Halstow Ladies – Part 1

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It’s been a little while since I’ve contributed any new stories, but I’ve got something new here…
A bit of background, this has been lurking around my hard drive for a number of years, and I never knew how it’d be received. Now I guess the best thing I can do is put it out there and see what people think – I’d always thought it might be the best fit for right here – on Tellygunge (thumbs up)

This story is going to maybe be lighter on the mess than my previous stories, WAM is involved but as one of several themes, rather than a central one. Part 1 contains gunge, and the things people will do to avoid it, and the future parts will include male and female WAM, savoury and sweet mess, humiliation and romance. I guess I’d call it more like a Mills and Boon with some mess, so be warned 🙂


This story contains adult situations and content.
Halstow Ladies – Part 1


The sharp shriek of the referee’s whistle cut through the air of the sports hall as the assembled crowd cheered. The Halstow University ladies 5-a-side football team had just won their semi-final match against York 4-3, and were going on to the BUSA finals! The members of the Halstow team all ran into the centre of the hall and hugged each other – Sharon, Ruth, Wendy, the goalie Linda, and finally the captain Jo all embraced one another and bounced up and down excitedly laughing.

Looking to the assembled crowd – they shared this euphoric moment along with their supporters; the girls bathing in the adoration of the cheering students from their university. The quarter finals was the furthest the Halstow team had ever gotten in the tournament until this year, so for them to get to the semi-finals was brilliant on its own, yet the fans of the team had not even dared think they could go all the way to the finals. The wild and exuberant cheers of the crowd gave the five girls a final adrenaline rush as they punched the air – the cheers going someway to replenish the energy they’d lost over the past hour of exertion.

After taking a few more moments to bathe in the adoration of the crowd, they walked back to the changing rooms with their heads held high, proud of what they’d achieved – Sharon first, who was skinny and of an athletic build with her blond hair tied back in a ponytail; while behind her followed Ruth and Wendy who were Scottish twin sisters, both redheaded, Ruth with her hair tied back and Wendy with hers in plaits. Linda was of medium height with wavy brown hair, and Jo was the tallest by some margin, well over six foot with a voluptuous figure, blonde hair, blue eyes and an ample chest as well as long athletic legs.

The five girls entered the changing rooms and stripped off their green kits to have a well-deserved shower. Linda was singing softly to herself as she shed her clothes and wrapped a towel round herself “We are the champions” she sang to herself “we are the champions, no time for losers ‘cos we are the champions”. Passing the threshold of the communal showers she hung her towel on the hook and stepped inside. Standing under the shower head, and turning the taps with a small creak, she let out a small sigh of relief as the warm water gently splashed over her bare flesh and soothed her aching muscles.  Sharon, Ruth and Wendy were also already in the showers and washing themselves, so the four girls chatted while they scrubbed up.

“That was a great goal you scored there Ruth” said Linda, as she washed her soft brown hair.

“Thanks hun” smiled Ruth “I just hoped tae send the keeper the rang way”

Linda then looked over at Ruth’s twin sister Wendy and said “And that shot you blasted in from just outside the box was breathtaking to watch”

Wendy smiled back, remembering how the keeper had been caught full stretch but had not quite got her fingertips up to the ball to stop it from going in “Yeah” Wendy replied “I was so glad their keeper jus’ wasnae quite good enough tae reach it”.

“Speaking of goalkeepers not being good enough – our goalkeeper was fucking useless” cut in Jo sharply as she entered the showers. Jo stood in front of Linda and stared daggers at her. Jo had, as captain, always ruled with an iron fist more suited to the military than a sports team. Sharon, Ruth and Wendy had always been intimidated by Jo, and so at their captain entering in a foul temper, they turned to face the wall and tried to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible.

Linda looked at the floor while Jo continued to bore a hole through her with her eyes. Linda was hurt by the captain’s cutting words, all she could think was “Who the hell is she to talk to me like that?”– she felt she’d given a very good performance, she admitted she’d had better form in the previous game, but she’d still not given a scrap less than 100%. Linda composed herself, and with what she hoped was an air of dignity, looked at Jo and replied “Well, all I did was try my best. We won, didn’t we?”

Jo snapped back “No thanks to you though, I think a cripple could have played better than you did today, half the shots you let in”

Linda could look at Jo with that menacing sneer on her face, and internally, her resistance crumbled. She could only look back down at the floor, fuming. Trying to blink back tears, she said “Well, I’ll try harder next time”

Jo said “You’d better – I’m not having you lose the final for us, sort it out!”

Linda finished washing herself down in silence, picked up her towel with a sigh, and went back to get dressed. As she wiped away the small tears in her eyes with the towel, she mused on why the hell the other three never stuck up for her. “In fact,” she thought, “I know full bloody well why they don’t – they’re terrified of Jo, they just follow her around and do whatever Jo does, just trying to keep her happy. They’re such sheep! They’re worried if they piss her off they’ll get kicked off the team. Sometimes they seem to have so little personality of their own I wonder why they’re even in the team at all” Linda sighed, finished dressing herself and left the changing room.

Linda could sympathise with the other three somewhat – unfortunately for the four other members, Jo had quite a lot of sway with the sports council, there was an urban legend that anyone on any sports team that got in Jo’s way, would find themselves off the team and blackballed from any other team at the university too. Apparently, all Jo had to do was have a word in the ear with the head of sports development, and it would be done, as would be their sports career. Linda couldn’t lie – she was intimidated by Jo – to be honest it was tough not to be intimidated by this supremely confident girl. And she has every reason to be confident, doesn’t she, thought Linda bitterly – over six foot tall, with looks that could turn any man’s head, a body most girls would kill for and captain of a sports team. Linda’s personal pride would not allow her to be trodden all over by this power-mongering bitch, yet at the same time; she loved playing football, and wanted to keep her spot on the team. Getting on the wrong side of Jo would have meant putting her spot on the team in danger. She’d had this conversation with herself every damn time Jo had been a bitch! And every time, the internal monologue gave the same outcome – I love to play football, I’m not going to give that up.

Linda thought back to her tryout for the team, the previous goalie had been ejected from the team in mysterious circumstances but the scuttlebutt was that she’d been badmouthing Jo behind her back. No-one had been able to check with the former keeper as she suddenly and without any explanation other than “I’m leaving”, quit the uni and was never heard from again. Linda had seemed to impress the other three during the tryouts, but Jo had seemed unsure. Nevertheless, she had a call from Jo the following day saying she was in, and that was that. She’d bonded well with the other three, but there had always seemed to be that invisible forcefield Jo projected keeping the others out. Walking home, she tried to put Jo out of her mind and turn her thoughts towards the next game.


The day after the big game Geoff; the president of the Student’s Union, sent an email message to the girls from the team asking them to come to his office, as he had something important he wanted to tell them. The girls all met up at the office at the appointed time, and Geoff invited them in, and sat them down, allowing them to wonder what the announcement might be. He thanked them for coming along as well as congratulating them on their progress in this, their break-through season. Geoff told them there was an incredible interest in the big final and they were likely to draw in a much bigger than usual crowd. As this was going to be the case, they wanted to use the opportunity to also try and raise some money for RAG.

At this point there was a knock at the door, and Geoff said to the girls “Right on cue, to explain”, as he called “Come on in, Danny”.

The door opened and in walked Danny, the president of the union’s RAG committee. Geoff continued “Danny, why don’t you tell the girls what we’d been talking about”.

Danny paused for a moment – and the five girls appraised him impatiently, waiting for him to deliver the news. He was of average height, with brown eyes and mid-length black hair always center-parted. He wore baggy blue jeans and a pale T-shirt. He had something of a reputation as a bit of a geek around the campus, he never really got that much attention from the girls, so he enjoyed having these five girls hanging on his every word.

He looked at them, and let them build the anticipation for a few moments, before he said “Geoff and I had been batting a few ideas around, and I came up with the idea… if Halstow wins the final, which Geoff has assured me is a very strong possibility…” the girls all smiled at the compliment, as Danny continued “…and as well as winning, we raise more than £10,000 for RAG on the day, we decided… one of you ladies will be getting gunged after the game”

The girls all looked at each other – looking less than thrilled by this prospect. Internally, all five of them were thinking pretty much the same thing “Urgh, getting covered in horrible slimy stuff, yuk!”

Jo opened her mouth to say something before Geoff cut in saying “So it’s settled then” clapping his hands he added “Think of the publicity, it’ll be brilliant!”

Danny just smiled. Jo once again attempted to say something before Geoff cut in again, “We’ll give you more details on what’s involved nearer the time”.

Walking to the door, Geoff opened it for them, and indicating they should leave, said “Sorry, but if you don’t mind, I’ve got a meeting with an SU representative in 5 minutes”.

The girls could only stand up, a little confused at having this news foisted upon them, and walked out of the office. No sooner had they left the union building than Jo was already protesting “Gunged! No way! No way will I let that happen to me, I’ll be laughed right out of the uni, a girl of my social standing could not go through the humiliation of that kind of crap”.

Ruth agreed “Not a chance”.

Linda just kept her mouth shut; she’d already learnt to not even bother trying to argue with Jo when she had her mind made up about something. Linda split off to walk home while the other four girls headed off in another direction, calling “See you girls later”. Linda stopped, expecting a response, but when the other four just ignored her and carried on walking, Linda let out a small grunt of frustration at how she was treated – while she watched Jo walk off into the distance, until her protestations to the other three were out of earshot. Linda turned and starting walking back towards her house.

En-route, Linda continued thinking about Geoff’s bombshell, and the thought struck her “Yes, well, it’ll be pretty disgusting, but it is for charity, and if they can raise £10,000, that’s a pretty amazing target. If they get to that on the premise that one of us will get gunged if they do raise that much, maybe it’s a small price to pay to get a bit of goo out of my hair”. While walking back to her house she also thought about Danny, who’d delivered the news to them – despite his reputation as a bit of a geek she’d always kind of admired his brains, and thought he was pretty attractive in a geek-chic kind of way. She’d not been able to stop staring at him, checking him out while he spoke to the five of them in that office. Maybe one day she’d get around to asking him out for a coffee or something, it just seemed so hard with all this fundraising he was doing… As she reached the house, Linda fumbled with her keys and opened the front door, going inside, thinking “Oooh, right on time for Pointless”


Thumping dance music pounded while students in their best clubbing gear gyrated and wiggled on the dance floor, laughing, flirting, drinking, dancing. There were still 2 weeks to go until the big final, and halfway through this first week Jo was out at the union with her “coven” as the other sports teams referred to it, of Ruth, Sharon and Wendy.

Jo was at the bar throwing double vodkas down her throat, feeling pretty drunk when who should she spy along the bar, but Danny, ordering a drink. Seeing him suddenly brought back the memory of that afternoon in Geoff’s office, and she thought again about Danny proposing the idea of getting one of the five girls gunged and shuddered at the thought. Then, an idea sparked in her head – looking at Danny, maybe, just maybe, she could convince him to rig things in her favour. And she knew exactly how to do it too – she’d always managed to get what she wanted out of guys just with a look here, a shake of the right parts of her body there. Maybe a few uses of her feminine charms could swing things – and who’d ever know if she stacked the deck in her favour somewhat?

She rushed off to the toilets to quickly check her makeup, adjust her black corset-style top to squeeze her breasts together to give her maximum cleavage, and then walked back out ready to bowl this nerd right over. She spied Danny just about to pick up his drink and walk away from the bar, and so bustled over, and taking his arm, she said into his ear “Hello there Danny, how are you doing?”

“Um, not bad thanks” he replied, surprised at this gorgeous girl suddenly paying him all this attention; as Jo steered him into a booth at the edge of the club and sat him down in it, as she put her arm round his shoulders and sat on his lap.

She made a point of pushing her chest out so she was pushing her cleavage up into his face. “So, lovely boy – let’s have a talk about this… thing you organised for the day of the final”

“Right…?” Said Danny, who, still taken aback by Jo’s sudden come-on to him, and presented with Jo’s cleavage inches from his face, was now trying desperately not to stare at her round breasts as they fought to spill over the top of her corset top.

Putting on her best “sweet” voice, Jo continued “Well, I just can’t be gunged, it just wouldn’t happen – so how about you just… alter whatever it was you were planning, to ensure that I’m not the one that gets it”.

Danny, with a bit of a beer buzz going on himself, could only stare for a moment at Jo’s chest, as it rose and fell hypnotically, imprisoned within the top as she breathed in and out. Danny swallowed hard, and dragging his eyes from Jo’s bosoms up to her eyes – said “No, I can’t do that, it wouldn’t be fair”. Danny had also been fighting a very urgent stirring in his trousers, and breathed for a second.

Jo gave him a sultry look that could have made butter sizzle and melt, before wrapping both her arms round his neck, pulling his face a bit closer to her tits and going in for the kill in her best “seductive” voice, saying ”Aw really? Are you sure?” He quickly realised if Jo stayed there sitting on his lap, and with the amount of titillation she was giving him, she’d soon be able to feel his rapidly stiffening erection poking up, and he just couldn’t face that happening.

As such, he broke from his testosterone-induced trance, rapidly grabbed her firmly yet gently by the waist and lifted her to her feet. “I’d better go and find the other guys” he blurted out, before moving away at speed.

Jo opened her mouth to say something, but Danny had already dashed away, holding his pint, before she realised he wouldn’t be able to hear her over the music anyway. So she rolled her eyes and sighed “Why the fuck is he running off to his little geek friends anyway? Didn’t he want a little bit of this” she thought, as she looked at herself, holding her arms out and shaking her shoulders to watch her chest jiggle

Danny, meanwhile, had disappeared to the opposite side of the dance floor. Despite saying so, he had no real intention of going back to his mates just yet – he wanted a few minutes to compose himself. He’d always found Jo absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, with her long legs, big boobs, striking ice-blue eyes and blonde hair. That close encounter had shaken him up, in a good way. He had to admit, being tempted by a girl like Jo put him in a difficult position, torn between two options. His libido stood at the end of one pathway, tongue lolling, straining under pressure and screaming “Do whatever she says! ANYTHING!”, but at the end of the other path was his conscience, calmer, more composed, beckoning him forward, saying “Have some dignity! It’s for charity, how could you possibly think of cheating it?”


“Ooof!” grunted Linda as she leapt to the right hand edge of the goal, caught the ball, and landed on the ground. It was the Saturday one week to the day before the big final, and the girls were getting in some hard training. Linda had been working hard on improving, she wanted to show Jo that she could be the best goalie that had ever played for Halstow. The girls had been practicising penalties for fifteen minutes, and as they took a moment to grab a drink and sip some water.

Jo suddenly said “I’ve gotta go”

“What?!” exclaimed Linda “There’s still fifteen minutes worth of training left”.

“Yes, but I’m the captain, and so I’m telling you four to carry on, I need to go”. Jo then bustled out in a hurry, leaving the other four wondering why she felt she could leave – surely they should train as a team!

Jo hurried outside to the waiting black BMW, checking no-one had seen her, she jumped in, and as it sped off, she said to the driver “Right, so how much were you willing to offer…?”


All too soon, after weeks of preparation, the day of the game arrived, and the main hall of the Halstow university sports hall was packed. The assembled crowd all chatted excitedly while they waited for the game to begin. Geoff put a start to the proceedings, walking to the centre of the pitch  holding a microphone. “Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Halstow University!” said Geoff – “Let’s get things under way, without further ado – introducing first the away team, Durham University!”

The five girls in the light blue of their Durham strips jogged out from the changing area into the hall, while the Durham fans cheered and the Halstow fans clapped politely. As the five opponents of the home team stretched and warmed up, Geoff continued “…and it is my very great pleasure to now introduce to you – your very own… Halstowwwww Ladies!” A deafening cheer went up from the excited crowd, far exceeding the reception Durham had received. The five girls ran out of the changing area to greet their adoring public, clapping above their heads and pumping their fists to psyche themselves up, feeding off the energy the crowd were providing them with.

After a five minute allowance to warm themselves up, the referee blew his whistle to call the girls to start the game. The crowd buzz intensified a notch as Jo won the toss and Halstow kicked off. The game swung into action – for the first twenty minutes it was pretty even going – with the ball being slammed from one end of the pitch to the other and back again, both teams chasing hard, not giving an inch. Linda was tested by one shot, but was able to parry it away with her hands before the Ruth picked it up and counterattacked. After half an hour, the whistle for halftime blew, the score tied at 0-0.

In the final two minutes, a cross was kicked into the Halstow area, and Jo jumps high, going up to header it. Linda saw this early, and expected her to head it away into clear space. However, Linda suddenly realised to her horror that Jo had headed it back towards her own goal. Scrambling to shift her balance towards the ball flying towards the goal, Linda desperately watched the ball – it was coming towards the goal fast and looked to be out of her reach. Time seemed to slow down as Linda leant towards the ball, and pushing hard off the ground, flung herself through the air in an attempt to stop it. Jo watched the ball with anxiety, as Linda continued to dive, and as she reached the apex of her jump, somehow she found her palms waiting so accept the missile heading into the goal. Stopping the ball dead, she clasped it in both hands, pulling it protectively down to her stomach as she hit the ground and smothered it with her body, preventing any of the other players from getting at it. She’d made the save! Not just any save, the save of her life as well! As she stood up, she noticed the Durham players had come right forward in an attempt to win the game, leaving no-one standing in their half, and they were frantically retreating.

Moving quickly – Linda tried to capitalise on this, booting the ball upfield – the opposition goalie was the furthest back, now running backwards with her eyes in the air watching the ball, she’d seen it coming, but too late, she scrambled backwards, but as the ball dropped out of the air, the opposition keeper slipped over, and could only watch helplessly as the ball bounced and went into the opposition net.  The crowd exploded, in a frenzy, at such a dramatic five minutes, culminating in the home team scoring a goal to take them into the lead with only two minutes to go! Durham fought back hard, but Halstow valiantly defended their lead, and soon, the fight was over.

As the final whistle went, the team all hugged one another. As the cup was awarded to Halstow, Geoff got onto the mic and made an announcement over the tannoy that £11,562 had been raised, and so this meant that one of the championship-winning five a side team was going to get gunged. At his cue, Danny rolled out and unveiled a large gunge tank placed in the centre of the hall. The shower cubicle-like design certainly looked imposing now the girls could see it up close, a small stool inside and a large rectangular chamber of neon pink gunge hanging ominously above, ready to disperse its contents over one of the girls. Inside was a panel with 10 numbered buttons. Danny took the mic and explained that within there were 10 buttons, only one of which would release the gunge. The girls would take it in turns to sit in the tank and press a button – until the gunge was released – a Russian Roulette style of gunging to add to the tension.

The girls all piled into the shower to clean up, the gunging looming large in their immediate future. Jo soaped herself up, cursing herself for not scoring that own goal. “Oh, so now Linda suddenly becomes superstar keeper?” she thought, seething. Her arrangement with the Durham representative in the black BMW had led to her taking a bribe to throw the game. Not only would she now not get the money, her mind was still intently focussed on the fact that she could not allow herself to be gunged. Her reputation would be ruined – the jokes would go on for months.

The five girls walked out of the showers to find their outfits laid out – five skimpy green bikinis, brief bikini bottoms with a halterneck-style top. The girls groaned as they saw the outfits they were going to have to wear, not at all happy about the somewhat forced sex appeal they were going to be exuding in these revealing outfits. The girls had also been provided with a plain white bathrobe to wear, to cover themselves up until the relevant moment so they could “strip” down to their bikinis – seemed a bit pointless to them that not only had a shower when one of them was about to get covered in goo, but also that they’d cover themselves up when they were going to be seen in only a bikini in front of hundreds of people, but the bathrobes were cosy and warm, so the girls put them on.

After putting the bikini bottoms on, and tying the halterneck top cords in a bow behind her neck, Jo was starting to get desperate. She couldn’t allow this to happen, especially not in this revealing outfit, she simply had to tip the odds in her favour somehow. Slipping on the bathrobe and stepping out of the changing rooms, she saw Danny walk past her, so she quickly composed herself and trotted in step alongside him.

“So Danny” she smiled, turning on the charm “How about you tell me which button is rigged to release the gunge, I’ll make it worth your while”. Turning him so his back was to the wall, and slamming him hard against the wall, pressing her barely-clothes body up against his – she moved her face close to his and started running her finger up and down his face.

Danny looked momentarily flustered, but then smiled and said “No way Jo, we’re going to do this fairly. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need the loo” Danny gently moved her hand aside and walked over to the gents.

Jo cursed herself, this was the final straw. She had only one more trick up her sleeve, which she’d saved for times of real desperation. Realising this was that time, she thought, well, if this doesn’t work, nothing else will. She quickly shadowed him into the gents, and as he turned and realised Jo was there – he went to say something but before he could she put her finger to his lips and pushed him into the nearest cubicle. Closing and bolting the door behind her, she moved quickly, undoing the bathrobe and dropping it to the floor, revealing her body in the bikini.

Danny’s eyes went wider at the sight of this beautiful girl in only skimpy swimwear in front of him. Without a word, she dropped to her knees, and unbuckling the belt on his jeans. Danny’s eyes opened wide, and he said “Jo, wha…” as she dropped the jeans and immediately pulled down his boxers.

Still without a word, she grabbed his rapidly hardening erection and wrapped her hands around it, stroking him to full hardness. Danny leant back and closed his eyes, breathing more heavily as Jo tended to his manhood. She then wrapped her ruby lips around it. “HOLY SHIT!” he exclaimed as his manhood disappeared into her warm, moist mouth.

She began to bob her head back and forth as she gave him a blowjob in the middle of the gents toilets, pausing to lick and suck his swollen head every now and again. He moaned and steadied himself against the cubicle walls. Lost in pleasure, enjoying this gorgeous bikini-clad girl performing fellatio on him, he gently ran his hands through her freshly washed silky blonde hair. Gripped by a surge of lust, he then ran his hands down, over her face, down her neck, down her shoulders and round the back of her neck to the bow securing the bikini top in place.

With a swift tug, he undid the bow, causing the top to fall off, and began to stroke her bare boobs. She secretly rolled her eyes as he began to fondle her heavy breasts. “The things I do to stay on top” she thought as she continued to fellate him. After a few minutes of this wonderful oral sex, Danny was getting very close to climax. Jo could sense this, and as he continued to build. She suddenly stopped and pulled his penis out of her mouth.

Danny said “What are you doing?!”

Jo said “Tell me which button is rigged to release the gunge”.

“What?!” said Danny, squirming, aching for release.

Squeezing his balls, Jo said more insistently “Tell me, which number releases the gunge!”

Danny couldn’t stop himself “Number 4 – just don’t stop!”.

Jo smiled as she took his cock back into her mouth. She tickled his scrotum as he gasped and finally exploded into her mouth, flooding it with his sticky seed. She swallowed it all down, sucked his penis clean, licking her lips. She then stood up – and without a word, pulled her top back up, opened the cubicle door, and walked out with a sexy bum wiggle, just calling “Thanks babe, see you out there” as she left.

Danny took a moment to compose himself, what the hell had just happened there? This beautiful blonde dream girl of his had, out of nowhere dropped to her knees and sucked him off! This was the stuff fantasies were made of! He was jerked back to reality by the realisation he was standing there with the cubicle door open and his boxers still around his ankles, so quickly bent down to pull everything back up. Looking around, slightly embarrassed, he ran out of the changing rooms and prepared to conduct the gunging itself.

“Ladies, and gentlemen!” called Geoff, with Danny alongside him as the crowd cheered “The moment you’ve been waiting for – as we raised well clear of the £10,000 target required, we’re now going to gunge one of our new champions!” The crowd cheered louder at the mention of the winning team. Geoff indicated the door, and called “Ladies, please come and join us”.

The five girls entered, wearing their bathrobes pulled tight to cover up as much as possible, walking barefoot across the hall as the crowd cheered.

Lining them up facing the audience, Danny smiled, and addressed the five girls “And now, if you could show everyone what you’re going to be wearing for this little game”

The girls rolled their eyes, and looked at one another. After a moment’s hesitation, they nodded at one another, and with varying degrees of enthusiasm, removed their bathrobes to reveal the bikinis beneath. The crowd cheered, particularly the males present, and wolf-whistles rang out at the girls dressed so provocatively.

Danny invited the girls to line up alongside the tank, and girls did, jostling for position to sort out the order in which they’d go. Jo walked straight to the back of the line and made sure she stayed there; the look in her eyes told the other four to not even try and argue with that decision. The remaining four jostled amongst themselves, and settled out so Sharon was at the front, followed by Linda, Wendy, Ruth, and of course Jo last.

Danny then began the game. At the front of the queue, the first girl to sit herself in the tank was Sharon. She glanced nervously up at the enormous tank full of pink gunge above her, and then fixed her attention on the panel of buttons on her left. All ten were lit up, so she had the best chance of all of picking a safe one.

“Well”, she thought “I’m superstitious, and it’s supposed to be lucky, so…” and pressed number seven. Sharon froze, and after a couple of seconds, when nothing had happened, breathed a sigh of relief. She stood up again as the crowd cheered – leaving the tank she rejoined the back of the line of girls.

Next in line was Linda – she opened the door, sat herself on the stool, and looked at the panel of buttons. Numbers 1-6 and 8-10 were still lit, so she deliberated for a moment while she thought about what number to pick. Then a thought struck her, she was the goalkeeper, what number did the goalie usually wear on a football pitch? Linda pressed button number one. The light went out as she pressed it, and she glanced around for a second to see if anything was going to happen, but once it had been found safe, she stood up and exited while once again the crowd cheered her correct choice.

Next up was Wendy, who extremely gingerly sat herself in the tank. She was really nervous about the prospect of that slime coming down over her head – it looked cold and really incredibly unpleasant – especially as Wendy felt quite exposed dressed only in her bikini in the sports hall, in front of a couple of hundred other students. The crowd hushed as she looked to the panel, seeing 2-6 and 8-10 still lit. Having no inkling what to choose, her eyes roamed over the still lit buttons, before they finally settled on number eight. She pressed the button. No sooner had she pressed it than piercing klaxons rang out, and Wendy quickly ducked her head and cowered, expecting any second to feel torrents of thick sloppy slime engulfing her. After a second of the klaxons though, she felt a light smattering of something landing on her, like snow. She slowly raised her head, and looked down at herself, seeing red glitter had fallen from above her and given her a light dusting. Wendy glared at Danny, her heart had been set racing by those klaxons, and she didn’t appreciate being “had” like that. Danny picked up the microphone and said “Well, we did add a couple of extra little surprises in there for you as well, just to make it that bit more fun for everyone”.

Wendy’s twin sister Ruth next sat herself in the tank, playing up to the audience – she, unlike her twin sister was a lot more of an extrovert, and wasn’t nervous at all about showing off her body in the bikini. She also thought the idea of being gunged would be hilarious, and so wouldn’t mind at all if she did end up being the one left dripping in goo. Biting her finger seductively, playing up to the audience the action of “considering” which button to press, she decided mentally – “my dress size, a perfect…” and pressed number 10. Silence. Nothing. Looking slightly disappointed, with a small pout, Wendy stood, exited the tank and walked to the back of the line.

Next up was Jo – who, looking less than pleased, sat in the tank on the stool. She critically inspected the panel of buttons in front of her, seeing 2-6 and 9 still available. She suddenly began to have doubts about whether the information Danny had given her was true. She hesitated, locked in this quandary, unsure whether to believe what he’d told her. It could still be true – no-one’s pressed four yet, she thought… or is that just a coincidence…? She stared hard at the panel, willing it to give her some clue as to what to press.

After a long wait and a silence while the audience waited for her to make a decision – Danny said “Come on Jo – choose a button” and Jo leant out and pressed number 6.

Klaxons rang out, and Jo shrieked “Noooooo!”, ducking her head. Again, a rain of glitter, blue this time, fell gently over her. Standing up and staring daggers at Danny, she joined the back of the queue while the crowd laughed at her reaction “She thought she was gonna get gunged, did you see the look on her face?”

So five buttons had been pressed, five remained. Danny made a comment to the audience saying just this, that now the girls would go continue for a second go each, until the gunge was released. Danny invited Sharon to place herself back on the stool under the tank of brightly coloured slop.

Sharon sat herself in the tank for the second time, and studying the remaining buttons, decided to press 9. It was safe. Linda chose number 5, which was also safe. This left 2, 3 and 4.

Danny said to Wendy and the assembled crowd – “only three buttons left now, so choose wisely”. Wendy sat nervously in the tank, feeling extremely exposed, she didn’t want to have to choose, all these people staring at her, and if she chose wrong, the humiliation! Getting that vile muck all over her while the crowd laughed at her! The tension was almost too much, she was shaking slightly. Lifting her lightly shaking hand, Wendy slowly pressed number 3. Silence. Wendy broke into a big grin of relief, and jumped for joy as she stood up and walked out of the way – she was safe!

However, now Jo was feeling extremely nervous. There were only two buttons left, and Ruth was next in line to choose. Jo realised that now the situation was completely out of her hands – she always had to be in control but now she was completely, utterly helpless – she had no control over her own fate. Ruth would choose a button, it was a simple 50/50 choice, if she picked correctly, then Jo would have to go like the condemned to the tank to press the only remaining available button and release the gunge over her curvy bikini-clad body. Jo cursed herself for allowing herself to be put in this position where she had no control, and could only will Ruth to make a wrong decision. Jo mentally screamed at Ruth “Get gunged! Press the wrong button”, while she looked on anxiously. Ruth once again made a big show of weighing up which button to press, circling her index finger as she moved it slowly towards the panel. Jo couldn’t watch, she stared at the ground as Ruth made her choice.

A pink plume of smooth gunge fell from the tank above Ruth’s head, and Ruth let out a little squeal as the cold gunge slapped against her hair, and fanned out – spraying the Perspex walls of the tank. As the flow continued, it quickly slipped over her hair, running down her face and down the back of her neck, where it reached the bare skin covered only by a minimal bikini. Ruth let out a little shriek in surprise and shock at the temperature of the slime, but was soon giggling incessantly at how silly this felt – gunge running all over her face, down her chest, over her flat tummy and pooling up between her legs, before continuing it’s journey down her bare legs. It was getting everywhere, outside and inside her sodden bikini, and her nipples stiffened with the cold. The gunge continued to flow for a good 15 seconds while Ruth continued to giggle, running her hands through her completely messed-up hair and clearing her eyes. By the end of it she was buried ankle-deep in thick lurid pink gunge, which she gently kicked her feet around in, enjoying the slimy sensation squishing between her toes.

Danny walked to the front of the tank, and poking the microphone inside, asked Ruth “So Ruth, pink definitely seems to be your colour – how do you feel?” “Gunged!” was Ruth’s only initial answer, and the audience laughed at her response “Very gooey, a little bit cold, but good, actually” she continued, giving her chest a wipe to clear some of the mess away before trying to flick some of the accumulated goop at Danny, who dodged quickly out of the way. “So Ruth, you chose number four, and there was only one more button to press – could you just press it for us?” Ruth leant over and pressed button 3, the only one remaining, and a soft shower of red glitter fell on her, sticking to the gunge accumulated over her body.

Danny and Geoff thanked the crowd for coming along, and for raising such an amazing amount of money, before wishing them a safe journey home and leading Ruth back to the showers to clean herself up. The other girls also went with her so they could change out of their bikinis, holding Ruth’s hands to make sure she didn’t slip over. Jo mentally thanked whatever god of fortune had been watching over her, and she realised she’d glad she didn’t ignore what Danny had told her – he had been telling the truth, number four had ultimately released the gunge.

Coming in part 2 – a case of mistaken identity leads to messy consequences for someone when Jo shows just how cruel she can be…

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6 Responses to Halstow Ladies – Part 1

  1. wolf324 says:

    Nice introductory chapter to this series. I like that you took the time to flesh out the cast a bit and really build the suspense before the gunging finally came. I can see that you’ve taken some inspiration from Mucky Vicky’s old Spin the Bottle tale, with Jo basically following Libby’s characterisation and the same (quite drastic!) action she took to try and avoid the gunge. So it was kind of a nice blast from the past in that regard, but I like your own twists that you put on the set-up, and there’s obviously a much expanded cast/story going on, so I’m interested to see where it goes from here.

    Your writing style is very good, the only thing I would say is that generally you want to start a new paragraph when someone is speaking, as at the moment you have a few quite massive paragraphs all clumped together. I don’t know if that’s how you wrote it or if WordPress messed up your formatting, but there is an option on WordPress to paste from Word if it’s the later.

    Nice work!


  2. briff1es says:

    Thanks wolf – I will openly admit that the gunging scene and Jo’s strategy for avoiding it is my take on the end of Spin The Bottle.

    This is by far the longest story I’ve ever written, but I knew that if I published it all at once people might lose interest, so with the various twists and turns I’ve written in I’m having to bear in mind people may need reminding of certain aspects as we go along which is an interesting exercise as I revise each part for publication. I’m also interested to see how people’s reactions and expectations alter as the story unfolds, as I’ll say now, my philosophy in this story was to try and write something quite different than everything else I’d ever done.

    Thanks for the style points – I’ll admit I published as written but you’re quite right, my habit of too-long paragraphs needs work, so I’ve just revised and it should now be more readable. I’ve also used your style of breaking up scenes with three asterisks as that’s a good indicator.


  3. TG says:

    Wolf you beat me to it with the Mucky Vicky connection.

    A great read, and to stick with the football theme, I like how you played a dummy and sent the reader the wrong way. I was waiting for Jo’s plan to backfire on her, but she (just!) managed to pull off a Kharma Houdini. Linda faded into the background a bit after being the focus at the beginning, but I expect she’ll be back to the fore in the subsequent installments. I wonder how she’ll feel to know what her crush Danny accepted from Jo! Looking forward to seeing where this goes next.


    • briff1es says:

      Cheers TG – what’s funniest is I’m really not a football fan(!). Looking forward to sharing the next part when polished, hoping to get about one a week out. Thanks for coming along on this ride with me.


  4. terroristpie says:

    What stories have you written before? I can’t find you on the story archive.


    • briff1es says:

      Ah – well, both my previous stories actually predate Tellygunge (yep, I’ve been around ages and am old)… Office Charity Day I originally posted to ECGunge, and A Twist Of Fete to the saucystories Yahoo group. Both can be found at the WAM Story Archive under my author.


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