Gunge Grand Prix 2016: The next stage

Evening All,

So Jenna Louise Coleman has been confirmed as the winner of the 2016 Gunge Grand Prix! Now, it is time for you to decide HOW she will be gunged! Nominations for the method of gunging are open and will remain so until next Sunday (16th). The 5 ideas with the most nominations will then go forward to a final vote. The rules are as follows:

1) Each design should be both customisable and plausible and likely to be something you would see on a TV show.

2) Whatever design ends up winning, the stories should keep to the spirit of the design.

All previously used methods can be nominated, in keeping with the clean slate on contestant nominations. Nominations should be submitted by commenting below.

Also, please fill out the feedback survey if you haven’t done so already, as this will help determine the format of next year’s competition.

Thanks, and start nominating!

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17 Responses to Gunge Grand Prix 2016: The next stage

  1. terroristpie says:

    GYOB tank
    Locked in cage and have Gunge thrown over her


  2. mrdb1989 says:

    car wash gunge tank noel’s house party
    gunge tank
    dunk tank
    tied to a pole and have buckets of gunge thrown at her
    thank you desk from Ministry of Mayhem
    sat on a gold throne and be covered in gunge
    sat in a paddling pool and gunge pored over her head
    a trip around the house where the set is build like a house and when she goes into each room she gets gunged


  3. MessySoMessy says:

    Not sure if this idea works or is allowed but:

    Some form of scenario in a drama where she ends up messy. So not as such a game show, but her character in whatever TV show being messed up. Couple of ideas Spring to mind:

    – Maybe some form of “bitchy” character in a soap, involved in a typical comeuppance in front of a street/village or whatever. (She did used to be in Emmerdale I believe)

    – Over the top foreign drama style messing. See for example: (

    – Or maybe a regular on a kids show; a babysitter/shop owner/sister or whatever, that in a particular episode end up in a sticky state.

    Not sure if those suggestions run in line with the nominations, but just an idea on top of the game show ideas already put fourth by MRD and TerroristPie!


  4. wamwam10 says:

    I agree msm maybe as a babysitter/roommate to someone with a dunk tank gyob style


  5. Lucy says:

    A gunge where she is underneath an oversized toilet which “flushes” on her
    Giant nose which pours snot


  6. Gamefan says:

    – Stocks/pillory
    – Spokesperson for the official GGP line of WAM products, showcasing them for the audience


  7. TG says:

    Comeuppance Mucky Dip


  8. Well, if we’re nominating our own things:

    The Slime Slide from the last Suzi’s Slop Drop — for those who didn’t read it, imagine a water slide at a leisure centre or theme park, but with gunge running down it instead and additional mess dished out via nozzles on the inside.

    The Chamber of Judgement from Cash or Trash #1 — similar to a gunge tank, but with the dispensing mechanism hidden and not necessarily in the ceiling, nor necessarily just one dispenser.


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  9. pml89 says:

    I would prefer to see something like the “Thank You Desk”, or “The Cage”, where buckets of gunge are thrown over our victim.


  10. wamwam10 says:

    When will the stories be up for jenna winning? 🙂


  11. danielbonsall says:

    their should have being a vote to find out how she will be gunged but this has not happened yet so i don’t think their is any stories yet


  12. wamwam10 says:

    Cheers for the info, lets hope soon


  13. yuck53 says:

    I’ve been in too minds whether to share my thoughts on this or not. I’d decided not too until the actual vote but since that’s taking its time coming round I’ll scrap that.

    First it was suggested that she could/should be gunged ‘in character’ and in a drama. Now, that isn’t a gunging mechanism so I think will ultimately be up to each individual writer how they choose to present Jenna. It that isn’t considered against the spirit of the vote. People voted for Jenna Louise Coleman to be gunged, maybe it should be accepted that it is Jenna Louise Coleman they want to ‘see’ (albeit in there mind’s eye) gunged.

    That said I did like both the gold throne and the trip ideas nominated by mrdb. I thought they could be combined and embellished as much as possible and give the illusion she’s being gunged as, or rather for the role of, Queen Victoria.


  14. APartridge says:

    Possibly some sort of messy card/board game?


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