Halstow Ladies part 5 – Extra Time

Wait… what?

Um… surprise! (nervous laugh). So, for anyone who was happy with the way part 4 ended (you monsters), you can treat that as the ending. For anyone left feeling… unfulfilled, read on… More explanation in the first comment.

Part 5

Linda sat at her kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a slice of toast. Clad in her fluffy grey bathrobe, her hair had just been washed and was up in a towel. She stared into the distance as she sipped the coffee, and reflected on yesterday’s events. Holy crap, she thought, that was intense. I’ve never been through anything like that, and I hope I never do again. I just hope it worked…




Danny woke up on the floor in Jo’s bedroom. Jo was stirring in the bed.

“Mistress?” he asked.

“Wwwffgggll” she replied, rolling over and burying her head under the pillow.

Danny stood and quietly dressed, and as he gently shut the bedroom door to leave Jo sleeping, checking the pocket of his hoodie. The cold metal of a digital camera sat within. He descended the stairs, and stopping by the kitchen, wrote a small note leaving it by the kettle for Jo to find, and slipped out of the house as stealthily as he could manage, pulling shut the front door with a soft click. “I’m no good with that computer stuff, you get the photos over to me” she’d said after they arrived back at her house. As he walked down the road back to his house he again checked the digital camera in the pocket, and smiled to himself.

I really hope this works…

Jo woke an hour or so later. Laying on her back she commanded

“Slave – make me breakfast!”

No response came from the floor. Rolling over to look at the floor – to find Danny gone, she ran her hands back through her hair and squinted at the sunlight streaming in through the crack in her curtains. Putting on her dressing gown she slipped downstairs and made herself a cup of tea.

Making my own tea… Where’s that little fucker gone? She thought to herself

Noticing a piece of paper on the worksurface she picked it up


On my hands and knees I offer my sincerest apologies but I been called into work today and cannot serve you. I will offer myself prostrate to you later to be punished however you see fit”


Oh ho ho ho… thought Jo – he’s really gonna pay for this one…




Reaching his house, Danny fumbled for the keys in his pocket, and let himself in. He strode purposefully into the house, one task on his mind. Opening the cupboard under the stairs, he found the toolbox and unfastening the two catches opened it. Casting a critical eye over the implements within, he found what he was looking for – a hammer. Hefting it in one hand, feeling its weight, he made his decision. Taking the hammer outside into the garden, he removed the small silver digital camera from his pocket, ejected the memory card from the device, placed it on his garden wall, and raising the hammer, brought it smashing down on the memory card. The first blow was precisely aimed, but as he gave it a couple more hard blows his pent-up anger and frustration bubbled to the surface, and with a couple of angry cries increased the force of the blows, until the memory card was reduced into tiny fragments, well beyond use. Tossing the hammer aside carelessly, he panted at the sudden exertion, given extra emphasis by the opportunity to finally vent his negative emotions. Staring triumphantly at the destroyed memory card he thought – Right – that takes care of that.

Staring down at the smashed fragments, he couldn’t help but remember the scene that had been photographed. Linda naked, spread-eagled, covered in mess on her bed, tears rolling down her cheeks. Danny thought further back to when he’d stepped off the coach back from the student conference, and received that text from Linda. That was the first time they’d enacted that bedroom scene. He couldn’t believe that was more than a week ago now. In his mind he replayed the memory of the day he arrived home:

“My love. I’ll give you a couple of hours to rest, but make sure you conserve your energy. Please come to mine for dinner at 7pm sharp, you might need all your energy, I promise I’ll give you a night you’ll never forget ;-)”.

Danny smiled at his phone, and resisted the urge to punch the air in amongst all the others filing off the coach. What had Linda got planned for him?




Arriving at Linda’s house that evening, he’d dressed in a smart collared shirt, trousers and polished black shoes, wanting to impress Linda. He could hardly wait to see her; it had only been three short days since he last saw her, but it had felt so much longer. Entering her house he had been blindfolded and led up to her bedroom. That much had been the same the first time. He could see pies and cakes laid out on most of the surfaces in the bedroom, as well as jugs of custard and cream. She’d splashed out on the expensive desserts the first time, no need to when the scene was reprised.

“I thought we might skip over the main course and jump straight to dessert”.

He smiled and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms round her, gently caressing the smooth silk of her kimono round her waist and down to her bum which he squeezed, as their lips locked once more. After another passionate kiss, Linda broke away from him, and continued

“Sweetheart, I thought it might be only fair if you were able to gain a small measure of revenge for what I did to you that night in the changing rooms”, as she smiled. She undid the sash on the kimono and let it fall to the floor.

Danny’s breath caught in his throat for a moment as he took in what she was wearing – a dark jade green push-up bra and matching green thong trimmed with fine black lace. She’d worn green the first time – his favourite colour. She had worn purple the second, his least favourite colour, just so they would be reminded they wouldn’t remember the re-enactment at all fondly. He stepped to her and pushed his tongue into her mouth as she opened it to accept it, him holding the soft naked flesh of her waist and again getting a good squeeze of the pert flesh of her bum as she excitedly ground her body against his; she was feeling pretty frisky already. She held herself back from pushing him to the floor and having her way with him right there and then, and instead indicated the four poster bed – which had two silk sashes tied to the top bedposts. Danny looked at them quizzically, then back at Linda

“Well, as I said, what I did to you, you get to do to me…” she said, seductively. She lay down, and moved her hands towards the sashes. Dan crawled up and gently bound her wrists to the bedposts, so now he had her under his control. He kissed her once more, and as they drew apart from the kiss, he looked into her eyes, the candlelight reflected in her sparkling green eyes as she smiled beautifully at him. She looked him in the eyes and softly said “Now, do what you want to me…” The first time – her words had been soft, intimate, for his ears only. There was none of the role-playing and comical voices this first time around, those had been added for the second – only to help put each other at their ease, to stop them worrying about what they both knew was coming. Danny smiled and stepped over to the cache of messy supplies. He started with a large double chocolate gateau. It was about 12 inches in diameter, with flimsy sponge but thick layers of gooey chocolate mousse. He held it in one hand, and with the other, pulled out a handful and fed it to Linda. She gobbled it up greedily, and he took the rest and splattered it into her cleavage, the rich chocolate engulfing the green material of the bra. Smoothing it over her skin, Linda cooed softly.

“Mmmm… more…” she said breathily

Danny was only too happy to oblige, with a strawberry gateau which he pushed into her face, her snorting and laughing at the feeling as he rubbed it over her face and up into her hair.

“Come on… get me dirtier…” she purred breathlessly. It was clear this experience was turning her on.

Picking up a jug of custard, he unfastened her bra, exposing the clean skin of her chest. Dropping it to the floor, he remembered The second time, I’d tossed it aside, again wanting to keep the mood light. What were the chances of it landing in the custard? That first time had been so much more urgent, fiery, passionate. Her nipples, exposed to the air stood erect, she was just as aroused as he was. Pouring the cool custard over her chest, she gasped and giggled as it tickled her nipples and her chest. She wished her hands were free, so she could spread it around, but Danny was one step ahead, and began to do so with long slow, smooth motions – massaging the custard over her smooth boobs. Going back for a bottle of chocolate syrup, he began to squirt it over her custard-coated chest and belly. This first time the pattern had been haphazard, crisscrossing all over her flesh, not like the second time when he’d drawn a smiley face, again an attempt to break the tension of knowing what was to come…

Linda was now squirming against her bonds, gasping and moaning as Danny applied more sweet mess to her body, lost in the sensations. He picked up a creamy trifle, and running his hand round the outside of the plastic container, scooped it out and dumped it onto Linda’s face, her screwing her eyes shut just in time. He then pushed his face through it and dug with his tongue to Linda’s mouth, meanwhile with his spare hand clearing her nose so she could breathe. Linda leapt upon the kiss, as far as was possible considering her restricted movement, but she urgently pushed her tongue into his mouth, now aroused beyond belief. The two lovers spread the trifle around each others’ faces as they nuzzled and kissed.

“Please… Danny”, gasped Linda “don’t tease me anymore…”

Danny smiled to himself. Linda was laid in only her green thong panties on the bed, covered from belly upwards in all manner of sweet goodies.

“Well my love” replied Danny “you promised me revenge, and at the moment you’re clean from the waist down… not to mention you’ve still got clothes on. No, I’m afraid I’m going to have to finish the job of messing you up”.

Linda squirmed again in frustration. He was too good at this…

Gently easing her thong off her hips, Linda assisting by lifting her bum in the air; Danny slid it down her thighs, past her knees and off her feet. Greeted by the clean skin of Linda’s lower regions, he drunk in her nakedness for a moment, albeit half-covered in gunge. Moving to the diminishing cache of ammunition – he picked up a squirt bottle of golden syrup, and moving down to Linda’s feet, he dribbled the sticky syrup all over her toes. Linda giggled at the sensation, before closing her eyes, and letting out little moans

“You know” she whispered “That really does feel… amazing”.

Danny finished one bottle of syrup over Linda’s left foot, then repeated with another bottle on the other leg. The waves of sticky syrup immersed her sensitive toes, coating her feet like a second skin, long strands dribbling down onto the bed. Lifting her legs so she held them in a V up in the air, he then picked up a bottle in each hand, and began to repeat the motion onto the creamy flesh of Linda’s toned legs, down her calves and onto the inviting flesh of her inner thighs. He teased by slowly drizzling the syrup over her thighs, moving closer and closer to her vagina, before squeezing harder and dribbling a generous blob of syrup all over Linda’s most sensitive area. Linda was quivering uncontrollably, the stimulation was almost too much, so Danny decided to put the poor girl out of her misery. Throwing her syrupy legs over his shoulders he probed his tongue between her lips and showed her pleasure the likes of which she’d never before known.

Bringing Linda to the brink he stopped, Linda squirmed in frustration. Danny stood to take off his boxers, dropping them to the floor. Now fully naked in front of her; Linda said “Come here and get inside me” Danny moved on top of her and mounted his lover. The two made love passionately, finally consummating their relationship; his face inches from hers as she leant up to kiss him, her hands still bonded above her head to the bedposts. That first time, there were to be no interruptions, just the two of them, forging their love in the heat of passion, stoked by the wonderland of messy sensations they’d experienced. The two ultimately reached their climax as one, the heat and intensity of the pleasure almost seeming to fuse their two bodies together. As they slowly descended from their orgasmic cloud, nuzzling each other tenderly, Danny undid the bonds on her wrists, allowing her to wrap her arms round him, and the two dozed off in a tender, gooey embrace. That perfect ending the first time, in contrast to the nightmare scenario they knew would come for the second…

A few days later, while talking over dinner – Danny had broached the subject of whether Jo had been truly put off further interference in Danny and Linda’s life. Linda had been reticent to be involved in anything involving Jo, preferring to leave it to Danny to sort, but she agreed, admitting she’d had the same reservations Danny was expressing. If Danny needed her help, she’d do whatever was needed to protect them both. They felt they’d spent too long underestimating Jo’s deviousness and cruelty, and so they’d resolved to put in motion an audacious plan. They realised Jo would only leave Linda alone if she felt she had truly crushed her, defeated and humiliated her utterly. Only then would she let her guard down. In order for this to happen Danny would have to play to her ego, make her believe she had overcome his resistance and actually managed to seduce him and tear him away from Linda. Not only get him away from Linda, but be besotted with Jo to the extent that he would do anything for her, even be her sex slave. They both suspected Jo would not be able to resist the allure of the power that’d give her. So Danny would play along, even agreeing (to please his new mistress) that he would help Jo get her revenge on Linda for taking the captaincy of the five-a-side team. A week after the first time they’d enjoyed messy sex together, they planned to re-enact their gooey tryst, but ensure that Jo would want to interrupt them at a critical moment, a wildly different ending than the first time. Danny would feed Jo the line that Linda had something special planned for him, and he suspected it would involve some messy play. Jo would wait down the road while Linda and Danny acted out their scene, excited to deal the final blow to Linda and crush her spirit. Jo would think she had the opportunity to interrupt the two lovers and reveal the revelation she’d stolen Danny from Linda. Danny would stand at the window as a signal to Jo, who would take that moment to make her entrance. After this, Jo would believe Linda to be beyond recovery. This was the point Danny and Linda would bide their time for their moment to strike now Jo’s guard was down, believing Linda to be beaten. And it did indeed seem the gambit had worked, her guard was down, and it was nearly time to strike back… If you want peace, prepare for war…  thought Danny.




An hour after Danny had smashed the memory card, the day after they’d put their plan into action and had their second messy encounter knowingly interrupted by Jo; a knock came softly at Linda’s door. She went to the door and opened it, and in walked Danny. She quickly shut the door and pulled him to her, kissing him urgently; squeezing him so tight he felt like his chest might be crushed.

Danny reiterated the hug. Holding Linda, they remaining that way, just holding each other, for a good five minutes, neither saying a word. Then, Danny spoke

“Are you OK?”

Linda looked at him, and wordlessly nodded.

“That… was intense” she finally said

Tears formed in the corner of Danny’s eyes “I’m so sorry to have put you through that” he said, starting to cry “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do”

Linda placed her hands on his cheeks gently “It’s OK, I knew what I had to do, if I didn’t give it my all she’d have seen through it”

Danny nodded – tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Come on – let’s have some tea” said Linda taking his hand and walking him into the lounge.

“So you think this has worked?” she asked from the kitchen as Danny sat on the sofa and wiped his eyes.

“I think so” replied Danny “I’ve smashed the memory card, no-one will see those pictures… Like I said to you before, she had to believe you were completely crushed, only then would she let her guard down. After that, we strike when she’s most vulnerable. She was crowing in victory all night last night”

Linda was then reminded that Danny had spent the night with Jo. The thought of it made her feel sick, but she had to remind herself it seemed to be the only way to get Jo to let her guard down and trust Danny. They’d planned to have Danny “go back” on his resistance to Jo’s advances and throw himself at her feet, and play to her ego as an irresistible woman whom men were helpless to resist. If he did it in a submissive position, happy to indulge her every whim then that would only appeal to her all the more.

“She didn’t make you… do anything too bad, did she?” asked Linda, carefully

“No…” started Danny, looking troubled “Lick her feet, be a chair for her, she paddled me a few times, my bum is a little sore but I’ll live”

Linda had to ask “…and you two, didn’t…”

“No” said Danny, looking Linda in the eye to tell her he was serious “we didn’t have sex. She’s so drunk with power she thought I’d be grateful to…” he paused, grimacing at the memory “…wank into a pair of her worn panties in another room so she didn’t have to watch me while she got herself off! She sent me out of the room, I just made the noises but I promise you, nothing happened. Then I slept at the foot of her bed, like a good little slave” he tilted his head one way then the other on “like a good little slave” in mockery. “But I didn’t do anything; I always wanted to be true to you”

“Oh Danny…” Linda muttered, tears now forming in her eyes and hugging him tight. The things they’d had to put themselves through, just to get Jo’s guard down! But it did indeed seem that she believed she’d won.

The two looked at each other, and Danny spoke first “Which means… we’ve got her where we want her”

Linda smiled back “I was reluctant at first, but she really, *really* does deserve everything she’s got coming to her…”

Danny smiled broader and replied “I know, and it’s going to be *awesome* giving it to her”


Meanwhile, at her house – Jo picked up her phone and smirked to herself. She knew she could inflict more torture on this… worm who had become infatuated with her. Texting Danny, she wrote

“You have failed me, slave. You are worthless. I was weak for taking you on, and your services are no longer required”

Jo smiled to herself as she hit Send. That would surely drive him to despair! She could hardly wait to hear his begging and grovelling to be let back into her good graces.

Danny phone beeped. He read the message from Jo, and showed it to Linda. Smiling to themselves, they imagined Jo feeling pretty pleased with herself. She’d think he’d be driven insensible by the thought of displeasing his mistress. Well thought Danny – best not to disappoint her. He left it a couple of hours before he sent back a text

“Mistress! I can only grovel at your feet, I am unworthy to be your slave but I can only appeal to your mercy and hope you may see your way to letting me back to serve you again”

Jo’s phone let out a ding to signal the arrival of another message. She read it, and smiled to herself – Oh, I’ve got him alright, he’ll do anything… and why not? Any man should throw themselves in front of a train for a chance to please me. I’m going to make this slow, drawn-out, and agonising. I’ll make him beg for me. I’ll break his heart, then tell him I forgive him and want him back. He’ll come running. Then I’ll drop him again… In a few weeks I’ll have broken his spirit and his mind and he’ll have no clue what he wants, other than to please me…

Jo’s ego, boosted by her utter humiliation of Linda, and conquering of Danny was at an all-time high. It was so inflated it blinded her to any notion of her fallibility or indeed intelligence on the part of Danny. She played Danny just like she thought she would, she’d push him away, then let him in a bit, then push him away, emotionally torturing this man who was devoted to her. She loved reading his grovelling responses whenever he had been spurned, knowing they would be all the more anguished when she sent a message offering him another chance, only to afterwards tell him he’d blown it. She’d toy with him like a cat playing with an injured mouse, unable to fully limp away.

This back-and-forth of mistress and slave would continue for a few days. Danny was ready to go back to Jo and spend more time at her mercy if he had to, but thankfully she seemed happy merely tormenting him via phone and text. While this was going on – Linda and Danny had been plotting – the coup de grace.

The basic idea had been Danny’s, but Linda proved to have as devious a mind as any (perhaps with the exception of Jo), when they fleshed out their plan. They’d called in a couple of favours, and they had something planned for Jo so grand, so spectacular that they knew it might be enough to send *her* packing for good. A final setpiece…




A week had passed since Jo’s assumed triumph over Linda, it was a Thursday. Danny sat in front of his computer, with Linda leaning down on his shoulder looking at the screen, her long brown hair tickling his face and neck. Danny had open an email he was composing:


Hey bitch,


I’ve gotten the word about a bangin’ rave out at an old barn just off the A330. We should go! Just like old times, we’ll pop a couple, down a couple, and see what happens… Meet me at the layby at 11pm on Saturday night and I’ll show you the way…


E x


In the “from” field, it showed an email address – E11ie@mail.com. It looked just like the e-mail address of Jo’s close friend Ellie. What wasn’t immediately obvious unless you knew to look for it was that the lower case “L”s in it were actually number ones. Danny had set up a fake email account, and planned to try and fool Jo into thinking the mail really was from Ellie.

“I don’t know if this’ll work, but if she’s as bad with technology as she said she was, it should…” said Danny to Linda. They both hesitated, reading the mail one more time. If they clicked Send, this would set the plan in motion. If they didn’t follow through, all their planning and preparation would have been for naught. “Do you really want to do this?” he asked, looking up at her.

She thought for a second, scanning the screen. Then she reached down her right hand to his which was sat idle on the mouse. She guided his hand in moving the mouse to the Send button, and pressing down on his finger with hers – clicked it. “Yes” she said positively. “We have to do what we have to do to protect each other”. Danny leant up and pulled her to him for a kiss.




The rest of the day dragged by for Danny and Linda. They’d check the email account for E11ie@mail.com every hour, only to find nothing. Like a child waking up in the middle of the night on Christmas morning, and unable to get back to sleep, they’d try and distract themselves and each other, but every hour would stretch out tortuously. Every half an hour one would ask the other “shall we check again now?” but their check was fruitless. Resolving that she wouldn’t reply until Friday, they took themselves to bed, and slept fitfully, their minds consumed with whether their plan would be executed to fruition.




Friday came, and after breakfast, the two had decided to stay in, they needed to be ready in case Jo should take their bait, there would be things to finalise… They also needed to lay low; it would do the credence of their lie to Jo no good if they were seen out and about, especially not together. Settling down in Linda’s lounge they took to watching a marathon of their favourite crime show. Episode after episode came and went, and provided no distraction from them checking the email address to see if Jo had sent a reply. Halfway through their eighth episode, at about 7pm a ding came from Danny’s phone and a notification ‘One new message for E11ie@mail.com’. Danny drew in a quick breath, and his heart leapt into his mouth, as he opened the notification. Linda sat bolt upright, when she saw Danny’s face, asking “Is this it? Ohmygod…”.

Danny face fell and he let out a disappointed groan “Spam – ‘Satisfy her longer and harder with soft Cialis’…”

Picking up a cushion and beating it against the sofa in frustration, Linda lay back, and they went back to their marathon.

Linda mused frustrated to herself “She’s got to read it – and she can’t refuse to go to a rave, right up her alley. Maybe we got it wrong? Maybe she’s seen through it?”

“Patience…” replied Danny, feeling pretty lacking in it himself “…we have to just wait – she’ll take the bait and then we can finally get things moving”

“Are we going too far?” asked Linda

Danny looked troubled for a second, but then his face hardened, as did his resolve “Think about what she did to me, and what she was *willing* to do to you when she thought it was real, what happened in the bedroom that time… She *needs* to be taught a lesson, not just for us, not just for anyone else she’s hurt, but for anyone who she might hurt if we don’t show her that people cannot, should not and *will* not be treated like she treats them!”

Linda looked admiringly at Danny “God Danny, when you speak like that… I love you so much” she dove onto him and kissed him passionately. Danny returned the kiss happily, and the two retired upstairs to spend the rest of the evening in bed together, having found the appetite to pass the time in a more physical pursuit.




Waking up early on that Saturday morning in a warm naked embrace, the two lovers greeted the new day with a kiss. Danny slipped on Linda’s bathrobe, and went downstairs to put the kettle on. Linda was just finding some pyjamas to throw on to join him when Danny re-entered the bedroom, the colour drained from his face, holding his phone.

“She’s replied” – in the Inbox for E11ie@mail.com was one mail, from Jo. It read:


Hey slut,


Sounds like fun, count me in. You bring the X.




“She’s going to be there!” said Danny, his heart racing in his chest.

“So…” breathed Linda “…we’re going to do this…” the gravity of the situation weighing on her. “We need to make a few calls, there’s not much time until this evening…”

Their plan appeared to be taking shape. They had a busy day ahead to get all the pieces in place. Their preparations went off without a hitch, and soon, Saturday evening had arrived. The hour was almost here – they just needed to wait for their leading lady to make her entrance…




That evening Jo slipped out of the shower to get dressed for her night out. Dropping her towel and admiring herself naked in the mirror, as she moisturised her perfect skin, she thought God, I am gorgeous. You’d think the novelty would wear off but no wonder I drive the guys wild. That Danny would drag his bollocks over hot coals just to get a sniff of me… Tonight I’m gonna find the hottest guy at that rave, single or taken – nah, you know what? I’ll find the hottest taken guy, just so I can see the look on his pathetic girl’s face when I steal him away from her, take him home, and fuck him. And then I’ll send the pictures to Danny, just to twist the knife…

Jo dressed in her favourite clubbing gear, she’d worn it many a time but it always got attention, a black corset-style top that laced up the front leaving an almost scandalous amount of cleavage on show – a short black skirt with white embroidery; and knee-high brown boots – …my fuck-me boots she thought with a wicked smile. A spritz of perfume gave her a spiced musk that she knew would work like pheromones, driving men to animal lust as soon as they’d get a whiff, coupled with the sight of this Amazonian girl, over six feet tall who seemed to drop jaws on anything with testicles.

Applying make-up, she put on the merest hint of powder, practically none needed for her flawless skin, blue eye shadow, and black mascara to emphasise her sparkling blue eyes. A hint of blush on her cheeks, and ruby red lipstick completed the enhancement.

A car horn beep came from outside as the taxi she’d booked rolled up outside her door. Dropping everything she’d need for the night into a handbag, she locked the door and headed out to have a good time.

The taxi driver took a long lingering look at Jo as she got in. Noticing him clearly perving at her in the central mirror Jo snapped “Keep your eyes to yourself, mate, not a chance… Head onto the A330, I’ll direct you from there”. Ugh, she felt so dirty with that greasy old taxi driver staring at her the whole way. As the layby of which Ellie had spoken came into view, Jo directed the driver to stop, and let her out. Paying him, not leaving a tip – he took more than enough staring at my tits and trying to get a view up my skirt, didn’t he? The driver asked if she’d be OK. Rolling her eyes, she replied testily “I’ll be fine”.

The taxi pulled away and Jo checked her phone. No reception here. With a sigh, she sat down at the nearest picnic table under the orange fluorescent lights and waited for Ellie. After 20 minutes she got bored, and started to wonder whether to head back, maybe this whole idea was a bust… Looking out away from the road she could see in the distance an orange glow further along the dirt path leading from the car park into the fields. With a sigh she started along the path, hearing the faint boom of bass, distant dance music. Well, she thought, if that useless cow isn’t going to show then I may as well still go and have a good time. Heading towards the orange glow she could see as she neared it was given off by burning torches lining the path heading further away from the road, they’d clearly been left to lead the way for those who knew where to look, but wouldn’t attract any undue attention from anyone otherwise stopped on the car park. Jo continued to walk for a further 5 minutes, following the torches along the path. The sound of the cars on the main road was only a low hum behind her now. The moon was bright tonight and in the moonlight she looked around; she could see a fair way ahead of her and in most directions but there were no other people in sight. This rave really was out of the way, she thought to herself – This better be worth it. But, she reminded herself that Ellie knew all the best spots – she and Ellie had had some wild nights in the past, drinking, dancing, and copping off with unsuspecting guys until the sun came up. She remembered one encounter where she and Ellie had managed to get one guy naked and blindfolded under the pretence of having a threesome out in a field before they’d tied him to a tree, taken his clothes and ditched the bastard. If this night was anywhere near as good, it’d be worth it.

Minutes of walking later, the torches converged on a farm building makde of corrugated iron sheets. The pumping dance music emanated from within, rattling the metal walls.

Jo walked up and opened the door. Flashing lights blinded her temporarily as a shock to her eyeballs after they’d adjusted to the dim twilight outside. Walking into the middle of the building, towards the DJ booth, a laptop placed on top, she looked around but couldn’t seem to see anyone. Suddenly, the music stopped abruptly. The lights also shut off with a loud echoing clunk. The barn, formerly filled with light and sound, was replaced by a black void. Jo stopped in her tracks. “Hello?!” she shouted, her voice echoing off the corrugated iron walls. The void of the barn seemed to slowly swallow the words as the echo faded. Then, with another loud clunk of a switch, a white spotlight from above illuminated Jo. Jo put her hands up to shield her eyes and shouted “What the fuck is going on?!” The words again echoed into silence.

There was silence, and only the bright white light for 15 seconds; which felt like an age to Jo, but then – just as her sight was beginning to get accustomed to the atmosphere; from the shadows, slow footsteps echoed from the concrete floor off the walls.






Jo wheeled round to see a figure emerge from the darkness. A dark robe swished as the figure slowly stepped towards Jo.






Jo suddenly felt a wave of uneasiness knock her off balance. The steps of the figure’s black boots on the concrete floor were slow but unrelenting.






She could only stare wide eyed, rooted to the spot, at the figure approaching, a figure wearing an almost floor-length robe covering their entire body, with the hood pulled over their head, and a Venetian carnival mask obscuring their face. The white porcelain of the mask hid the figure’s face, only their eyes revealed, and those stared out at Jo – cold, unblinking. Jo took a couple of steps backwards away from the figure, and insects crawled up her spine as she backed into something. She whirled round, trying to not scream but her heart rate suddenly spiking as she saw behind her another figure dressed much like the one she’d attempted to retreat from. She whirled to her left, intending to run at a right angle from the two figures closing in on her but another of the masked robed figures was waiting. She backed up a few steps, and found herself in the middle of a circle of figures, all dressed as the first. Turning round her, looking for a means of escape, she whirled round but found none, as the five – for there were five of them – the five figures surrounded her.

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  1. briff1es says:

    OK, a bit of background:

    When I first wrote this story it ended with Danny and Linda finally making love for the first time in their messy bedroom encounter. I then, as an experiment, wrote the twist ending where Jo interrupted them. During discussions with Nollvane I realised I wanted to try and go with that ending, but if that was the case, he rightly pointed out it’d need much more foreshadowing (originally it came completely out of left field). I was then inclined to try and get the “happy” ending in there as well, and part 5 was born which tries to get both in there as well as set up the story conclusion. I’d love to know what people think.

    I set up part 4 as the finale (the title, the thank-yous at the start) were all designed to imply it was the end, I just never *outright* said it. I did it to gauge people’s reactions as a fun experiment – in the hope that anyone who felt let down or whatever would be doubly happy to learn that the “downer ending” wasn’t the end. I may well be vastly overestimating the ability of my story to engage with people like that, so I’d be keen to know if it worked for anyone, or just fell flat.

    Most of this is completely new, and part 6 (which will be the finale, hand on heart this time) will follow probably with a bigger gap than the other parts. Want to make sure we finish with a bang, but I think people will enjoy what I’ve got lined up…


  2. wolf324 says:

    I briefly considered the fact that you were pulling our legs with part 4 being the end – mostly because so many big events and a seemingly big change of heart took place off-screen (when I talked about struggling to read Danny at the end, that was part of what I was musing over) – but discarded it due to the combination of your author’s note, and the fact that Linda’s POV scenes towards the end seemed quite unambiguously shocked at what was going on. It was only after I went back and re-read them more carefully I saw that just like your author’s note, it didn’t quite say what I thought it did. She wasn’t so much shocked as she was sickened, and of course that reaction makes perfect sense.

    I love the twist – I love being fooled by stories, for one, but also I did like the bond Linda and Danny had and I’m glad it wasn’t broken after all. And also because not only is it pretty great to see the bad girl get her comeuppance, it’s especially great to see it happen after you’ve completely believed they were going to get completely away with their evil deeds. Can’t wait for the last part!

    Great job on the big WAM scene, and great contrast between the first and second time.

    Extremely high-quality work, and I firmly believe the twists here have taken an already great series over the top. Although suffice it to say, if Danny dares go “actually, I want Jo after all” in the finale, I will be extremely annoyed!


    • briff1es says:

      Thanks for this Wolf, and thanks for being so encouraging and giving such great feedback. Part of me was aware the false ending might seem a bit of a cheap tactic but I’m glad it paid off for you. I’m now actually a bit nervous about finishing the final chapter as I want to repay all the investment people have put into reading and commenting on this series; and I don’t want to let anyone down! But I think people will be happy. Can I ask what’s coming next from your good self?


      • wolf324 says:

        I’ll probably be tied up with Good Karma for quite a while yet, since it’s basically a novel length story that’s already had to sit on hiatus for much too long between parts 3 and 4. My time can be pretty limited, so it’s very much just a case of when I can get to it, although I have done a little work on part 5.

        I know you’ve sat on (most) of this series for a while: do you have plans for more WAM stories once you’ve completed it?


        • briff1es says:

          Excellent, looking forward to reading more of Good Karma. As I said, I’m intrigued as to what poor Claire will go through next, but particularly what will happen with Larissa, Erin and Hayleigh. Part of me had expected Hayleigh to get punished just because… It’s interesting, the whole bit with the threat of the blackening was very memorable, as I’d never figured on the whole “No.. anything but that! Not the gunge!” Being part of my personal WAM makeup, but after a couple of rereads the appeal did start to grow… maybe there’s more of Jo in me than I realise…

          Anyway, on the subject of my writing, I think after I finish this arc I’d like to write a more “direct” story, probably what happened to Ruth after she got gunged, and what that stirred in her. Having guys like you, circushorse, TG on here (and more I’ve probably missed) writing great stories has helped reignite my enthusiasm for writing these stories again, so thanks to you all.


  3. TG says:

    The A330. So they live in Maidenhead – poor buggers!

    Seriously though… I originally thought you intended chapter 4 as the ending and wrote this chapter as an afterthought to appease those who thought it too harsh. Now I suspect you meant chapter 4 as a fake ending all the long (the acknowledgements at the beginning was a very nice touch)!

    I’m a bit disappointed that Jo didn’t get her just desserts in this piece. I look forward to reading about that in chapter 6, and after the way she has behaved I hope she gets a thorough humiliation. But as Wolf said, after this series of twists you have dealt nothing can be taken for granted, and maybe she will get the upper hand yet!


    • briff1es says:

      Yep, the plan was always to have part 5, and 4 was the fake ending. The theatrical side of me couldn’t resist the little flourish of the acknowledgements, so glad those were effective. I did hope originally for 5 to go all the way to the end, but for a couple of reasons I decided to split it, so I could make clear earlier that 4 wasn’t the end.


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