The Wammies 2016 – nominations open!


That time has rolled round again – our annual thanksgiving for the great and gooey that has graced this year. It’s the Wammies!

As usual, awards are up for grabs in the following categories:

  • Best celebrity wamming for a female public figure who got wet or messy in 2016.
  • Best WAM show for a commercial programme (TV or online) that consistently produced good scenes.
  • Best civilian WAM for media of ordinary people getting wet or messy for ordinary reasons.
  • The Holy Grail Award for the turn-up of a classic scene, where either the scene wasn’t previously available or the quality or length is significantly improved.
  • The Goolitzer Prize for a work or series of works in WAM literature or art, published here or elsewhere.
  • The Showercap of Shame for the biggest downer of the year, be it a gutting escape, a lame scene that didn’t deliver to its potential, or an event that negatively impacted the community.

Nominations will be open for approximately three weeks, after which the nominees will be put to public vote. You may make as many nominations as you wish.

Reminder: As per the site rules, all nominations must be age 16+

About TG

Hunter of WAM media, author of WAM fiction, founder and administrator of the independent and community-led blog
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31 Responses to The Wammies 2016 – nominations open!

  1. pml89 says:

    Ok, I nominate Story a from the GGP for the Goolitzer.


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