Pancake Day 2: Splash Wednesday: Scenes 41 + 42:

Hello tellygunge. It’s playtime. I just had too. We’re now at the last two scenes of the second film in my Pancake Day series. As you might expect after reading the last scene (obviously spoilers if your reading things out of order) it’s the final showdown between Porcelain and Mrs Turnbull, but it also sees the appearance of quite a few other characters who’ve appeared in previous scenes. I am overall quite happy in the way things have been set up, and how it feels more like a whole story, rather than a collection of stories, with a loose story thread linking them together like the first film.

The subject of stories brings me on to what’s next. As I’ve already mentioned I’ve had quite a few ideas for the next film. It will see a little variation to the formula, which will allow me to use some more elaborate traps than I’ve been unable to use before without totally breaking the admittedly already loose reality bands of this series. This is a series that could become a little predictable and formulaic, and there are some parts, like the final escape to set up the final show down that are hard to avoid repeating, but I’m convinced I’ve got enough ideas to avoid that becoming a big problem for a while at least.
You may ask when is this going to happen? Well so far I’ve only made the notes, and roughly plotted everything out. I’ll probably take a little break before I start writing it. Hopefully it won’t than fall flat when I start to write, but I’m reasonably confident this won’t be the last you see of Porcelain and her companions. Until then thanks to everyone for reading, and I hope you enjoy the finale.

Scene 41:

The camera cuts to one of the larger rooms in the old cellar. Running through a doorway, and across the floor is a worse for wear looking Porcelain. Her hair and face paint is dishevelled, and several messy substances can be seen on her clothing. We see her look over to a table where a number of Chlorofoam pies are located. The camera cuts to a shot looking at Porcelain as she runs towards it. Just as she gets close someone jumps into the left side of shot, grabbing Porcelain and putting an arm around her neck. As they struggle we see it’s Victoria, her blonde hair and red dress looking in a bad state after being dumped into a pool of cottage cheese after Porcelain’s game earlier. Before Porcelain has a chance to retaliate Christine comes into view, and also grabs Porcelain to ensure she’s restrained. The camera zooms out to show more of the scene, and we see Mrs Turnbull walking slowly towards them with a satisfied smile on her face.

Porcelain: Let go of me you monsters.
Mrs Turnbull: Why? So you can make more people play your silly games. It’s about time you learnt the proper way to act little girl.

With that Mrs Turnbull steps forward and slaps Porcelain hard across the face.

Porcelain: Shit faced cow!
Mrs Turnbull: My! Such language! Well never mind. It looks like I’ll have plenty of time to teach you and your friends the proper way to act. I see you’ve even been good enough to provide us with a good prison.

The camera cuts to a corner of the large room. In it we see the two chain link walls that back on to the corner where Athena is currently held prisoner. Athena is looking on with a concerned look on her face. She scampers to the side in order to keep her distance as Mrs Turnbull comes over and unbolts the door. A little behind her is Christine and Victoria who are dragging a still struggling Porcelain with them.

Mrs Turnbull: Put her down, and don’t be gentle. I don’t want her getting up again.
Christine: With pleasure.

Christine and Victoria drag Porcelain to the back wall and throw her hard in to the barrels along the back wall. The camera zooms in on Porcelain as she slides down to the ground. We see one of the barrels has the words Westbrook Manor stamped on the side.

Mrs Turnbull: Your going to stay here until I figure out what to do with you, and make sure you never trouble me again.
Christine: Lets teach her a lesson!
Victoria: Yeah lets cover her in eggs and flour.
Christine: Lets get some paint and treacle, and see how she likes it.
Athena: Come on you guys! You’ll be no better than her.
Mrs Turnbull: Shut up! No-one asked you. Why don’t you get up to your quarters and stay there until your actually wanted.

Athena gives a look of annoyance to Mrs Turnbull, but faced with the prospect of going up against her, Christine and Victoria she reluctantly backs away exiting the cage. The camera cuts to Mrs Turnbull as she looks down at her still stained and soaked clothes. We see her look up and an evil smile comes across her face.

Mrs Turnbull: As we’re here. Why don’t you two introduce our little friend there to that custard pool. Give her something to think about.
Victoria: With pleasure.

The camera cuts to behind Christine and Victoria as they advance towards Porcelain. She struggles to her feet, having to use the barrels to support herself, hoping to put up a fight, but she’s clearly had it taken out of her. Then just as Christine and Victoria are about to close in the lights suddenly go out, and the room is plunged in to darkness.

Mrs Turnbull: What now? Can’t anything be done properly around here?

There’s a brief pause as the sound of frantic footsteps running across the floor is heard. Then the lights come on, the camera focused on Christine’s face as a large thick white chlorofoam is shoved in her face. The camera then cuts to Victoria as someone also shoves a chlorofoam in her face. As she stumbles and falls down the camera zooms out to see the holder of this pie is Dwayne.

Mrs Turnbull: How the hell did you escape?

The camera cuts to Porcelain’s former boyfriend Jack, who is standing next to a now unconscious Christine.

Jack: I busted them out.
Mrs Turnbull: What do you think your doing boy?
Jack: I’ve been putting up with your shit for a long time, and done nothing about it. When they told me about all that money you’ve stolen I decided enough was enough, I’m not taking it anymore.
Mrs Turnbull: Well if that’s the way you want it.

Mrs Turnbull lunges forward. She grabs Dwayne and throws him in to the chain link fence. Jack dodges the first lunge, and responds with a knee to Mrs Turnbull’s hip. This has little effect though. Mrs Turnbull grabs at Jack’s arm, and twists it, and pushes down on his shoulder with her other hand, forcing a still defiantly struggling Jack down on to his knees.

Mrs Turnbull: Did you really think you could get away with this? Seeing as you like your friends here so much I reckon I should just leave you here with them.
Jack: Go ahead. I’m not a fugitive like them. People will come looking for me if I stop calling, and they’ll start here. Then what will you do.
Mrs Turnbull: It will take time for that to happen. More than enough time to secure that money and get myself out of the country.

Suddenly a loud cry is heard. Princess Porcelain bursts into shot, and tackles Mrs Turnbull around the waist. Distracted by Jack, Mrs Turnbull is unprepared. She looses her grip on Jack as her and Porcelain go sprawling back, and both fall down in to the pool of pink custard.

Porcelain: You heartless cow. I should have never have given you a chance. I should have just chucked you strait in that barrel.

In response Mrs Turnbull swings a wild arm in Porcelain’s direction. She dodges the worst of the impact but is still caught off balance. It’s enough to allow Mrs Turnbull to close in and wrap a strong arm around her head. Porcelain desperately lashes back, but it’s to no avail as Mrs Turnbull kneels down, forcing Porcelain’s head under the custard. She remorselessly holds her there as a number of air bubbles rise up from where Porcelain is being held under, until Porcelain sinks completely under. Mrs Turnbull finally lets go, and the camera cuts to a shot of her looking out of the pool. We see Christine and Victoria still unconscious, both Dwayne and Jack are struggling to get to their feet. The camera cuts back to Mrs Turnbull as she walks towards the edge of the pool, a smug look of triumph on her face, despite the fact she’s now covered in custard.

Mrs Turnbull: Right. Time to book a flight to somewhere hot, exotic and a long way from all the bullshit I have to put up with here. You lot can stay here while that happens.

Suddenly Porcelain bursts out of the custard this time wrapping her arms around Mrs Turnbull’s neck. Mrs Turnbull remains rigid though, and starts to slowly pry Porcelain’s grip apart. The camera cuts to Jack as he struggles to his feet, then to a shot of the still unconscious Christine, and the remains of the Chlorofoam pie that hit her in the face. Jack bends down and scoops up a large handful of the Chlorofoam, looks to where Porcelain and Mrs Turnbull are still struggling, and takes a large running jump.
In a dramatic slow motion shot Jack flies through the air, and lands in the custard where the struggle is taking place, hitting Mrs Turnbull in the face with the Chlorofoam. Mrs Turnbull tries to wipe it off, but Porcelain quickly grabs at her arms before she can get to her face. Jack sees what is happening and closes in to help Porcelain. Her strength sapped by the effects of the Chlorofoam Mrs Turnbull is unable to fight them off, and slowly succumbs to the effects. As Mrs Turnbull sinks under the custard Porcelain puts her arm around Jack, using him for support as they head to the edge of the pool where Dwayne is waiting to help them get out. Porcelain requires support from both of them as she hobbles out to the door of the cage. As they walk through the door is slammed shut and bolted behind them. As the camera zooms out we see a bloody and battered Garry leaning on the door, and placing a heavy looking padlock on the bolt.

Dwayne: How’s Sandy? Is she alright?
Garry: She’s taken a few bad knocks, but she should be okay.
Porcelain: Go see her Dwayne.
Dwayne: Are you sure? You don’t look in great shape yourself.
Porcelain: I’ll be fine. We’ll be along shortly.

With that Dwayne and Garry walk off as quickly as they can in their current state. The camera cuts to a shot of Jack and Porcelain as they look at one another. Then a loud splashing is heard. We see the pool behind Jack and Porcelain where the custard has washed the Chloroform off Mrs Turnbull, and she’s now climbing out the pool.

Mrs Turnbull: Let me out now!
Porcelain: Now that was a silly thing to say. Do you honestly think we’d do that.
Mrs Turnbull: This won’t hold me for that long.
Porcelain: It doesn’t have to. The rest of the pupils and staff will be arriving tomorrow to set you all free anyway. Most likely along with a couple of cops who’ll want to ask about a few fraudulent transactions they’ll have evidence off. We built this cage secure, and it should hold you for more than long enough to secure that money for ourselves and make our getaway.

Mrs Turnbull lets out a cry of rage, and tries kicking the door, and then shoulder barging the wall, but it’s to no avail. The cage is indeed secure. Porcelain and Jack ignore her protests as they walk away.

Scene 42:

We cut to a corridor in the old cellar, not that far away from what we just witnessed, as evidenced by the fact of Jack and Porcelain coming round the corner.

Porcelain: So. What now? With all that money in the bank you must be tempted to join us.
Jack: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. I’m not sure I want to just leave my friends and family.
Porcelain: Once we’re outside the jurisdiction of this country you’d still be able to call them, and it’s not like you couldn’t go back to them. You always said you wished you’d takken a gap year, and it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting much of an education here for a while. Once the truth comes out this place is going to be chaos.
Jack: Well. When you put it like that.

Before Jack can continue a loud rustling is heard. Porcelain limps over to a pile of old stuff and pulls off a dust sheet to reveal Athena hiding underneath.

Athena: Please. Just let me go.

Jack puts a restraining arm on Porcelains shoulder and whispers in her ear. She mutters something back, before Jack whispers back two more times.

Porcelain: Oh okay. Go up to your quarters and get cleaned up Athena. Just stay out of our way and you’ll be alright.
Jack: Everyone else will be arriving tomorrow. When that happens you won’t need to worry about Mrs Turnbull, or any of the other girls any more.

Jack again whispers in Porcelain’s ear. There’s another exchange between them before with a slightly reluctant look Porcelain continues.

Porcelain: And yes, I’ll have a word with Garry. He can make it look like your video was corrupted or something, so no-one will ever see you getting covered in custard.

The camera cuts to a shot of Athena. She pauses for a second, tentatively looking them up and down.

Athena: Bye Helen. Thanks Jack.

The camera looks down the corridor as Athena scampers away down it, before cutting back to Jack and Porcelain.

Porcelain: God. I hope your not going to turn me soft.
Jack: Hey. You don’t always have to be afraid of change.

Roll end credits.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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  1. messysexy says:

    Loved the series and am excited for more but would really be awesome if there was more manure or something gross like. I loved the old cottage cheese one. They probably still smell gross! Lol


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