Banners #200 – #299

Banner #200 – Idoling

Another girl falls victim to Idoling’s rock-paper-scissors pie game.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #201

Banner #201 does not exist.

Banner #202 – AnnaLynne McCord

90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord takes a walk in the ocean to celebrate her birthday.

Pics: AnnaLynne’s Birthday Dip

Banner #203 – SKE48

SKE48 idol Matsui Rena gets her face thrust into tiramisu in honour of her birthday.

Clip: SKE48 Birthday Tiramisu

Banner #204 – Idoling!

Sakai Hitomi suffers a seemingly endless shower of flour during a birthday celebration at an Idoling concert.

Clip: Idoling! Birthday Celebrations

Banner #205 – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The rock-paper-scissors pie game makes it to America, where it puts in an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, with Kelly Ripa getting hit by a pie catapult.

Clip: The Jimmy Fallon Show – Kelly Ripa Pied

Banner #206 – Wishing Stairs

A meek schoolgirl is bullied on her birthday, in this Korean film.

Clip: Wishing Stairs

Banner #207 – The Midday Show

Australian news anchor Kerri-Anne gets pushed into a paddling pool by a mischievous colleague.

Clip: Kerri-Anne Takes A Dip

Banner #208 – Celebrity Juice

Kym Marsh chooses the wrong door and gets a pie to the face on the Coronation Street special edition of Celebrity Juice.

Clip: Kym Marsh on Celebrity Juice – Coronation Street Special

Banner #209 – Programa do Ratinho

Programa do Ratinho’s pie wheel lands on an unlucky Milene “Pavoro” Uehara.

Clip: Programa do Ratinho – Milene “Pavoro” Uehara Pied

Banner #210 – Figure It Out

Tanya Chisholm triggers the Secret Slime Action on Figure It Out.

Clip: FIO- Tanya Chisholm Slimed EP 14

Banner #211 – Selena Gomez Fragrance

Selena Gomez floats just above the surface while taking a bath for a photoshoot to promote her new fragrance.

Pics: Selena Gomez Wetlook

Banner #212 – That Girl

Marlo Thomas’ tiara is knocked to the ground when a pie gets thrown in her face in an episode of That Girl.

Clip: That Girl

Banner #213 – Jessie

A mud-plastered Debby Ryan emerges from the mud pit following the cat fight on Jessie.

Clip: Jessie

Banner #214 – Oakland Athletics

A customer service representative gets a cream pie in the face in this advert for an American baseball team.

Clip: Oakland Athletics Pies

Banner #215 – Noel’s House Party

A vain daughter is set up by her mother to receive a blue and purple gunging in Noel Edmonds’ new gunge tank.

Clip: NHP Gunge Tank

Banner #216 – Noel’s House Party

Roger Black’s fiance fails to beat the panel and takes a ride through a torrent of gunge on Noel’s House Party.

Clip: NHP Panel Beater – Roger Black Girlfriend

Banner #217 – CBBC

CBBC presenter Ana Boulter is at the mercy of the phone-in caller in a game of Buzzy Business as she gets custard and baked beans tipped over her head.

Clip: Ana Boulter Gunged

Banner #218 – Comic Relief in da Bungalow

Fearne Cotton gets buried under volley after volley of creamy muck muck during a celebrity Comic Relief edition of Dick ‘n’ Dom in da Bungalow.

Clip: Dick and Dom comic relief in da bungalow

Banner #219 – Noel’s House Party

Carol Vorderman in three different colours before, during and after her trip around the great house on Noel’s House Party.

Clip: Noel’s House Party – Carol Vorderman Gunged

Banner #220 – La Velocidad Importa

A college girl gets pelted with eggs, flour and paint in a time-reversed advert to promote faster broadband.

Clip: La Velocidad Importa

Banner #221 – Pinoy Henyo

A girl gets hit by a deluge of green gunge on the Filipino word game Pinoy Henyo.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #222 – Days of our Lives

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 2 – Wet (Days of our Lives)

A woman plunges underwater after her daughter hits the dunk tank paddle on Days of our Lives.

Banner #223 – Hexenbad

Three witches chill out in the dunk tank at the Hexenbad festival in Germany.

Pics: Dunk Tanks Part 1 – Civilian (Hexenbad)

Banner #224 – I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

Myleene Klass is treated to a series of unpleasant showers while taking part in the “scareoke” bushtucker trial on I’m A Celebrity.

Clip: EC Gunge Myleene Scareoke

Banner #225 – Oxford University

A girl lies in a paddling pool during a ritual post-exam “trashing” at Oxford University.

Pics: Civilian Sunday Special – A Trashing Time

Banner #226 – Combate Promo

Peruvian celebrity Paloma Fiuza dances in a pool in a dress in a promotional shoot for Combate.

Clip: Paloma Fiuza in the Pool

Banner #227 – Live & Kicking

Soap actress Sunetra Sarker receives a purple gunging on Live & Kicking in the special “Brookside Gets It” segment.

Clip: Brookside Gets It

Banner #228 – Noel’s Saturday Roadshow

A woman gets a caribbean-themed gunging after gambling in Noel’s Saturday Roadshow gunge tank.

Clip: Noel’s Saturday Roadshow – Julie

Banner #229 – Unidentified

Banner #230 – Get Your Own Back

Kirsten O’Brien is fully submerged in the Get Your Own Back gunk dunk in a special celebrity edition of the show.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV (Messy) (Kirsten O’Brien)

Banner #231 – Legendarios

In another pie game from Brazil, a woman is covered by a second pie to the face.

Clip: Legendary Challenge

Banner #232 – The Generation Game

A Generation Game contestant takes on the conveyer belt and suffers the forfeits for each of the “phantom prizes” she names.

Clip: Generation Game conveyor belt round gunge and pies

Banner #233 – Comhraic

A yellow gunging is dished out on Irish show Comhraic.

Clip: Irish TV Gunge 3

Banner #234 (#1) – Get Your Own Back

In one of the messiest gunk dunks, Caroline gets completely submerged in Get Your Own Back’s thick red gunge.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV (Messy) (Caroline)

Banner #234 (#2) – Survival Insurance

Two women engage in a cat fight in the pool in a commercial for Survival Insurance which I’m not sure paints the business in the best light.

Clip: Survival Insurance Commercials

Banner #235 – Japanese TV

A regally dressed girl picks the wrong option and gets powder to the face in this Japanese show.

Clip: The Queen Has her Face Powdered

Banner #236 – Aso Natsuko : “Fighting Growing Diary”

Japanese singer Aso Natsuko dodges flying multi-colour pies in a strange music video involving spacesuits and some funky dance moves.

Clip: Aso Natsuko – Fighting Growing Diary

Banner #237 – Bachelor Pad

The girls of Bachelor Pad manoeuvre their way through a hot fudge sundae assault course.

Clip: Bachelor Pad – Hot Fudge Sundae Sunday

Banner #238 – Comcast Sportsnet

A sports reporter is hit by a towel covered with shaving cream in a baseball prank.

Clip: Another Comcast Reporter Gets Shaving Cream

Banner #239 – CBBC Comic Relief

Myleene Klass ends up in the Live & Kicking gunge tank after a CBBC vote to determine which member of short-lived band Hear’Say should be gunged.

Clip: Myleene Klass Gunged

Banner #240 – Acid Girls : “Lightworks”

An 18th century food fight erupts in the music video for “Lightworks” by Acid Girls.

Clip: Music Monday – Acid Girls

Banner #241 – Canadian Tar Sands Protest

A girl gets thick black tar poured over her head in a Canadian tar sands protest.

Clip: This Week’s Civilian Finds

Banner #242 – Epica : “This Is The Time”

Oil trickles down the face of lead singer Simone Simons in the music video for the WWF charity single “This Is The Time”.

Clip: Music Monday – Epica

Banner #243 – Little Birdy : “Beautiful To Me”

Frontwoman Katy Steele is showered with red and black paint in the music video for Little Birdy’s “Beautiful To Me”.

Clip: Music Monday – Little Birdy

Banner #244 – Sedmikrásky

A fistful of cake is thrown, sparking a food fight in a banquet hall in the 1966 Czechoslovakian film Sedmikrásky (Daisies).

Clip: Film Friday – The Food Fight That Got A Film Banned

Banner #245 – Tiswas Reunited

The prisoners of the cage are blasted with buckets of water during the 2007 Tiswas Reunited special.

Clip: Tiswas Reunited

Banner #246 – Muscat SP!

A girl is blasted by a cream pie to the face as the “pie temple death hall” sketch returns on Muscat SP.

Clip: Muscat SP! – The Pie Temple Returns

Banner #247 – Trote

The aftermath of a paint based initiation ritual (or “trote”) from Brazil.

Pics: O Dia Do Trote

Banner #248 – Big Brother

Kate Lawler sports some pokies after jumping in the pool.

Kate Lawler Wet T-Shirt

Banner #249 – The Darkness : “Hot Cakes”

Two syrup-covered ladies lying on pancakes from the album cover of the Darkness’ (who knew they were still going?) latest album, “Hot Cakes”.

Pic: Music Monday – Messy Miscellanea

Banner #250 – The Darkness : “Hot Cakes”

In the other half of the scene from the previous banner, another bikini beauty is depicted with a drizzle of syrup.

Pic: Music Monday – Messy Miscellanea

Banner #251 – Life With Derek

Ashley Leggatt gets a bowl of melted ice cream dumped over her head by the titular character on Life With Derek.

Clip: Life With Derek-401 Part 3

Banner #252 – Hamasho

A bikini-clad girl takes parts in a very messy quiz.

Clip: Hamasho

Banner #253 – The Slapstick Killers

Holly Drexler and the girls of The Slapstick Killers line up for the camera.

Pics: Interview – Schlock Factor Films

Banner #254 – Slimefest

Christina Parie takes a trip down into, then re-emerges from the dunk tank at New Zealand’s Slimefest.

Clip: Christina Parie Slime Dunk

Banner #255 – Unidentified

Banner #256 – AK Bingo

A seemingly disappointing round of the pie cannon on AK Bingo is turned around with an awesome display of coverage when the quizmaster gets it.

Clip: AK Bingo – Pathetic pie cannon … or is it?

Banner #257 – Pie a Pi Phi

A sorority sister discovers the perils of joining a sorority containing the letter Pi at a pie in the face fundraiser.

Pics: Pie a Pi Phi in front of the SRB

Banner #258 – What Would You Do?

The infamous twinkies-with-gravy pie slide scene. In retrospect, I suspect she feels the decision to go down face first was not so sensible.

Clip: WWYD Pie Slide

Banner #259 – Imada Yono’s Backstage News

A girl loses her dress sliding down into the dunk tank on this New Year show from Japan.

Clip: New Year Shows in Japan – Clips Sought

Banner #260 – Japan New Year Show

Actress Mari Okamoto is dumped into a vat of gold paint in another New Year show from Japan.

Clip: Gold Paint Clip Found!

Banner #261 – Ellen

An audience member gets a drenching in Ellen’s new splash tank.

Clip: Ellen Dunk/Splash Tank

Banner #262 – Berryz Days

A girl gets four pies to the face on this Japanese show.

Clip: Berryz Days

Banner #263

Banner #263 does not exist.

Banner #264 – A Cinderella Story

The ‘ugly sisters’ go through a car wash.

Clip: A Cinderella Story

Banner #265 – Civilian Pieing

A woman is pied in the stocks in a civilian scene from the Babes in the Wood stocks and pillories fan site.

Pic: Taking Stock

Banner #266 – Holly and Stephen’s Saturday Showdown

Holly Willoughby holds her nose as she receives a box full of baked beans over the head on the last ever Saturday Showdown.

Clip: Holly Willoughby Gunged on Saturday Showdown

Banner #267 – Figure It Out

Elizabeth Gillies from Victorious recovers after a surprise full facial sliming on Figure It Out.

Clip: Figure It Out – Elizabeth Gillies Slimed

Banner #268 – Pinoy Henyo

A girl is splattered with yellow gunge on Pinoy Henyo after the contestants fail to guess the mystery word.

Clip: Pinoy Henyo Celebrity Mom’s Regine Tolentino 050810

Banner #269 – AK Bingo

A girl gets pushed into the flour in this cartoon depicting the flour game from AKBINGO!

Pics: The AK Bingo Flour Game Returns

Banner #270 – The Punishment of Women

A woman is punished with a pie to the face on the aptly named Japanese show “The Punishment of Women”.

Clip: Another Nice Japanese Pie

Banner #271 – Blackening

A bride to be expresses her annoyance at being duct taped to a cross and covered in mess as part of the Scottish blackening ritual.

Pic: Civilian Sunday Special – Blackening the Bride

Banner #272 – Ken Shimura

In this Japanese sketch, a woman is pied in the face by a man who wants her to get off the phone.

Clip: More Japanese Sketches

Banner #273 – Richard Bey Show

Another member of the public is punished with gunge on Richard Bey’s daytime talk show.

Clip: Richard Bey Mess

Banner #274 – TISWAS

Sheena Easton is annihilated with mess when she faces TISWAS’ Phantom Flan Flinger Challenge alone with a team consisting only of cardboard cut-outs.

Clip: Sheena Easton

Banner #275 – Rebelde

A food fight breaks out in the canteen on Brazilian teen soap Rebelde.

Clip: Rebelde Food Fight

Banner #276 – Deus Nos Acuda

Partygoers at a sophisticated cocktail soirée are submerged by a rising tide of muck in the opening sequence for Brazilian telenovela Deus Nos Acuda. It’s a metaphor.

Clip: The Making of the Brazilian Cocktail Party Scene

Banner #277 – El Chavo del Ocho

A woman suffers a splash of yellow paint in the face in Mexican show El Chavo del Ocho.

Clip: The Boy at Number 8

Banner #278 – Oxford University

A creative example of “trashing” at Oxford University combines mess, duct tape and a trolley, another classic student prank staple.

Pics: Civilian Sunday Special – A Trashing Time

Banner #279 – Raisin Monday

More student shenanigans as three St. Andrews students are smeared with foamed as part of the annual Raisin Monday tradition.

Pics: Raisin Monday

Banner #280 – Buen Dia

A “diva” receives a pie to the face on Mexican breakfast show Buen Dia.

Clip: Mexican Breakfast Pie

Banner #281 – Coca Cola Promo

A cake sails through the air towards the face of Marta Fernández in this slo mo pie clip. Not entirely sure how this helps promote Coca Cola.

Clip: Spanish Slo Mo Pie

Banner #282 – Local 2 News

Houston news anchor Lauren Freeman is hit by a deluge of green slime after topping a public vote.

Clip: Local 2 News – Lauren Freeman Slimed

Banner #283 – Mucho que Perder

Spanish presenter Adriana Abenia sings about being a loser while getting soaked after losing this quiz.

Clip: Mucho Que Perder

Banner #284 – Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu seem to be more concerned with frolicking in the foam than cleaning the car in this car wash scene from Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #285 – Rainha du Sacata

The pretty in pink prom queen gets covered in a deluge of slop in the appropriately named Rainha du Sacata (Queen of the Scrap).

Clip: The Carrie Tributes (Rainha du Sacata)

Banner #286 – Combate

A very messy edition of the joke-telling pie game from Combate.

Clip: Combate

Banner #287 – Samsung Advert

A girl gets a bowl of punch to the face in the midst of a food fight staged for a Samsung advert.

Clip: Samsung Food Fight Ad

Banner #288 – Legendarios

A cement deluge is unleashed on the loser of an episode-long competition between two women on Legendarios.

Clip: Legendarios Cement Gunging

Banner #289 – Gabriela

Juliana Paes bathes in a fountain fully clothed in a scene from Brazilian telenovela Gabriela.

Clip: Gabriela

Banner #290 – Red Nose Day

German model Sonya Kraus gets a soaping and rinse on the German edition of Red Nose Day.

Clip: The Boss Don’t Mind Sometimes if You Act the Fool

Banner #291 – Esto es Guerra

Esto es Guerra unleash their colourful pies on members of the public.

Clip: Public Pieings on Esto es Guerra

Banner #292 – Noel’s House Party

Emmerdale actress Tonicha Jeronimo is sprayed with multi-coloured gunge while taking the panel beaters ride on Noel’s House Party.

Clip: Panel Beaters Gunging

Banner #293 – Lady Gaga : “Cake Like Gaga”

Lady Gaga gets cakey in a promotional photo shoot for her new single, Cake Like Gaga.

Clip: Music Monday – Various Artists Revisited

Banner #294 – Ken Shimura

Another sketch from Ken Shimura, this time featuring two women at a bar getting foamed.

Clip: Ken Shimura WAM Special

Banner #295 – I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

Helen Flanagan gets a faceful of green slime during a bushtucker trial on I’m A Celebrity.

Clip: IACGMOOH – Helen Flanagunged

Banner #296

Banner #296 does not exist.

Banner #297 – Get Your Own Back

A mother is dunked into the gunk in a mid-series edition of Get Your Own Back.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – Messy (Denise)

Banner #298 – Noel’s Saturday Roadshow

Various women are on the receiving end of a gunging in the tank from Noel’s Saturday Roadshow.

Clip: Montage of Gungings from Noel’s Saturday Roadshow

Banner #299 – Epica : “Storm the Sorrow”

Epica front woman Simone Simons is caught in a web of oil in the music video for Storm the Sorrow.

Clip: Music Monday – Various Artists Revisited

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    can you help me find the clip to banner #224


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