Spell-Mageddon

A woman is subjected to pie after pie as she fails to spell correctly on unusual spelling bee Spell-Mageddon.

Clip: Spellmageddon – Episodes 2-4

Banner #465 – AKBingo!

Another variation on the AKBingo! pie cannon – this time with the unlucky recipient gets sprayed with mud.

Clip: AKBingo! Cream and mud cannon

Banner #466 – Cante se Puder

A member of the audience gets a messy surprise after opening a door during a performance on Cante se Puder.

Clip: Cante se Puder (Portugal Version)

Banner #467 – Muscat SP!

The Muscats clamber into a tank of water in a chaotic scene from Muscat SP!

Clip: Muscat SP! – Another hot tank scene

Banner #468 – Daily Star

The Daily Star makes a ridiculous statement about Holly Willoughby’s Celebrity Juice gunging.

Clip: Celebrity Juice – Holly Willoughby “as you’ve never seen her before”

Banner #469 – Tengo Talento Mucho Talento

Two women are gunged after being eliminated from a Brazilian talent show.


Banner #470 – Principal Sliming

A principal gets a bright green sliming as an incentive to encourage reading.

Pics: Principal Gets Slimed at San Carlos Park Elementary

Banner #471 – IdolAna

A succession of girls are pied on Japanese show IdolAna.

Clip: IdolAna (アイドルの穴2013)

Banner #472 – Kidnapped

A girl squirms as she realises she is going to be tarred and feathered on short-lived US game show Kidnapped.

Clip: Kidnapped 1

Banner #473 – Blue Peter

Konnie and Liz get down and dirty at an army training session.

Clip: Helen’s Birthday Surprise (plus a brief history of Blue Peter WAM)

Banner #474 – Get Your Own Back

A victim of the Gunk Dunk laughs after being unceremoniously dropped into the Get Your Own Back slop.

Clip: Dunk tanks – Part 3: TV (messy)

Banner #475 – Tigerenten Club

A teacher takes the plunge into the foam dunk tank on Germany’s Tigerenten Club.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #476 – Sports Celebration

A reporter is drenched with champagne after getting caught up in an overzealous sports celebration.

Pics: Sports Celebration

Banner #477 – Live & Kicking

Katy Hill, Sarah Cowood and Trey Farley are showered with purple gunge as a result of Live & Kicking’s gunge day vote.

Clip: Katy Hill & Sarah Cawood gunged

Banner #478 – AKBingo!

The pie cannon leaves a mud-covered victim when it is loaded with alternative ammunition in this edition of AKBingo!

Clip: AKBingo! Cream and mud cannon

Banner #479 – Blue Peter

Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq is given a gunge bath to make up for missing out on the gunge at Comic Relief’s gunge record breaking attempt.

Clip: Konnie Huq Gunged

Banner #480 – Celebrity Juice

Despite having put her Ministry of Mayhem days behind her, Holly Willoughby makes a return to the gunge tank on Celebrity Juice.

Clip: Celebrity Juice – Holly Willoughby “as you’ve never seen her before”

Banner #481 – Idoling

The girls look up at the paint-filled balloons suspended above them in a game from Idoling.

Clip: Idoling!!! (アイドリング!!!) Paint balloons and pies

Banner #482 – Combate

Two women face off in another edition of Combate’s regular pie game.

Clip: COMBATE: Competencia Tortazo. Enfrentamiento por Equipos 08/04/13

Banner #483 – Heart FM

A presenter on Heart radio’s breakfast show fulfills one of her dreams by pieing a member of the public in the face.

Clip: Heart Breakfast’s Pie Face Challenge

Banner #484 – The Saturday Show

Stand-in Live & Kicking presenter Sophie McDonnell ends up in the gunge tank when the show’s final game is rebranded “Gunge GMH”.

Clip: The Saturday Show- Sophie’s first gunge with build up

Banner #485 – Noel’s House Party

An audience member is plucked from the audience to take the first Great Trip of the year as punishment for a budgerigar suffocation incident.

Clip: The Saturday Show- Sophie’s first gunge with build up

Banner #486 – Lotus Root Digging

A female reporter ends up getting submerged in the mud as she assists with the lotus root harvest.

Clip: Lotus Root Digging (レンコン掘り)

Banner #487 – Senior Pie Day

A girl is treated to several different types of pie at a charity event.

Clip: Senior Pie Day 2013

Banner #488 – Oktoberfest

A girl is sent plunging into a particularly unpleasant, murky looking dunk tank at an Oktoberfest event.

Clip: Oktoberfest 2012 Dunk Tank

Banner #489 – Brazilian Prank Show

A couple of joggers fall foul of a giant mud pit in a cruel prank from a Brazilian comedy show.

Clip: Brazilian Mud Pit Prank

Banner #490 – Russian Sing If You Can

Two singers take a very wet open-top car ride in a scene from Russia’s take on Sing If You Can.

Clip: Пой, если сможешь

Banner #491 – Recibida

Three girls are given a thorough covering of various multi-coloured sauces at this recibida event.

Pics: Recibida Celi – Flachi – Belu – Soni

Banner #492 – Unidentified

Banner #493 – Steve Aoki Concert

A fan in the audience at a Steve Aoki concert after being pelted by his trademark cake during the show.

Pics: Sunset Music Festival draws David Guetta, Steve Aoki and thousands of partiers to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa
More: Music Monday: Steve Aoki/Autoerotique

Banner #494 – Children In Need

A manager is covered with a concoction of custard, rice pudding and tomato sauce at a workplace fundraising event for Children in Need.

Pics: Children in Need day

Banner #495 – Noel’s House Party

Jenny Hull arrives at the messy end of her Trip Around the Great House.

Clip: NHP – Jenny Hull

Banner #496 – The Camilla Scott Show

A guest on the Camilla Scott Show is served up ’30 seconds of revenge’ in the form of pie to the face.

Banner #497 – Doña Bárbara

Following a heated argument in a Brazilian telenovela, a woman ends up getting her head dunked into the mud in a pigsty.

Clip: With Your Head Down in the Pig Bin

Banner #498 – Get Your Own Back

Horse riding teacher Emma swims in the gunge filling Get Your Own Back’s infamous Gunk Dunk.

Clip: GYOB Emma – full episode

Banner #499 – Idoling

A paint-covered girl turns her back to the camera after a messy paint balloon game on Idoling.

Clip: Idoling!!! (アイドリング!!!) Paint balloons and pies

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    is there a video for this one? is 500-600 coming soon? Are there enough yet!?


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