Noel’s House Party – Nicola Stapleton full episode

Already posted this to finds, but on reflection, it deserves a front page post, topping as it does so many folks’ all-time-faves lists.

I was only 8 when this aired, but the “nobody’s perfect” quip during the initial exchange of banter is just as I remembered it. I also recall a sense of intrigue at seeing young women in contention for the gunge tank instead of the bog-standard blokes. It struck me as a little improper, but also rather exciting!

18-year-old Nicola was a great sport in this. She pretty much knew off the bat she’d be getting it (as Noel said, save BT the trouble), and played up to it with great humour throughout the lead-up. That said, her anxiety looks very genuine when she is actually seated inside and the foam starts to rise!

But I’m still smarting from aftershot denial…

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