Gunge Grand Prix 2016: Gunging Method Result, Story entries OPEN, Plans for 2017

Evening All,

The vote to decide how Jenna Louise Coleman is to be gunged has now ended, and I can now confirm the method of gunging will be….’Flushing Toilet’!

With that decided, I can now confirm I am now ready to receive your stories! Before you begin writing, please take into account the following rules:

1. Jenna Louise Coleman must be gunged using a ‘flushing toilet’ method.

2. Only Jenna Louise Coleman can be gunged in the ‘flushing toilet’

3. Anyone included in the polls must remain clean

4. Any extra gungings included in the story must not overshadow the main gunging Jenna receives.

5. Attire: What Jenna wears is up to you as long as it’s something she would wear normally in public. This means she wouldn’t be naked, she wouldn’t wear a inflatable suit, she would wear something a little more real

6.Reference to this competition is allowed (and encouraged). This includes the final result (you may quote the percentage)

7. Any story published will be entered into a poll at a later date to let people vote which story they liked the best. All stories will be posted anonymously.

8. All entries should be submitted to by no later than Tuesday 29th November 2016.

I look forward to receiving your entries

Finally, based on the feedback survey results, here are my plans for the 2017 Gunge Grand Prix:

1. Number of contestants – There was a tie between 128 and 512. I have decided to maintain numbers at 512 for now, although the earlier rounds will sped up by the next change.

2. The first round will now see the 512 contestants split into groups of 4, with only the winner progressing to the next round, meaning 128 will progress to round 2. This should hopefully cut down the competition length and also bring a new dynamic to the competition. Again it was essentially a 50/50 split between group stage introduction or maintaining the current straight knockout format.

3. The number of nominations people will be allowed to submit will be limited to 20 in 2017. This should allow more people to have a say in the contestant line-up. The vote was in favour of limiting nominations to 10, but I feel that’s too small a figure and could lead to a significantly longer nomination period.

The plan is for the 2017 competition to start in February.

That’s all for now. I look forward to receiving your entries. Get writing!


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8 Responses to Gunge Grand Prix 2016: Gunging Method Result, Story entries OPEN, Plans for 2017

  1. TG says:

    I guess to avoid putting people off entering, we should make clear that the gunge used doesn’t have to resemble what typically goes in a toilet…


  2. yuck53 says:

    Well, it’ll probably be hard for it not to at least resemble some form of bleach in appearance. They come in so many colours.


  3. gunkdunk94 says:

    Does anyone know which song won the 2012 story competition? I’ve been reading through the winning stories for some inspiration, but I haven’t been able to find out which story won the 2012 competition. I found the stories after a search, but can’t find the page which said the winning story.


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