Halstow Ladies part 3 – Taking the Armband

So here’s part 3. This part contains a fair dollop of plot but maybe not as much WAM as previous chapters. It’s almost like I’m trying to build up to something that might make up for it later…

Halstow Ladies part 3 – Taking the Armband

Three days after the game – the Halstow Ladies five-a-side team were called into the union president’s office for a meeting at 3pm that very day. When Linda arrived, Ruth, Sharon and Wendy were already sat outside the office despite Linda having arrived 5 minutes early. Linda said nothing to the other three, who shared an uneasy hello with her, all four were acutely aware of what had transpired the last time they’d all been together – the ritual stripping, gunging and humiliation of Danny. Linda had initially been complicit in the revenge but once it had become clear to her that Jo’s retribution was disproportionate, she’d left, choking back tears, and waited out of sight, planning to go back for Danny once Jo had finished. Her rage at her teammates felt so hot it might cause the air around her to combust, but her train of thought brought her to the realisation they were only so cowed by Jo that they didn’t have the courage to stand up to her in the way that Linda herself had. She was about to speak up to the other three to give them a piece of her mind when Tracy, Geoff’s secretary said across the room to the girls:

“He won’t be a minute, go in and sit down”

Entering his comfortable office the girls sat down – Linda’s planned bollocking of the other three would have to wait.

There had been no sign of Jo to this point, and the girls were starting to wonder where she was. After a minute the door behind them opened and Robert – the head of sports came in along with Geoff and started talking to them.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Jo?” asked Ruth.

“Well, actually, it’s about that that I’d like to speak to you” replied Robert. “We received some… troubling news. You see, it’s been discovered that Jo took a bribe from Durham to throw the final”

The four girls reacted with shock, despite how badly Jo had treated them they’d always been a team, the word that flashed through their minds like a lightning bolt was betrayal. Linda’s mind flashed back to that training session before the big final – Jo had left early, why? Scattered memories flashed through her mind – then the big game, and the header that Jo made in the dying minutes that drove the ball towards their own goal. It hadn’t been an accident, had it? She’d deliberately tried to score an own goal to throw the game, to avoid being gunged! And not only to avoid being gunged for charity, she had taken a bribe to do it! But Linda had not only stopped the shot, she’d ended up scored the winning goal! She suddenly felt light-headed, this was a bit much for her to take in.

“…Linda, are you alright?” said Robert.

Linda was jolted back to reality. Her head swimming she fought to bring herself back to the room. She exhaled deeply and said

“Sorry, please carry on”.

Robert continued “So as I was saying… Jo has been dismissed from the team and in fact has been ejected from this very university, she won’t be coming back. So now we need a new captain… We’re going to hold a vote for this new captain amongst the union board members, to be chosen from you four girls, next week, so we’ll announce that in a week’s time”

The four girls stepped out of the union building into the daylight, and all looked at each other. Sharon spoke first

“So one of us will be the new captain?”

“Forget about that” snapped Linda “Let’s talk about what happened in those showers – what happened to poor Danny?! Jo, well, she’s proven she’s capable of some pretty low things…”

Ruth started to say “Listen, Linda, hain…”

“No! Bollocks!” spat Linda “It was clear early on that Danny was sorry, there had obviously been a mistake and Jo was hell-bent on humiliating that poor sod! All three of you know that! You know Jo, you *knew* she was lying, you’re just too spineless to stand up to her!”

Linda was having to fight to not burst into hot tears of anger. With a huge lump in her throat, she swallowed, and glared at the three other girls who were staring at the ground, ashamed. She let out a loud grunt of frustration, and stomped off.

Ruth, Sharon and Wendy looked at one another, but didn’t speak a word. Linda had been right, of course, but they were too ashamed to admit it.




The day after this announcement, Linda was lounging around her house. She didn’t have any lectures at all that day so had been vegged out in the lounge in just her pyjamas watching daytime TV. Ever since the announcement by the head of sport, she’d known deep down she wanted so badly to be captain; she felt she had so much to give to the team, she was dedicated and enthusiastic. She also felt she could be the one to remove the taint left on the team by Jo’s bordering-on-brutal leadership, not to mention the final mark of corruption the discovery of the bribe had introduced. Pushing thoughts of the vote to the back of her mind, not wanting to stress over it for the entire week, she decided to make herself some lunch.

Before lunch she decided maybe she should finally put some clothes on, and so brushed her teeth and jumped into the shower to wash herself. After washing herself off, she stepped out of the steaming shower and wrapped herself in a towel, then after drying herself off, wrapped her hair in a towel and put on her dressing gown to get dressed. As she walked from the bathroom to her bedroom, the doorbell rang, stopping her mid-step. She paused for a second – she wasn’t expecting any visitors, so wasn’t sure whether to answer it. She hesitated for a moment, weighing up the possibilities, but curiosity got the better of her, and tightening the cord holding her dressing gown closed, she stepped up to the door, and opened it.

Standing on the doorstep was the slightly embarrassed figure of Danny, who blushed at the sight of Linda in her dressing gown, and in his hands he held an enormous bouquet of flowers. Linda’s eyes opened wide, and she exclaimed with surprise “Danny!” Danny shuffled on his feet nervously – it’d taken him a lot of courage to buy the flowers; walk through town clutching them feeling about as far from inconspicuous as could be; then come here and actually ring Linda’s doorbell, and this wasn’t how he’d expected it to go.

“Er… hi” he volunteered, smirking embarrassedly “I just wanted to come round and bring you these, I really wanted to say thank you for… you know, the other night…” He blushed again at the thought, he’d been sat tied to that chair naked, a broken man, covered in all kinds of foodstuffs, and Linda had come back to free him.

He proffered the flowers which Linda took with a shy but grateful smile, saying “Aw Danny, this is so sweet of you, thank you so much!”

Danny quickly remembered himself, seeing Linda standing there not fully up and dressed yet, and cut in “But, this obviously isn’t a good time, I’d better go” and he made to leave, but Linda quickly stopped him

“No! …I mean, it’s OK”

Danny stopped and Linda continued

“Please, come in, have a cup of tea, it’s the least I can do after you’ve brought me these. God, look at the state of me – I’ll just get dressed; I’ll only be a few minutes”

Linda stepped back to allow Danny to enter and shut the door, before placing the flowers into the sink in the kitchen and showing Danny into the lounge. “Make yourself at home, I won’t be long”

Danny sat in the lounge and made himself comfortable on the sofa while Linda walked up to her room, closed the door, and leant against it, pushing her back against it with her hands to her face, and allowed an excited little shiver of glee to take her.

She grinned to herself – Danny, that wonderful guy she’d had her eye on for such a long time,  had brought her flowers! How sweet of him! Right; she thought – time to make myself look beautiful and sweep him off his feet.

The tracksuit bottoms and baggy T-shirt she’d been planning on wearing were sitting on the bed, those would never do, so she tossed these to the floor and started pulling out drawers, looking for something pretty to wear for Danny. Every option she tried and those she didn’t like she threw over her head, scattering rejected choices across the floor.

After a minute she’d found the underwear she wanted, a simple black lace matching bra and panty set which she put on. Admiring herself in the mirror, she struck a glamour pose, one hand on her hip, the other behind her head, wiggling her hips and blowing a kiss to herself in the mirror. She giggled to herself as the thought struck her to go downstairs wearing just this sexy black lingerie, but she mentally shook her head and looked for something to put on over the underwear.

Throwing more clothes out on to the floor from her drawers, she settled on a figure-hugging black T-shirt which showed off her figure, her ample chest and toned tummy; and a pair of blue jeans. Admiring herself in the mirror, and seeming pleased with the results, she went downstairs to greet Danny. Danny was sitting on her sofa, waiting patiently for her.

“Hi!” she smiled as she stepped into the lounge “Sorry about that”.

Danny smiled, his initial embarrassment gone, and said “Wow, you look really nice”

Linda blushed and shyly said “Thanks – it’s nothing special”

The two of them looked at each other for a second before both looking away, blushing again.

Breaking the awkward moment Linda moved towards the kitchen and said “Thank you so much for the flowers, they’re gorgeous – I love them”

Danny looked back into her eyes and smiled happily, saying “It was my pleasure”

Linda then made two mugs of steaming hot tea, and bringing them in, she plopped down on the sofa next to Danny, turning to face him with her legs crossed under her. The two of them chatted over the tea, both shyly enjoying the pleasure of one another’s company, talking about the usual idle small talk unfamiliar people make a staple of.

After they finished the tea, Danny said “Well, thanks for the tea… I guess I’d better go”

Linda, much like at the door, again didn’t want to let Danny leave, and so quickly suggested “No, you don’t have to – I don’t have anything on today, so why don’t we go out and grab some lunch or something?”. She didn’t mind eating another lunch if it meant spending more time with Danny.

Danny quickly accepted, he didn’t have anything on today either, and was incredibly flattered that Linda would want to spend time one-to-one with him.

The two left Linda’s house and headed for a pub just down the road. Ordering some food, they sat down and chatted as they ate.

After lunch, Danny offered Linda another drink, and she accepted, happy to remain in the company of the guy she’d been eyeing up. Loosened up by a bit of alcohol, Linda indicated the pool table in one corner of the pub, and said

“How about a game?”

Danny accepted, and while he racked up the balls, Linda grinned slyly at Danny and said

“How about we make this interesting; loser buys the winner a drink?”

Danny said “Sure, why not”

As the two played, it soon became clear to Danny that Linda hadn’t played pool much – she was tapping the balls around and occasionally completely miscuing the cue ball, giving away all kinds of fouls, only managing to pot two balls mostly by accident. Danny did enjoy one particular moment when Linda leant over the table for a long shot right in front of him, bending right over and thrusting her bum in her jeans right towards him.

This was a blatant trick on the part of Linda to flirt shamelessly with Danny and maybe try and throw him off his game; she could only imagine his face as she was sure he was enjoying the view. Soon, Danny had potted all of his balls apart from the black, and Linda still had five of her own left on the table.

Danny thought he ought to at least give Linda a chance to reduce his lead, so deliberately fluffed a shot on the black in order to line the cue ball up with one of Linda’s and the pocket.

Linda said “Ooooh – maybe I can pot this one”, and as she lined up for the shot, suddenly her entire posture changed, her hands, whereas unfocussed and limp before, suddenly became rock solid and stable, gently gripping the cue as if it had become just a natural extension of her body. Striking firmly, she potted this ball, perfectly placing the cue ball for the next ball, which she also potted with no effort. This continued; her sinking all five of her balls in one break, and finally the black as well, to win the game.

Danny only stood slack jawed at Linda’s sudden turnaround in ability – he realised this could mean only one thing.

Linda walked up to him and giggling, said “Well, looks like the drinks are on you then”, thrusting the pool cue into his hands.

Danny looked back at her, and his face breaking into a grin, said “You played me, didn’t you? You were just toying with me…”

Linda, her back to him, called over her shoulder “Mine’s a large vodka and orange please”

Danny put down the cue, and smiling to himself, shaking his head, went to get the drinks.

Sitting back down, the couple giggled as they relaxed into conversation, and over the course of the next few hours, and several more rounds of drinks, they chatted happily, discovering they had a lot more in common than they’d realised.

When Linda had quizzed Danny on his hobbies, rather than the geek stereotypical answers she’d expected, check them off… Star Trek, the internet, blah blah blah – she discovered he was a talkative and interesting person – and they both shared a common interest in ancient civilisations, the Egyptians and their culture and beliefs being a particular focal point for both of them.

After several hours and a large accumulation of glasses on the table, the two decided they should probably head back home. Danny walked Linda back to her door through the darkness; the two still chatting and stepping slightly unsteadily back up the road. When Linda tripped over a small stone in the road and Danny caught her, Linda descended into fits of giggles, a quivering mass of helpless jelly in Danny’s arms while her infectious laughter made Danny giggle like a kid as well.

“Come on, let get you home”, laughed Danny. Reaching the front door of Linda’s house, Linda fumbled for her keys, and getting them in the lock, she turned back to Danny, who had stopped and stood a couple of feet from her door, she said to him

“Thank you for a really lovely day, I enjoyed every minute of it”

Danny blushed and smiled gratifyingly, and replied “Yeah, it was so nice, hopefully we can do it again soon”

Linda smiled and replied  “Definitely! Oh… and thank you again, for the flowers” with this she walked back to him, and placing her hands on his shoulders, stood on tiptoe and placed a small kiss on his cheek. Danny felt a jolt of electricity shoot through him as her lips touched his face, and had it not been so dark he felt sure his face would have been a crimson beacon visible for miles. Linda walked back to her door, and turning the key in the lock, stepped inside “Goodnight” she called, as Danny waved from where he stood, and said “G’night!” He turned and started walking away as she shut the door, his mind racing. He waited until he was out of sight of her house to shake his fists in the air triumphantly and whisper “yeeeeeesssss!” to himself, grinning as he returned home.




Over the following couple of days, Danny and Linda saw each other frequently, on average every other day, sometimes just hanging out round each other’s houses, or up on campus, sometimes going to the cinema. A relationship was slowly but steadily starting to bloom between the two of them; Danny remembered their first cinema trip together especially vividly – they’d gone to watch a soppy romcom, and ten minutes in, she’d grabbed his arm and gently draped it round her shoulder. Taking the hint, he pulled her close, and she leant her head on his shoulder for the remainder of the film. He remembered how enchanted he’d been by the scent of her hair, the smell of her floral shampoo brought to his nose as she draped her hair over his shoulder. That evening after the film had finished and he’d walked her home, he leant in to kiss her, going to kiss her on the lips, but she turned her head and took it on the cheek instead. Danny was a little disappointed, but she smiled at him, and because of the look in her eyes, sympathetic but affectionate; he immediately understand – let’s take it slow, one step at a time.

One weekday morning a few days later, he received a text message from Linda, saying “New captain announced midday – meet me at the union building 11.45”. He met her in the reception, finding her a little bit nervous, but he reassured her, saying whatever happened, she shouldn’t worry. Walking upstairs to the head of sports’ office, Linda and Danny found the three other remaining members of the team sitting outside, looking just as nervous. At the sight of Danny with Linda, the three girls immediately looked shocked and stared at the floor – they hadn’t seen him since the night in the showers, and all still felt the shame of what Jo had driven them to do – now without Jo’s corrupting influence the three of them had vowed to never let themselves be led on any longer. The penitent silence of the three girls was soon broken by the office door opening and the head of sports calling for the four girls to enter. Squeezing Danny’s hand – she let go and walked into the office with the other three.

Danny fought back the urge to listen at the door, but held back and mentally willed Linda on, he knew how badly she wanted this. After 5 agonising minutes, a little excited squeal was emitted from the inside of the office and the hairs on the back of Danny’s neck stood up. The door suddenly opened and out rushed Linda, who without a moment’s hesitation leapt into Danny’s arms, wrapped her legs around his torso, flung her arms round his neck and sweetly brought her lips to his, kissing him hotly. Danny nearly lost his balance and fell backwards but stepped back to steadily himself and hold Linda, and fell into the kiss, delighted, wrapping his arms gently round her waist, relaxing and kissing her back, his stomach having sunk to about the level of his knees. After what felt like an eternity their lips parted, Linda keeping her arms around his neck, both of them breathing deeply. Danny gently lowered Linda to the ground, and could only pant

“So, I guess this means you got it, right?”

Linda smiled at him, panting herself, and enthusiastically nodded, before pressing her lips back to him for another kiss, the two young lovers embracing each other tightly. Linda had held back on rushing into a relationship, not wanting to go too far, too fast, but that rush of ecstasy she’d experienced on being told she’d made captain had suddenly made the moment just seem right.

The other three girls exited the office and congratulated Linda, in turn hugging her and clapping her on the back, they’d all individually hoped that if it wasn’t themself, they’d rather if anyone else it would be Linda. Danny told Linda he’d wait for her outside, letting her enjoy her moment.

After a few minutes Linda came out of the building and taking Danny’s hand said

“So, where to now?”

“Anywhere you want to go Mademoiselle Captain” smiled Danny back “Do you want to go for a drink to celebrate?”

Linda giggled giddily – “Yeah, let’s go to that pub in town”, so off they started to head from the campus which was atop a hill, down the hill to the centre of the historic town of Halstow. Heading across campus they passed the library and the coffee shop to the green fields of the rugby pitches. Well, most of the time they were green. Days of heavy spring rain and a big local varsity rugby tournament had churned the earth up so hugely that they were an expanse of brown swampy mud cross-crossed with narrow grassy patches.

Skirting around the outside of the field, on the grass, they were able to avoid most of the mud. Their route reached a corner intersecting two pitches, where it was clear there had been heavy activity in the last few days, likely a result of the rugby tournament. The pitch had been churned into a quagmire in at least a thirty foot radius.

Danny looked at Linda and said “Should we find another way around?”

Linda looked critically at the mud patch and said “I think we can probably pick our way through it, if we go slowly”.

“Nah, let’s go around” replied Danny “it looks really slippery”

At this moment it began to drizzle, a fine rain falling from the heavens. While it was unusually warm, the two lovers didn’t want to get wet, and did not have much to protect them from the rain, no umbrella or wetcoat.

“We don’t have time to go around – let’s go across the middle and get to cover by the trees over that opposite side” said Linda.

Danny jokingly rolled his eyes at Linda, and replied “OK, OK – I’ll lead the way though, you follow my path and I’ll pick the least muddy route”

Danny started from the grass into the edge of the mud. The mud here was shallow, very sludgy and provided an almost firm surface for his feet. He took a few tentative steps further in, the mud beginning to squidge out from the side of his trainers, but it wasn’t too difficult to progress.

“It’s OK here” he called back to Linda who followed him.

Progressing further the mud got deeper, and Danny’s progress slowed. His trainers were sinking deeper into the mud with each step, but the rain was falling more heavily. It was warm so the rain wasn’t an unpleasant sensation, but not wanting to be out in it longer than necessary, he pressed onward. Looking back at Linda he could see her tottering on the unstable ground, her feet occasionally sliding slightly in the slick gloppy mud.

As they passed the centre of the field, and the most-churned up part, Linda deviated a little from the safe path of footprints Danny had been leaving for her to follow. Placing her foot into the mud, it provided no support and her trainer-clad foot disappeared into the mire, quickly followed by her ankle. In fact the mud greedily swallowed her leg up to her calf with a wet sucking noise. With a shriek of surprise, Linda was stuck.

Looking back – Danny called “Are you OK?”, starting back towards her.

“My leg is stuck!” she called, giggling “Oh God, I should have known”

Danny took a few steps back towards Linda, aiming to take her hand and give her some support to pull her out of this sticky predicament. At that point the change in balance caused his feet to slide uncontrollably under him, and he did a ridiculous cartoon-style-legs-flailing-as-if-on-roller-skates dance, but somehow managed to regain his balance. Linda saw this, and exploded into huge gales of laughter. Bent double, with her right leg trapped, she shook uncontrollably in mirth as Danny stood, arms crossed, testily tapping his foot. As her laughter subsided, she was finally able to speak:

“Ohmigod – that was hilarious”

“As hilarious as the thought of me leaving you here stuck in the mud and the rain?” Danny replied with a cheeky grin

“Just help me out” smiled Linda back.

Danny was able to tentatively tiptoe over to Linda, and taking her hand, gripped firmly. “Ready?” he asked “One… two… three!” He pulled on Linda’s arm. The suction of the mud gave more resistance than expected, but Linda’s leg did start to come out, albeit slowly. Spreading his legs further apart to give a more stable stance, he increased the force of his pull. Linda’s leg came out more steadily, and suddenly the suction of the mud gave out and Linda’s foot was free. The sudden drop in opposing force along with the slick surface of the mud beneath his feet caused Danny to overbalance backwards, and fall flat on his backside with a wet splat. His grip on Linda’s hand slipped and she managed to avoid being pulled down as well, righting herself. Seeing Danny sprawled in the mud on his back, Linda once again started to laugh

“Oh har har” said Danny, flopping his head back, laughing despite himself. He stood himself up, and turned round to show Linda that his back was covered in mud. “Never mind, I’m sure the rain’ll wash it off before I even get home for a shower”.

“Oh God – that was so funny” Linda laughed “you should have seen your face when you went backwards, it was all like Wooooaaaahhh!” as she pulled an exaggerated slo-mo shocked face.

“OK, well if you think it’s so funny, *you* lead the way” he said, holding out his hand to let her go first “after all, ladies first”

“Very well, milord” she said, giggling to herself and giving a little curtsy, putting on an affected “proper” accent suitable for a costume drama.

The two resumed their progress through the mud, and the most treacherous, deep, thick, sloppy part was much wider than they’d anticipated. They’d only been tentatively creeping forward for another 10 seconds before Linda placed a foot on a patch which was especially slick, her feet slid right out from under her like a pendulum, and she seemed to hang in the air horizontally for a second before crashing down to the mud on her back with a sloppy splat in what would have made for a textbook pratfall. Linda’s face contorted into a silent grimace as she twitched and looked up at the sky

“Linda!” said Danny, concerned “Are you OK? Are you hurt?”. It took a moment for Linda to make a sound, but the sound that came through was not pain, but more laughter, she’d been laughing so hard it hadn’t even made a sound. She was soon gasping for breath to counteract the hysterical giggles their adventures in the mud had induced. Danny hurried as fast as he dared up to her and crouched down, holding her hand

“I’m OK, I’m OK…” she laughed “I’m fine, I promise. Just… help me up, will you?”

Danny gripped onto her hand and went to pull but Linda jerked her arm quickly to instead pull Danny down to the ground, on top of her. Danny let out a quick yelp of surprise as he was pulled off his feet. Moving quickly, she rolled over so he was on his back, giggling.

Danny recovered quickly “Oh, it’s like that is it…?” he said, playfully, rolling her back onto her back and straddling her. Linda was an athlete though, she was stronger than Danny gave her credit for and she was with a little effort able to overpower him and roll back on top. The two began rolling in the mud, laughing and playfully wrestling, and soon were grabbing handfuls of the cool slop and plastering each other with it. Danny grabbed two handfuls of mud while Linda was on top and smeared them over her cheeks, down onto her neck, she responded in kind with two handfuls right back at him. She kept hold of his cheeks however, and leant down to kiss him on the mouth. She slipped her tongue in and soon the two were kissing heavily. Taking advantage of the momentary distraction Danny rolled Linda back onto her back, and grabbing two handfuls of mud slopped them onto Linda’s chest, leaving two bold muddy handprints where her breasts lay beneath on her top. Linda grabbed a handful of mud and shoved it down Danny’s T-shirt, rubbing it over his bare chest below the T-shirt. Danny let out a little yelp of surprise at the cool mud touching his bare skin and a gasp as she rubbed it over his bare chest and his nipples inside the garment.

“Right, you want to play like that?” Danny let Linda stay on top, but with one hand grabbed a mass of silky smooth mud, with the other pulled out the back of her jeans and dropped the mud down the back, rubbing them into the back of her cotton panties. Linda enjoyed the sensation of Danny fondling her bum, and leant down to kiss him again. As he enjoyed groping her pert backside with a handful of mud, she broke the kiss, and while he was distracted slapped another big handful of wet mud right into the middle of his face. His face now dark brown, Danny laughed and spat out where mud nearly got in his mouth
“I nearly swallowed that!” he laughed. Grabbing two more handfuls of mud, he went to push them into Linda’s face, but she on top – instead grabbed his wrists to stop his arm’s motion, then pulled out her top, and guided his hands up under her top to rub the mud into her bra. Grabbing two handfuls of her creamy smooth breast flesh he proceeded to rub the mud into the bra as she cooed softly, leaning her head back in pleasure.

“Oooh, that feels kind of nice…” she whispered “Do it again”. He grabbed another two handfuls of mud, and this time, feeling bolder, moved his hands not just inside her top but her bra as well, touching the naked flesh of her breasts, and her nipples, hardened at the sensation of this muddy make-out session. The cool rain continued to fall on the pair, keeping things slick and slippery, the sensations of the two touching each other’s skin was unlike anything they’d experienced before. Caressing Linda’s breasts and flicking his thumbs over her nipples Danny leant up to kiss her, she got the idea and bent down to meet his mouth, their tongues again dancing across each other. Linda was very aware that Danny had a sizeable erection now pressing against his jeans and she ground her hips in a small circle against it, getting a gratifying moan of delight from Danny.

At that moment, lost in that garden of pleasure and overwhelming of the senses, they didn’t see the Halstow men’s rugby team filing out for a practice session. Gathering on the touchline, the team smirked at the couple openly making out in the mud in the middle of the field.

Each grabbing more and more creamy mud and rubbing it over each other’s every inch, inside and outside clothes, the two rolled in the sloppy mud, kissing, touching, caressing.

Danny and Linda were suddenly broken from their reverie by a slow clapping, which increased in pace to a round of applause, whooping, cheering and wolf-whistling, along with calls of “Go on, my son!” to Danny and “You go, girl” to Linda. The two, shocked back to reality, looked over at the rugby players, looked at each other, and blushed with a laugh. Getting themselves to their feet, she gave a small curtsy to the impromptu audience, he gave a stylised bow, and they turned, and as quickly as they could, ran across the rest of the field to the trees on the far side, through some miracle managing to stay upright all the rest of the way. They stopped once they were safely out of site of the rugby team that had caught them in flagrante.

“Stop, stop” laughed Danny “Give me a minute”

“What’s the matter, can’t keep up with the pace any more?” teased Linda

“Yes, I can keep up with the pace… but have you ever tried to run with an erection?” asked Danny with a smirk

Linda and Danny laughed, and looked at each other. They looked like swamp monsters, dark brown from head to foot, with only their eyes peeking out from the mass of brown that covered their every outer inch. Their clothes were sodden with mud, and underneath a significant portion of their underwear had also been ruined by the claggy mess, and inside even that, mud had been smeared and stroked into nipples, tummies, backs and bums.

“Well, we can’t go to the pub now…” said Danny

“Come back to mine, we’ll get cleaned up” said Linda.

The two walked the rest of the way back to Linda’s house hand in hand, proud as peacocks, wilfully ignoring the amazed or confused stares of passers-by who wondered what on earth had happened to these two. Sadly, the rain had subsided so they weren’t able to let it wash off the mud as they walked.

Finally making it back to Linda’s house, they stripped to their underwear and spent the night there, showering individually (it took Linda a lot of willpower to not invite Danny in to join her, but she really did not want to rush things, she wanted to make sure everything was just right before they took the next step). After watching a movie on TV the two lovers spooned in bed in their pyjamas, enjoying falling asleep in each others’ arms, sharing a bed but not yet consummating their relationship.




Linda woke and glanced over at Danny – still fast asleep. She slipped out of bed, put her slippers on and snuck out of her bedroom so as not to wake the sleeping object of her affections, who was starting to stir. Coming downstairs, Linda grabbed the mail from the doormat and went to put the kettle on. Starting to leaf through the mail- gas bill, phone bill, charity appeal… she was interrupted moments later by Danny appearing at the doorway of the kitchen in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. With a smile she greeted him, embracing him and giving him a kiss:

“Good morning sleepyhead, I thought you were still out cold. Did you sleep alright?” she asked as he squeezed her tight

“Like a baby” he smiled back “All the better for having you next to me”

“I’m just making tea, want one?”

“Mmm, that’d be lovely” he smiled, moving into the lounge and sitting himself down on the sofa.

Linda moved back into the kitchen as the kettle boiled

“So what would you like to do today?” called Danny to Linda, raising his voice over the clinking of mugs and spoons as Linda made tea.

Returning with two mugs, Linda handed one to Danny and stood by the dining table, once again picked up the mail and recommenced leafing through it.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s a nice day; maybe we could head down to the coast, or go for a walk in the country”

Danny smiled back at Linda “As long as it’s dry, I was washing mud out of places you shouldn’t be able to *get* mud for ages yesterday”

Linda gave him a cheeky grin and a suggestive waggle of her eyebrows as she happened upon an envelope addressed with only “Linda”. Looking at it quizzically, she tore open the envelope, and pulling out the paper within, she unfolded it, and her eyes suddenly shot wide open with terror. Ice water poured down her spine, and a wave of panic washed over her. Her eyes rolled back and in the intensity of the moment she lost consciousness.

“Linda?!” Danny shot up and ran to her to catch her as Linda fainted – the mug of tea she held slipping from her hands and hitting the floor, spilling tea all over the carpet. The letter also slipped from Linda’s grasp and fluttered to the floor, landing in the puddle of tea soaking into the carpet. Danny’s eyes equally widened when he read the same words that had put the fear of God into Linda. Four words, made up of letters taken from adverts, newspapers, food packets and other sources, stuck to the page, ransom-note style. Four words, individually innocuous but together, a terrifying threat:










“I’m coming for you”

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3 Responses to Halstow Ladies part 3 – Taking the Armband

  1. wolf324 says:

    I love the irony – and there’s some great psychology here – of Jo going so far to avoid the gunge to preserve her reputation, only for it to suffer far more once the truth of her actions (part of them, at least!) was revealed. I admit I didn’t anticipate the truth being revealed at this point in the story, but it really ups the ante and keeps the reader on their toes. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

    It also served to get her out of the way for this chapter, and it was nice to not have her shadow hanging around while Linda and Danny got some attention. The romance stuff was good – certainly much sweeter than anything in the first couple of chapters! I like the chemistry between them and I’m rooting for them both, especially since Jo will no doubt be showing up again to cause problems.

    I think your concerns on this chapter being a bit lighter on WAM are unwarranted, since even though it took a while to get to it, the mud scene towards the end was fantastic, and I say that as more of a humiliation junkie.


    • briff1es says:

      Thanks again for all your feedback Wolf, you as a humiliation junkie I was keen to hear what you thought of part 2 once it became clear I’d tried to use the low of Jo’s emasculation of Danny to make his and Linda’s courtship all the sweeter, I was curious if it took anything away from part 2 for you. I don’t “enjoy” humiliation, it was fun to write but I usually prefer stories where the messy participants enjoy themselves, at least ultimately.

      Glad you enjoyed the mud scene, in the original version this chapter had no WAM at all, so I wrote that in last week to hopefully hold people’s attention, and it’s good to know that stuff I write now is still effective.

      We’re coming into the final stretch, and I can’t wait to unveil what I’ve got planned. Just need to finish it first…


  2. wolf324 says:

    It didn’t take away from it for me, no. I was actually glad part 2 had the scene at the end with Linda comforting him, which forged the bond between them that grows in this chapter. Although I’m a humiliation fan at heart when it comes to WAM, I still favour WAM fiction that tries to take on a bit of a story and craft characters that are compelling to read about, so in that respect a bit of balance is nice.


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