Lottie’s House Party

This was written by request.

WARNING – contains adult content

This story is purely a work of fiction. The story does NOT describe real events and the characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real events or persons is coincidence. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

Lottie’s House Party


The lights came on, the audience cheered, whooped and applauded as if their lives depended on it and the hostess bounced onto the set in front of the audience.


Her name was Charlotte, she’d made a name for herself as a model and presenter, this was her flagship Saturday night show – Lottie’s House Party. Tall, blonde, with more than a hint of the Scandanavian heritage in her, she was undoubtedly gorgeous. At 5’11 and dressed in a low-cut red dress and knee-high boots with killer heels which enhanced her height further; it was amazing she managed to move on stage so fast, and it was a feat of engineering that her breasts, which bounced while she ran, stayed within the dress. Her electric blue eyes scanned the audience as she raised her hands for quiet, greeted the audience and started the show.

While the remainder of the show did go well, what the audience were particularly looking forward to was the final item of the night, always a favourite, a gungey finale involving two members of the audience nominated to play by their friends.

Lottie announced “First to join me, please come down….” pausing for dramatic effect “Lucy!”

Lucy was 5’6 with long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and was wearing a figure-hugging silver minidress that was wrapped so tight around her amazing figure it looked like it’d been sprayed on. Her ample chest was squeezed up to give a deep cleavage and the skirt only reached halfway down her thigh exposing a lot of her tanned smooth legs. She wore 3 inch heels and tottered down the steps to the main stage to join Charlotte.

Charlotte introduced the first contestant – “Lucy here is a glamour model, you may have seen her in the pages of FHM, Zoo or Nuts, not wearing a whole lot… you’ve been nominated by your friends as they say you’re far too wrapped up in yourself, think you’re much prettier than everyone else and spend far too much time checking your hair and makeup – they thought you deserved a good gunge makeover to bring you down a peg or two”. Lucy looked confused and shocked by this reason for nomination, and shook her head emphatically as the audience cheered.

The other girl pulled from the audience was then announced “Sammy! Come on down”

Sammy hesitated as the camera stayed on her, but her friends either side pushed her to her feet. She was 5’8, attractive with brown hair and green eyes; she had more of the girl next door type quality to her. She was wearing flatter shoes than Lucy, a pair of cut off jeans and a white vest top. She seemed more nervous about the attention than Lucy (who exuded confidence); in fact when she first stood next to Charlotte she had something of a look of a deer in the headlights. As Charlotte introduced Sammy she held her hands meekly in front of her and intermittently fiddled with her hair.

“Sammy is a budding actress, still in stage school. You’ve been nominated by your friends, because they think you’re too nice… Wait, what? You’ve been nominated for being too nice?! Well, that’s what it says here, they say it’s annoying and they wish you’d not be such a doormat sometimes and show a little fire”

Charlotte stood between them, she was taller and wearing bigger heels so she towered over the two girls as she announced what was to be happening:

“Right girls, we’re going to be opening a vote – one of you is going to be taking the trip round the studio, which will involve a whole host of surprises, not to mention gallons and gallons of glossy, gooey, gorgeous gunge”

“So girls, now it’s time for you to appeal to the audience and the viewers at home and tell them why it shouldn’t be you and should be your opponent!”

Lucy stepped forward first “Right everyone, it’s obvious why Little Miss Dormouse here should be the one getting punished – just look at her” indicating the shy Sammy. “She so blates needs a makeover, look at those clothes! And the face, and the hair… all of it really! A nice gunge shower will be just the ticket to at least cover up how *awful* she looks. I’m waaay too pretty to be gunged, gunge this troll here instead”. Lucy gave a self-confident smirk to the audience.

Charlotte stepped away from Lucy and over to Sammy “Right Sammy, fighting words, what have you got to say in response to that?”

Sammy looked nervous and down at the ground, hesitated, then shyly responded “Well… I don’t think I deserve to be gunged. Lucy is really pretty and it’d be a shame to ruin those clothes, but I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong either, I’m just trying to be nice to everyone”

Charlotte pulled an exaggerated face at the audience and said “Awww, she’s just too sweet, isn’t she? Doesn’t it just make you want to punch her?” She joked and smiled, patting Sammy on the shoulder to show no offence meant.

Charlotte signed off and the vote was underway. In just a few short minutes the results were ready to be announced. Charlotte stood in between Sammy and Lucy again, with her arms round the waist of the girl each side.

“And so, the winner of the vote, and the girl you voted to take the trip of a lifeslime… I mean lifetime is…”

A long pause. Lucy had her hands up over her mouth in nervousness; Sammy was rubbing one arm nervously with the other and looking at the floor.


Sammy’s head dropped. Lucy’s arms shot up in the air, punching the air in triumph, shouting “YES! YES!”. Unable to resist the urge to taunt her fallen opponent she placed her hand in an L shape against her head and mocked Sammy, calling her a loser.

Charlotte moved to Sammy and said “So Sammy, sweetie, you’ve won the vote and now it’s time for your prize. Are you ready?”

“Not really” said Sammy with a nervous laugh.

“Well, tough” joked Charlotte, getting a laugh from the audience “because your chariot awaits”

Charlotte escorted Sammy by the arm up to the balcony where a round car on a track much like a similarly-named show from sometime in the 90s – awaited. Before Sammy got in Charlotte said “Oh, Sammy, better take off your shoes” As Sammy handed them to Charlotte and stepped in, Charlotte gave an aside to camera with the back of her hand to the side of her mouth in a stage whisper “As everything else will be coming off” with a wink.

Sammy was in place, ready for her trip. Lucy stood next to her with her hand on a lever as instructed by Charlotte.

“Right, Sammy, you’ve lost, this is definitely going to be an experience you’ll never forget. Lucy, you won, pull the lever, and start Sammy’s trip!”

Lucy gave Sammy an icy look and coldly said “Bye Sammy babe, have fun!”, and ripped down the lever.

Sparks shot out from the lever as the car rumbled away from the audience. Strobes flashed and a siren wailed as the car rumbled slowly along the track. Reaching a stop a few short feet away from where she started, Sammy paused and looked around nervously. After a couple of seconds, nothing, then a huge deluge of thick green gunge fell on Sammy, hitting the top of her head with a wet slap. Sammy shrieked in surprise but the gunge quickly fell over her soft brown hair, ran down her face, covered her shoulders and most of her upper torso. The gunge flowed for a good 10 seconds before stopping. Her hair was deluged, and her upper body obliterated by the thick glossy gunge. Sammy could feel it all over her hair and her face – she wiped her eyes and looked down at herself. Her vest top was mostly green and her jeans were covered as well, with a puddle of gunge formed in her lap. Flicking her gungey hair out of her face with a soft “urgh!” she looked around as the car descended downwards and moved along parallel with the audience. It entered a section running below a balcony above, and stopped where a hole in the balcony allowed her to see up…

…Allowed her to see up into the grinning faces of Lucy and Charlotte.

Charlotte gave Sammy a little wave “Hi babe, how are you doing? Looking a little messy there, but definitely some clean patches left – why don’t we help with that?” Before Sammy could answer Charlotte and Lucy each poured a huge bucket of purple gunge through the hole onto Sammy, who squealed in shock. She bowed her head and crossed her arms above her head to cover herself, kicking her legs and stamping her feet in discomfort as the two girls each poured another two buckets over the hapless loser.

Stopping their onslaught for a moment, Charlotte shouted down “Come on Sammy, take it like a woman. Sit up straight, no dodging, you lost fair and square”. Sammy, never one to raise a stink, meekly did as she was told, and was “rewarded” with a bucket of thick purple gunge square over her head from Lucy, running thickly down her neck and creeping for the first time inside her vest top. She squealed again in shock, she’d managed to keep it pulled tight against her but the top finally loosened and purple gunge oozed inside her top, coating her bra, and slipping down inside the waistband of her jeans.

Again the car rumbled to life and moved further along the studio. Sammy looked around again and she slid to a halt in an open hall. Lucy and Charlotte were again ready and waiting for her. “Let me help you up” said Charlotte, taking Sammy’s slimy hand and pulling her to her feet. Sammy stood, thinking the ordeal was over. Maybe that wasn’t so bad, she thought, just a bit of slime, at least it was lukewarm, it might have been cold. The audience cheered and Sammy smiled despite herself, Charlotte held her arm in the air as if in victory. Then, quick as a flash, she moved her hand into a hitherto unseen handcuff, then did the same with the other arm. Sammy was now stood in the car with her hands handcuffed above her head.

“What?!” cried Sammy “What’s happening?!”

Charlotte smiled and said “Sammy dear, you’ve been gunged twice, I’m afraid you’re not even halfway through your punishment yet – those clothes are looking quite filthy, let’s get them off” Lucy was stood to the other side and was brandishing a pair of scissors. Sammy’s eyes widened as Lucy placed the scissors at the bottom of the vest top, and cut straight up the middle.

“Let’s get rid of this horrible top” taunted Lucy

Cutting almost the whole way in one go, Lucy took great pleasure in grabbing the two halves and ripping the top apart and off with her bare hands, exposing the once lacy white bra Sammy was wearing under the top, now stained mostly with green and purple gunge.

Lucy stepped away and the car started to move again and Sammy was off again to another area of the studio, her hands still handcuffed above her, where she stopped directly below an ominous looking metal pipe. Sammy glanced upwards at it nervously. A klaxon sounded, and Sammy hung her head quickly, expecting a flood of gunge to hit her head. Instead of a torrent, a gentle drizzle of dark blue gunge began to trickle over Sammy’s head. This was much colder than the gunge she’d been covered in before, eliciting a small shriek from Sammy, but at such a slow rate it seemed agonising as it slowly covered her head and crept down her bare back, as well as down her neck and her torso. After a minute of this slow flow, which seemed much more tortuous than just being deluged, while Sammy shrieked and gasped haltingly; it stopped. Sammy shook her head to dislodge the gunge, unable to wipe with her hands handcuffed, and looked up to see Lucy and Charlotte stood in front of her again, Lucy again wielding the scissors.

Charlotte said “You know what, I think that bra is beyond repair, better if we get rid of that for you…” Lucy quickly stepped up to Sammy and quickly cut through the bra and the straps, pulling it off of Sammy. Sammy hung her head, her breasts coated liberally in gunge now on show to the audience and to Lucy and Charlotte. Her nipples hardened involuntarily at the sudden cold air exposed to them.

Charlotte had a cheeky shocked look on her face and said “Ohmygod, boobs! Quick, we’d better cover those up before someone gets offended!” as she pulled another lever, causing yellow gunge to start to flow from above Sammy again. It came down quicker this time but was just as cold as last time, immersing Sammy’s now naked boobs and causing her nipples to harden further. Sammy was quivering, this gunge falling over her was an assault on the senses, her nipples were hard not just because of the cold but the teasing of the last gunging, the warm and cold mixed sensations had gotten her quite hot under the collar. The cool gunge on her naked breasts and the now vast amount of slime sitting in her panties nestling against her bum and her pussy had her beginning to get excited. Her hands handcuffed above her head seemed especially cruel as she longed to rub the gunge into all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies it was probing teasingly. As the flow of yellow gunge plopped to a stop, Charlotte nodded to Lucy to go up with the scissors again. However, before she got there, the weight of the gunge in Sammy’s panties caused them to have to succumb to gravity, and then slipped down her legs and hit the ground with a wet splat.

“Oh…” said Charlotte flatly, disappointed “well, that saved that one – let’s get rid of those” as she picked up the panties with a single finger and tossed them offstage. Sammy was breathing heavily, now stood naked in front of the audience with her arms handcuffed above her head. “What an amazing sport you’ve been Sammy, you’ve been gunged four times, but now we have one more special gunging left just for you”. Pressing a button, a grate in the floor slid back below Sammy, and Charlotte said “Enjoy… Lucy, pull this lever one last time for me”. Lucy pulled the lever and a pressurised jet of pink gunge sprayed up from the grate below, which seemed to be aimed perfectly at Sammy’s crotch. She gasped and started moaning as the gunge massaged her most intimate areas. Charlotte pressed another button and streams of more pink gunge fell on Sammy from above, more gunge than any other time. Sammy submitted to the overwhelming assault, her toes curling as she reached her orgasm, moaning loudly and quivering against her restraints as the gunge covered every inch of naked flesh inches deep in slop. As she slumped down as far as her arms handcuffed above her would allow, the audience got to their feet and gave Sammy a standing ovation. Charlotte filled time as she knew she wouldn’t get much sense out of Sammy for a minute or two while she recovered from her intense orgasm. Once Sammy had started to come to she was released from her restraints and given a white bathrobe to wear. She was stood at the front of the stage one side of Charlotte while Lucy was on the other, Charlotte invited the audience to give a round of applause to our winner, Lucy, who got some cheers, and then to Sammy, and the roar from the crowd was deafening. Sammy smiled shyly at the attention and the adoration of the crowd – she’d been totally gunged and exposed to the audience, but in a weird way it had been kind of liberating. If they thought she was too much of a doormat as she was afraid of attracting too much attention, she couldn’t attract much more than she just had – and she’d not only survived that but kind of enjoyed the attention, right?

Charlotte continued “So, Sammy lost and Lucy won, but what prize will she win?” The stagehands rolled a big wheel of fortune out behind Charlotte with about 50 different segments on it, ranging from “New Car” to “£10,000 cash” to several squares marked with “Revenge”. Leading Lucy up to it, Charlotte explained that wherever the wheel stops, Lucy would win that prize. Lucy grabbed one of the pegs on the outside of the wheel, and pulled downwards hard. The wheel clacked for 5 seconds, then slowed, then finally landed on “Gunk Dunk Revenge”. Lucy looked incredibly unsure all of a sudden.

“Oh Sammy!” said Charlotte enthusiastically “You’ve ended up naked and covered top to toe in gunge, and Lucy has been there for every step of your humiliation, but now you get a chance at revenge, a chance to ‘Get Your Own Back’” Charlotte winked at the camera. “Because you and Lucy are going to play one more game above our gunk dunk!”

“What!?” Screeched Lucy “I’m safe, I won the vote, I’m not getting gunged!”

Charlotte stepped over to her and smiling wrapped an arm round her waist pulling her close, saying “Well honey, that all depends on how well Sammy does, doesn’t it?”

After a short ad break the programme returned with Sammy and Lucy sat on chairs above a huge tank of multicoloured marbled thick gunge. Lucy was still in her glamorous silver dress, but barefoot, having removed her shoes. Sammy had been allowed to shower off the worst of the gunge but was still naked, her legs crossed demurely and her arms crossed across her breasts. She’d discovered the audience were keen to see her naked again, as there was a pop of excitement and cheers whenever she teased them by moving only her hands to cup her breasts, then a groan of disappointment when she moved the arm back, and she laughed at how much fun it was to hold them rapt in the palm of her hand.

Charlotte jokingly snapped her fingers rapidly to get the audience and Sammy’s attention

“Hey… HEY! Hello?! I’m over here… when Sammy’s finished teasing the audience can we get on with the show please?” she chuckled. The audience settled down “… thank you” Charlotte continued to explain the rules “I’m going to ask Sammy three questions. Each one she gets right will inflict some revenge on lovely Lucy here. Above your head Lucy are three tanks of thick, gooey, horrible gunge, and each time Sammy answers correctly, one of those is going over your head”

“What the fuck?!” cried Lucy “I won! I shouldn’t have to do this!”

“Ah-ah…!” interrupted Charlotte “but… you can instead of taking the gunge, choose to remove an item of clothing”

“Ah…” replied Lucy, visibly softening “Well, I don’t mind showing a bit of flesh, that I can do” she said, fluttering her eyelashes and pouting to give the men in the audience her sexiest face. She’d seen how the audience reacted to a bit of naked skin and she was jealous of the attention Sammy had been receiving, so she knew she could swing the crowd back to her side if she stripped, only if she needed to of course, she wanted to get Sammy naked in that gunge once again.

Charlotte continued “Then, after this, we’ll spin the red and black wheel here – if it’s red Sammy will go in the gunk. If it’s black, Lucy will go in the gunk. So Lucy, even if you avoid the gunge above, it’s still a 50/50 if you go in… Let’s begin”

The first question was asked “What is the capital of Finland?”

“Helsinki!” said Sammy almost immediately

“Correct! Right Lucy, you know what to do” called Charlotte. The audience cheered, and started chanting “Off! Off! Off!”

Lucy slid her dress up over her head and threw it to the side. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her round C-cup breasts were firm and each topped with a rosy pink nipple. Flicking her blonde hair about – she squeezed her breasts together with her arms and gave her hips a wiggle as the crowd went wild. She loved the attention; she just really didn’t want to get gunged.

“A big hand for Lucy and her two friends!” smiled Charlotte. “And now for question two: Sammy, what is the stage name of the guitarist from U2?”

Sammy thought for a second before replying “The Edge!”

“Another correct answer – Lucy – off with the panties”

Lucy swore to herself, she was fine with topless but even in the spicier men’s mags she’d never gone commando. Well, if it was that or gunge… after a moment, she stood up, and slid her panties down her toned thighs to toss them aside, revealing her pussy with only a thin landing strip of hair above her lips. The crowd went even crazier than before.

Charlotte prepared to ask the third question “So Lucy, you’re naked, you’ve got nothing else to take off so if Sammy gets this right you’re getting gunged – The third question is – Who was British Prime Minister in 1972?”

Sammy really didn’t know the answer to this one. Lucy mentally willed Sammy to get it wrong to at least spare her this gunging.

“Harold Wilson?”

Charlotte shook her head as she said “I’m sorry, but it was Edward Heath”.

The audience let out a groan of disappointment at not getting to see Lucy get the extra gunge.

Sammy spoke up at this point to play to the audience “So now you spin the wheel to decide which of us gets dunked?”

Charlotte replied “Oh yes” and the audience cheered. Lucy held her head in her hands; she had no desire to end up in the gunge.

Sammy, playing to the audience said “OK, how’s about this – if it lands on black, I’ll give Lucy here some support, and she can sit on my lap and we’ll both go in together”. The crowd cheered the loudest they had all night at this prospect. Lucy shook her head furiously, she didn’t want to even entertain the idea she might be gunged.

Charlotte enthusiastically agreed, working the crowd up “What a great sport! It’s a deal! Sammy will be gunged, but will she be gunged all on her lonesome…” The crowd booed. “…or with Lucy!” The crowd cheered loudly.

Stagehands wheeled on the red and black wheel which would determine who would be gunged. Half was red, half was black, simple as that. A spotlight enveloped it and Charlotte as she stood next to it. “Drumroll, please” she asked, and was obliged, before turning to the camera and saying “So, which of our lovely ladies is getting a gungey bath? Sammy, or Sammy AND Lucy?” She gave the wheel a sharp tug to spin it. The pointer at the top clacked as the wheel spun, then slowed… Slower… and slower – it was in Sammy’s red half of the wheel but was approaching Lucy’s black half… it slowed, and slowed… it was looking like it might just creep into Lucy’s half… slower still… but it stopped just half an inch into the end of Sammy’s half. The audience groaned in disappointment. Charlotte gave a lovely big smile to the camera, and not breaking eye contact with it, sharply kicked sideways the base of the frame which held the wheel. This jog was just enough to tip the wheel over into Lucy’s half. The audience exploded into rapturous cheers. Charlotte announced “Lucy, you are to be gunged, and you’ll sit on Sammy’s lap for the splashdown”.

Lucy protested “WHAT!? No, you cheated… it stopped on red! It didn’t land on me, no way am I going in there, it’s not FAIR…!” she ranted to herself, but two stagehands were ready stood beside her, and bodily lifted her up by her arms, before lifting her over to Sammy and placing her down on Sammy’s lap. The warm sexy naked flesh of the two ladies was intertwined as Sammy wrapped her arms round Lucy’s waist in a firm embrace, but then her hands snaked up to play with Lucy’s lovely C-cup tits, squeezing them together, giving them a little jiggle and tweaking her nipples playfully.

Lucy shouted at Sammy “Get off me, you freak, what are you doing with your filthy hands”

“Just holding on tight” laughed Sammy, cupping Lucy’s boobs and pulling her tight against her. The chair was pulled to the top of the ramp and then let go – Lucy screaming as they began their descent. A stream of thick dark blue gunge was released from above to hit the two hugging ladies as they reached the bottom of the ramp, and they slid under the shower as the chair tilted to throw them into the gunge. Lucy’s naked skin got a nice coating of the thick blue goo, and the two seemed to hang in the air for a second, time slowing, before hitting the surface of the gunk dunk and disappearing below the gunge with a wet splat and a gloop, creating a wave which sloshed over the side of the tank. After a couple of seconds the two girls surfaced, wrestling in the thick slop, as a neverending stream of gunge of several changing colours fell on top of them, splattering all over the two naked girls slipping and sliding over each other. As they wrestled, one blob – Lucy was clearly pissed off and wanting to humiliate the other as much as possible. The other – Sammy – on the other hand just giggling and enjoying their messy wrestle, their flesh sliding over one another. Soon the flow of gunge from above stopped, and Lucy ran out of energy. Panting, the two separated. Lucy crouched down to obscure herself beneath the gunge and hide her naked body, not that much of her naked flesh was visible underneath the thick slop – while Sammy stood up proudly. The gunge only came up to her thighs, so she was fully exposed, her nipples stood proud but she didn’t mind, she took a bow with a flourish, bathing in the adoration of the audience, as well as the gunge; as the audience continued to scream and cheer, it was amazing they’d managed to maintain these energy levels. They knew the show could get adult but it seemed all the stops had been pulled out this week.

With the end of the show fast approaching, Charlotte crept to the edge of the tank, and held out a mic to ask how Sammy was feeling now she’d been able to take her revenge. Lucy – bloodthirsty for revenge, leapt out and quick as a flash grabbed Charlotte. Waving Sammy over to assist her Sammy jumped out too, although smiling more playfully at the prospect of getting Charlotte messy. Grabbing a half each the mucky ladies pulled the red dress apart – tearing it off Charlotte, leaving her only in a skimpy black thong, which was quickly yanked down to her ankles by Lucy, leaving Charlotte naked. Grabbing her under an arm each, and foot, they bodily hauled her over, and between the two of them swung her like a pendulum to throw her into the gunge pool

“One… two…” they counted off each swing
“No!” screamed Charlotte “I’m the host! I’m not supposed to get…”
“THREE!” shouted the two naked messy girls, throwing the one naked clean girl into the gunge to suffer the same fate they had.

“…GUNGED!” finished Charlotte as she too hung in the air before landing flat in a bellyflop right in the middle of the gunk dunk. A huge wave was displaced and washed over the side onto the studio floor, almost reaching the feet of the front row.

Charlotte soon stood up from below the pool of multicoloured gunge, and wiped her eyes, at which point the props team (well, the specific subdivision that dealt with the gunge they called the slops team) had found some more gunge above and dropped a huge load of green goo over Charlotte just as she was recovering from her first dunking. The host screeched in surprise and gasped as the thick slop splattered all over her once blonde hair and down her face before bursting into giggles. Getting her breath back, she flinched visibly as she expected more to fall on her, but it seemed they really had run out this time.

Lucy had put some distance between herself and the gunk dunk, but Sammy stood by the edge as Charlotte struggled over to the rim to get out. Sammy offered her a hand to help her out, but didn’t count on Charlotte grabbing Sammy’s arm tightly and giving it a sharp tug to pull Sammy back in with her. Sammy fell in head first with an almighty splash, the audience, and Lucy, despite herself, laughing.

Charlotte helped Sammy back to her feet, but they remained crouching, the two submerged up to their necks in the gunge. Unseen by the audience, Charlotte wrapped her legs around Sammy’s slimy body, and pulled her close for a kiss, which the audience did see. Sammy, delighted, fell into the kiss and returned it as the audience went nuclear. Underneath the gunge, Charlotte’s hand found Sammy’s crotch, questing between her legs she found Sammy’s swollen clit and began to tease it underneath the slick gunge. Sammy quivered at Charlotte’s touch and reached her hands up to Charlotte’s breasts and erect nipples, massaging the cool slime all over Charlotte’s heavy breasts. They worked their way over to the edge of the tank, still kissing and fondling; and Sammy braced against the edge, while Charlotte intertwined her legs with Sammy’s. The two began to scissor underneath the gunge, Charlotte humping Sammy against the edge of the gunk dunk while the two gasped, cooed and moaned at the pleasure they were giving each other. Sammy must admit, if she’d taken a bet on how tonight would have ended, this would have been pretty far down the list.  Meanwhile – Charlotte was in raptures of pleasure, she’d always enjoyed watching the contestants get gunged and enjoyed carrying out the punishments but she’d longed for someone to pull her in, jumping in herself just wouldn’t have been good enough. The very naughty show she was putting on with Sammy would no doubt land her in a whole world of hot water with the channel boss, but screw it, she’d worry about that later.

Lucy had been about to slope off for a shower but the unexpected floor show that the other two were putting on had her transfixed at the side of the stage. The two girls worked their way into a frenzy until they were both on the verge. Charlotte looked up at the rafters of the studio where she knew the slops team had been working, and prayed they’d managed to find just a bit more gunge. Looking heavenwards, she shouted “Come on boys!” and Sammy joined her in them saying together


The slops team did not disappoint. A veritable torrent of many different colours of gunge fell on the two girls as they reached a shared orgasm, it splashing and splattering as they writhed and convulsed in sweet ecstasy, grinding hard against one another, moaning and groaning. As they rode out the orgasm, they slipped into each others’ arms, cuddling and enjoying the afterglow. Turning to face camera 1, her arms wrapped round Sammy’s neck, both chest-deep in the gunge, Charlotte, panting, could only sign off “And that’s… all… for this week… join us next week, for more fun… more games, and… phew! More Lottie’s House Party”. She placed her head on Sammy’s shoulder, spent, as Sammy hugged her tight, the camera staying on the two cuddled together in the gunge as the credits rolled over them, then the show went off air, and the two headed backstage for a hard earned shower.

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8 Responses to Lottie’s House Party

  1. TG says:

    I find these shy-girl-transformed-to-raving-naked-extrovert-by-a-few-drops-of-gunge stories a little grating in their implausibility, but no doubt I’m guilty of the same crime in some of my own writings, and as you wrote this to request you might not have had much choice in the matter. But nonetheless it was a very entertaining and enjoyable story, wittily told, and with both the trip round the house and the gunk dunk we weren’t wanting for mess. Cheers for sharing.


    • Maybe there’s some kind of potent aphrodisiac mixed in with the gunge?

      Well either way, I’ll have a proper read of this in a bit.


      • briff1es says:

        Firstly I will admit that putting “by request” at the start was maybe a bit of a cop out as I could plausibly deny any bits people didn’t like as just at the whim of the requestor. That said, I wouldn’t write something I can’t stand beside.

        Secondly, you said “a few drops of gunge” then later, the scenes were “…not lacking in mess” So which was it that transformed Sammy? make your mind up… 😉 I kid… thanks for the feedback TG, I’ve picked up that you seem to prefer stuff much more grounded in reality than most, I like to sometimes let my imagination off the leash in WAM fiction, it’s fantasy, right? As Vanilla put it, that kind of thing is exactly what I *would* put in my wilder stories even if unrealistic because it’s fun, potent aphrodisiacs in the punch at a bake sale which gives the girls massively increased libido linked to whatever they eat next, bam, instant sweet food fetish

        The instant lesbian is a tired trope, I know, but it keeps coming up in media because men still find it hot… I’ve seen it brilliantly referred to elsewhere as a “lesbian pollen” attack.

        Vanilla, I hope you enjoy.


        • TG says:

          I wouldn’t say I necessarily require stories to be grounded in reality; after all I’ve written about the supernatural and time travel. It’s just that this kind of personality flip is something that grates with me personally, but as you say, many others like it, and it’s fantasy, so of course you can take things wherever you want to take them.


          • briff1es says:

            Fair point, what I meant was that I noticed in HL you tended to notice some fine details or think about underlying plot threads that nobody else mentioned, and in some cases I confess I myself hadn’t considered. It’s not a criticism, I hasten to add. But I get what you mean, this type of personality shift just winds you up.


  2. wolf324 says:

    Another great story. I admit I’m with TG in that I’m not really a fan of the instant personality flip; I prefer things a bit more subtle or developed over time if that’s the direction of the character. In Halstow ladies, for example, I pretty much knew that one character would eventually go in that direction to some degree because you clearly set it up earlier in the story, which makes me much more accepting of it. That said though, I’m not your intended reader for that sort of thing (I also appreciate that this story obviously doesn’t have the room to breathe that a multi-part story does). All of us writing WAM stories write things we enjoy and hope to find similarly-minded people, and the reality is for many readers that’s the exact sort of fantastical development they want from a character, and in terms of turning them on (which is pretty much what they’re here for!) your drastic is simply going to work far better than my subtle. So I think it absolutely works on your own terms, as it should, and the people who like this will REALLY like it, which is pretty much the highest any WAM writer can hope for.

    And honestly, apart from that not being to my own taste I do really like this.It’s simply fun to see everything so outrageously contrived to get everyone stripped and just ridiculously messy by the end. It helps that Lucy doesn’t undergo the complete transformation herself: to me that does keep things at least a little bit grounded.

    Funnily enough, as VXS mentions an aphrodisiac in the gunge, when I considered how I would handle writing a more erotic-based WAM story, that was pretty much what I came up with. It would have been a Halloween story where a girl’s friends get gunged at a carnival (she chickens out) and all transform in the way Sammy does here, leading her to investigate as plainly that kind of thing never happens in real life!

    It really is well done on the whole, a lot of fun with a bit of something for everyone, I think. You certainly kept me entertained throughout. There’s certainly no need – preemptively or otherwise – to come up with excuses for what you write and the choices you make. You’re a great writer with many great ideas!


    • briff1es says:

      Thanks for the detailed thoughts Wolf, I’m very flattered by the compliments. Like you say, I just wanted to take what Noel’s House Party would have been in my hormone-fuelled teenage fever wet dreams and run with it, go all out and just have *fun*. It’s total wish fulfillment, but after writing something which was much less fantastical in HL it was a blast to just careen headlong to the other end of the scale. The spec outlined Sammy and Lucy, 5 gungings for Sammy (I must admit had I done it totally myself I would probably have changed that bit) then Sammy’s revenge. The lesbian pollen attack at the end was my doing.

      Your idea does sound pretty fun, and as we’ve seen here, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to sometimes go for the “crowd pleaser” type WAM story. Even if it does smack of the lowbrow summer blockbuster, they have their place vs the more worthy “indie flick” type stories too, right…?


    • briff1es says:

      Apologies for double post but I would also like to just also say thanks for the detailed thoughts even if some (or most) of it wasn’t to your taste, glad it was a fun read.


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