Pancake Day 2: Splash Wednesday: Scene 23:

Hello, and welcome back to scene 23 of Pancake Day 2. Before introducing the story I’m going to quickly mention something that happened after the upload of the last part. I was having a quick look at the site stats to see how well my story was doing, when I noticed one of my old stories (Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapter 38 -43) was getting an abnormal amount of hits. I tried typing the name of the story in to google, to see if it was being linked to anywhere, and I got my answer. Turns out there’s a tourism website, that automatically generates relevant links after the article. They had one page dedicated to the Vltava river in Prague, which is also mentioned in the afore mentioned story, so it ended up being one of the automatically generated links. Consequently I got a lot of people clicking through looking for tourist information, and instead getting an erotic story involving bondage and chocolate custard.

Now continuing the subject of custard is the next scene. The origins from this one come from watching shows like The Crystal Maze and Fort Boyard, both of which have had games that involve climbing up and down some sort of structure to win a game. That was the basis, from which I settled on a structure I designed myself, and also worked out how to include a messy element. I’m quite pleased with the dramatic image for a game I came up with in the end.
It’s also notable in a way that’s not immediately obvious. This series has gone from a fun side project to my main focus, so consequently has more to the story in it. This does mean there is more of a link between a lot of the scenes, and from this point onwards all the scenes will link up, and stuff that happens here will have consequences later on.

Scene 23:

The camera fades in to another part of the now familiar cellar. This one seems to be a corner of a much taller room than we‘ve seen previously. On the two main walls wine barrels are stacked high, opposite them are two walls of chain link fence going from the floor to the ceiling, turning the corner of the room into a cage. In the centre of the cage is a large circular pool of pink strawberry custard, about eight foot in diameter, the surface stirs slightly, and a few whips of steam still ride from it. Suspended above the pool is a large structure, made out of cargo nets, made from thick hemp rope. Four tall nets make up the four walls, and contained in them are seven more nets, positioned at a fortyfive degree angle, spaced two foot apart, resulting in seven very cramped floors of the structure, one above the other. The camera zooms in closer to the bottom of the structure, where a girl is lying, slowly stirring as she recovers from the sleep inducing effects of Porcelain’s chlorafoam. She wears a dark purple, knee length petticoat style skirt and a frilly light yellow top. She has milk white skin, and jet black hair styled in a fashionable bob, along with dark eye shadow, long lashes and dark purple lipstick giving her lips a voluptuous look. The camera cuts to the edge of the pool, where standing on a ledge next to a pedestal and hour glass is a familiar face.

Porcelain: Hello Athena. It’s playtime.
Athena: You!
Porcelain: I see my reputation proceeds me.
Athena: Your the reason all these strange things have been happening. Why we were called back to school early. Why people have been disappearing!
Porcelain: Well done!
Athena: Oh no! Are you going to gunge me now.
Porcelain: I see you know how I work. That’s not a surprise. I bet you were really annoyed when my name appeared in all the press, all those magazines and TV shows. You spent so much time saying how one day you were going to be rich and famous, everyone would know your name, then the poor girl you always tormented goes and gets worldwide name recognition, before anyone’s ever heard of you. Perhaps you should have remembered to be nice to people on the way up, as you may meet them again on the way back down. As you can see I’ve prepared a little play session that should prepare you for the ups and downs life throws at you.

The camera cuts to a wide shot as a waterfall like feature suddenly starts at the top of the cargo net structure. Instead of water though it’s raining pink custard that falls down and forms a barrier that cuts across the nets from one side to another.

Porcelain: In a minute I’m going to go, and securely bolt the door behind me. Don’t worry though, I’ve left you with a way out. At the top of these nets there’s a little escape hatch, all you have to do is climb up to it. I should warn you though it will only be open so long before an electronic locks will seal the hatch. I don’t think that little climbing frame we made for you will support your weight that long either.
Athena: Please Porcelain. I didn’t like doing what I did to you.
Porcelain: Ha! Why would you do something like that if you didn’t enjoy it?
Athena: I just wanted to fit in. You know what those other girls were like. If you didn’t fit in they treated you like a freak. I didn’t want to be a nobody.
Porcelain: You become a nobody when you stop being your true self, and let yourself become a pawn of society. Look at me. Nobody ever gave a shit about me when I was Helen Mathews. As Princess Porcelain, I choose who does and doesn’t play with me, and I choose the game. Now move!. Maybe this experience will teach you the importance of standing up for yourself.

Athena gives Porcelain a last pleading look, but it’s obvious she’s wasting her time. She scrambles up the first net as far as the pink custard waterfall. She pauses momentarily, composing herself. The camera cuts to a shot looking at the pink custard waterfall as Athena bursts through it, a bright pink layer of custard now clinging to her hair, face and shoulders. The initial burst sees her get through as fast as her waist. The custard pours on her bottom for a couple of seconds, before she regains her stance and scrambles the rest of the way to the top of the first net. As this happens the camera cuts briefly to Porcelain as she turns the hourglass over, before leaving to bolt the door behind her. The camera cuts back to Athena as she climbs through a hole in the second cargo net, to reach the second floor. She looks up as the camera cuts to show there’s no obvious way up this side of the waterfall. She climbs down the slope of the second floor feet first, once again passing through the custard, slightly slower this time as she’s unable to brace herself for a lunge while descending backwards, resulting in an even thicker coating of custard soaking through her cloths and clinging on to her skin. She looks up and spots a hole leading up to the third floor which she quickly climbs up and through. She takes a deep breath before scrambling up the slope of the third floor as quickly as she can, barely breaking stride this time as she passes under the pink custard waterfall for a third time. A thick layer drips down from all parts of her body as she climbs through the next hole on to the fourth hole. This time instead of climbing downwards she positions herself sideways and tumbles downwards at speed. The camera cuts up to a shot of the waterfall as Athena rolls through it uncontrollably, resulting in a large amount of pink custard pouring onto her face.
The camera cuts to the hourglass, about half of her time has gone, before cutting back to Athena as she wipes her eyes, her breath noticeably deeper from the physical excursion. With a gasp of exasperation she climbs through up to the fifth floor. As she climbs this time she’s notably slower, as she passes through the pink custard waterfall the custard has time to form a thick coating over different parts of her body, before dripping down, leaving a thinner layer glistening over her. She climbs up to the penultimate sixth floor, and pretty much falls down the slope, she’s so exhausted. As she hits the bottom of the slope the camera cuts to the hourglass, less than ten percent of her time is left. The camera cuts back to Athena as she lets out a loud scream, digs deep, and finds one last burst of speed as scrambles up the last floor.
The camera cuts to a shot looking through the escape hatch. It’s a barred metal door, with an electronic lock, currently with a green light. Through the door we see Athena bursting through the pink custard waterfall one last time. Using up every last reserve of energy she has she lunges towards the door. She is merely inches from it when a loud buzz is heard, and the green light changes to red. She lets out a cry of anguish as she grabs onto the chain link fence the hatch is positioned on, desperately bashing on the door, but to no avail.
The camera cuts to a wide shot of the whole cargo net structure. Suddenly the ropes holding the four corners of the structure pull back. The structure is stretched as tight as it can go, before tearing apart at the corners, causing it to fracture into pieces and drop downwards. The camera cuts to a shot looking down at the custard as parts of what used to be the structure slowly sink in, then cuts down to a shot of Athena, still holding onto the fence, as she realises she may not have escaped with her freedom, but she avoided the worst of the mess.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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