Banners #300 – #399

Banner #300 – Get Your Own Back

Embarrassing mother Carol takes a trip into Get Your Own Back’s gunk dunk.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV (Messy) (Carol)

Banner #301 – Figure It Out

Ashley Argota is blasted in the face and showered with slime after triggering the secret slime action on Figure It Out.

Clip: Ashley Argota Slimed

Banner #302 – 90210

AnnaLynne McCord and Sara Foster wrestle in the mud after an argument between their characters on 90210.

Clip: 90210 Mud

Banner #303 – Recibida

Another student enters graduate life in a very messy way.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #304 – Lotus Root Harvest

A Japanese reporter takes a dip in the mud during the annual lotus root harvest at Shimabara Castle.

Clip: Lotus Root Harvest at Shimabara Castle

Banner #305 – Transweets

Two women pie each other during Transweets’ “Pie Party”.

Pics: Transweets Pie Party

Banner #306 – Raisin Monday

A St. Andrew’s University student covered in foam and face paint after the annual mayhem on Raisin Monday.

Pics: Raisin Monday

Banner #307 – I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

Ashley Roberts wades through a vat of manky slop during the “Terror Train” bush tucker trial on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

Clip: IACGMOOH – Ashley Roberts Train of Terror

Banner #308 – AKBingo!

The pie cannon on AKBingo! locks onto another victim.

Clip: More Pie Cannon

Banner #309 – AKBingo!

The quizmaster is stunned after receiving a dual blast from AKBingo’s pie cannon.

Clip: Pathetic Pie Cannon … Or Is It?

Banner #310 – Dirty Money

Two contestants are showered with blue and white gunge respectively after failing to correctly answer questions on Russian game show Dirty Money.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #311 – Gilgamesh Light

A group of girls pose with three cakes on this Japanese show. You can guess what happened next …

Clip: Gilgamesh Light

Banner #312 – Kyary Pamyu Pamyua : “Fashion Monster”

Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu receives a pink gunging courtesy of a Moon monster in the bizarre music video for “Fashion Monster”.

Clip: Music Monday – Kyary Pamyu Pamyua

Banner #313 – Princess Dies

A woman is covered with thick green slime in this scene from … I literally have no idea and I’m not sure I want to know.

Clip: Princess Dies

Banner #314 – Milking

Two University of York students treat themselves to a semi-skimmed shower as the milking craze sweeps the United Kingdom.

Clip: Milking York

Banner #315 – Celebrity Big Brother

Tricia Penrose is fully submerged in the gunge during a dunk tank challenge on Celebrity Big Brother.

Clip: Celebrity Big Brother

Banner #316 – Esto es Guerra

One of the Esto es Guerra girls receives one of the show’s trademarked coloured pies after losing in the pie quiz.

Clip: Esto es Guerra – Back Already!

Banner #317 – Noel’s Saturday Roadshow

A contestant in the gunge tank on Noel’s Saturday Roadshow receives an orange gunging when she runs out of time.

Clip: Noel’s Saturday Roadshow – Orange Liz

Banner #318 – Figure It Out

Jade Ramsey finds herself on the receiving end of a double sliming in an episode of Figure It Out.

Clip: Jade Ramsey Slimed

Banner #319 – Easter soaking

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #320 – Au Pair Girls

Gabriella Drake takes a spill into a water trough wearing a red dress in 1970s British comedy film Au Pair Girls.

Clip: Wet Red Dress

Banner #321 – Ministry of Mayhem

Holly Willoughby clings onto her top during a particularly wet session of the Thank You Desk on Ministry of Mayhem.

Clip: 041120 MoM 1

Banner #322 – Deus Nos Acuda

A cocktail party is interrupted by a surge of mud during the opening sequence of Brazilian telenovela Deus Nos Acuda.

Clip: The Making of the Brazilian Cocktail Party Scene

Banner #323 – Guerra dos Sexos

A woman receives a dessert to the face when a food fight erupts during a dinner date on Guerra dos Sexos.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #324 – Caras e Bocas

In another scene from the messy world of Brazilian telenovelas, a woman is doused with red gunge.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #325 – Get Your Own Back

Gladiator Scorpio emerges from a particularly disgusting looking trip into Get Your Own Back’s gunk dunk.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV (Messy) (Scorpio)

Banner #326 – Noel’s House Party

Noel gets ready to dump a bucket of gunge over Jenny Hull as she takes a trip around the Great House.

Clip: NHP – Jenny Hull

Banner #327 – The X Factor

During a performance of “Diamonds” on The X-Factor, Rihanna sings her way through a deluge of torrential rain.

Clip: Music Monday – Rihanna and the High Score Lists

Banner #328 – Valentine’s chocolate fountain

A girl becomes a chocolate fountain on a Valentine’s Day edition of an unidentified Japanese show.

Clip: Chocolate_Fountain.mp4

Banner #329 – Mechaike

More madness from Japan as some of the girls from AKB48 get wet while wearing silly costumes.

Clip: AKB48 Girls on Mechaike – What a Bunch of Lemons

Banner #330 – Kids’ Choice Awards

Halle Berry cleans up after getting slimed at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Clip: The KCAs – Halle Berry Slimed

Banner #331 – Cante se Puder

A woman is turned into a human ice cream sundae on Cante se Puder, the Brazilian version of Sing If You Can.

Clip: Cante se Puder Ice Cream Sundae

Banner #332 – Anne of Green Gables

In period movie Anne of Green Gables, two ladies end up sprawled in the mud after a failed attempt to rescue a cow

Clip: American Movies Compilation (Links Version) (1985 – Anne of Green Gables)

Banner #333 – Noel’s Saturday Roadshow

In a 60s America themed edition of Noel’s Saturday Roadshow, another contestant falls victim to the gunge tank.

Clip: NESR: Saturday Roadshow Gunge – Michelle – 1990

Banner #334 – Safehouse Weddings

A woman demonstrates what can go wrong on your wedding day in an online video promoting Safehouse Weddings.

Clip: It’s a Nice Day for a Wet Wedding

Banner #335 – Thai mud bath

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #336 – Slapstick Killers

Two victims in the low-budget horror comedy project The Slapstick Killers are treated to a lumpy double sliming.

Clip: The Slapstick Killers: Scene 26

Banner #337 – Alma Indomable

After dragging a woman through the mud on a horse, this rider ends up being thrown in the mud in revenge during a catfight on Venezuelan telenovela Alma Indomable.

Clip: Soapfights

Banner #338 – Just For Laughs

An actress dressed up as a bride ends up sprawled over the side of a boat in a wedding-gone-wrong prank from Just For Laughs.

Clip: Just For Laughs

Banner #339 – Esto es Guerra

A woman is covered with milk, chocolate and cream as she is turned into a cake for an Esto es Guerra forfeit.

Clip: Esto es Guerra and Combate Peru

Banner #340 – The Nowies

After winning an award at What Now’s Nowies awards, Erin Simpson is rewarded with a deluge of gunge.

Clip: WN Erin Simpson

Banner #341 – The Nowies

New Zealand singer Annah Mac is showered with sticky purple gunge at the Nowies award ceremony.

Clip: WN Annah Mac

Banner #342 – CBBC

To promote Live & Kicking’s Gunge Week, Angelica Bell films a segment from the gunge tank. She really should have seen the gunging coming.

Clip: Bell’s Best Gunging

Banner #343 – Get Your Own Back

The initials of Get Your Own Back are written on the surface of the show’s trademark gunk dunk.

Clips: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV (Messy)

Banner #344 – Happy Endings

Actress Casey Wilson is pranked with a double deluge of green slime while in a wedding dress on American sitcom Happy Endings.

Clip: Happy Endings

Banner #345 – News Centre 25

An anchor on News Centre 25 makes an unwise bet on the outcome of the Superbowl and gets a pie in the face as a forfeit.

Clip: Anchor Loses Superbowl Bet

Banner #346 – Recibida

Confetti snows down on a graduate who has been covered in blue gunge as part of a recibida ceremony.

Pic: Civilian Sunday – Recibida Special

Banner #347 – Staraoke

As punishment for singing badly, a woman is consigned to the gunge tank on the Italian version of karaoke gameshow Staraoke.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #348 – Nollningen

Another university initiation ritual from around the world, this time with students from Sweden getting covered in flour and food.

Pics: Nollningen 2012

Banner #349 – Ontgroening

Bizarre initiation ritual for Dutch students that involves wearing nappies and being smeared with condiments.

Pic: Hellweek or demonstration?

Banner #350 – Trote

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #351 – Bizutage

A French university student is pelted with eggs, flour and grass as part of “Bizutage”, their fresher hazing ritual.

Clip: Eggings Part 1 – Civilian Plus Other Messy Rituals

Banner #352 – Sorority Egg Beg

Sorority sisters in the USA smash an egg over each other as part of an “egg beg” fundraising event.

Clip: Eggings Part 1 – Civilian Plus Other Messy Rituals

Banner #353 – Get Your Own Back

A teacher is plunged into the Gunk Dunk on Get Your Own Back for telling a pupil that they sang badly.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV (Messy) (Miss MacGuiness)

Banner #354 – LFYC Family Night

A girl is covered in chilli and custard in this civilian clip from a fundraising event.

Clip: LFYC Family Night Week 9 CFC

Banner #355 – Trash the Dress

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #356 – Mud Run

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #357 – Tau Beta Sigma

A sorority sister, who has already been pied, now receives an egg to the forehead at a charity event.

Tau Beta Sigma: Rep YO Section/ Pie in the Face

Banner #358 – Crossing The Line

The mess is dished out over a “pollywog” (a sailor who has never crossed the equator before) in this Crossing the Line ceremony.

Pics: Crossing the Equator – Sunday 26th October 2008

Banner #359 – LSE Rag Week

The president of the Student Union discovers one of the ‘perks’ of the job.

Pics: LSE RAG Week

Banner #360 – Unidentified

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #361 – Novatadas

Pic: Llegan las novatadas a Badajoz

Banner #362 – Omoni naitemasu

A meek girl is ruthlessly pied at a party.

Omoni naitemasu (主に泣いてます)

Banner #363 – AKBingo

The girls of AKB48 take part in a showdown with rival idol group HKT48, with messy consequences for the losing team captains.

Clip: AKBingo! – AKB48 vs HKT48

Banner #364 – AKBingo!

The quizmaster suffers an impressively messy double blast of the pie cannon direct to the face on AKBingo!

Clip: Pathetic Pie Cannon … Or Is It? (Third clip)

Banner #365 – AKBingo!

A steady stream of cream catches an idol right in the face during AKBingo’s pie cannon quiz.

Clip: More Pie Cannon

Banner #366 – 102 Dalmatians

Glenn Close receives her comeuppance in the form of a trip through a cake factory production line in film sequel 102 Dalmatians.

Clip: Film Friday – Cruella Goes Through The Cake Factory

Banner #367 – Yumeji

A woman ends up submerged in a giant bowl of thick soup in this Japanese film about a poet and painter.

Clip: Yumeji

Banner #368 – Culo Veo, Culo Quiero

A woman fails to unlock her handcuffs in time to escape from the Culo Veo, Culo Quiero bath and is treated to a deluge of chocolate and icing sugar.

Clip: Culo Veo, Culo Quiero – Leftover Salad and Chocolate and Sugar

Banner #369 – Culo Veo, Culo Quiero

The presenters are buried by a torrent of tar (actually chocolate) and feathers after ending up in the bath for Culo Veo, Culo Quiero’s “castigo final”.

Clip: Culo Veo, Culo Quiero – Tar and Feather Time

Banner #370 – Just For Laughs

Hidden camera show Just For Laughs stages a prank to convince members of the public that they have spilled milkshake over someone through a car sunroof.

Clip: Just For Laughs Sunroof Prank

Banner #371 – Waterbed Wake-Up Prank

A sleeping girl is pushed into a paddling pool by Youtube pranksters. Unsurprisingly, she doesn’t take it that well.

Clip: Waterbed Wakeup Prank

Banner #372 – Recibida

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #373 – Oxford University

Feather covered students disrupt the streets of Oxford in a post-exams celebration.

Pics: Civilian Sunday Special – A Trashing Time

Banner #374 – Bloco da Lama

A girl wallows in the thick mud at the annual Bloco da Lama “mud carnival parade” in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro.

Pic: Civilian Sunday

Banner #375 – Kids’ Choice Awards

Katy Perry receives a blast of slime straight to the face while presenting at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #376 – RAI Uno Disney Club

A teacher is treated to a deluge of blue gunge after being trapped in the gunge tank in Italy’s Rai Uno Disney Club.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #377 – Esto es Juerga

Esto es Juerga copies (parodies?) the cake-making game from Esto es Guerra, with eggs, milk, chocolate sauce and a colossal amount of flour.

Clip: Esto es Juerga

Banner #378

Banner #378 does not exist.

Banner #379 – Kids’ Choice Awards

A slimy Halle Berry smiles after receiving a bucket of the green stuff at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Clip: The KCAs – Halle Berry Slimed

Banner #380 – Ministry of Mayhem

Holly Willoughby gets bucket after bucket of gunge over the head while playing “Gunge n’ Groove” on Ministry of Mayhem.

Clip: MoM: Gunge n’ Groove

Banner #381 – Chroma Key Advert

A woman endures a deluge of red paint in an advert for Chroma Key paint.

Clip: ChromaKey DreamCoat – Red

Banner #382 – KPIC News

Local news reporter Kat Wolcott gets a pie in the face while reporting on a pie-in-the-face fundraiser.

Clip: KPIC Reporter Pied
Pics: KPIC Reporters Pie Gallery

Banner #383 – Move Over Darling

Doris Day shuts her eyes while going through the car wash in a still photo of the scene from Move Over Darling.

Clip: The Boss Don’t Mind Sometimes If You Act The Fool

Banner #384 – Trote

A girl appears to enjoy herself while undergoing her university initiation in a mud pit.

Trote CC 2013 UNIOESTE (2/2)

Banner #385 – Que Locura

A victim of Que Locura’s messy shower prank waves her hands in frustration as she futilely attempts to get clean.

Clip: What Madness

Banner #386 – Wipeout

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #387 – Figure It Out

After four series of dishing out the mess, host Summer Sanders receives a slimy comeuppance in the final episode of the original run of Figure It Out.

Clip: Figure It Out – Summer Sanders Slimed

Banner #388 – Blue Peter

Helen Skelton gets her haired covered in yellow gunge after popping a gunge balloon during a rope bridge challenge for Comic Relief.

Clip: Blue Peter – Helen Skelton’s Balloon Challenge

Banner #389 – NMB48

A member of NMB48 is pied after losing a how-long-can-you-hold-onto-this-beam game.

Clip: どっキング48 – NMB48 girls pied

Banner #390 – Esto es Guerra

A woman has the misfortune of suffering the cake-making forfeit on Esto es Guerra and ends up with eggs, flour, milk, chocolate and whipped cream over the head.

Clip: Esto es Guerra Verano programa 08-03-13 (4-4)

Banner #391 – Trote

Two Brazilian freshers are put through their paces in this dunking during a university “trote” (hazing).

Clip: Trote Uniscal 2013

Banner #392 – Selena Gomez Fragrance Shoot

Selena Gomez floats underwater during a stylistic photo shoot for her new fragrance.

Pics: Selena Gomez Wetlook

Banner #393 – Noel’s House Party

Annabel Giles is sent on a surprise trip around the Great House after seeing through an attempt to fool her with a Gotcha.

Clip: Annabel Giles Gunging

Banner #394 – Recibida

A graduate is ambushed with a typically messy recibida from Argentina.

Clip: Recibida Sabri

Banner #395 – Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

A promotional pic for an attempt to break the world record for biggest pie fight.

Pic: Dirty Dozen

Banner #396 – Creme Egg Photo Shoot

The Only Way Is Essex star Lydia Bright is covered in creme egg filling in a photo shoot for Cadbury’s popular confectionary.

Pic: The Only Way is Eggy

Banner #397 – Live & Kicking

Myleene Klass receives a thorough gunging in the Live & Kicking tank after topping the vote for which member of Hear’Say should be gunged for Comic Relief.

Clip: Myleene Klass Gunged

Banner #398 – Idoling

Five members of Japanese group Idoling are showered with white paint in a balloon-bursting quiz.

Clip: Idoling Paint Balloons and Pies

Banner #399 – Non Tiq : “Quiet”

Swedish indie singer Non Tiq endures a barrage of UV paint in the music video for “Quiet”.

Clip: Music Monday – Non Tiq

16 Responses to Banners #300 – #399

  1. Trouso says:

    Whoever did this. Thanks for the great work. I can help you with a couple of the missing ones off the top of my head (with links to verify):

    320 is Gabriella Drake falling into a horse trough in “Au Pair Girls”

    336 is one of the Slapstick Killers trailers: 48 seconds into this video


  2. TellyGunge says:

    I didn’t realise this was finished. Byron, I’ll echo Trouso’s message of thanks for the hard work.

    I’ll get to work filling in the missing information.


    • byronmcsteele says:

      Thanks TG, if you could fill in the gaps when you have spare time that would be appreciated. I feel like I should know a few of the remaining scenes because they seem really familiar, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

      Hopefully I’ll follow on with banner 400+ soon.


  3. grandmasterjellytot says:

    307 looks like that irritating mare, Helen Flanagan from I’am a z-eleb


  4. silverg123 says:

    Anyone know the origin of this?


  5. mrsqwish says:

    damnnn! what is this from? I’ve never seen it but it looks good? girl laying on the ground in blue and yellow gunge?


  6. billis820 says:

    Where did banner 504 come from?


  7. godsmackinnh says:

    Anyone have a source for banner 450?


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