The Wammies 2016 – nominations open!


That time has rolled round again – our annual thanksgiving for the great and gooey that has graced this year. It’s the Wammies!

As usual, awards are up for grabs in the following categories:

  • Best celebrity wamming for a female public figure who got wet or messy in 2016.
  • Best WAM show for a commercial programme (TV or online) that consistently produced good scenes.
  • Best civilian WAM for media of ordinary people getting wet or messy for ordinary reasons.
  • The Holy Grail Award for the turn-up of a classic scene, where either the scene wasn’t previously available or the quality or length is significantly improved.
  • The Goolitzer Prize for a work or series of works in WAM literature or art, published here or elsewhere.
  • The Showercap of Shame for the biggest downer of the year, be it a gutting escape, a lame scene that didn’t deliver to its potential, or an event that negatively impacted the community.

Nominations will be open for approximately three weeks, after which the nominees will be put to public vote. You may make as many nominations as you wish.

Reminder: As per the site rules, all nominations must be age 16+

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21 Responses to The Wammies 2016 – nominations open!

  1. terroristpie says:

    Show: Whatever Bellas x Fellas is called these days

    Celeb: Ally Brooke of Fith Harmony getting slimed at the KDA

    Shower cap: The rest of Fith Harmony for running away from said slime

    Shower cap: Blue Peter Children in need vote (again)

    Celeb: Emma Blackberry


    Holly grail: The High-quality uploads of old NHP episodes

    Goolizer: Comeuppance


  2. briff1es says:

    Getting the negative out of the way first:
    Controversy over voting results in a couple of instances (oooh, topical!). To be clear, I’m nominating the controversy itself as it was divisive, not taking a stance.

    Kate Garraway gunged for the opening of the Beano website

    Best WAM show:
    Chega Mais

    Holy Grail:
    Nicola Stapleton episode of NHP with full buildup. And aftershot… wait.

    Good Karma by wolf324
    Never has a WAM story or character before stuck with me for months after I read it, so this one has to go in for that reason. It even elicited those confused reactions we all remember when we first saw a girl get wet or messy (I don’t like this, wait… or do I…)

    The Crow’s Nest by TG
    All the intrigue, twists and turns of a good spy story, coupled with a brilliantly-written character that genuinely pulls no punches on humiliation, which isn’t even something that pushes my buttons, but I admired the character so much I enjoyed reading!

    The Price of Admittance by writingismylife on the WSA
    In contrast to the above, a lovely, tender and sweet WAM story with adorable and sympathetic characters

    The Gary Splotter series by Nollvane on UMD
    Probably the first WAM story series to make me actually laugh aloud, funny as well as sexy.

    The Gunge of Doom comic by curtsibling on DeviantArt
    He’s done several commissions along the same lines but to nominate only one, this is my favourite.


  3. terroristpie says:

    Civilian: Messy Gameshow Gunge Fund-Raiser


  4. Celebrity nominee Paige hyland for the slime bucket Challenge here’s the link to the video
    [video removed]


  5. Jeremy F St.clair says:

    beat celeb show ellen show for first doing the pieface game girls getting it in 6 of them then doing wetlook in game let it rain and doing slime face game


    • yuck53 says:

      I love Ellen but if we’re nominating it as best celeb show for Pie Face, I’ll also have nominate it for showercap of shame for the point where they stopped pieing everyone ‘for fun’ at that point it became possible for the game to disappoint and suddenly it started doing so.


      • Jeremy F St.clair says:

        i do agree i was disapointed when they stopped doing that too but find it was good for what we got


        • yuck53 says:

          Possibly the number one negative in the actual psychology of the WAMmer; how difficult it is not to drastically get your hopes up – and thus the potentially to immediately have them dashed – at the merest sniff of female WAM. Obviously, as per usual, the male in lieu ones were particularly irksome.


  6. Lily says:

    Best celebrity wamming: Delta Goodrem getting slimed 4 different times at Slimefest. ,

    Best civilian WAM: It’s sort of inbetween celebritiy and civilian but I’ll nominate Tori Deal getting pied on that MTV show in the middle of the year.

    I’ll also nominate the Runescape stream gungings as well:

    The Showercap of Shame: The US Kids Choice Awards 2016 again simply because they had all of Fifth Harmony on stage but still somehow only delivered a one person sliming that was mediocre at best.


  7. wolf324 says:

    Halstow Ladies by Briff1es for Goolitzer for featuring some of the most intense humiliation scenes I read all year, (although parts of the excellent and already nominated The Crow’s Nest by TG were in fact so extreme I couldn’t even bring myself to read parts of them) quite a feat given that the author claims humiliation isn’t really their thing. Although to just label it a humiliation story would be excluding a lot; indeed the humiliation serves as a counterpoint to a pleasant romance story with plenty of more sensual content. Not to mention a memorable cast of characters good and bad and more than a few twists and turns along the way.


  8. terroristpie says:

    TV Show: Dog Ate my Homework


  9. ranon says:

    the best celebrity waming this year was the double gunging of Jillian Bell (Gene) and Charlotte Newhouse (Bobby) on the episode “GED Prom” of Idiotsitter


  10. TG says:

    For celebrity I’m going to nominate the Tactix on What Now? as well as nominating What Now? for the show category.

    Also for best show, Esto Es Guerra – some great bucket games and the return of the cake-making sketch.

    For Civilian, Cruse’n For A Gunging, which has provided some very messy gungings (most of them for the lovely Debra) while raising money for a good cause.

    For the Holy Grail, I’ll second Andy Pearman’s channel – a veritable treasure trove including good quality NESR gungings and the full build-up for Nicola Stapleton (sadly aftershot is beyond his capabilities). I’m also going to nominate the Sesame Street Linda signs pie clip. Why? Because I saw this scene at a very young age and it produced a strong emotional response in me, this woman geting hit in the face with a pie out of nowhere, so it was interesting to see it again.

    For the Goolitzer, I definitely second Halstow Ladies – the best series we’ve had in a while – and I’m also nominating the Bitch Bites It, by Wolf. The split personality of the presenter was a thought-provoking twist.

    For the Showercap, it has to be the Loose Women “gunging”. Not a drop on any of their heads. A big missed opportunity.


  11. wamfan101 says:

    Shower cap of shame Celebrity Juice for providing no significant female WAM all year


  12. razgrizblog says:

    Nominee for celebrity:

    Fifth Harmony getting slimed at the kids choice awards:

    WWE’s Lana (CJ Perry) getting caked:


  13. razgrizblog says:

    Additional celebrities could include: Delta Goodrem at the Australian Nickelodeon Slimefest:

    Former TNA Knockout ODB (Jessica Kresa) getting muddy:

    Hangin w the big boys #imonedirtybitch #hookinupwithodb #dough4joe

    A photo posted by TheODBBAM (@theodbbam) on

    Daria Gavrilova and Priscilla Hon slimed at the Australian Open by Nickelodeon:×594


  14. razgrizblog says:

    Favorites Civillian WAM:

    Cruse’n for a Gunging, with Debra Haynes and Co.:

    Mad Lovers Cosplay (some of this stuff was made in late 2015 and some in 2016.):!/MadLoversCosplay/photos/?tab=album&album_id=611720198992163

    Canadian Comic Cutie, for taking one of the most epic pieings of the year!:


  15. razgrizblog says:

    Yet more cleebrities include:

    Melody from JKT48 getting slimed at the Nickelodeon Indonesian Kids Choice Awards 2016:

    Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander getting slimed for the Slime Bucket Challenge:


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