Introducing Messy Commissions

For a while now it’s been my ambition to turn this writing passion of mine into an earner. While I’d love to become a full-time pro at this, that’s a rather tall ambition and for now I’ll be content if I can bring in some extra pocket money on top of my day-job.

You might have seen Saturday Splatdown, which was a writing commission (custom WAM story) I undertook as a one-off last year after being approached. Now I’ve decided to take commissions on a regular basis, and you can find out more at:

Commissions can be either public or private. If you’re interested, please get in touch using the contact details on the site (if you have my old Hotmail email in your address book, please don’t use this; I don’t check it very often and the inbox is flooded with junk). Be aware that I already have a few commission bookings to keep me busy until the New Year, but if you express your interest now, I’ll reserve you a place in the queue (you don’t have to commit or pay anything until it comes to your turn).

I hope you’ll be interested in using my services. Cheers, TG.

About TG

Hunter of WAM media, author of WAM fiction, founder and administrator of the independent and community-led blog
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2 Responses to Introducing Messy Commissions

  1. yuck53 says:

    It would be great if people published more WAM stories onto the market. Not sure there’s much of a demand for them sadly. 😦 I understand you can still stick them on Amazon and the like and see who bites, though I think it helps if you haven’t published them for free elsewhere first. That said I think a fair few WAM stories won’t do the community any favours.

    Although all things considered I don’t actually think even professional writers write ‘full-time’ in the way that term is usually understood. They work at the most suitable pace for them and hope they can be successful enough to continue to live off the earnings of previous works and have a publisher who they can persuade to have bags of patience with them if they start to struggle.


  2. This is good news. Expect an email from me sometime soon so I can go on your waiting list.


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