GYOB to return with a female-only version?

Given that DBP has been announcing the imminent return of GYOB for some years now, I’m rather sceptical about this. But all the same, this is a very promising article from the Daily Mirror.

It was one of the most popular children’s shows of the 1990s, adored by kids, dreaded by grown-ups. Get Your Own Back had a simple but brilliant concept: children would compete for the chance to get revenge on an annoying adult – usually a parent or teacher – by throwing them into a huge tank of ‘gunge’. And at the centre of it all, with his loud voice and even louder shirts, was wacky host Dave Benson Phillips.

More than a decade has passed since the show last aired, but now it is set for a return to our screens. “Negotiations are ongoing, but we hope to start filming in the autumn,” Mr Benson Phillips, 51, told the Mirror.

But there’s a controversial twist: those wanting to gunge their dad or older brother need not apply, as only female grown-ups will be eligible. Feminists have expressed outrage at the plans, but Benson Phillips claims the rule is necessary to redress imbalances from the original show. Over 80 percent of those gunged were male, and there were two entire series that had only one female gunging each. Many women escaped the gunge, including some seriously hot sisters and babysitters.

“We had a problem with male contestants playing the ‘white knight’ and deliberately losing the game, so as to spare their female competitor the indignity,” admitted Benson Phillips. “It didn’t help that the producer was a massive homo and I think he had a thing for seeing men get gunged. I lobbied hard behind the scenes to get Lisa Brockwell in the tank, but he preferred Mr Blobby. Weirdo.”

Dave is upbeat about the prospects of the show’s return. “I hope that the all-female slant will boost popularity with a certain audience. I’ve learned through my Twitter interactions that a majority of people prefer to see women gunged, and I can see the appeal myself. I’d love to get the wife above the Gunk Dunk one of these days.”

The BBC, the original producer, and Mrs Benson Phillips declined to comment.

You can read more here.

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4 Responses to GYOB to return with a female-only version?

  1. Henry Lee says:

    Very droll.

    It wasn’t over 80% male though 😉


  2. briff1es says:

    I chuckled – thank you 🙂


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