Halstow Ladies part 6 – Penalties

A couple of things:

  • Any mention of anybody on any of the forii is intended only in fun and as parody, no offence meant, so please don’t take any
  • There is mention of manure in this story, but for anyone who that may put off, note that sometimes the threat of something is more powerful than the action…
  • This really is the finale this time

WARNING: This story contains adult content throughout

Part 6 – Penalties

Jo whirled round, looking for a means of escape. Five figures clad in black robes, their faces obscured by Venetian carnival masks surrounded her in the barn she’d been invited to, under the guise of an invitation to a rave in the woods. “Leave me alone!” screeched Jo, a note of panic in her voice “Let me out of here!” Jo sprinted for a gap between two of the figures but the five fell on her, grabbing her legs and arms firmly. Another spotlight came on and illuminated a lone chair ten feet from where Jo had been surrounded. The five lifted her and carried her to the chair. She thrashed, she kicked, she tried to bite, anything to escape their grasp, but despite her athleticism, the five were strong and held her sitting in the chair while one zip-tied her ankles to the legs, and her arms behind her to the chair frame.

Thrashing against her bonds, Jo attempted to move the chair, but the bonds cut into her ankles and wrists, and she soon became exhausted, her head slumped down to her chest, panting with exertion.

At this point, three of the figures moved to stand in front of Jo, in their dark robes, their porcelain masks betraying no emotion.

One of the figures spoke:

“Dear, dear, dear. What’s the matter Jo? Not in the mood to dance anymore?”

A second spoke, in a Scottish accent “Naw, looks more like she wants tae take the weight aff her feet”

The third spoke, also Scottish “Wael, ah guess that means the show ken start”

Jo’s ears pricked up – her head shot up to look at the three. The accents were unmistakable… She opened her mouth to speak as the three lifted their hands to their faces and removed the masks.

“Sharon! Wendy! Ruth!”

The three, for it was them, regarded Jo dispassionately.

Jo, recovering quickly, put on her best fake smile and said “Girls! So good to see you, I’ve missed you”

The girls only stared back.

Jo continued with her jovial smile “Ha ha ha! Good joke girls, you really got me going. Those masks – you really… Phew! Ha ha ha… OK, let me go, and let’s go have a drink and we’ll have a good laugh about all this”

The girls continued to stare, unblinking

“…Alright, alright, you got me, come on now… untie me and let’s go…”

Still no reaction from the three

Jo’s pretence of being happy quickly melted, overtaken by anger “Now listen to me, you slags! This isn’t funny anymore. Untie me or so help me I will fuck you up so bad when I get free, you think you can…”

“SHUT UP!” shouted Ruth, interrupting. “Ye don’t get tae tell us wat tae dae any more”

Jo’s eyes were hard, cold as she stared at Ruth “Really? You sure about that? Do you really want me to tell everyone? I’m sure lots of people would be interested in your little secret…”

Ruth’s face flashed with anger as she stomped up to Jo, and pushed her nose millimetres from Jo’s face.

“Really?! Are ye gunna tell everywan how I’m a dyke, a muff-diver?” she hissed at Jo “A dirty fucking lesbian? Is that what you’re gunna dae? Well… you cannae hold that above my heed any longer, ya hear me, ya *bitch*? Guess wat…? I came oot a week or so ago. It’s taem I was truthful to mysel’, and everywan else. Ye have *nae* power left oer me”

Ruth stepped away, and Sharon stepped up next to her, taking Ruth’s hand and squeezing it reassuringly. Ruth smiled at Sharon, and wiped the tears that had formed at the corner of her eyes away.

Jo looked in disbelief at Ruth. It was true she had blackmailed Ruth after they’d spent the night together a year or so ago. Ruth had been experimenting with her sexuality and Jo had made a drunken pass at her after way too many drinks, so Ruth had decided to give it a try and they’d slept together. After that, Ruth had discovered she enjoyed the company of other girls, although she wasn’t yet ready to admit it to the world. Jo had sworn off, deciding to stick to men. However, to stop it ever getting out, Jo blackmailed Ruth, swearing she’d tell the whole campus she was a lesbian if Ruth didn’t swear unflinching loyalty to her. Jo knew that even if Ruth tried to claim it had been a mutual thing, Jo’s reputation would mean she’d be believed over Ruth. Jo had held this over Ruth’s head for the entire year. Ruth had felt so awkward at the prospect of showering with the other girls after every game, so she tended to find an excuse to wait and shower after everyone else as often as possible. When she couldn’t find an excuse and didn’t want to make a thing of not showering, she had to avoid Jo’s gaze, Jo’s open disgust at the thought Ruth might be staring at Jo’s naked body.

“So you finally found the balls to admit you were a lezzer, eh, Ruth?” spat Jo “And Sharon too? You two should be very happy… Filthy dykes”

With a roar of anger, Wendy lunged for Jo, swinging her arm back to slap Jo as hard as she could across the face, but Ruth grabbed her sister’s hand firmly and held it

“NAW SIS, STOP! I git you’re defending me, but she’s no worth it. Everyone knows, Mam, Da… you… I don’t care who knows now, me and Sharon, we’re so happy. And besides… remember, no bruises on her” she finished, tilting her head towards Jo.

Jo roared with frustration “You three dumb *cunts*… LET ME GO…MMMPH!”

Her mouth open, she suddenly felt it being filled and the words were muffled. A gag had been quickly placed around her head and into her mouth, muffling her words mid-scream, and done up tight. Now her screams were muffled by the gag filling her mouth.

“Oh… finally… shut… UP!” said the figure that had speedily put the gag on. Stepping out in front of Jo, she regarded her with indifference as Jo struggled once more against her bonds, making muffled noises into the gag. The figure cocked her head to one side, like an animal watching its prey – curious, intrigued, but certainly not scared.

Jo once again exhausted her current reserves of energy screaming vainly into the gag, thrashing her limbs wildly, and flopped backwards, panting. This figure reached up and removed her mask.

Jo’s eyes went wide, the colour drained from her exquisitely made-up face. Her mask of disbelief and terror was as if she’d seen a ghost. To her, she may as well have been, as Linda unmasked, and pulled down her hood.

NO! cried Jo, through the gag. Her eyes the size of saucers, she thought “I defeated you! I finished you off! There was no coming back from what I did! I took your *boyfriend*, I took your dignity, I took pictures of you naked, humiliated! You’re too spineless to have come back from that – you should be curled up *dead* somewhere!”

Linda had pretty much read Jo’s thoughts, and replied “You thought you’d put me down for good, didn’t you? You thought there was no coming back from what you did to me. You’d taken my dignity, you’d taken my boyfriend, the man I *loved*… Well Jo, you’re wrong. I’m strong, and your reign of terror, it ends tonight. Everyone that you’ve wronged, everyone you’ve trodden on…wasn’t that your little catchphrase ‘Get out of my way or get trodden on?’. Well, if you tread on someone too many times, it’s only a matter of time before they learn to dodge, and sink their teeth into your ankle”.

Jo was gnawed by the feeling that her power was starting to crumble. She pushed it down, unflappable, or so she thought – but it crept back. These girls used to do whatever she said, but now there seemed to be only malice in their eyes. She silently prayed they were going to do her no harm. Maybe they just want to scare me… well, OK… it’s worked. Taught me a lesson… Shit me right up…The fear was sitting in the pit of Jo’s stomach, but she was fucked if she was going to let it show.

Linda stepped back up to Jo, and said “Right then Jo… I’m going to remove the gag, but you have to promise to be civil…”

Linda removed the gag.

“Fuck you!” she spat at Linda “Once I get free you’re dead, all four of you!”

The four drew together and Linda spoke again “Well, we’ll let you go, but first we’ve arranged a little show of which you are to be the star. You love the attention so much; you’re certainly going to get it tonight”.

The other three laughed at the pun. Oh – she’s going to get it alright

A camera was set up in front of Jo by the fifth figure, attached to the laptop that had appeared to be part of the decoy DJ booth set up when Jo had entered. The girls wheeled out four flatbed carts loaded with metal buckets and assorted other substances.

Linda stood in front of Jo and explained “Right Jo – you’re about to have your debut as an internet cam girl. What’s that, you ask? Oh yes, you’re no good with that computer stuff… You’ll be filmed live and appearing on messycamgurlz.com. There are lots of horny guys… (and girls)” she added as she only realised that herself “watching this stream and wanting to see you get your comeuppance. Your very *messy* comeuppance…You see, we’re making this fair. If people want to see you get yours, we’ll give it to them. If no-one wants to watch, we’ll stop. Democracy in action”.

Linda spun round the laptop to show the feed – Jo centre, tied to the chair. The laptop screen also hosted the control software for the cam broadcast – in the corner was a big status box which said “OFFLINE”.

Linda explained further “When we go live, we’ll monitor the number of viewers watching your fate here. If it keeps increasing, we’ll give the crowd what they want, and keep covering you in *disgusting* *muck*” Linda’s words slowed as she described to Jo what her fate was to be, enjoying drawing out the obvious discomfort that registered on Jo’s face as the thought of what was to come sank in. She continued “If they stop watching, if the number of viewers drops for more than a minute, we’ll stop, and you are free to leave. Oh, by the way, make all the complaints you want, cry for help to the viewers. It won’t do any good” Linda smiled sweetly “They think you’re playing a role, and they’ll love it the more you protest…It’ll just make it all the hotter for them. So, to put it bluntly – Jo – you, my girl, are *fucked*” The other three gasped, eyes wide – Linda never swore, but she took ample relish in being able to use a little colourful language, being as it was a special occasion.

Jo only had a moment to start to digest what was to happen before Linda said to everyone “…places, please! We are streaming in 10…”

The four girls quickly put their masks back on, pulling their hoods over the faces as Linda counted down.

Jo struggled once more against her bonds as the red light on the camera went on, and the laptop displayed in the corner “viewers : 3”

Linda stepped back in front of the camera next to Jo struggling in her chair and greeted the audience, in a voice as soft and sensual as syrup oozing down cleavage “Hi there, boys and girls. We have Jo here… gorgeous, isn’t she? Well, she’s been a very, *very* bad girl, and we think she deserves some punishment… we’re going to get her all messy. If you agree she deserves to be punished; if you want to see her get messier, tell your friends. If by the end of the 20 minute stream we get enough viewers, we’ll hit what you might call… the jackpot”

Jo turned to look at Linda with wide eyes, too stunned to speak – silently asking What’s the jackpot?

Linda smiled and continued to the audience “What’s the jackpot, you ask?” – well, if we hit 100 viewers by the end of the stream in 20 minutes – we have an ominous looking pipe right above Jo”

Jo looked up, blinking against the spotlight shining directly down on her. She could see however about ten feet above her a metal pipe which widened at the end, pointing towards her. The pipe was about a foot in diameter.

Linda continued again “That pipe is connected to the farm’s slurry tank. If we hit 100 viewers in 20 minutes, that yucky, horrible, *disgusting* slurry tank is going to be emptied… all over pretty little Jo here”

Jo’s eyed widened. What? No way… they wouldn’t dare, they couldn’t cover her in… liquid manure? She almost retched just at the thought of it. She could only stare helplessly and tried to put the thought of what might happen if they reached 100 viewers out of her mind. That stinking slurry would ruin her.

“So, let’s get started shall we?” said Linda, ominously, with a wicked smile “Ladies…?”

Ruth and Wendy moved to pick up two large custard pies from one of the carts, and stood either side of Jo. Jo looked at the pies, held close to her face so she could see the mounds of thick whipped cream – like mountain peaks that close – just centimetres from her face. Then, disbelief at the situation kicked in, and Jo found her voice again.

“You would *not* dare…” she said to the Scottish sisters, with a derisive smirk and a snide shake of the head.

“No?” they asked rhetorically, as they moved quickly and slammed them either side of Jo’s face. Cream sprayed over her shoulders and landed on the concrete floor behind her. Her beautiful make up was destroyed in one simple motion. The two held the pies in place and smeared them around the sides of her face, before wiping them smoothly up into her elegantly styled blonde hair. Jo’s face was a mask of white cream and yellow custard as the sisters dropped the pie cases to the floor, and brushed the remaining cream off their hands in a satisfied “cleaning” motion. Jo spat pie out of her mouth, and gasped, she had never imagined anyone would ever do something as base as push a pie into her face! She should at least consider herself lucky none had gone up her nose and her eyes had closed reflexively when the pies met their target. She couldn’t see, and with her arms bound she couldn’t clear her eyes, so she was blinded to the next two pies that the sisters applied, one straight into her face, and the other planted on top of her head to really ruin her hair. She sat with her face in its creamy custardy prison, before Wendy reached down and cleared her eyes. In the feed she could see of herself, she’d never looked worse. Pie cream and custard covered her entire face, and her hair was matted into clumps of white and yellow where the sisters had smeared the goo into her blonde locks. She could hardly recognise herself, and this was only after 4 pies!

Jo gasped in shock and indignation “I can’t believe you’d do that! How *dare* you?!”

Linda ignored Jo and again addressed the viewers “Well, seems you guys and gals liked that, we’ve got a few more viewers, so what shall we use next? I know… some lovely chocolate to trash that beautiful blonde hair!”

Wendy picked up a big metal bucket full of chocolate syrup.

Jo looked up at the bucket and couldn’t suppress a laugh “Ha – no, you’ve got to be joking” As Wendy lifted the bucket above her head, the defiance had already begun to soften and there was a note of doubt in her voice “You wouldn’t dare! You’d never dare do that to me! Not the chocolate, not in my lovely hair, you’d better not fuuuuUUUUUUUNNNNGHHH!”

Jo’s curse was cut off by Wendy starting to pour the thick sticky syrup all over Jo’s head. The bucket was well-filled and Jo’s hair stood no chance against the sweet sticky dark brown mess which covered her head like a cap, before running down over her eyes, down the back of her head, rivulets trickling down the back of her neck to her bare shoulders and down her back causing her to shriek and squirm against her bonds. The flow of chocolate stopped, and Jo shook her head, droplets of chocolate splattering against the floor as she tried to get her sodden hair – clinging to her face – out of it.

Jo was disgusted – there were dozens of perverts watching her getting all messy and probably getting their rocks off to it! Ugh, the thought of those guys pleasuring themselves to the sight of her getting covered in slop, made her feel so dirty. She vocalised her thoughts “What kind of deviants are you – enjoying seeing me get treated like this?”

Linda smiled at the viewers, Jo’s outburst would only play to what the viewers wanted to see – “Speaking of which –  welcome to all our new viewers who have joined us to see Jo get what she so richly deserves… 15 of you watching now, say hi, we are watching the chat, tell us what you think”

Picking up another large metal bucket, heavy enough to show strain in Sharon’s arms as she lifted it, Sharon closed in on Jo. Jo, still defiant, said to Sharon “there’s no way that’s going over my head, forget that… no chance…” Sharon tried to lift the bucket up above Jo’s head, but it was full to the brim, and too heavy. She had to drop it to the ground with a soft clang, causing some custard to spill over the rim and splat on the floor. Jo looked triumphantly at Sharon “ha!” She said derisively “too weak”.

Sharon shrugged and said “Ruth, give us a hand with this…”

Jo’s eyes widened as Ruth and Sharon comfortably lifted the bucket between them and began to protest “No… no…! NO! No nono no…!! Ungh-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” her protests quickening as the two hefted the bucket high and quickly dumped its contents over Jo’s head, her protests turning to a squeal of disgust as the yellow gunk slipped over her head in a wave, splattered over her shoulders and hit the floor with a wet slap. The custard was cold, and Jo’s bare shoulders quivered involuntarily at the temperature. “Urrggggh”… moaned Jo at the coldness of the custard now covering almost every inch of bare skin, her legs below the short skirt had been covered, as had her toes in the open-toed shoes, and she wiggled them in disgust, trying to get the custard off.

Linda looked at the viewer count, they were climbing steadily, so after Jo had experienced the cold custard, she again spoke to the viewers “29 of you watching now… we see you all in the chat… hi to TVGunk – how’s this for Comeuppance? Hi to writingisprettyimportanttome, and a message from one user asking if next time Jo could wear white jeans… A little confused, that one I think…one user complaining about us not using a *white* plastic chair… but puppy987 has asked if we might use some savoury substances, as they say they’re a ‘humiliation junkie’ and the sweet stuff isn’t cutting it… well puppy, your wish is my command…! I wonder if Larissa might be watching and taking notes…?”

Next Linda herself picked up a bucket of beans. Stepping close to Jo, Linda smiled at her, enjoying the power she had, as Jo now looked at Linda with some trepidation, perhaps even fear. The confidence and defiance Jo had exhibited at the start had been dulled considerably once it had become clear she really was not the one in control in this situation, and her protests were falling only on deaf ears.

“Hmmm…” taunted Linda, “what shall we do with these…?”

Her eyes settled on Jo’s impressive cleavage, already slimed with custard, and chocolate. Her hand moved gently to the top of the corset, and unlacing it at the back slightly to loosen it, she pulled the front away from Jo’s body.

Jo quickly realised Linda’s intentions and began to plead “No… please… no… not down my top, not the beans! No… not down there… no… no… PLEASE! ARRRGH!”

Jo squealed again Linda poured the beans into Jo’s top. The soft beans engulfed Jo’s orbs, they squished between Jo’s ample breasts and the orange sauce flowed over her nipples inside the top. The beans moved slowly, agonisingly, oozing down her cleavage and over the front of her breasts, not being shy in teasing her nipples as they flowed inexorably southwards, down to her belly, before becoming trapped between the bottom of her corset top and the waistband of her skirt. Jo shivered in disgust and let out a mortified “uuurgh!”. Her hands were bound so she could do nothing but be subject to the slow horrible caresses of the beans over her naked skin inside the corset top. She’d bet she could feel the location of every single horrid bean on her soft flesh, and it felt like thousands were currently covering her torso.

Linda commentated “So that was a big hit with you guys and gals – we’re up to 42 viewers now. carnivalpony liked the shift to savoury, and would like some more… Right you are, horsie…”

Wendy picked up another bucket, this one full of mushy peas. Tilting the contents to show the camera, then turning to Jo and doing the same so she could see what was to come, Jo ranted “Oh God… what’s in there… peas? Mushy peas…? I hate those… Christ… no.. NOoooooooowwww!!!” her ranting turned from high pitched to a low groan of protest as the thick sloppy peas fell over her head and into the open corset to join the beans. Her entire upper torso was engulfed in a vile mix of cold baked beans and mushy peas. Once the bucket had been emptied, Wendy couldn’t resist an extra flourish – she stepped close up to Jo, and placing her palms either side of Jo’s stomach outside the corset, squeezed in and up, firmly massaging the beans in and up, so they flowed, they squished back up and out over the top of the corset. Jo enjoyed their journey up even less than the journey down, letting out no words but a disgusted “uuuuhhh” as the mix of textures, lumpy and smooth, but very cold, teased against her naked skin.

Linda smiled to herself – they were well on track for the jackpot. They’d spent days carefully orchestrating this evening’s events. Danny’s computer know-how, Ruth’s engineering background, speaking to Sharon’s uncle (who owned the building they were using) to get his permission. Everything had worked out just like they wanted. And at the end, it would look like Jo would suffer the horrific indignity and disgust of being covered in awful smelly slurry. Well, thought Linda with a smile, that’s what she’ll think… In reality, the tank above Jo’s head was full of poorly-mixed gravy, kept lukewarm, and with an uneven lumpy texture such that at first Jo would believe it really was slurry. They couldn’t do something *that* awful to her, even if she might have deserved it. Much better to make her sorry by making her believe it would happen instead…

Linda returned to read from the chat “So we now have 56 viewers, and a spirited debate has broken out whether getting messy is all about humiliation or about comedy… and a side argument about whether watching girls get covered in goo is sexist or anti-feminist… guys and gals… if we could maybe just focus on the enduring image of Jo getting covered in all manner of gunk, for your entertainment? We have a message from a user CharlesZW, who would like to see a little more skin. Yes! Let’s do that”

Linda stepped up to the figure behind the desk, and hit the mute button on the audio stream, so the viewers couldn’t hear. What was about to happen was for Jo’s benefit only. The fifth figure reached up and slowly removed his mask. Jo knew something had been nagging at her, but what with being tied up and covered in gunge – she couldn’t quite put her finger on *what*. Then she realised, she’d never seen who the fifth figure was underneath the mask.  Behind the desk, next to Linda; that figure was now removing his mask. A worry that had been gnawing at her in the back of her mind suddenly connected the dots and shouted to make itself heard.

No… NO! It couldn’t be…


Danny revealed his face, and turned to Linda, kissing her passionately. Jo’s eyes widened with disbelief.

“DANNY?!” Jo’s eyes darted, her mouth moved, trying to form words but Jones would come out. For the first time ever, she was speechless as she watched Linda and Danny tenderly kiss.

Danny turned to Jo and said “Hello, *mistress*…” after a pause he continued “what’s the matter, nothing to say for yourself for once? I know what you’re thinking, you thought you’d pulled me away from Linda, you thought I would do *anything* for you, didn’t you? What you didn’t realise is that, what Linda and I have is real, we love each other. You thought the promise of sex would get me away but you’re wrong, Jo… OK, you may have seduced me in the past, you may think you’re irresistible, but you’re poison… You’ve always been willing to sink to such awful depths, but Linda is so kind and gentle, it’s no surprise someone who knows no kindness can’t understand why anyone would be willing to fight for love… I lied, you’re no mistress to me, I needed to get you to believe that to let your guard down. And now here you are… you deserve this, Jo… every bit of it”.

He turned back to Linda, held her hands and said “and once we’ve finished with you we can go back to being happy”. They pulled together for another joyous kiss. Then something unexpected happened. Jo began to cry. A single tear rolled from her right eye, which dropped down her cheek when she blinked, quickly followed by more. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she began to sob, head hung against her chest. The five looked at her, unmoved. The gravity of what she’d done – how she was only reaping what she’d sown – hit her at once and she broke into great sobs. The five couldn’t feel bad for her as much as they might try, there was more to do.

Danny stepped forward brandishing a pair of scissors. Jo, with tears still running down her face, saw Danny with the scissors and pleaded “No! Not my top… please… please… don’t do this… please…”. Her pleas turned to whimpers as Danny cut up the front of Jo’s corset top. She’d cut his clothes off that night she’d emasculated him in the changing room; so he had no issue with returning the favour. Pulling the two halves apart; Jo’s naked torso was on display, splattered with all manner of food – beans, custard, chocolate, mushy peas. Her breasts stood proud and her nipples erect, even if Jo hung her head in shame at being exposed, tears still rolling down her cheeks, panda-eyed with her black mascara running.

“Oh ho ho!” taunted Linda “63 viewers and the chat goes wild! So, we have ‘Lovely tits’ from slimeboy, ‘Is she wearing a watch?’ from gungelover, and one user newwaveband69 posting ‘Great stream of Jo, shadowy masked figures!’ every 60 seconds or so. Maybe a bot, I dunno”

Sharon picked up a bucket of rice pudding, and stepped up to the topless Jo. She raised the bucket up and poured this over Jo’s head. Jo didn’t protest, she just hung her head and continued to sob. The rice pudding wasn’t as cold as the custard had been before, but it wasn’t warm, and the texture wasn’t much better than the beans and peas, reflected Jo as she shrieked involuntarily again at the small lumps which stuck in her hair, flowed over her face and down to her unprotected torso, mixing with the beans in an uneven lumpy texture. Her nipples had hardened with the exposure to the air of the barn, which had the unfortunate effect of making them more sensitive to the orange, green and white sludge that oozed slowly over her upper body and dripped from her nipples into her lap. She shuddered with horror at the sensation, and sniffed, her tears slowing.

Linda returned to the chat “So, who’da thunk it, naked tits means viewers! We’re at 72 now! The viewers keep rising, which means so does the level of mess on Jo here… Filling the corset went so well, why don’t we move a little further *south*…?”

Picking up a jug of egg yolks, Ruth lifted Jo’s skirt, hitching it up around her waist to expose her underwear, before she pulled open the waistband of Jo’s panties. Jo’s eyes went wide and she found her voice to stammeringly beg for mercy “Oh n…n…no! Ohhh G…G…God no! P…Please…! No, I’ll do anything, ANYTHING! Don’t pour those in there, they’re all slimy and horrible… Please don’t do that, not in there! Not into my pantiieeeeeeEEEEEESSSS!” Ruth poured the eggs in nice and slow to torture Jo, her protests turning to a shriek as the slimy yellow yolks slipped into her underwear and nestled against her most intimate areas. Once the jug was empty Ruth tossed it aside and then, looking Jo in the eye and giving her a dirty smile; reached down and cupped the front of Jo’s panties, before firmly applying pressure into her crotch. Jo’s eyes almost rolled into the back of her head; she let out the odd unintelligible noise and gasp, and quivered uncontrollably as the slimy yellow yolks burst, teasing her most sensitive areas, spurting between her folds and the crack of her bum.

Linda continued with her role as commentator “So, we’re up to 85 viewers now, and one user named VainGnoll has chipped in ‘this is hot as fuck – can the rest of the clothes come off?’ Well, thank you VainGnoll, and yes – I think they can!”

The scissors cut through Jo’s skirt, she froze in place, staying as still as possible to make sure the scissors didn’t poke her. After the skirt had been removed, she was left wearing only a pair of black panties and several gallons of mixed foodstuffs.

“Please… please!” Jo begged “Not the panties, don’t take those off me… I’m begging you… just stop… I’ll do anything, you can do whatever you want to me… just don’t strip me naked”

Linda stepped up with the scissors, and motioned to Danny to mute the sound again

Linda came down face-to-face with Jo, and lifting her chin with one finger to force Jo to look her in the eye, hissed “Did you show *any* of us any mercy… any compassion? NO. You get what you deserve”, and with one motion, snipped the waistband either side and sharply pulled the panties off Jo to leave her totally exposed. Jo hung her head, the shame and humiliation was extreme, she was totally exposed in front of nearly a hundred people watching. With her legs zip-tied to the chair she couldn’t cover herself. She’d begged for mercy, but found none, and now she knew she deserved none; she’d just have to ride out whatever was to come.

Returning the sound to the stream, Linda took on a “sexier” voice again to present “Wow, we’re at 93 viewers, not far from that 100 we need for the jackpot” she looked at Jo, and then looked meaningfully up at the pipe. Jo also looked up at the pipe, and cowered visibly at the thought. This Jo was no longer the powerful bitch she had made herself up to be this past year; the wrath of these five had brought her low and exposed her publically as a mewling, humiliated, naked sobbing blob of mess.

Linda continued “So, as we’re nearly there, how about a pie barrage?”

The five of them picked up a pie in each hand, and surrounded Jo. Jo once again said “No… don’t… you don’t have to do this… ”

Their emotions spiking, wanting to punctuate all the wrongs Jo had visited upon them, they circled her like tigers moving in for the kill on a wounded prey. Jo’s eyes flicked left to right… left to right as she watched her captors stalk round her in a circle. Her pleas fell on deaf ears –

“*This* is for blackmailing Ruth…”

Two pies crashed into her face in a sandwich from Sharon – much as they had at the start of the stream.

“*This* is for my sister, you *bitch*!”

With a wider choice of targets, Wendy found Jo’s nubile breasts with two more pies, which were thoroughly rubbed into her chest.

“*This* is for making me feel like I was a deviant for liking women…”

Ruth followed with one more in the face, and another on top of her head, with quite some force, splattering cream and custard quite some distance behind Jo.

“*This* is for trying to take my boyfriend; and for what you were willing to do to me in that bedroom while I was tied up…”

Linda slapped one into Jo’s tummy for variation as much as anything. She motioned to Sharon and Ruth “Lift her up”. The two complied – bodily lifting Jo slightly away from the chair, as far as her bonds would allow – and Linda placed her other pie on the chair. Jo’s eyes turned wide in anticipation of what was to come, Linda motioned to Sharon and Ruth who released Jo to drop with some force into the pie on the chair. This elicited the loudest shriek which turned into a moan, part shock at contact with the cool cream and custard with her naked cheeks; part disgust at the feel of it squirting forcefully through her bum crack and out past her crotch between her thighs at the front; and partly… something else… at the feeling of the custard and cream gushing like this past her sensitive lady parts.

“And *this*… this… this…” started Danny, fighting to control his anger and other emotions. Gaining control, he finished “…this is for that night in the changing rooms, where you tied me up, stripped me, humiliated me”

Noting her reaction and the shame she exhibited at being unable to hide her reactions from the previous pie, Danny as deliverer of the final two attempted to elicit the same reaction again. The penultimate of the two pies was once again wiped over her breasts, paying attention to her erect nipples

“And most of all – *this* is for trying to poison the love that Linda and I have”

The final pie targeted her mostly clean crotch, pushed in with some force and rubbed to tease Jo. Jo was unable to do much other than quiver and moan as her most sensitive area was rapidly invaded by the thick custard and cream.

All five stared at Jo, breathing heavily, fighting to control the emotions that had nearly bubbled over during the pie barrage. They realised they were still on camera, so they stepped away from Jo and looked back over at the stream. The viewer count stood at 98. There were only 30 seconds left before the 20 minute mark would pass, and they’d exhausted the remainder of their supplies, so Linda filled time reading out some more messages, hoping they’d get to use their showpiece. The seconds ticked by, but the viewers stayed at 98. With 3 seconds to go the number ticked over to 99, but stayed there as the 20 minutes expired…

They’d fallen short of the jackpot.

Linda said goodbye to the viewers, somewhat disappointed and unable to hide it in her voice, but still, they’d promised to play by the rules, even if Jo never would. As Danny hit the button to stop the stream, everyone unmasked and took off their robes. It had been intense, but they felt they’d managed to exorcise their demons. Walking up to Jo, who could only hang her head, Linda crouched down in front of her. Jo could only suppress a sniffle as she couldn’t look Linda in the eye, staring at the floor.

“Jo… we’re going to untie you now”

Jo pathetically nodded silently in response.

“I… I… I…” Jo stammered “I’m…. sorry. For everything! You only made me feel like I’d made you feel, a wasted lump of crap. I’m… I’m… sorry” and Jo hung her head once more, breathing heavily, fighting the urge to burst into tears again.

Linda looked down at the floor, as did the other girls. This is what they’d wanted, they wanted to teach her a lesson, make her realise how she made others feel. If it meant they had to act like her and make her feel the same way, they’d agreed that’s what they’d do. Still, they couldn’t help but feel a little remorse for the extremes they’d had to go to, even if it had worked.

The girls cut Jo free. She stretched her arms and legs, flexing them to restore some of the circulation. The room was silent other than the breathing of the six, as five waited to see what Jo would do. She wouldn’t lash out – they were almost certain of that. Their humiliation of her had been too complete, they’d completely dominated her. Jo slowly reached up and scraped some of the accumulation of gunk from her eyes. The beautiful blonde Amazonian beauty that had walked into the barn ready for a wild night had experienced something beyond even she’d imagined. She was comprehensively trashed, mixed custard, beans, peas, lumps of rice pudding, chocolate, pies and more covered her every inch of naked skin, her blonde hair a sticky matted clump on top of her head, her mascara running down her cheeks. She was utterly destroyed.

How were any of them to know how she’d feel after the experience? Sure, she’d been humiliated and brought low; that was the plan. She felt remorse for her actions, that had been an unexpected bonus. But there was one other emotion none had counted on surfacing. The warmth she’d felt at some of the touches in her more intimate areas had been no accident. Despite herself, Jo was turned on. Her nipples stood proud and erect, her breathing was still heavy as she didn’t stand, she decided to make herself comfortable on the chair.

“Could you pass my handbag please?” Jo asked breathlessly. The five looked at each other, confused. This was by far the most polite they’d ever heard Jo be to any of them in a very long time.

Confused, Linda stepped over and complied with Jo’s request. Fishing in her handbag, Jo found what she was looking for.

Linda started to say “You won’t get mobile phone reception here…” but stopped. Jo had not removed her phone as she’d anticipated, but a small silver cylindrical object, rounded at one end.

Jo always packed this in case she got a bit bored, or indeed to enhance any other adventures she might have found herself in on a wild night out. Twisting one end, it began to buzz.

Ohhhhhhhh…..! Thought the others as one, looking at each other as if to ask is she really going to…?

Jo lounged back in the chair, spreading her legs wide, and moved the silver bullet into position. She moaned loudly at her own touch

Well, she thought I never realised being treated like that would be such a turn on – to be on the receiving end, to be so utterly dominated… I can’t be humiliated much further, and doing this in front of them feels so naughty, so dirty, so filthy, I’m so ashamed but I can’t help myself…

The five backed away. Linda cleared her throat and said

“Er… well, when you’re finished, our robes are there. Cover yourself up and we’ll arrange for Sharon’s uncle to pick you up at the layby and take you home”

They turned to go, and leave Jo to finish what she’d made clear she wanted to do. As they turned their backs to leave they heard from Jo

“Do it!”

Linda turned back, confused “What? Do… what?”

Between gasps, Jo flicked her head up to indicate the pipe overhead.

“Drop it on me”

The girls’ eyes widened in disbelief. They looked at each other – did Jo really want *that* stuff  dropped on her?

Linda took a step back towards Jo “You want us to… drop the slurry on you…?”

Jo fumed, were they going to make her admit it?

Her loins felt like they were on fire, she’d never felt so alive, she hated to admit it, but she’d come to enjoy being so degraded… she hated herself for it, but she so wanted that final humiliation of being covered in that disgusting muck while pleasuring herself.

“Yes…” Jo said, more urgently “drop it on me”

“Are you sure?” asked Linda

“DO IT!” hissed Jo through her teeth

Linda looked at the others, who shrugged. Linda stepped over to the lever on the wall of the barn that would release the tank, and looking at Jo, gave it a firm pull downwards.

Jo moaned, a mix of lust and disbelief at what was about to happen, and looked up at the pipe eyes wide. The gravy “slurry” fell onto Jo with some force, hitting her with a great wet slap and splattering in a radius a good six feet around her. She was immediately engulfed in a huge tide of the brown lumpy muck, first hitting her square in her upturned face. The force of it was so great it knocked her off her chair and she slid to the floor, more falling directly onto her as she sprawled in it. Fighting the force of the gravy slopping in waves over her; the silver bullet quested for its target once more. Once it found home, climax came quickly and intensely as the gallons of gravy spread across the floor, Jo a formless blob washed away from the chair amongst the slop writhing in paroxysms of humiliated ecstasy as the orgasm rocked her body. Her humiliation had been complete, utter. The five others watched in disbelief at Jo making such a spectacle of herself. She’d no longer hold any power over them, the stuff that had been broadcast on stream was indelible, the degradation she’d been through meant her power had been permanently broken. This final step, how far she’d been willing to sink to debase herself further in front of them meant they’d never need to fear her again – how could she ever be considered to have any dignity left once she’d brought herself off like that? Believing she’d been covered in slurry and wanting it to happen?

As she lay in the gravy, panting, for she realised in her afterglow that the substance was indeed only gravy, Linda approached her carefully, picking her way through the inches deep brown goo on the floor, and offered her her hand to help her up.

Jo looked at her critically, knowing she’d lost. She looked down at the floor and said “Just leave me… I’ll make my way back. You don’t need to worry about me any more… I’ll… I’ll go. Leave the town for good”

I may have found myself a new career path – Jo added to herself.

Linda looked at her for a moment, weighing up what to do. She then slowly nodded, and turned, walking back to Danny, who took her arm. Danny and Linda left the barn hand in hand, as did Ruth and Sharon. Wendy had called her boyfriend to come pick them up in his van, and he was waiting just outside. As the friends boarded, Wendy sat up at the front, giving her boyfriend a kiss, followed by Ruth and Sharon who sat in the third row of seats in the van. Danny got in, leaving Linda until last. She paused as she was about to board, looking back at the barn, knowing Jo was within. She felt peace, tranquillity, happiness at last. After everything she and Danny had been through, she deserved it, she knew that much.

“Are you getting in?” asked Danny. Linda broke from her momentary reflection to turn back to Danny, smiling at her and holding out his hand to help her onboard.

“Yes” she said definitely. Sitting next to Danny, and putting her head on his shoulder, he wrapped his arms round her shoulder and snuggled her tight.

The van started its journey back to the town, and as they reached the main road, Linda said to Danny “so, what shall we do tomorrow to celebrate?”

Danny gave her a loving smile and said “How about a trip to the supermarket, spend a bit more time in the dessert aisle?” with a flirty raise of the eyebrows.

“Hmmm…” said Linda, not actually really thinking about it. She looked back at Ruth and Sharon cuddled up on the back seat, and smiled to herself “I’ve got a better idea, how about the cash and carry…”

Danny chuckled, and the two lovers pulled close for a passionate kiss as the van sped off, to a new start for all of them.

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5 Responses to Halstow Ladies part 6 – Penalties

  1. wolf324 says:

    As TG noted earlier, it’s pretty amazing that you claim not to be all that comfortable writing humiliation scenes, since while this series has certainly been much more than a simple humiliation story, you’ve consistently turned out some of the most intense and compelling humiliation scenes I can think of. And never more so than in this finale, with an absolutely amazing comeuppance for Jo. It put me in mind of the story that first got me into WAM fiction, ‘Gemma Gets It’ by Grimnim, except it just kept going and going and going! Not only gunged but defeated, with what power she thought she still had irrevocably lost, and herself finally remorseful and completely changed by the end.

    The messy webcam was a particularly nice cruel twist. Puppy indeed, ha! The references were cute, and Larissa definitely would approve of the nasty touches throughout Jo’s ordeal!

    It was interesting having almost the whole chapter from Jo’s POV. It was a long but very focused final chapter, and it was a treat being able to view her whole journey, and I really liked the fact that even as the mess picked up and became more and more spectacular and outrageous, that the laser focus on her characterization and the effect everything was having on her was never lost. It was quite the remarkable transformation by the end, and in more ways than one!

    Glad to see Linda and Danny get a happy ending. You certainly pushed things with how far they were willing to go, but you did a good job at least conveying that they really did need to go the extra mile to get Jo out of their lives.

    Great job with this series!


    • briff1es says:

      Thanks for the comments!

      Interesting you say it’s longer – as even though it was never planned that way it ended up being about the same length as the other parts (each have strangely ended up at about 10 pages in Word, give or take).

      Glad you appreciated the little touches, it was fun throwing in the references to the chat.

      One thing I will say is that I must thank you – how I did Jo’s reactions were basically cribbed from Elena’s reactions while being gunged in The Dancer. Jo would likely never have been so vocal if you hadn’t inspired me.

      I’m aware that some aspects may well be pushing the limits of believability in terms of motivations and extremes but in the end, it is a WAM story. I did have some considerable heartache about whether Jo was going to be repentant in the end, or remain defiant (like Elena). I even considered writing two endings to allow the reader to choose which they considered canon. Would you believe the one I went with I’d consider the “happy” ending? 🙂

      Thanks for following along, I hope the finale repaid the time you’ve invested in reading.


  2. TG says:

    A happy ending for Linda and Danny, and very harsh justice for Jo! Even as a humiliation-loving wamtasist, I felt sorely moved into letting her go when she started crying. She really paid a very heavy price: kicked off her course, run out of town… and it all grew out of her cheating to avoid a gunging far milder than the one she eventually received! I’m not sure whether masturbating over her humiliation mitigated the ordeal for her or amplified it all the more! I hope that Jo can make a fresh start, and if she truly is reformed, that her good deeds repay themselves into good fortune going forwards.

    The usernames were a nice touch that added some much needed light relief to the intense scene. I’ve worked out who most of them refer to, but there’s one or two I’m still puzzling over. And the whole webshow concept was great. Several years ago I watched a serial killer movie in which the victims only got killed if people logged on to watch it. It was a very crappily made movie and the only good thing about it was said concept. I don’t know whether you wasted the same two hours of your life or whether you got the idea from elsewhere.

    One thing I haven’t quite understood is why Danny and Linda went through the bedroom ordeal and all the rest of it. Unless I’ve missed something, they could have lured Jo into the barn without doing any of that. Was it a test for Jo to see just how cruel she would be given the opportunity? Or did they get a thrill out of building her up into the illusion of absolute power, only to bring her very messily down to Earth? Perhaps they aren’t as holy as they present themselves!


    • briff1es says:

      As I said to wolf – I did have some considerable heartache about whether Jo was going to be repentant in the end, or remain defiant. I even considered writing two endings to allow the reader to choose which they considered canon. In the end I decided to go with the ending I would have wanted, and I hope it worked.

      I wouldn’t say all of this was a result of dodging that gunging in part 1 – I’ve tried to put across that she’s been rotten for a while, and the stuff during the story was just symptomatic of how awful she has been for longer. Blackmailing Ruth over her sexuality, for example.

      I’m aware as you say things may start to stretch the limits of believability in terms of motivations and extremes but it is a WAM story so hopefully it’s not too hard to suspend disbelief. I tried to write Jo to be *so* awful, (I was worried she’d become a caricature) that the reader wouldn’t help but be able to enjoy her comeuppance

      The idea for the viewer gimmick was actually taken from Popcorn by Ben Elton – where a couple of Natural Born Killers-type serial killer take hostages including a TV crew and will kill them live on air unless everyone stops watching. But the film you’re referring to is the wretched feardotcom, and yes, I saw it. The connection in that film between the website and the supernatural killings going on was tenuous, at best.

      Not all of the usernames were parodies, a couple were generic.

      I guess how I’d justify what Danny and Linda went through in their bedroom was an attempt to get Jo off their backs long enough to plan their revenge. The barn idea only came to them after Jo had already proven how low she was willing to go, and her weakness in terms of tech so Danny could spoof the email. Flimsy? Quite likely, I don’t know.

      At any rate – thanks for your readership, and I hope the finale repaid the investment of time you spent reading, I did my damndest to make sure it did.


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