Gunge Grand Prix – 1st Round Draw

Hi All,

Please find attached the draw for the first round of the 2016 Gunge Grand Prix! With such a large number of matches to take place, the first round will be held over 8 weeks, with 32 matches taking place each week. Each vote will last one week, and results (including vote percentages) will be announced prior to the start of the next section of matches.

The draw was carried out using random sequencing and there will be no seeding at any stage in the competition. All draws will be carried out in this manner up to and including the semi-finals.

I am now in the process of collating pictures for the first set of matches with a view to these going live within the next few days. If anyone notices any issues with pictures during the vote process, please let me know and I will amend these accordingly.

Thanks, and keep your eyes peeled for the first votes!

Gunge Grand Prix 2016

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19 Responses to Gunge Grand Prix – 1st Round Draw

  1. MCPridz says:

    Can’t wait for voting to get underway


  2. Anyone else feel like doing predictions?


  3. manufan01 says:

    Interesting stuff.

    BTW, I ran the competition on EC Gunge when it first started and I recently found on an old hard drive the (long thought lost) Spreadsheet of the competition from that year, can send it to you to post up if you want for a bit of nostalgia?


  4. GreetingCard says:

    Short time lurker, first time voter. This looks like a lot of fun, as I happen to love huge tournaments. I don’t recognize half these women, but I was scanning the list for ones I do know and I think you have a double. Katie Cassidy, from Arrow? She shows up as 410 and then at 343 as Kate Cassidy. I assumed “Kate” was just some celebrity I didn’t know, but Google sent me to Katie.


  5. > Natalie Portman vs. Korey Cooper

    Hah, I’m certain to have someone in round 2! 😀


  6. MCPridz says:

    there’s some cracking tie’s in round 1 and ill be close and will lose some potential winners in the first round and also some easier ties you you expect to ein


  7. terroristpie says:

    Is there any way this could work on mobile? Or will I have to wait until I have access to a computer?


  8. briff1es says:

    Out of interest – from the perspective of those publishing stories in the next few days – will the votes be contained within one post, or several? Just thinking of anyone publishing stories amongst loads of GGP votes might get lost in the shuffle…


  9. gigawiga says:

    Just an FYI looking over the names I see that you have both Kaityln WWE and Celeste Bonin….who are the same person. Might want to change that …if you need a last minute gal always go with a fave of mine Eliza Dushkhu


  10. MCPridz says:

    when is the next lot of nominess up for the first round


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