Halstow Ladies part 2 – A Substitution

This story is purely a work of fiction. The story does NOT describe real events and the characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real events or persons is coincidence. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback so far, it’s still welcome. Part 2 is a fair bit darker than anything I’ve written before, it contains some male WAM and humiliation so if you’re worried the description of a male getting messy might give you confusing thoughts, skip to part 3 in a week or so. As I’ve never written anything like this before, I’m especially keen for feedback from those who prefer this kind of content to that in part 1…

Part 2 – A Substitution

The day after the game, Jo was feeling pretty pleased with herself, she could hold her head up high and walk around campus, telling herself she was captain of the champion five-a-side team. There was also no shortage of people patting her on the back and congratulating her either. For a moment she remembered what she’d had to do to avoid getting covered in slime after the match though – she’d had to give that Danny a blowjob. As she shuddered slightly at the thought, she also regretted the fact that she hadn’t really had any pleasure out of it – Danny’s inexpert hands on her breasts were something she tolerated rather than enjoyed. She then also thought back to how she’d ended up being more or less helpless during the gunge game as well; her fate had ended up entirely in Ruth’s hands.

Thankfully, she reflected, Ruth had chosen wrongly. The thought of her being not in control when she was a person who valued control so highly did actually turn her on in a kinky kind of way – she enjoyed having to be submissive, if only for a short time. With this thread started in her mind, she followed it and lamented that she hadn’t had sex in a few weeks.

However, that was something she wanted to put right. Running back over the events of the past few weeks, she suddenly thought of Geoff, the union president. He was tall, tanned, well built and pretty fit, she found herself thinking – and she’d seen him cast a few admiring glances her way while she sat in his office that day of the gunging announcement. Yes, she thought to herself, I think Geoff might be just the guy to sort out this craving I’ve got…

Jo sat down at the coffee shop on campus with a cappuccino, and pulled out a notepad and a pen from her bag. She wrote while sipping her coffee, and once she’d finished and was satisfied, she folded up the note, leaving the exterior unaddressed, and finished her coffee. Picking up her bag and walking out of the coffee shop, she made a beeline for the union building.

Poking her head round the door of the outer office, the receptionist was nowhere to be seen, perhaps on lunch, thought Jo. On the wall to the right of where she entered was a grid of mail pigeonholes. There were about twenty different names, and she started reading them, when she heard the outer door of the building slam. Realising rapidly someone was about to enter, she spotted in the top-left hand box a letter addressed to Geoff, so she rapidly threw the folded up square of paper into that pigeonhole, under a couple of other letters and started towards the door. She met the receptionist coming back into the building, and Jo gave the young woman a false smile before walking out and back home, blissfully unaware in her hurry she’d just placed the note in the mail pigeonhole designated for the RAG president, Danny.

As she walked home, she wondered why she couldn’t have just spoken to Geoff face-to-face, try to seduce him that way. She soon reinforced what she’d realised in the coffee shop – doing things in this clandestine way was much more thrilling to her, leaving a secret note, not taking her usual controlling attitude – he would surely leap at the offer of her, on a plate, for the taking. It also meant that no-one other than her and he would need to know any contact had even taken place in the first instance.

Tracy, the receptionist sat herself down at her desk and firing up her mail software, sent a couple of emails to her mates telling them how bored she was at work. Just as she was finishing the third one, the door to the office opened and in walked Danny.

“Hiya” smiled Danny to Tracy as she smiled back “Just come to get the mail”. Danny reached into his pigeonhole, and flicked through the letters there. “Look at that, someone’s given me something addressed to Geoff” said Danny, refiling the letter into the correct pigeonhole. As he flicked through the mail, the folded up note fell to the floor.

“What’s this?” said Danny as he bent down to pick it up. He started to read, and his eyes suddenly widened.

The receptionist noticed this and said, “What is it?” Danny hurriedly scrunched the note shut, looked back at Tracy with a guilty and slightly flushed look on his face, and replied carefully

“Nothing… nothing… I’d better go and write some reports, or something” Danny dived into the safety of his office and slammed the door shut.

Tracy rolled her eyes once he’d disappeared. “What a weirdo” was all she thought, before she went back to tapping out another email.

Danny, now in the safety of his office, threw the other letters onto his desk, and sat down heavily into his swivel chair. His hands shaking slightly, he opened the note and read it once again, just trying to see if his eyes had lied to him when he first read it:


Hey there Mr President,


I’ve always found you an incredibly sexy boy. I want you, nothing held back. Come to the ladies’ changing rooms tomorrow evening at 11pm, I’ll be waiting for you, and I promise I’ll give you a night you’ll never forget.


Jo x


Danny once again let the note drop onto his desk, his head was swimming, his stomach was tight, he just couldn’t believe it! This girl was really into him, it was too good to be true! He ecstatically realised that the liaison in the toilets on the day of the final was just the starter – the main course would be served very shortly! Danny walked out of the office with a spring in his step.

The following day, Danny couldn’t stop thinking about the note Jo had left him, he went through phases where he wondered if it could be a mistake or a joke – but he couldn’t exorcise the memory of what Jo had done for him before in that toilet cubicle, it had to be the real thing. That evening, Danny crept into the sports centre, they were just preparing to lock up, so he made an excuse with the staff on reception that he just wanted to go and pick up something he realised he’d left in the changing rooms.

He reached the girl’s changing rooms, and then hesitated – a million possibilities flashed before his mind – he couldn’t just walk in there, it’s a girl’s changing room! He could call out, but that might sound even more ridiculous if there were several people in there. Lost for a better course of action, all he could think of to do was knock on the door. He heard a voice from inside say “Come on in, Mr President”. Gently pushing open the door, he stepped inside, and as he rounded the corner in to the main changing area, he gasped softly to himself. His vision was graced by the naked rear view of a tall blonde girl standing just six feet away from him.

Jo had gotten to the changing rooms just five minutes ago, and stripped herself of all her clothes. She wanted to give a good show – again it added an extra thrill to the proceedings. As she stood naked, facing away from Geoff who’d just entered the changing rooms, she closed her eyes; wanting to let her other senses enjoy this experience. This was pleasure rather than business; it felt good to let someone else be in control for a change.

Danny started to say something “Jo…” but she interrupted him, saying, “Shhhhh, don’t say anything, just come up to me, and touch me”

Jo felt Geoff approach her, her skin tingled as she heard his footsteps grow nearer and gently she shivered with pleasure as his hand touched her bare shoulder. Rubbing it gently, he worked small circles across her shoulders and down her back as she kept her eyes closed and bit her lower lip, enjoying the sensual touch of this man.

Danny continued running his hands over her back, just feeling her warm body, willing and yielding beneath him. How long he’d dreamed about seeing Jo naked! Reaching up under her arms, Danny’s hands snaked round to the front of Jo to cradle her breasts, and caress her highly aroused nipples. Jo responded with a light moan of appreciation as he fondled those wonderful breasts of hers again.

Jo’s breath increased in pace as Geoff’s hands now cradled her breasts, stroking her nipples. There was something familiar about that touch, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. Grasping his hands in hers, and guiding his hands to massage her chest, she pulled him tight against her back, feeling with some satisfaction a large bulge down south pressing into the region of her bum. She gently held his hands as she moved them away from her breasts, and then she turned round, keeping her eyes closed. “Kiss me” she commanded lasciviously.

Danny’s penis hardened another notch at the sight of Jo’s incredible body once she turned round and gave him a full-frontal view. Starting from the tiles of the floor he drank in every inch of her naked skin – her long, smooth, firm legs, the blonde curls between her legs, her toned stomach, her curvy breasts which were heaving with every heavy breath she took, and finally her incredibly pretty face. As she said “Kiss me”, Danny leant in and pressed his lips to hers. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, and he kissed her back. As her tongue massaged his, Danny felt like he’d died and gone to heaven.

Jo pushed her tongue into Geoff’s mouth as his lips locked on to hers, and then slid her hands down his body to the back of his jeans and squeezed his bum with both hands, pulling him closer to her. The two shared this kiss for a good minute until she came up for air; damn, he was an even better kisser than she’d hoped for! Breaking the kiss, she pulled apart for a moment, holding Geoff’s hands. Now she felt she was ready to allow the missing sense to fill in the final part of this picture. “Oh, Geoff…” she said, stroking his hands and opening her eyes to look at him.

Jo’s stomach dropped when her eyes opened, and in front of her was standing not gorgeous fit Geoff, but the weedy little wanker Danny instead! Jo screamed in shock and took a step backwards. Danny’s eyes widened at this reaction from Jo, and confused said “Jo, it’s me, Danny, I came, like you asked”

Jo stared at him in horror and pushed him away, shouting hysterically “Danny? DANNY?! No, you’re not supposed to be here! What the fuck?! Get out, GET OUT! GO ON – PISS OFF! Little perv, fondling me like that!” Jo covered herself with her hands as best she could, she felt physically ill – she’d never allow herself to be seen naked let alone touched by such a loser as Danny. The mere thought of what might happen if anyone found out she’d stooped to the level of letting this happen made her head swim. Geoff, sure, but Danny?!

Danny tried to explain “Jo, I thought you wanted me… the note…”

It was no good – Jo was still hysterical – screaming at him “Just get out –GO ON! FUCK! OFF! How dare you lay your filthy hands on me?!”

Danny turned tail and ran, fast as he could, out of the changing rooms, out of the sports centre, and only stopped when he was halfway across campus. Hiding behind a tree and leaning with his back against it to catch his breath, he winced with embarrassment and confusion, screwing his face up. What happened? He could only ask himself – What the hell happened?

Jo, back in the shower, had hurriedly put all her clothes back on, still shuddering at the thought of the hands of that little twerp Danny roaming over her.  She threw her clothes on, absolutely raging at the fact that Danny had dared to even think about touching her, and wrenching the changing room door open so hard it banged against the opposite wall, she stomped off out of the sports centre and home.

The following morning Jo woke in the foulest of moods. She showered, she scrubbed and still she couldn’t get the feeling off that Danny had copped a good feel. She wouldn’t let this go unpunished, there was going to be hell to pay. She soon concocted a plan. Leaving another note in Danny’s pigeonhole, explicitly stating it was for him so there could be no misinterpretation, she arranged another meeting with the RAG president – ostensibly to apologise. It would again take place in the ladies’ changing rooms late at night…



Danny had ummed and ahhed about what to do after receiving Jo’s note. He was feeling extremely burnt by what had transpired the last time, but after a day of to-ing and fro-ing, in the end his curiosity got the better of him, and the promise of seeing Jo again galvanised him into resolving to meet her as asked. He rationalised, if she wanted to see him again, at worst he’ll get a chance to apologise for the misunderstanding, at best, maybe things might head down the road they’d gone down in the club and the toilets, who could say? Arriving feeling highly nervous, this time he made sure to knock on the changing room door.

After a short reply he heard Jo’s voice call “Danny, is that you?”

After a pause he responded “Yes”

“Oh good, please come in”, called Jo back.

He reluctantly pushed open the door, and cast his eyes around inside. Seeing no-one, he moved right inside the changing room several steps, letting the door close behind him.

The door swung shut, and he heard a voice behind him say “Here he is…” He jumped and whirled round to face the door, finding Sharon, Ruth, Wendy, and Linda standing across the door, blocking his exit.

Danny, his heart racing at the shock exclaimed “Girls! What the hell?!”

A familiar voice behind him cut in “Danny! So glad you could join us…”

Danny once more whirled round, his heart now pumping against his chest, his breath coming quickly at yet another shock. He turned, seeing Jo standing before him in her sports kit, arms folded, before she said simply: “Grab him, girls”.

The four girls set upon him in an instant, grabbing his arms and roughly leading him into the shower area.

“What…?! What’s going on, let go of me!” cried Danny at the four girls frogmarching him into the shower area. He struggled and tried to break free, but four against one was too much for Danny to do anything about – despite his attempts to break free from their grip.

Leading their captive to a chair placed in the middle of the showers, the girls pushed him into it. Danny tried to stand up, but Jo forcefully pushed him back down, and sat in his lap pinning him in position, while Linda and Sharon held him down by his shoulders, moving round to hold his arms behind him.

Danny struggled, saying “Get off me! What, Jo, what the hell’s going on?” He was trying to free his arms from the grip of Linda and Sharon but with the weight of Jo on top of him he just couldn’t move. He felt Linda’s grip withdraw from his right arm, so he tried to free his arm to push Jo off, but found he still couldn’t move his arm at all – Ruth had moved quickly and bound his wrist to the back of the chair. He struggled more feverishly at this and Wendy moved quickly, binding his other wrist to the back of the chair.

Now with both his hands tied behind his back, Danny renewed his struggling, bucking his hips and thrashing his legs to try and throw Jo off and free himself. But Ruth and Wendy moved with an equal speed to that which they displayed on the pitch, and holding his legs against the chair legs, bound those at the ankles too.

Danny now had all four limbs tied to the chair, and thrashed yet more in frustration, but to his rising panic discovered he now couldn’t move at all. Jo stood up from Danny’s lap and stepped back to admire the handiwork of the other four. “Good job girls” smiled Jo malevolently.

Danny cut in “Jo, tell me what the hell’s going on! Let me out of here now!”

Jo looked impassively back at Danny, and coolly replied “Danny… Danny, Danny, Danny… Let’s fill you in shall we? As if you don’t know what’s happening here…”

Danny continued to struggle, but his arms ached from being bound at an awkward angle, so he dropped into the chair, panting.

Jo continued “I told my four teammates here about what happened the other night”

Danny tried to start speaking, but Jo cut him off

“How you snuck into the showers here to molest me, put your filthy hands on me”

Danny immediately tried to respond, saying “But, it was a mistake, listen…”

This time Sharon cut him off, shaking her head and looking at him with rage, and raising her voice, shouted “You filthy piece of scum! Your type should be locked up, you little pervert!”

Danny looked at the five girls as they moved round in front of him, hatred and contempt flashing in their eyes – the sentiment made by Sharon was echoed by all five of them. There was something predatory about the way they moved, the primal look in their eyes, and he felt a pang of fear flash through him. They had him totally at their mercy, he couldn’t move.

Danny tried again to explain “Listen, this was all a mistake! It was a mistake, Jo, I’m sorry…!”

Jo moved behind him during this plea, and as she came back into his line of sight, he saw she was holding a roll of duct tape.

Danny started to plead now “Jo, I’m sorry, it was all a mistake, just…”

Pulling out a length of the tape off the roll, Jo simply said “You’re damn right it was a mistake, a mistake to mess with us. And by the time we’re finished with you – you’re goddamn right you’ll be sorry”

And she moved towards him holding the strip of tape. Danny thrashed his head around to try and get away from Jo, but two other pairs of hands grabbed his head and roughly held him still while Jo stuck the tape over his mouth, silencing his protestations down to only a muffled “mmmmph!” Danny really thrashed about now, his eyes wide open, as the panic finally rose all the way up and overtook him, and he screamed, he screamed as loud as his lungs would allow, thrashing violently about in the chair, but his bonds held fast. He screamed again, hoping, praying someone would hear him, but the tape over his mouth muffled the scream all too well. The girls stood in front of him, enjoying his panic and fear, as his eyes met theirs, pleading with them to let him go, but he saw no mercy in their eyes, only a cold hard stare.

Jo stood before Danny, with murder flashing in her bright blue eyes, and coldly stated “Now, time to teach you a lesson”.

The five girls moved around behind Danny, he tried to move his head to see what they were doing behind him, still letting out desparate cries in protest. Due to his bonds he couldn’t turn to see what was going on behind him.

Jo’s voice from behind him said “Would you just stop your snivelling, and take it like a man!”

Danny’s mind raced, thoughts of what the hell was going to happen to him – he was tied, helpless to a chair, trapped in the ladies showers with five psycho women who were about to do God knows what to him. The look in their eyes, they were out to hurt him, of that he had no doubt.

Cowering, he scrunched his eyes shut as he heard someone move in front of him, and braced himself for whenever the first blow was going to come. Seconds later, there was an impact with his face.

However, what hit his face was not a fist or a weapon, but instead had a softer texture.

He opened his eyes, and found he couldn’t see a single thing. As he panicked and thrashed about yet more against his bonds, his sight was suddenly restored.

Jo peeled away the paper plate on which the chocolate gateau she had pushed into his face had sat. Danny looked at Jo in puzzlement, she hadn’t hit him – she’d just… pushed a cake into his face…?

Jo only stared contemptuously at him and he stared back, taking a moment to figure out what the hell was going on.

Suddenly, he felt a cool liquid hit the top of his head and start to flow down his forehead. He caught a whiff of chocolate before he had to close his eyes as the chocolate syrup Linda was pouring over his head flowed over them, down over the tape covering his mouth, off his chin and down his body. Some flowed inside his T-shirt and he shuddered at the unpleasant sensation. While he was preoccupied with the gooey chocolate flowing slowly down him; causing him to squirm against his bonds, next up came Sharon with a bucket, and this she wasted no time upending over his head once more.

Danny let out another shudder, as the substance that fell over his head was cold and lumpy. The baked beans in the bucket fell in a torrent over him, leaving lumps sticking to every part of his head, and all down his chest. Again, the beans worked their way inside his shirt, and this time he shuddered more violently, as the squishy mess felt disgusting against his bare skin. He once again let some more muffled protestations out and again struggled against his bonds, but now the ropes were starting to cut into his wrists and ankles. His muscles also ached, and so after a couple of seconds of straining vainly he flopped back down into the mess on the chair, spent for the moment.

Jo surveyed him with a malevolent smile and said “That’s it – I wouldn’t struggle if I was you – it’ll just make the mess move a bit further down your body anyway. Speaking of which…” she said, moving round behind him again.

Danny was realising the futility of his struggle, and exhausted from the last attempt to loosen his bonds; he hung his head down, despairing, he felt ashamed and humiliated, tied to this chair with food covering most of him, especially as he was not able to explain himself.

Jo then leant back over the figure of Danny brandishing a pair of scissors. Danny flinched at the sight of them, and Jo passed them over the collar of his T-shirt, and started to cut. Danny didn’t dare struggle for fear of the scissors stabbing him. After snipping her way to the bottom of the shirt, Jo pulled it open and Danny blushed as his bare torso was revealed, with mixed chocolate and beans running down it.

The hot little ball of shame and embarrassment in Danny’s stomach started to grow at the helplessness of his situation, and now being more exposed. He felt tears starting to well up in his eyes, and began to emit loud sobs. Hot tears of humiliation began to stream down his cheeks, as the girls stood and enjoyed his fate.

Well, four of them did. Linda stood behind Danny, and as she heard his sobs start, she suddenly felt ashamed of what she and the other four had done. Unable to stand by and do nothing she spoke up and appealed to Jo

“Look Jo, maybe this has gone far enough. Untie him”

The other three looked to Jo, their captain, and Jo just looked at Danny, sobbing in the chair, and with an evil smile said

“Not a fucking chance, I’m not finished with this dirty little shit yet”

Sharon, Ruth and Wendy rushed to the cache containing their ammunition and all three picked up a bowl of rice pudding, the contents of each they threw at Danny from in front, while he could only hang his head down in shame. The lumpy mess felt horrible against his bare chest, and Jo moved up to him and tauntingly spread it around on his chest while he squirmed. Having this girl stroke his chest would have been a dream come true mere hours ago, now it was a waking nightmare.

Jo once again went for the scissors, and this time cut down both side of Danny’s trousers, before pulling them off, leaving him clad only in his boxers.

Linda once again protested, this time really worried things were getting out of hand – Jo had had her revenge, Danny was clearly very sorry, there was no need to continue

“Jo! You’ve had your revenge, now stop!” Linda moved in front of Jo, physically interjecting herself between Jo and her victim.

“I’m not finished, get the hell out of my way” spat Jo, shoving Linda out of her way.

Linda fell to the floor, landing hard on the unforgiving tiles of the shower floor. Jo moved to the accumulation of culinary weaponry, wanting to administer a bit of punishment personally. She selected a bowl into which tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce had been emptied, and moved round in front of Danny.

Pulling open the front of his boxer shorts she quickly emptied the spaghetti inside, letting the elastic waistband snap back into place. Danny let out another moan as the stringy mess and cold goo invaded his most private area, it was cold and clammy and nestling unpleasantly in some very intimate places. Jo moved up to Danny’s head, loving every second of his humiliation, and lifting his chin with her hand to look into his eyes, tears still streaming out, said

“Let’s finish the job, shall we?”

With that she finally put the scissors to use on his boxers shorts, pulling the final scrap of clothing he was wearing off of him. She held the stricken underclothes in the air triumphantly, and she whirled round to taunt Linda with them. To her surprise though, where Linda had hit the floor a few moments ago, she was there no longer. A sharp bang of the changing room door indicated her departure. Sharon, Ruth and Wendy started to move to give chase, but Jo held up her hand, and said “Leave her, she won’t be back. Anyway, we’ve still got our boy-toy to play with here, haven’t we?”

Danny sat and regressed into something of a daze – a broken and defeated man, still sobbing and crying, while the girls emptied the rest of the food over his now naked body. He tried to shut out their tauntings, particularly some very cruel comments about the size, or lack thereof of his penis. Covered in rice pudding, spaghetti, beans, and chocolate, Danny shut his eyes and wished this torture would end.

The end finally came as Jo poured a bucket of cold gravy over his head, which felt particularly disgusting as well as smelling awful. Danny kept his eyes closed and cried, as Jo stepped up to him and ripped the tape off of his mouth. Danny let in a sharp breath as he was finally able to breathe properly again.

“Well?” demanded Jo – “What do you have to say for yourself?!” Danny opened his eyes, blinking the gravy as well as the assorted other disgusting muck out of them and looked towards the floor, still crying, and couldn’t bring himself to say a word, so complete was his shame and humiliation.

“Nothing? Well, we’ll leave him for the cleaners to find in the morning, let’s go girls” stated Jo, finally. As they started out, Jo turned back towards the stricken Danny, and coldly addressed him –

“Remember, Danny, get in my way, and be trodden on”. She finally turned and strode out of the changing room flanked by the other three, turning off the light as she left, plunging the changing room into darkness.

Danny sat there sobbing to himself – he had no idea Jo could be as inhuman as to torture him by tying him up, humiliating him, covering him in food, and leaving him a shivering, snivelling, sobbing wreck.

It had been a mistake what had happened that other night when he touched her, but no-one even gave him a moment to explain himself. He once again struggled and let out a little scream in frustration when he couldn’t move an inch. His stomach dropped when he realised his humiliation would not be limited to the five girls in the team, but whoever first came into the changing rooms in the morning would find him right here, naked and covered in goo.

After what felt like hours, he saw a light come from the changing area as the door opened, and a silhouette crept in.

“Who’s there?!” he nervously asked into the darkness.

“It’s OK” said a soft voice soothingly, as the voice moved behind him, and he felt his hands being untied.

He recognised the voice, and “Linda?” he asked, as she freed his arms and he moved them to get the blood flowing again – rubbing his wrists where the ropes had cut into his skin.

“Yeah” she replied plainly. Linda was nervous – it had taken a lot of courage for her to go back into the changing room, she knew Danny had every reason to hate her for her part in what’d transpired tonight, and for all she knew he might lash out at her, but after she saw the other four leaving, she wanted to check if he was in there and free him if he was – she couldn’t let them leave him there, she’d take her chances with how grateful (or not) he might be.

She trembled slightly as she undid the bonds on his ankles, and he stood slowly, still dripping assorted mess off of his naked body, his hand covering his private parts as their eyes accustomed to the darkness, allowing the two to make out the faint shape of one another.

There was silence for about 30 seconds, and Linda hung her head, any minute expecting Danny to swing for her, or at least shout at her.

After this time, Danny slowly asked “Why… why did you come back?”

“I’m sorry…” she said, he could hear her voice quavering, as she fought back tears “I feel terrible, I had to come back and do the right thing, I couldn’t let them leave you here”

Danny wiped his tears from his cheeks. Despite his emotional state, he hadn’t forgotten that Linda had tried to protect him; she’d tried to stop Jo from wreaking her revenge.

“I’m so sorry!” Linda burst out, as she started to cry “Jo told us all what you’d done, but I knew it was all a misunderstanding! I didn’t believe you could do something like that” she sobbed “I never ever should have been a part of that, tying you up and all that”

Danny breathed heavily, just considering what to do, what on Earth to say. In the dark the only noise was Linda’s crying and Danny’s breathing.

After a moment, Danny said gently “Linda… please… stop crying… I… forgive you” and promptly he restarted crying.

Linda heard his great sobs, and looking at his shape in the darkness, she realised, poor bloke, he’s been through so much this evening, let’s save this conversation for another time. Blinking back her tears Linda, laughing while she fought back the waves of emotion colliding inside her said

“Look at both of us – we’ll do no good standing here crying all night”

Danny, looked up, and laughed. Linda sniffed again, and said “Look, I left a bag by the door, there’s a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms in there, so you’ve got something to wear til you get home.”

Danny sniffed too, and wiped away his tears, starting to calm down

“You gonna be alright?” asked Linda as kindly as she could

“Yeah. Yeah, I think so” replied Danny as he started to compose himself. This girl had bailed him out, when he needed someone the most, she’d come back to save him being there all night.

“I’ll leave you to get cleaned up then” said Linda, as she walked back towards the door. She placed her hand on the handle and was about to open it when

“Linda…” called Danny softly.

“Yes?” whispered Linda.

Danny paused “…thanks” he said, feeling completely overwhelmed by the evening’s events. Linda stepped out of the changing room – it was now past midnight. She let the door close, blew her nose and wiped her eyes before starting the walk back to her room.


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2 Responses to Halstow Ladies part 2 – A Substitution

  1. wolf324 says:

    Nice work. While I’m not really into male WAM, I do have a fondness for bad girls, so in that respect I found Jo’s cruel emasculation of Danny to be pretty hot, and the story itself is still well-written, so it’s still fun to read even if not particularly what I personally read WAM fiction for. It was a very dark chapter as promised, so I liked that there was a bit of a sweet scene with Danny and Linda at the end to offset it a little bit.


  2. briff1es says:

    Thanks Wolf – I’ve sent you a PM on the WSA to discuss a couple of other points so as not to spam this thread.


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