Banners #0 – #99

Side Banner – The Streets : “When You Wasn’t Famous”

The quintessential Tellygunge side banner – a woman gets gunged on a telly in the music video for “When You Wasn’t Famous” by The Streets.

Clip: EC Gunge The Streets (Second clip)

Original Banner – Ministry of Mayhem

Holly Willoughby throws her arms up in defeat during a particularly foamy Thank You Desk.

Clip: Holly Willoughby Gunged On Ministry of Mayhem’s Thank You Desk

Banner #0 – AK Bingo

Girls face off over a mud pit in a tug of war contest on the delightfully barmy AKBingo.

Clip: It’s No Wonder Japan’s AKBingo-ing Mad

Banner #1 – Panico Na Band

Women are doused with paint as part of a somewhat cruel prank on Brazil’s Panico Na Band.

Clip: Panico Na Band

Banner #2 – Culo Veo, Culo Quiero

Perennial favourite Culo Veo, Culo Quiero dishes up some melted strawberry ice cream over four lovely ladies.

Clip: Culo Veo, Culo Quiero – Some More Messings

Banner #3 – Muscat DX!

Not one but four pies are delivered in this instalment of Muscat DX’s pie skit.

Clip: Muscat DX Episode 22

Banner #4 – Kids’ Choice Awards

A slimy Halle Berry at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards.

Clip: The KCAs – Halle Berry Slimed

Banner #5 – Que Locura

Andreina Veliz turns her back following a deluge of mess during the shower prank on Que Locura.

Clip: What Madness (Andreina Veliz)

Banner #6 – Ministry of Mayhem

More Thank You Desk action from Ministry of Mayhem, this time involving the Cheeky Girls as well as Holly Willoughby.

Clip: Holly Bears The Crown

Banner #7 – Get Your Own Back

A domestic slavedriver is gunged in a late series edition of Get Your Own Back.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV Messy (Lesley)

Banner #8 – Idoling

A clip from one of the various editions of the Idoling rock-paper-scissors pie game.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #9 – Kids’ Choice Awards

The Olsen Twins are surprised by the eruption of a fountain of slime during the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #10 – Move Over Darling

Doris Day looks up in terror while trapped in an open-top car going through a car wash in the film Move Over Darling.

Clip: The Boss Don’t Mind Sometimes If You Act The Fool

Banner #11 – Wipeout

A girl runs the car wash gauntlet during the “Hotties vs. Nerds” edition of Wipeout USA.

Clip: Wipeout Episodes 17 and 20 (Episode 17)

Banner #12 – Winter Wipeout

Winter Wipeout contestant Kelsey fails to successfully negotiate Nana’s House and ends up not only totally immersed in mud but with a faceful of foam as well.

Clip: Wiped Out From Youtube (First clip)

Banner #13 – Que Locura

Gigi Zanchetta recovers from a pie in the face after an appearance on Que Locura’s fake cookery show ends in chaos.

Clip: Que Locura – Gigi Zanchetta Cooks With Ermo

Banner #14 – Caras e Bocas

A wedding on Brazilian telenovela Caras e Bocas ends in a cake fight, one of two wedding day cake fights from the show.

Clip: It’s A Nice Day For A Wet Wedding (Caras e Bocas 02/05/2009)

Banner #15 – Hot Girls Go Go Go!

The aftermath of a muddy football match from the sophisticatedly titled Hot Girls Go Go Go!

Pics: The People’s WAM

Banner #16 – Ministry of Mayhem

A horrified Jennifer Ellison shields herself in between deluges after joining Holly Willoughby on the Ministry of Mayhem’s Thank You Desk.

Clip: Holly Willoughby and Jennifer Ellison Gunged on MOM

Banner #17 – Just for Laughs

A bride has had her big day ruined due to some hapless passer-by… or has she?

Clip: Just for Laughs?

Banner #18 – America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model showcases a food fight shoot. Yeah, I have no idea either.

Clip: America’s Next Top Model

Banner #19 – Lisa Hannigan : “Knots”

Lisa Hannigan sings her way through “Knots” while being sprayed by multicolour paint. That dress was white at the start of the video.

Clip: Music Video Compilation (Lisa Hannigan: Knots)

Banner #20 – Culo Veo, Culo Quiero

A girl ends up covered in rice pudding and cinnamon after failing to extricate herself from Culo Veo, Culo Quiero’s bathtub in the handcuffed-to-the-bath variation of this game.

Clip: Culo Veo, Culo Quiero – Saw Style Challenge (First clip)

Banner #21 – Culo Veo, Culo Quiero

The three female hosts of Culo Veo, Culo Quiero brace themselves ahead of a deluge of tar and feathers.

Clip: Culo Veo, Culo Quiero – Tar and Feather Time (Second clip)

Banner #22 – Idoling

Two girls facing off in the Idoling pie game are surrounded on all sides by pie-wielding figures.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #23 – Dirty Money

A woman fails to answer the final question of Russian game show Dirty Money correctly and receives a second helping of green gunge.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #24 – Passa ou Repassa

This match-up during the pie quiz on the classic Brazilian game show Passa ou Repassa proves one-sided as the girl in green resigns herself to receiving another pie.

Clip: Pie Quiz games (First Passa ou Repassa clip)

Banner #25 – Cash & Trash

A singer fails to impress the audience and is “trashed” on Russian show Cash & Trash.

Clip: Some New Cash & Trash (Third clip)

Banner #26 – Noel’s House Party

Jenny Hull arrives at the end of the Trip Around the Great House.

Clip: NHP Jenny Hull

Banner #27 – Let’s Dance For Comic Relief

A ballet dancer receives a pie in the face from Adrian Edmondson as part of his training for Let’s Dance for Comic Relief.

Clip: Let’s Pie For Comic Relief

Banner #28 – AK Bingo

A girl is thrown face first into the flour pit on AKBingo.

Clip: The AKBingo Flour Game Returns

Banner #29 – AK Bingo

More AKBingo madness. This time a girl is shocked by a blast from the pie cannon.

Clip: AKBingo Pie Cannon

Banner #30 – Tool Academy

On Tool Academy, the men try to learn to be better boyfriends by attempting to hold shut the gunge tank containing their girlfriend.

Clip: Tool Academy Gunge Tanks – The Video

Banner #31 – Thai New Year

The Prime Minister of Thailand following a soaking during a water fight to celebrate Thai New Year.

Pics: Happy Belated Thai New Year

Banner #32 – Raisin Monday

A group of St. Andrews students smear each other with shaving cream during the Raisin Monday tradition.

Pics: Raisin Monday

Banner #33 – Lourdesfest Chocolate Pudding Wrestling

The title picture from the messy wrestling compilation.

Pic: Clip and Pic Collection: Wrestling

Banner #34 – 90210

AnnaLynne McCord balances above a pit of slime as she prepares to take on her opponent on 90210.

Clip: 90210 – AnnaLynne McCord Slimed

Banner #35 – 90210

AnnaLynne McCord emerges from the slime after being submerged. A classic scene deserving of two banner pictures.

Clip: 90210 – AnnaLynne McCord Slimed

Banner #36 – Tommy

A nearly unrecognisable Ann Margaret grasps some flowers after the onslaught of soap powder, baked beans and chocolate in the movie Tommy.

Clip: Is One Year Old

Banner #37 – Díganme Licenciada by Anibal Vecchio

A girl gets a major trashing in celebration of her graduation.

Clip: More recibida videos

Banner #38 – St. George’s, Bermuda

The ducking stool in St. George’s, Bermuda caushes a splash as a girl is plunged into the water.

Pic: Dunk Tanks Part 1 – Civilian

Banner #39 – Muscat DX!

A girl recoils from a pie to the face in an edition of Muscat DX’s “pie temple death hall” sketch.

Clip: Muscat DX! (First clip)

Banner #40 – Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio

A four-way mud wrestling match descends into anarchy in Japanese series Koko Ga Uwasa no El Palacio.

Clip: Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio – mud wrestling

Banner #41 – Ken Shimura

A woman fails to block a cream pie with a tennis racket in this dinner sketch from Japanese comedian Ken Shimura.

Clip: Ken Shimura Dinner Sketch (Second clip)

Banner #42 – Ken Shimura

Another Ken Shimura sketch ends with a pie to the face.

Clip: That Ken Shimura Pie Scene

Banner #43 – What Would You Do?

The aftermath of a face-first ride down the pie slide on What Would You Do?

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #44 – Richard Bey Show

A woman is locked in the stocks in the ‘cap-pie-tal punishment’ segment of the Richard Bey Show.

Clip: Richard Bey Show Pied in the Stocks

Banner #45 – Richard Bey Show

A member of the Richard Bey Show audience delivers yet another pie to the (heavily buried under pie) face of the victim in the stocks.

Clip: Richard Bey Show Pied in the Stocks

Banner #46 – The Saturday Show

Substitute presenter Sophie McDonnell loses a game of “Gunge GMH” on The Saturday Show.

Clip: The Saturday Show – Sophie’s First Gunge With Build Up

Banner #47 – CBBC

Angelica Bell is gunged in the Live & Kicking gunge tank in a CBBC segment during “gunge week”.

Clip: Bell’s Best Gunging

Banner #48 – Noel’s House Party

A woman is gunged for being vain after being tricked into appearing on Noel’s House Party by her mother.

Clip: NHP Gunge Tank

Banner #49 – Ti Ti Ti

A dinner date erupts into an apparently staged food fight on Brazilian telenovela Ti Ti Ti.

Clip: Ti Ti Ti Food Fight

Banner #50 – Sweet Movie

A woman writhes around in a tub full of chocolate in a scene from the Canadian film Sweet Movie.

Clip: Sweet Movie

Banner #51 – Chocolate com Pimenta

Another wedding goes wrong on a Brazilian telenovel as two women argue in the vicinity of some cakes on Chocolate com Pimenta. Guess what happens next?

Clip: It’s A Nice Day For A Wet Wedding (Chocolate com Pimenta)

Banner #52 – Cybil

Cybil Shepherd aims a pie at Morgan Fairchild’s face during a food fight at a wedding on Cybil.

Clip: The Perpetual Feuding of Sloppy Cybil and Messy Morgan (First clip)

Banner #53 – Alma Gemea

Flávia Alessandra is thrown face first into the mud of the pigsty on Alma Gemea.

Clip: With Your Head Down in the Pig Bin (First clip)

Banner #54 – 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow

An already gungey contestant is blasted with flour after discovering one of the 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow.

Clip: 101 Ways To Look Foolish on TV (Alison)

Banner #55 – 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow

After demonstrating a complete lack of knowledge of the rules of tennis, a woman is unceremoniously dumped into the 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow dustbin.

Clip: 101 Ways To Look Foolish on TV (Clara)

Banner #56 – 102 Dalmatians

The malevolent Cruella de Vil (Glenn Close) meets a sticky end in 102 Dalmatians as she is baked into a giant cake and squirted with icing.

Clip: Film Friday – Cruella Goes Through The Cake Factory

Banner #57 – Caras e Bocas

Wedding goers argue in the aftermath of an exploding wedding cake on Caras e Bocas.

Clip: It’s A Nice Day For A Wedding (Caras e Bocas 17/11/2009)

Banner #58 – Ken Shimura

A wedding guest is creamed by having the cake land on her.

It’s a nice day for a wet wedding (drunken uncle clip)

Banner #59 – Sing If You Can

Sinitta attempts to soldier on after her performance of Every Day I Love You Less And Less is interrupted by a downpour on Sing If You Can.

Clip: Sing If You Can Episode 4

Banner #60 – You Bet!

Ellis Ward lies down on a platform as she prepares to get dunked for a forfeit on You Bet!

Clip: You Bet! – Ellis Ward Dunked

Banner #61 – Singing in the Rain

In Singing in the Rain, Gene Kelly ducks to avoid a pie, which instead ends up in the face of Jean Hagen’s starlet character.

Clip: American Movies – Links Version (1952 – Singing in the Rain)

Banner #62 – Dainuok Jei Gali

A woman is dunked into a tank of mud, then showered with mud and feathers from above on the Lithuanian version of Sing If You Can.

Clip: Dainuok Jei Gali

Banner #63 – Frau Holle

A girl is covered in pitch in the 1971 film version of Frau Holle.

Clip: Film Friday – Frau Holle (First clip)

Banner #64 – Yankee Zulu

Terri Treas’ villianess ambitions come to a sticky end (and she would have got away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids).

Clip: Yankee Zulu

Banner #65 – Reponet

A reporter is tied up and then pied on Japan’s Reponet.

Clip: Japanese Reporter Tied and Pied

Banner #66 – Get Your Own Back

An older sister is submerged in the Gunk Dunk on a fairground-era episode of Get Your Own Back.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV Messy (Cassie)

Banner #67 – That Girl

A pie explodes in Marlo Thomas’ face in an episode of 1960’s sitcom That Girl.

This banner has now been removed from the site.

Clip: That Girl

Banner #68 – El Show de Fernando Hidalgo

A pie game on the incomprehensible El Show de Fernando Hidalgo.

Clip: El Show de Fernando Hidalgo

Banner #69 – CTV Morning Live

A reporter on Canada’s CTV Morning Live is treated to a bucket of water over the head after taking flying lessons for the show.

Clip: Maiden Flight Soaking

Banner #70 – Italian TV

A woman in a black dress is pushed into a swimming pool on this Italian TV show.

Clip: Black Dress Pool Push

Banner #71 – Scherzi A Parte

A winner of Italian Big Brother is given a surprise soaking on Italian candid camera show Scherzi A Parte.

Clip: Secondi’s Surprise Soaking

Banner #72 – Cruel Winter

A contestant is locked in the stocks and pelted with tomatoes on Trouble reality show Cruel Winter.

Clip: Taking Stock (Cruel Winter)

Banner #73 – Ministry of Mayhem

Ministry of Mayhem finally manages to get Rachel Stevens by catching her off guard with a pie after finishing her performance.

Clip: Pie Rachel Stevens

Banner #74 – Spy Kids 4: All The Time in The World

Jessica Alba is sprayed with slime after inadvertently positioning herself below a “bluecheese bomb” prank in Spy Kids 4.

Clip: Jessica Alba Slimed

Banner #75 – Basil’s Swap Shop

The fourth of ten buckets is dumped over a teacher imprisoned in the Basil’s Swap Shop gunge tank, adding a covering of baked beans to the blue goo, gravy and custard.

This banner has now been removed from the site.

Clip: Teacher Gunged

Banner #76 – Get Your Own Back

A mother swims in the Gunk Dunk during an episode of the late series two-ramp format of Get Your Own Back.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV Messy (Karen)

Banner #77 – The New Year Tricks Tournament

Woman has green paint thrown in her face during an Indiana Jones skit.

Clip: New Years Shows in Japan

Banner #78 – A League Of Their Own

After failing to hang on while dangling above a tank of water, Sky Sports’ Georgie Thompson lands with a splash.

Clip: Georgie Thompson Wetlook

Banner #79 – Ask Rhod Gilbert

Damsel in distress Amanda Byram is covered in gunge on an episode of Ask Rhod Gilbert.

Clip: Ask Rhod Gilbert – Amanda Byram Gunged

Banner #80 – Superstar

Blue paint is dumped on Molly Shannon in the comedy film Superstar.

Clip: Film Friday – Superstar

Banner #81 – Ellen

An audience member gets dunked in Ellen’s dunk tank, which is specially filled with green slime for Halloween.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV Messy (First Ellen clip)

Banner #82 – As Tardes da Julia

Júlia Pinheiro receives a cake to the face on her Portuguese talk show.

Clip: Portugese Pie

Banner #83 – Good Day LA

Entertainment reporter Dorothy Lucey is slimed on Goody Day LA when Jeff Sutphen of Nickelodeon’s BrainSurge visits.

Clip: Dorothy Lucey Slimed on GDLA

Banner #84 – Грязное видео – балерина

Ballerina splashed with purple paint on a segment on a Russian TV.

Clip: Unavailable

Banner #85 – National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion

Two women engage in a catfight in a conveniently located mud pit in the middle of a field in National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion.

Clip: American Movies – Links Version (2003 – National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion)

Banner #86 – Non e la RAI

Four girls are drenched in Non e la Rai’s water game before any of them actually pull the plunger.

Clip: Non e la RAI Soakings

Banner #87 – I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

Sabrina Washington is showered with mess after being dunked in jungle water on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 3 – TV Messy (Sabrina Washington)

Banner #88 – Stwnsh ar y Ffordd

A teacher receives a blast of thick, lumpy green gunge to the face after her team loses an episode of Stwnsh ar y Ffordd.

Pics: Stwnsh ar y Ffordd 2012 Episode 3

Banner #89 – Caca Talentos

A woman recoils from a pie hit after a cake fight on Brazilian series Caca Talentos.

Clip: Caca Talentos

Banner #90 – You Again

Odette Annable dumps a bowl of pea soup over the head of Kristen Bell in the 2010 comedy You Again.

Clip: American Movies – Links Version (2010 – You Again)

Banner #91 – Fame

A couple of students from the Fame tv show find themselves locked in a pantry full of pies and end up engaging in a pie fight.

Clip: Fame Pie Fight

Banner #92 – Saque Bola

A contestant smashes one egg after another over her head during a game on Spanish game show Saque Bola.

Clip: Saque Bola

Banner #93 – Winter Wipeout

Another contestant finds themselves totally immersed in the Wipeout mud.

Clip: Wipeout Episodes 3, 5 and 6

Banner #94 – Tigerenten Club

A wet, dripping teacher re-emerges after being lowered into the foamy dunk tank on Tigerenten Club.

Clip: Dunk Tanks Part 2 – TV Wet (Second Tigerenten Club clip)

Banner #95 – Easter Soaking

A girl flees from a barrage of buckets of water being thrown as part of Easter week traditions.

Pics: Easter Soakings

Banner #96 – Huevazos y demas yerbas

More graduation gunge from Argentina.

Clip: Recent civilian finds: everythng

Banner #97 – galera do bairro 6 de agosto vitima patricia

The ‘lucky’ birthday girl has a whole farmload of eggs dumped on her.

Clip: Recent civilian finds

Banner #98 – I Love Lucy

Lucille Ball is drizzled with honey during an appearance on a game show on classic sitcom I Love Lucy.

Clip: Lucy Getting Doused

Banner #99 – Wipeout

A Wipeout contestant lands in a mud pit after being knocked over by a paddle while tackling a pinball-themed obstacle.

Clip: Wipeout Episodes 14, 18 and 19 (Third clip)

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