Banners #100 – #199

Banner #100 – La Tomatina

A girl is pelted with tomatoes during the annual La Tomatina food fight in Valencia.

Pics: La Tomatina

Banner #101 – Spanish TV

A woman is covered in egg, flour and other cake ingredients in this scene from Spanish television.

Clip: Eggings – Part 2 (Fourteenth clip)

Banner #102 – Malhacao

A girl is humiliated with honey and feathers on Brazilian soap opera Malhacao.

This banner has now been removed from the site.

Clip: The Carrie Tributes (Malhacao)

Banner #103 – Gossip Girl

An unlikely series of events leads to Rachel Zoe being covered in chocolate during a cameo appearance on Gossip Girl.

Clip: Gossip Girl Gunged

Banner #104 – OK! TV

Jeff Brazier smashes an egg on Jenny Frost’s head at the end of an episode of OK! TV.

Clip: OK! TV Jenny Frost Egged

Banner #105 – Comhraic

An Irish celebrity is consigned to the gunge tank after her team loses the game show Comhraic.

This banner has now been removed from the site.

Clip: Irish TV Gunge 3

Banner #106 – Premio Multishow

A pie is thrown into the face of a Brazilian singer during a pie quiz on Brazil’s Premio Multishow.

Clip: Premio Multishow

Banner #107 – Human Sundaes

An unidentified civilian photo taken from a collection on Appears to some kind of ‘human sundaes’ activity, possibly at a summer camp or church event.

Pics: FreeWam web finds

Banner #108 – Gosto Disto!

Andreia Rodrigues gets a present on Portuguese show Gosto Disto!

Clip: Gosto Disto!

Banner #109 – L’Isola dei Famosi

A model is made to bathe repeatedly in mud on this Italian reality show.

Clip: L’Isola dei Famosi!

Banner #110 – The Big Doll House

A fight in a women’s prison in the film The Big Doll House results in the hostilities spilling over into a mud pit.

Clip: American Movies – Links Version (1971 – The Big Doll House)

Banner #111 – El Totumo

A tourist wallows in a mud bath at El Totumo in Colombia.

Clip: El Totumo (First clip)

Banner #112 – Que Locura

A custard pie lands with a splat on top of the head of Mirla de Faria as she falls victim to the shampoo commercial prank on Que Locura.

Clip: What Madness (Mirla de Faria)

Banner #113 – Que Locura

Maria Gabriela Paez sees the funny side after being covered in watery slop, glitter and a cream pie in the shower.

Clip: What Madness (Maria Gabriela Paez)

Banner #114 – Staraoke

Buckets of pink gunge are dumped over a woman after she sings badly on the Italian version of Staraoke.

Clip: EC Gunge Italian Staraoke (16th Oct 2009)

Banner #115 – Beyond the Break

A bowl of gooey Hawaiian poi is dumped over the head of Kim Kardashian during a guest spot on surfer drama series Beyond the Break.

Clip: Beyond the Break

Banner #116 – Civilian soaking

An old civvy pic collected so many aeons ago (maybe from WebShots, I can’t remember). Two girls annoyed their boyfriends, so they found themselves tied to their deckchairs and bombarded with flour and ice-cold water. Give those lads medals!

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #117 – Trote

A student collapses in a mud pit following a university initiation in Brazil.

Clip: O Dia Do Trote

Banner #118 – The Generation Game

In a joke that’s tenuous and unfunny even for the Generation Game, this woman is dressed up in a wedding gown and pelted with orange gunge because she has a crush on Jason Orange.

Clip: It’s A Nice Day For A Wet Wedding (The Generation Game)

Banner #119 – Ministry of Mayhem

Holly Willoughby is practically buried under the foam while sitting behind the Ministry of Mayhem’s Thank You Desk.

Clip: Holly Willoughby Gunged On Ministry of Mayhem’s Thank You Desk

Banner #120 – Ministry of Mayhem

Caprice struggles to endure the barrages of water, foam and slime after joining Holly Willoughby for the Thank You Desk.

Clip: Holly Willoughby and Caprice Gunged on MOM Thank You Desk

Banner #121 – Jessie

Debbie Ryan and Jennifer Veal end up totally submerged beneath a mud pit following a fight in a beauty salon in Jessie.

Clip: Jessie

Banner #122 – Al Diablo con los Guapos

An argument at a dinner party on Mexican telenovela Al Diablo con los Guapos ends with a woman getting soup poured over her head.

Clip: To Hell with the Handsome

Banner #123 – Idoling

Goto Kaoru stumbles back into a hastily prepared tarpaulin after receiving a birthday cake in the face on Idoling.

Clip: Idoling Birthday Celebrations (First clip)

Banner #124 – Sing If You Can

Zoe Birkett drips with water after being plunged into the Sing If You Can dunk tank.

Clip: Sing If You Can – Episode 1

Banner #125 – Noel’s House Party

Roger Black consigns his then-girlfriend to taking a slimy ride during the Panel Beaters game on Noel’s House Party.

Clip: NHP Panel Beater – Roger Black Girlfriend

Banner #126 – I Bet You Will

A woman emerges covered in mayo following a head dunk task on I Bet You Will.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #127 – Cash & Trash

A dancer on Cash & Trash manages to protect herself from a deluge from above by crafting a makeshift hood using her dress, but she is unable to avoid a pie to the face.

Clip: Some New Cash & Trash (First clip)

Banner #128 – Cash & Trash

A dancer receives a (thoroughly justified) red gunge trashing on Russian talent show Cash & Trash.

Clip: More Cash & Trash (First clip)

Banner #129 – Muscat DX!

One of the girls receives a pie in the face as a result of failing to impress during the creepy wake-up game on Muscat DX.

Clip: Muscat DX! Episode 50

Banner #130 – Recibida

Another graduand ends up in a state of minimal dress and maximal mess.

Banner #131 – Oxford University

Oxford university students are sprayed with champagne after finishing their final exam.

Clip: Civilian Sunday Special – A Trashing Time

Banner #132 – Tommy

A chocolate covered Ann Margaret stares at herself in the mirror in the classic scene from Tommy.

Clip: Is One Year Old

Banner #133 – Noel’s House Party

Anthea Turner takes a ride through the car wash on Noel’s House Party.

Clip: Noel’s House Party David Gower Gotcha Episode Anthea Turner Gunging

Banner #134 – Noel’s House Party

Lynn Faulds-Wood gets the gunge after losing a phone-in vote against her husband on Noel’s House Party.

Clip: John Stapleton v Lynn Faulds-Wood 1993

Banner #135 – Passa ou Repassa

A girl on the losing end of the pie quiz on Passa ou Repassa, against an opponent who fights dirty by hitting her with both pies rather than the customary one.

This banner has now been removed from the site.

Clip: Passa ou Repassa (Somente as Mulheres) (Second clip)

Banner #136 – Cybil

After falling into a water feature, Morgan Fairchild gets a pie to the face from Cybil Shepherd during a food fight at a wedding on Cybil.

Clip: The Perpetual Feuding of Sloppy Cybil and Messy Morgan (First clip)

Banner #137 – Programa do Gugu

A woman gets eggy during an egg smash game on Programa do Gugu.

Clip: Programa do Gugu Egging

Banner #138 – Portugese TV

Actress Joana Solnado takes a shower under a waterfall on a Portugese telenovela.

Clip: Joana Solnado Wet

Banner #139 – Panico Na Band

Following a prank where they are doused with paint, two bikini-clad beauties are hosed down on Panico Na Band.

Clip: Panico Na Band

Banner #140 – Trote

A group of girls line up against a wall following a muddy Brazilian university initiation event.

Pics: O Dia Do Trote

Banner #141 – Gautschfest

Women are soaked at a folk festival in Germany.

Banner #142 – Verizon Advert

A woman gets dunked three times when her husband’s mobile phone connection speed proves to be slower than Verizon.

Clip: Verizon Dunk Tank Speed Test

Banner #143 – Stylist Magazine

A caramel covered Nigella Lawson from the front cover of an issue of Stylist.

Pic: Nigella Lawson Caramel Facial

Banner #144 – Idoling

The loser of an Idoling rock-paper-scissors pie game recoils from a pie in the face.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #145 – Un Dos Tres

Two women repeatedly smash eggs over each other’s heads as part of a contest on Spanish game show Un Dos Tres.

Clip: Un Dos Tres (First clip)

Banner #146 – Student Union Event

Two students are showered with baked beans during an event at a Student Union.

Banner #147 – Manos a la Obra

An argument in a bakery erupts into a pie fight on Spanish television series Manos a la Obra.

Clip: Manos a la Obra

Banner #148 – Lien van de Kelder Loopt Warm Voor Goene Energie

Flemish actress Lien van de Kelder demonstrates her green credentials by … attacking a plastic bag full of water with a pencil?

Clip: Lien van de Kelder Loopt Warm Voor Goene Energie

Banner #149 – Studio 3

Australian surfer Tyler Wright is bombarded with pies to the face during a Studio 3 segment.

Clip: More From Studio 3 (Third clip)

Banner #150 – Muscat DX!

A pie covered girl faces off against the priest in the “pie temple death hall” sketch on Muscat DX.

Clip: Muscat DX! – Episode 22

Banner #151 – Distraction

Two contestants are splattered after buzzing-in on the Quebec version of Distraction.

DISTRACTION Québec – E05 – Cest pas de la tarte!

Banner #152- Kelvinator Commercial

An advert from the 1960s… for refrigerators, apparently.

Clip: Kelvinator pie fight ad

Banner #153 – Cante se Puder

A woman gets completely covered in blue paint and powder in the Brazilian equivalent of Sing If You Can, Cante se Puder.

Clip: Cante se Puder Paint and Powder

Banner #154 – Suicide Squad

Lois Lane gets a pie in the face in an issue of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad.

Pic: Comic Book WAM

Banner #155 – I Bet You Will

A woman covered in molasses and cotton balls proves victorious an I Bet You Will contest to see who get the most messy hugs.

Clip: I Bet Molasses and Cotton Balls

Banner #156 – Victorinos

Two muddy women after a mud wrestling match on telenovela Victorinos.

Clip: Wrestling Collection Part 3 – Adverts, Soaps, Dramas and Films (Victorinos)

Banner #157 – Lopez Tonight

Sarah Shahi disusses her love of pies on Lopez Tonight and is rewarded with a pie in the face.

Clip: Sarah Shahi on Lopez Tonight TBS HD

Banner #158 – Australian Kids’ Choice Awards Promo

An Australian news anchor gets slimed to promote the upcoming Kids’ Choice Awards.

Clip: Aussie Pie and Slime

Banner #159 – Que Locura

Veruska Ramerïrez makes her second messy visit to Ermo’s kitchen.


Banner #160 – Hackers

Angelina Jolie is soaked by the sprinkler system in the tech thriller Hackers.

Clip: American Movies Links Version (1995 – Hackers)

Banner #161 – Max Keeble’s Big Move

A food fight in the canteen in Max Keeble’s Big Move results in the teacher falling into the waste bin.

Clip: American Movies Links Version (2001 – Max Keeble’s Big Move)

Banner #162 – Jotei Kaoruko

A mud fight in the rain in Japanese drama Jotei Kaoruko.

Clip: Jotei Kaoruko

Banner #163 – Checkpoints

A girl in fancy dress makes her way around a Wipeout-style course.

Clip: Checkpoints

Banner #164 – Khudgarz

Bollywood actress Neelam is thrown into the mud after splashing a passer-by in the movie Khudgarz.

Clip: Khudgarz Mud

Banner #165 – Beleza Pura

The villainess of telenovela Beleza Pura wipes her face after being forced to hide in a vat of chocolate.

Clip: Pure Beauty

Banner #166 – Figure It Out

A slimy Victoria Justice on the 2012 reboot of Figure It Out.

Clip: Figure It Out – Victoria Justice Slimed

Banner #167 – Jackpot Joy

Susannah Constantine discovers that cream cakes are another thing not to wear in a 2011 advert for Jackpot Joy.

Clip: What Not To Wear

Banner #168 – Passa ou Repassa

A girl gets nailed with three pies in an unlucky Passa ou Repassa match-up.

Clip: Passa ou Repassa – Objetivo X Marczak 06 (Torta Na Cara)

Banner #169 – Big Brother

Big Brother finally delivers a decent scene when Essex girl Ashleigh is covered in pink gunge.

Clip: Big Brother – Ashleigh Is Pretty In Pink

Banner #170 – Comic Relief in da Bungalow

Things get messy for Eastenders’ Pooja Shah when she is voted to take the muckeoke in a Dick & Dom Comic Relief special.

Clip: Pooja Children in Need Muck Muck

Banner #171 – Combate

A Peruvian beauty ends up with a bright green pie to the face after losing on Combate.

Clip: Combate and Esto es Guerra (First clip)

Banner #172 – Combate

Two losing players commiserate their messy states.

Clip: Combate and Esto es Guerra

Banner #173 – AK Bingo

The quizmaster gets a double blast of the deadly AK Bingo pie cannon.

Clip: AK Bingo – The Pie Cannon Returns (Third video)

Banner #174 – Wipeout

A girl in a bikini tackles the Wipeout mud and loses.

Clip: Wipeout Episodes 17 and 20 (First clip)

Banner #175 – TISWAS

Sally James receives two custard pies, spaghetti, baked beans and finally semolina at the request of some fictitious TISWAS viewers.

Clip: Tiswas Titles & Clips

Banner #176 – Israeli TV

Meirav Michaeli is selected to receive a cake to the face by a phone-in.

Clip: Meirav Michaeli Pied – Longer Version

Banner #177 – Noel’s House Party

Jenny Hull takes the Trip Round the Great House twice in a single episode of Noel’s House Party.

Clip: NHP Jenny Hull

Banner #178 – Passions

Lindsay Hartley ends up in the pie booth at a carnival on paranormal American soap Passions.

Clip: Gwen Throws A Pie At Theresa

Banner #179 – Ti Ti Ti

A meal out on Ti Ti Ti ends up with a woman wearing her meal when a food fight erupts.

Clip: Ti Ti Ti Food Fight

Banner #180 – Easter Soaking

A girl is unable to escape an Easter soaking as she is pelted with buckets of water from both sides.

Pics: Easter Soakings

Banner #181 – AK Bingo

The spectacular aftermath of an explosion from AK Bingo’s pie cannon.

Clip: AK Bingo – The Pie Cannon Returns (Third video)

Banner #182 – AK Bingo

A pie cannon volley lands on target, obscuring the vision of its victim with a layer of cream.

Clip: AK Bingo – The Pie Cannon Returns (First video)

Banner #183 – Basil’s Swap Shop

Imprisoned in the gunge tank for the whole episode of Basil’s Swap Shop, a teacher gets buckets of custard, baked beans and gravy poured over her.

Clip: Teacher Gunged

Banner #184 – Venga la Alegria

Girls are treated to a covering of multicolour gunge on Mexican show Venga la Alegria.

Clip: Venga la Alegria

Banner #185 – Recibida

A graduate is humiliated in a very messy example of the recibida ritual.

Pic: Eggings Part 1 – Civilian (Plus Other Messy Rituals)

Banner #186 – Emu

Sophie falls foul of a series of traps on Emu, falling backwards into a pool of baked beans and then being nailed by a cake to the face.

Clip: Emu & Sophie

Banner #187 – Que Locura

Belkis Martinez is the latest Venezuealan celebrity to visit the Que Locura kitchen and suffer a barrage of pies and eggs.

Clip: Cooking with Ermo – Belkis Martinez

Banner #188 – Passa ou Repassa

This Passa ou Repassa contestant gets more than she bargained before when her opponent grabs the pie from her hand and lets her have a double pieing.

Clip: Passa ou Repassa (Somente as Mulheres) (Second clip)

Banner #189 – Boryeong Mud Festival

Two girls wrestle in the thick grey mud at the Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea.

Pics: Civilian Sunday Special – The Boryeong Mud Festival

Banner #190 – Passa ou Repassa

A competitive Passa ou Repassa pairing results in this girl’s opponent really smearing the pie into her face.

Clip: Passa Ou Repassa – Paula Toller X Silvinha 07 Torta Na Cara!

Banner #191 – Chocolate com Pimenta

Mariana Ximenes is thoroughly drenched in thick green slime as the result of a cruel prank on telenovela Chocolate com Pimenta.

Clip: The Carrie Tributes (Fifth clip)

Banner #192 – Russian News Report

A journalist finds it impossible to stay out of the fray, when she is sent to report on a water fight.

Reporter soaked in Russia

Banner #193 – Al Fondo hay Sitio

A dancing couple on Al Fondo hay Sitio are interrupted by a deluge of thick mud.

Clip: The Carrie Tributes (Final clip)

Banner #194 – Que Locura

Andreina Veliz takes a shower, complete with watery gunge and flying pies, on Que Locura.

Clip: What Madness (Andreina Veliz)

Banner #195 – Llena de Amor

After laughing at the misfortune of someone else, a girl on telenovela Llena de Amor is horrified to be treated to a shower of green soup and cream.

Clip: My Fat Beauty Full of Love

Banner #196 – Enterro da Gata

University freshers get wet at an initiation ceremony in Portugal.

This clip has been withdrawn by the uploader.

Banner #197 – Enterro da Gata


Banner #198 – Que Locura

Gigi Zanchetta ends up covered in egg and pie after appearing on fake cookery show Cooking with Ermo.

Clip: Que Locura – Gigi Zanchetta Cooks With Ermo

Banner #199 – Boryeong Mud Festival

After fully submerging herself in the mud at the Boryeong Mud Festival, a girl wipes away the mud from her eyes.

Pics: Civilian Sunday Special – The Boryeong Mud Festival

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