WAM dreams

Last night I dreamt about an interesting WAM party game. The men had quiz question cards and went around from woman to woman asking questions. If the woman got the question wrong the man could mess her, but if she answered correctly then she got to mess the man. There were pies and buckets of custard and green slime on hand for this purpose. For some reason a few people started the game naked and I think there was a way they could win the clothes of another person, but I woke up before I could figure out the rules behind that (and sadly, before things could get that messy).

Present at this party were members of the WAM community, work colleagues, people I went to school with and haven’t seen or thought about in years…

I have dreams featuring WAM maybe once or twice a month. Often they’re quite frustrated; a girl looks set to get messy but then something thwarts it, or I wake up before it happens. Sometimes I dream about NHP where two or three women get plucked from the audience and sent for an epic trip around the great house, which is enjoyable, but it’s disappointing to wake up and realise the scene isn’t real.

When I was a teenager I dreamt a vivid reconstruction of the Kirsten O’Brien GYOB gunging (I had lost my VHS recording of it) and it was one of only two wet dreams I’ve had in my life. The second also involved gunge, but was more abstract.

Sadly, I don’t think I’ve had a Paul McCartney moment and come up with an amazing story idea in a dream, but maybe I can do something with the party game above.

So I’m interested to know, does anyone else dream about WAM?

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Hunter of WAM media, author of WAM fiction, founder and administrator of the independent and community-led blog https://tellygunge.wordpress.com/
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4 Responses to WAM dreams

  1. yuck53 says:

    In my memory I dreamt about WAM before I knew I was a WAMmer I have Crush A Grape dreams I seem to recall from when I was much younger but I can’t be sure I’m not retroactively inventing them. I don’t think so though I had very different ideas about what gunge ‘was’ then.

    But generally I, like you, tend to have a lot (relatively speaking) of WAM dreams on game ideas or just gungings and I frequently wake up before the event. I have concluded that our brains often just can’t remain asleep when playing with such involved thoughts.

    That said I had this really involved non-WAM dream recently where it seemed like I managed to plot out the whole story of the dream (because who else is?) and yet hide from myself where it was going when in retrospect in seems I must have known. I’ve tried to rationalize it since but it stunned me at the time.


  2. “Present at this party were members of the WAM community”

    Go on, name names! :L

    I’ve had a few in my time, but one I had somewhat recently that I recall was one where one of my (female) flatmates and I were on a game show. There were two teams of two, and we were up against another mixed couple. On each team, one person would be answering questions and the other would be in a gunge tank. Getting a question right would win money for your team, but getting one wrong would result in your teammate getting gunged dropped on them. Long story short, the other team did a LOT better than I did, but my flatmate didn’t seem TOO annoyed with me. It was awkward seeing her around the next day, though…


  3. Henry Lee says:

    Never as specific as yours, but I have had similar dreams where a gunging is interrupted which I think is just my brain doubling down on how frustrating a fetish this can be.

    Also, if I’ve been searching intensively for a particular Holy Grail scene I sometimes dream of finding it.


  4. pml89 says:

    I once had a dream about a gunging. In fact I wrote it down in a story, check it out, Ashley’s Bet.

    In general though, I don’t tend to dream about WAM, there’s a whole list of wild dreams that my sub-conscious has to go through before it get’s to WAM. Still, the daydreams are much wilder (some of which turned into stories).


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