Gunge Grand Prix Round 1 Schedule

Good evening,

Just to let you all know that the first 32 matches in the Gunge Grand Prix will go live at 8pm UK time tomorrow (Wednesday 6th April)!

Ahead of the votes opening tomorrow, there are a couple of bits of housekeeping to take care of:

  1. All votes will be open for precisely seven days, so the votes for the first 32 matches will close at 8pm on Wednesday 13th April.
  2. To prevent vote spamming, all users should, if I’ve set the votes up correctly, be limited to one vote per day per match. This means you will be able to vote up to 7 times on any given match.
  3. Votes can be accessed via the ‘Gunge Grand Prix 2016’ tab at the top of the home page. Scroll down to First Round 2016 and then click on the match of your choice.

To make you aware of when future matches go online, I have drawn up a rough schedule of when the votes will take place. Please bear in mind this is subject to change depending on personal circumstances etc.

Matches 1-32: 6th-13th April

Matches 33-64: 14th-21st April

Matches 65-96: 22nd-29th April

Matches 97-128: 30th April-7th May

Matches 129-160: 8th-15th May

Matches 161-192: 16th-23rd May

Matches 193-224: 24th-31st May

Matches 225-256: 1st-8th June

Thanks, and see you at 8pm tomorrow as the competition gets underway!


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5 Responses to Gunge Grand Prix Round 1 Schedule

  1. Your picture of Claudia O’Doherty doesn’t actually depict Claudia O’Doherty


  2. Would posting different pictures in the voting pages be okay? Some don’t really capture the look of the women.


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