Halstow Ladies part 4 – The Final Whistle

Thanks to everyone who came along on this ride with Jo, Danny and Linda. I’d like to thank everyone who has given me feedback, especially to writingismylife on the WSA, wolf324 on Tellygunge, and a huge thank you to Nollvane on UMD – without whom this story would likely have never made it off my hard drive.

Warning: This story contains strong adult themes throughout.

Danny and Linda sat on the sofa, the threat letter in Linda’s hands. Danny with a reassuring arm wrapped round Linda’s shoulder, squeezing her close. Linda turning it over and over, every time she’d see those words

“I’m coming for you”

She’d feel sick.

Danny asked “Are you OK? I mean, the faint…”

Linda looked round at him, and despite the worried look on her face, said “I’m OK, I’m OK, you caught me”

Aside from the risk of Linda hitting her head from fainting, which Danny had averted through quick reactions, both knew that things were most definitely not OK.

Linda looked again at the letter, and said “Well, there’s no point pretending it’s not Jo – this is exactly her style, all these mind games, mental torture…”

“Are you certain?” asked Danny, helplessly. Both of them had been hoping it was a prank played by someone else, but they’d wracked and wracked their brains and no other plausible alternatives existed. Linda had just been voted as captain of the ladies’ five-a-side team, a spot vacated by Jo being dishonourably discharged for taking a bribe from another team, so if there was ever a reason for Jo to turn her fury on Linda, this would be it.

Linda looked at him, and with a conciliatory smile, said “Come on Danny, we both know it’s got to be…”

Danny, now worried, mused to himself “What do we do…?”

Linda replied “Well, we could call the police…”

Danny shook his head “It’s too soon – knowing her she’ll have thought of that and there’ll be no fingerprints on it, they need more evidence and history to build up a case…”

Linda shook her head helplessly, tears welling in her eyes “There’s got to be something we can do! It’s not fair, Danny, it’s just not!” she burst into tears and thrust her face into his shoulder, great sobs issuing forth as she cried helplessly. Pulling her close, Danny felt equally helpless. He’d just started to get so close to this wonderful girl, she’d made him feel twenty feet tall, like he could do anything; and now when she needed him he felt like he couldn’t protect her. Tears started to form in his eyes, and a lump in his throat to complement. Impotent fury bubbled within.

NO! He thought. THIS. WILL. NOT. STAND.

His mind, desperate for a solution, raced.

We’re dealing with a girl who knows no limits to her cruelty, no depths to her sadism. She only knows how to get what she wants through fear, manipulation, bullying. She knows no compassion and has no mercy. She only understands these things. She can’t be reasoned with, she will not do *anything* for anyone unless there’s something in it for her.

The idea hit Danny. “Linda…” he said, tentatively.

Linda continued to sob on his shoulder.

Danny gently lifted her head to look at him. Tears streaming down her cheeks, her eyes puffy. To him seeing her like this felt like a punch in the gut. And the idea that was forming was at once galvanised, armour-plated. If this is what he had to do, if these were the lengths he had to go to in order to protect this girl, then so be it.

“I think I know what needs to be done”

Linda looked back at him, puzzled “What?”

Danny swallowed, and said “I need to go talk to her… I know! I can’t just reason with her, talk her out of whatever she’s planning, she won’t listen when she’s got her mind set on revenge – but I think I can bargain with her”

Linda, still confused, said “So, what, pay her off?”

Danny thought for a second, the minutiae of the plan still yet to fall into place – “I’m not sure that’ll work either, once she’s had a bit what’s to stop her coming back for more money? No, she wants to make threats – then, I’m worried the only way to counter that is to sink to the same level as her…”

Linda looked admonishingly at Danny and said “No, Danny, I won’t…”

Danny interrupted “You won’t need to do anything. Just… just let me go and try and handle it. I have some ideas. I have certain… skills… for which I don’t think she has anything to come back at me. Just let me go and try, I promise I’ll try and reason first. If that doesn’t work, *then* I’ll move to plan B”

Linda looked troubled by this. Danny squeezed her tighter “I *have* to do what I need to do to keep you safe, I promise I will make this go away”.

Linda started to cry again, and sobbed “Oh Danny…”, moving in for a kiss and pulling him so tight she never wanted to let go again.




Two days later, Danny was stood at the end of the road on which he was fairly sure Jo lived. He’d been able to sneak a look at the student records system to find out her address. She’d not yet left the university town – clearly she wanted to clear up her unfinished business, thought Danny humourlessly.

He’d stopped by a pub on the way over – and had a dram or two of whisky – something to settle his nerves, but leave him relatively clear-headed. Take the ol’ edge off… He needed to be able to think straight, this undertaking was putting him way more out on a limb than anything he’d ever done before.

Feeling the weight of his laptop in his rucksack strapped to his back, he took a deep breath, started down the street. Each step, he felt shaky, the alcohol only doing so much to dilute the cocktail of adrenaline and fear pumping round his entire body. Reaching Jo’s door, he steeled himself, marched up and sharply knocked the knocker.

He heard motion from inside, but after a minute the door remained steadfastly shut. Knocking again, for a more prolonged period of time, he waited and listened. He half turned, to give up on this attempt. He’d have to resort to following her to know when she’d be in. But then the memory of Linda’s tear-streaked face and the fear she clearly felt, as well as Jo leaning down to taunt him while he’d been tied up, helpless, naked, covered in all manner of disgusting mess, made him see red. He whirled round and with his fists balled tight hammered on the door, screaming “Jo! I know you’re in there! Open the door! JO! Open this door, NOW!”

From inside he heard footsteps getting closer, Jo shouting back “Alright, ALRIGHT! I’ve got your money…” as she opened the door. Danny didn’t hesitate; he pushed past her into her house.

“What the fuck?!” exclaimed Jo

“We need to talk” shouted Danny back as he blew past her like a tornado and moved into the living room where he stood, turned and waited for Jo to join him.

“Who the…” started Jo, moving into the living room, her face suddenly flashing anger when she registered who had just forced their way into her house “You! What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Ha, I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on and without a ton of food covering you…”

“Shut up!” said Danny firmly, wrenching hard to get his anger under control. “You need to listen to me… I know it was you who sent that threatening letter to Linda”

Jo’s face betrayed nothing, but her anger subsided, and a humourless smirk instead formed on her face. “What… letter?” she said, innocently.

Danny, the adrenaline and rage subsiding, made a conscious effort to cool himself. Getting angry would only cause him to make a mistake, and play into her hands. Keep it cool, keep it calculated, keep it logical. “Don’t bullshit me Jo – I know you sent that letter…”

“And if I did, what’s it to you?” asked Jo derisively. She looked at Danny critically for a moment, and realisation dawned. With a delighted laugh she clapped her hands “Oh my god! You’re fucking her, aren’t you?”

Danny couldn’t help but rise to the taunt. “You’re just a bully! Looking down on everyone, pushing them around! You think you’re so powerful but you’re just a lonely, spiteful, bitch!”

Jo stopped in her tracks. Her eyes, wide, looked in amazement at Danny. Her mouth trembled for a second…Then she exploded into laughter, laughter so hard she bent double. Danny looked at her, puzzled “What?!”

Jo wiped the tears that had formed in her eyes as she finished laughing, and said “Oh my god, Danny – thanks for that, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. I almost feel sorry for you” Her expression turned hard, her mouth turned down at the corners in a sneer again “This isn’t the movies, did you actually think saying that – I’d be all like ‘Oh God, you’re right, my parents never loved me, I was bullied so I bully other people… I just want to be loved…’. No such luck, dickhead! Yes, I’m a bully, I get what I want, and I’m fucking *proud* of it”

Danny bristled but kept his anger under control at being laughed at – he had to give her one more chance… “Now listen, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I’m going to ask you nicely – just drop it. Leave Linda alone, surely there’s nothing left for you here, move on and find somewhere new”

“Oh right?!” she said derisively, one eyebrow arched. Coming right up into Danny’s face, she glared at him menacingly and prodding a finger sharply into his chest – said “…and just what are you going to do if I tell you both to go fuck yourselves?” Her words dripped with disdain.

Danny smiled back at Jo, with little actual humour. He was glad he’d come prepared – he hadn’t underestimated her. If you want peace, prepare for war…

“Then, we do things the hard way…” said Danny, looking back at Jo, his resolve firm. Unstrapping his backpack he removed his laptop, and opening it to start it up he set it down on the coffee table in the centre of the room.

Jo’s face looked like she’d just bitten into some extremely sour fruit – “Ooooh, a computer, what are you going to do, send an email to complain?! Get out of my house!”

Danny interrupted “Well, I could send an email to everyone on campus, just, I’d attach *these* pics”

Double-clicking on an icon, a slideshow started up. Pictures of Jo were displayed on the screen – all in extremely compromising positions. All involved one, indeed sometimes, several, men, and an abundance of naked spreadeagled flesh, and in some cases, spilled fluids.

Jo’s eyes widened for a second “What?! Those, those aren’t real… That stuff never happened… They’re fake! How the fuck did you make those? They’re not REAL!” Jo’s temper flared.

Danny smiled back at Jo, this time enjoying her reaction, her loss of control – “Yes, they’re fake. But… will everyone else know that? I have a skilled hand with Photoshop, and more can just… appear…”

Jo’s face suddenly contorted from derision into anger, and she spat “Well, they can just as quickly disappear!” Lunging forward she seized the laptop by the screen, and with an primal guttural growl smashed the body of the laptop against the wall, then against the coffee table, shattering it into pieces.

Danny ducked as a piece flew off and narrowly missed him.

Danny’s temper again flared internally as he watched Jo destroy the laptop, but he remained outwardly impassive.

Jo gave Danny a maniacal grin, and triumphantly laughed. She’d nipped that little plan in the bud, hadn’t she! Danny’s impassiveness riled her somewhat, so she got back in his face and taunted “Well, that didn’t work, did it?! What the fuck are you going to do now, huh, Danny-boy? You think you’re so smart… you come here and try and make threats, to me… ME! You don’t have a clue who the fuck you think you’re dealing with…”

Danny waited for her ranting to finish, before calmly stating “No Jo – *You* really don’t get it, do you?”

Jo looked taken aback momentarily, as Danny continued “You really don’t have a *clue*… Yes, you’ve destroyed my laptop” a note of irritation crept into his voice, he hadn’t foreseen that “but, those pictures are stored online, I can get at them from anywhere”

Jo now did look lost. Her eyes darted back and forth, she was confounded. What?! This didn’t make sense; no-one got the better of her! Sure, she’d never been much good with technology, using email was about as far as she’d ever gotten, but when it came to pictures and that kind of thing she was much more a polaroid or instant camera type of girl.

Danny, seeing Jo’s puzzlement, had been having the same kind of internal monologue as Jo – so, she wasn’t very tech-savvy? Danny reflected gratefully how much worse his humiliation at her hands would have been if she was, his humiliation would likely have been a video hosted all over the internet if she had been. Jo was exactly the kind of girl who would be all over revenge porn if she got a handle on the technology.

Danny took the initiative with Jo wrong footed and said firmly “Jo – it’s very simple. Drop whatever you have in mind for Linda, leave her alone, leave this town and don’t ever contact us again. If you don’t – those pictures will be all over the university intranet, and from there, out into the wider world. Do you really want prospective employers seeing those when you go to apply for a job?”

Linda stared hard at Danny. She let out a little laugh to herself. Despite herself, she was impressed. She didn’t think Danny had it in him, she didn’t think he’d have the *balls* to come and swing toe-to-toe with her, the alpha bitch. But he did, he’s certainly grown a set, she thought to herself.

She appraised him for a moment – staring at him. Danny met her stare equally, and didn’t blink.

There was a long, loaded pause.

For the first time in a long time, Jo backed down. “Fine” she said distastefully “I’ll tell you what – I’ll leave your precious girlfriend alone – if, you…” and Jo’s mouth puckered like she was rolling a slice of lemon round it before she spat out the unfamiliar words “…help me”

“Help you?!” said Danny, not believing his ears.

Jo regained her composure and resumed her negotiation, never one to be wrong-footed for long if she could turn the situation back to her advantage – “You’ve got skills that I can make use of – you’re clearly very good with computers, I’ve never gotten all that stuff. I could do so much more with your help. I’ll leave Linda alone, but you help me get my revenge on Sharon, Ruth and Wendy”.

Danny’s eyes widened. He broke eye contact with Jo, turning and stepped over to look out of the bay window at the front of the house as he thought it over.

Pressing the initiative, Jo stepped up behind him and said quietly in his ear “Those three, they all poured that disgusting gunk all over you, they helped tie you up, they were just as much a part of your humiliation – they deserve to get what’s coming to them. Help me give them what they deserve”.

Danny shook his head, albeit hesitantly. He’d known they were sorry from when he saw them outside the office when the captaincy had been announced, although a large part of him wanted to agree with Jo that they did deserve some payback.

Seizing on the feeling she was swaying Danny – Jo could tell taking the “softly softly” approach was getting through, she saw another opening. Unseen by Danny, she reached up to the bottom of the fine pale blue tank top she was wearing and lifted.

“You’ve been through so much, you deserve a bit of happiness”

Danny only stared out of the window and swallowed harder. Internally, he did still harbour some resentment at the other three. Linda had made amends, Jo was trash and worthy only of disdain, but those other three, they were weak! They could have put a stop to his humiliation at a moment’s notice! Maybe they did deserve a little payback…

Jo whispered softly in Danny’s ear “You know – I can sweeten the deal even further…” and took him by the shoulder to turn him round.

Danny gasped softly, his breath caught in his throat. Jo had removed her tank top, and the denim shorts she’d been wearing, and those along with her underwear lay in a pile on the floor. Jo stood naked in front of Danny once again, just like that midnight tryst in the ladies’ showers. Danny couldn’t tear his eyes away from this beautiful body. Jo’s personality was as vile and poisonous as could be, but the body that carried it around was akin to a Greek goddess. Danny felt weak at the sight of this beautiful girl, and internally, conflict raged, conflict between disgust and arousal. Her fine long blonde hair cascaded in waves down past her shoulders, nearly to her breasts – round and smooth, standing proud, each topped with a firm pink nipple. Her skin was a healthy pink glow without blemish, her tummy was toned and flat, and met those long toned slender legs at her womanhood, crowned with a small neat bush of blonde curls and (his memory stirred, such an amazing pair of pert smooth buttocks). She was a woman in her prime, flawless. Sexuality seemed to ooze from her every pore in that perfect skin.

Jo stepped up to Danny and kissed him hotly, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Electricity coursed through Danny’s body, followed by a wave of ice water. He didn’t kiss back, but he didn’t push her away either, the warring emotions were still fighting it out inside. Jo didn’t hesitate – she slid down his body to his flies, unzipped them, fished inside his boxers and pulled out his penis. A couple of quick strokes and Danny was fully hard, he was ashamed to admit. He looked up at the ceiling, unable to look at Jo, but equally unable to resist. She looked up at him,

“A whole world of erotic possibilities, you and me, just say the word…” and took his erect cock in her mouth.

Danny let out a loud moan “Oh, GOD!”, both arousal and anguish, and his head fell backwards. Images flashed through Danny’s mind – Jo on her knees in the gents toilets, doing what she was doing to him right now, her hands working his balls while that wonderful warm wet mouth went to town on his manhood. His imagination ran free – the possibilities he and Jo could explore if he just took her offer! He visualised himself fucking her athletically from behind on her bed, the two of them watching their reflections copulate in the mirror on the far wall, then next she astride him, her breasts bouncing as she furiously pistoned up and down on his throbbing member, one hand lasciviously diddling between her legs. What a garden of delights he and Jo could navigate if only he said “yes”. Sexual gratification beyond his wildest dreams with this beautiful girl!

But then, unbidden; other images came to him – Linda’s tear-streaked face as she held the letter; Jo’s mocking laughter looking down on him as Danny struggled against his bonds tied to the chair; Linda laughing as she and Danny smeared mud all over each other.




Danny’s eyes shot open, and he pushed away from Jo and moved to the doorway of the lounge. Zipping himself up, grimacing as his erect manhood pressed uncomfortably hard against the crotch of his jeans, he said “No, this isn’t going to work, not again!”

Jo stood, and coming back to Danny, keeping up the soft and sensual demeanour said “What do you mean; I just want to make you happy…”

“NO!” he said, firmly. “I love Linda! You hear me! I. Love. Linda!” his voice rising in volume as he ecstatically admitted it to Jo, and to himself. Still running on adrenaline, he continued “I’ve told you Jo – you stay away from her, or else I will make *damn* sure you pay!” Danny stormed out of Jo’s house, slamming the door shut. Jo stood.


Cursing to herself, she put her clothes back on.




Danny practically ran back to Linda’s house, and knocking urgently on the door, Linda opened it. Danny ran at Linda, sweeping her off her feet and holding her up in the air. “I love you!” he practically shouted with an enormous grin “I love you, oh, and I sorted it”

Linda had looked sad prior to that, but now her face softened, her knees felt weak, and she smiled the happiest smile Danny had ever seen.

“Oh Danny, I love you too…” she replied happily, and the two fell to the floor, kissing passionately. They kissed for minutes, lost in the ecstasy of their confession, before Linda helped Danny to his feet, and pulling him close, wrapping her arms around his shoulders she placed her head on his chest “You sorted out… Jo?”

“Yes” he smiled “But there’s something we need to do…”




The flames danced as the threat letter was burnt. Linda felt like she wanted to dance as well, she felt so free, so happy, so… in love. Placed outside in her barbecue, they’d covered it in lighter fluid and burnt it. This was the symbolic gesture Danny wanted Linda to make, to symbolise Jo disappearing from their lives like the smoke up into the sky. Jo pulled Danny close and pushed her soft lips to his once more, sharing a deep kiss.

“So what would you like to do tonight?” asked Linda with a broad smile.

Danny looked away for a second, and then looked awkward. With a smile he gently said to Linda “You’ve forgotten, haven’t you?”

Linda looked momentarily confused, and then very disappointed “Awwww, Danny! Do you have to go to that student conference? Can’t you stay here, with me?”

Danny laughed for a second, he’d love nothing more. But it was his responsibility as RAG president to attend the national student conference, which meant he had to stay away from Linda for 3 whole days. “I’m sorry, I really am, but you know it’s my duty…”

“Awwww I know!” she said, grudgingly, pulling him close for another kiss “It’s just – could the timing be any worse?”

Danny gave her a sympathetic smile, and said “Well, I promise, we’ll make up for it when I get back”

“Oh we will” grinned Linda.

Bidding Danny farewell so he could go and pack, Linda shut the door, and thought Oh yes, I’ll make it up to him alright. With a giggle to herself and a clap of her hands in excitement, she ran off to plan, this might take a couple of days to organise, time to go shopping...




Linda stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel round herself, and laying on her bed to relax for a minute. Danny came back today – she’d prepared everything…

Danny, meanwhile, had just stepped off the coach back from the student conference. He looked at his phone, a text from Linda had arrived:

“My love. I’ll give you a couple of hours to rest, but make sure you conserve your energy. Please come to mine for dinner at 7pm sharp, you might need all your energy, I promise I’ll give you a night you’ll never forget ;-)”.

Danny smiled at his phone, and resisted the urge to punch the air in amongst all the others filing off the coach. What had Linda got planned for him?




Arriving at Linda’s house in the evening, he’d dressed in a smart collared shirt, trousers and polished black shoes, wanting to impress Linda. He could hardly wait to see her; it felt like years since they’d seen each other. Walking up her path to the front door he found the door unlocked. Pushing it open, puzzled, he called “Linda?” as he walked into the hall. He then saw on the ground a trail of candles. Smiling to himself, he obediently obeyed their silent instruction and followed their trail into the dining room where he sat at the one chair by the table, his back to the door. Linda entered stealthily behind him, and tied a silk sash round his eyes, blindfolding him. Gently she took him by the hand and guided him upstairs to her room; he can hear the floor rustle as he steps inside. Linda uncovered his eyes and Danny blinked as his eyes adjusted. The room was candlelit, and the floor and the bed were covered with plastic sheeting. He could see bowls laid out on most of the surfaces in the bedroom. A quick peek inside revealed a bowl of chocolate syrup on the dresser, as well as strawberry custard, toffee yoghurt and strawberry Angel Delight. Linda stood in front of him in a black silk kimono with red rose patterns on it, and said

“I thought we might skip over the main course and jump straight to dessert”.

He smiled and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms round her, gently caressing the smooth silk of her kimono round her waist and down to her bum which he squeezed, as their lips locked once more. After another passionate kiss, Linda broke away from him, and continued

“Sweetheart, I thought it might be only fair if you were able to gain a small measure of revenge for what I did to you that night in the changing rooms”, as she smiled. She undid the sash on the kimono and let it fall to the floor.

Danny’s breath caught in his throat for a moment as he took in what she was wearing – a royal purple push-up bra and matching purple thong trimmed with fine black lace. She’d been shopping alright, both at the fancy underwear boutique, and the supermarket dessert aisle… He stepped to her and pushed his tongue into her mouth as she opened it to accept it, him holding the soft naked flesh of her waist and again getting a good squeeze of her bum as she excitedly ground her body against his; she was feeling pretty frisky already. She held herself back from pushing him to the floor and having her way with him right there and then and instead indicated the four poster bed – which had two silk sashes tied to the top bedposts. Danny looked at them quizzically, then back at Linda

“Well, as I said, what I did to you, you get to do to me…” she said, seductively. She lay down, and moved her hands towards the sashes. Dan crawled up and gently bound her wrists to the bedposts, so now he had her under his control. He kissed her once more, and as they drew apart from the kiss, he looked into her eyes, the candlelight reflected in her sparkling green eyes as she smiled beautifully at him.

Her eyes suddenly went big, and took on a mock scared face as she tensed up and, putting on an affected “’40s damsel in distress” voice – said “Oh, you monster! You have me, tied up and at your mercy, with all this messy ammunition at your devilish disposal. Whatever are you going to do to me, you fiend?”

Danny chuckled to himself, oh, role play, was it? OK, whatever worked for her…

Putting on his best “villain” voice, he said “Sweets for the sweet, my dear… I have you at my mercy, but you look a little flushed… I think you could use some cooling down…” before getting up, grabbing a bowl and emptying toffee custard into her briefs.

She squealed with shock as she felt the sweet goo nestle inside her underwear, nestling snugly against her crotch, and creeping down into her bum crack. She struggled sexily against her bonds, causing her chest to jiggle inside the bra but she had no real intention of escaping.

“Oh you beast! You’ve ruined my underwear! I now have toffee custard seeping aginst my derriere and nestling against my… my…” Linda struggled for a character-appropriate word “…hoo-hah

They shared a laugh at Linda’s struggle to not say “pussy”; this situation was their relationship in a nutshell, romantic, sweet, funny, and now…finally! Very very sexy as well.

Danny stood back up, and pulling his shirt off, to leave him bare chested, stepped over to the chest of drawers by the window where the cache of messy ammunition stood. He stood at the window for a moment, gazing out over the view of the streets below, seeming to search for something.

“What’s the matter?” asked Linda, momentarily dropping character.

Danny snapped out of whatever reverie he was caught in, and turned back to Linda before smiling and saying

“Nothing, just taking it all in, how amazingly lucky I am”, before picking up a bowl of the strawberry-flavoured custard. “Are you hungry, milady? Let me feed you…” He knelt astride the girl, and using his fingers, fed her a small amount of it, Linda gently and sensually licking his fingers as he brought them to her mouth. He then took a handful, and smeared it over his own naked chest, wincing slightly at the cold, his nipples stiffening, and then leant down towards her mouth to let her lick and suck it off of him. After she’d cleaned his chest, he bent down to kiss her again and share a taste of the strawberry custard.

“Mmmm, you taste divine” he smiled. Putting down the bowl, on the bed, his hands caressing the soft creamy skin of her shoulders, her reached round her back and unfastened her bra, pulling it off to expose her naked breasts. Tossing the bra aside, he gently kissed around her breasts, sucking gently on her nipples as Linda’s head fell backwards and her eyes shut in pleasure. Straightening up, he looked back over at the chest of drawers where the sweet gunge she’d provided for him to use on her had been placed, and suddenly burst out laughing.

“What is it, my lord?” she asked, smiling at him.

Danny, sniggering, replied “Your brassiere, milady – when I threw it, it landed in a bowl of custard”

Linda burst out laughing too, and Danny buried his face in her shoulder, hugging her tightly as the two giggled together.

As their laughter subsided, Linda looked at Danny lovingly, and said “Why don’t you take those trousers off?” Danny stood, and did as she asked, leaving Danny in only his boxers with a very prominent tent pole visible in the front.

Danny went to the cache of supplies and grabbed a squirt bottle of chocolate syrup; standing over his beautiful girlfriend her surveyed her gorgeous form, naked apart from a pair of purple panties, from out of which toffee yoghurt was still seeping. He uncapped the bottle, and slowly drew a smiley face on her naked flesh – one blob on each nipple for the eyes, the line for the nose between her breasts and a big smile on her tummy. They both chuckled again before Danny bent down and using his mouth and tongue started removing it, causing Linda’s giggles to turn to a soft moan of pleasure as his warm mouth closed over her sensitive nipples. He grabbed another bowl of strawberry Angel Delight and, scooping out two great handfuls, plopped them both onto her boobs, massaging the smooth pink goo into her breasts, playing with her nipples, before getting to work with his tongue again to taste the strawberry dessert, no sweeter than the taste of her creamy skin and her nipples, firm with desire.

After this, he decided it was time to remove the last of his girlfriend’s clothes, and grasped the waistband of her panties. Linda pushed her hips off the bed to allow Danny to pull them down. “Urgh, what a mess” laughed Danny, before bending down, throwing Linda’s legs over his shoulders and showed her pleasure with his tongue the likes of which she’d never before known.

Bringing Linda to the verge of an enormous orgasm, Danny stood to take off his boxers, dropping them to the floor and smirking at Linda squirming in frustration at being so close but denied release. Now fully naked in front of her; Linda could wait no longer

“Come here and get inside me, I want you”.

Just as Danny was about to move into position and mount Linda, with one knee on the bed, he paused. He then stood up and got back up off the bed, and said

“No. You know, I don’t think I want to” and getting up; began to put his clothes back on.

Linda, frowning, suddenly got very confused.

“Why? What’s the matter?”

Danny regarded her critically, as if he was looking for something.

“Danny? Danny? What’s the matter?”

Danny didn’t respond, he just looked at her, his mouth moving wordlessly as if to work out some conundrum.

“Danny?! Talk to me! You’re starting to scare me…”

Linda was starting to feel very uncomfortable – something wasn’t right…

Linda struggled against her bonds, but discovered Danny had done a good job and done them up tight – she couldn’t free herself! As she lay there naked and covered in gooey food, a shadowy figure appeared at the doorway, silhouetted against the light in the hall.

Danny smiled at this new arrival, while Linda could only say in shock “Who’s… who’s there?”

Danny stood up and went to the mysterious figure, and the two of them shared a kiss in the candlelight. Linda felt a sudden lurch in her stomach, as if the bottom had dropped out of her world. The dancing flames of the candles revealed that the person who’d entered the room and was now kissing Danny was Jo!

The very exposed Linda demanded

“Jo?! What are you doing here?! Danny?! Get away from her! Help me!”

Jo pulled apart from Danny, and holding Danny’s hand and looking at Linda with a humourless smile that showed far too many teeth, explained

“You know – this kinky little fucker actually enjoyed being humiliated in the changing rooms that night. He came to me to try and threaten me into not coming after you, but I knew he couldn’t resist me – he’s been texting me for days begging me to take him as my sex slave”

Linda thought before the bottom had dropped out. Now a wave of nausea came over her as the bottom of her world, way lower, really did fall out.

Jo smiled again “He’ll do whatever I ask him to, whenever I ask him to, and if he’s good, I might even let him *come* as well. All I asked in return was my chance to get revenge. On you! We’ve been waiting for the right moment, he texted me to tell me about tonight and how you’d give him a night he’d never forget. When he stood at the window a moment ago that was the signal for me to enter”.

“I don’t understand!” cried Linda, feeling sick “Danny, I love you!”

Danny turned to Linda and gave her a chilling smile, devoid of affection “Sorry babe, it was fun…but… it’s over”

“But…!” started Linda, tears welling up in her eyes as she began to cry.

“Awww, Linda, don’t cry” mocked Jo, “This really will be a night we’ll never forget, and neither will all the guys who’ll give you attention now”

“What?!” said Linda, with tears running down her cheeks

“They won’t be able to resist you after everyone’s seen *this*” said Jo, pulling out a digital camera and snapping a picture of Linda, naked on her bed, covered in gunge, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Jo continued, her victory assured – as Linda sobbed

“Now this will be all over the university intranet. You see, I can’t have you taking my place as captain of the team, I worked hard to get there, and I’m not having a little slut like you just stealing what’s mine. You took my captaincy; I’m taking your boyfriend, *and* your dignity. Remember – *get in my way, and get trodden on*”. Laughing, Jo pulled shut the door of Linda’s bedroom, and snapping her fingers, had Danny follow her. Linda’s sobs grew in volume as she called out for Danny, screaming his name, but he impassively followed Jo out of the door, shutting it behind him – shutting out Linda’s racking sobs and one final, desperate cry for Danny, but she was trapped within, alone.

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8 Responses to Halstow Ladies part 4 – The Final Whistle

  1. circushorse says:

    This was an interesting read. Usually, I don’t much care for stories that get explicitly erotic, but you handled those aspects quite well. To be honest though, the whole thing wound up being too ‘harsh’ for my personal tastes; but as they say, different strokes for different folks. None of that takes away from the fact that you rounded out your characters nicely and delivered several good twists. Nice job.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wolf324 says:


    I didn’t see that end coming at all – the moment where it all just turns and you know something’s coming, wow, it was like all the air just got sucked out of the room. The scene with Danny and Jo earlier worked well as a way to show us Danny’s weakness and inner conflict, while having him seemingly overcome it, only for his true (lack of) strength of character to win through in the end. I felt really bad for Linda as her fake humiliation suddenly ended up very real, and really shot way past that, since what Jo and Danny did was exceptionally cruel. It’s hard to read Danny at the end, since he really did care about Linda and was genuinely trying to sort things at first, but seems to have ended up completely under Jo’s influence and at the mercy of his own greedy desires. I would say that he’s going to come to regret what he did for the rest of his life, but he seems really far gone to have done what he did, and doesn’t seem repentant in the least.

    Thanks for posting – I’m very glad this made it off your hard drive as it was a great read.Some great WAM scenes and a great character focus which really gave the various twists and turns the story took meaning. It really is a very enjoyable and memorable series.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. briff1es says:

    Thanks you guys for the comments. I feel a bit bad with the twist ending but as I said earlier, I set out to write something different than I had before, I’m a romantic at heart usually so the pull of trying the punch in the gut at the last was too strong. I thought I’d try going in a WAM story with not only the bad girl not getting her comeuppance, her actually winning! I hope you can forgive me that one… 😉

    Then again, maybe this might help, or maybe it might raise a few more questions…:


    Linda sat at her kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a slice of toast. Clad in her fluffy grey bathrobe, her hair had just been washed and was up in a towel. She stared into the distance as she sipped the coffee, and reflected on yesterday’s events. Holy shit, she thought, that was intense. I’ve never been through anything like that, and I hope I never do again. *I just hope it worked*…


    Danny woke up on the floor in Jo’s bedroom. Jo was stirring in the bed.
    “Mistress?” he asked.
    “Wwwffgggll” she replied, rolling over and burying her head under the pillow.
    Danny stood and quietly dressed, and as he gently shut the bedroom door to leave Jo sleeping, checking the pocket of his hoodie. The cold metal of a digital camera sat within. He descended the stairs, and stopping by the kitchen, wrote a small note leaving it by the kettle for Jo to find, and slipped out of the house as stealthily as he could manage, pulling shut the front door with a soft click. “I’m no good with that computer stuff, you get the photos over to me” she’d said after they arrived back at her house. As he walked down the road back to his house he again checked the digital camera in the pocket, and smiled to himself.
    *I really hope this works*…


  4. TG says:

    I see you’ve added an extra part, which judging by the excerpts above, looks like it might change things a lot, but I’ll read that later and comment on this as though it were the conclusion of the story, which seems to have been your original intention.

    I read this fully expecting to see Jo finally get the messy humiliation she’d worked so hard to avoid and richly deserved, and was very surprised to see her get the upper hand. The bad girl humiliating the virtuous but deferential girl and getting away with it can leave a powerful effect on the reader that stays with them long after they finish reading. There are echoes of Grimnim’s Lucy and the Gunge in this story, especially with the stolen boyfriend dynamic, but in that classic tale the ending was more or less anticipated from the outset. Here it was totally unexpected, especially since it cropped up out of the blue in what I expected to a be a “filler” romance scene (that word is unfair but I can’t think of a better one).

    That said, it was perhaps a little too unexpected. Although Danny was without doubt a weak and impressionable character, his transformation from besotted suitor to Linda to slavish abettor of Jo’s cruelty was too abrupt, and I struggled to find it believable.

    I notice in a comment on another story you said that you are uncomfortable with writing humiliation. Yet chapters 2 and 4 of this story are the most intense humiliation scenes this blog has seen for some time!


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