The Splosh Pit Episode 2 Pre-poll Update

Since we’re half-way through I thought I’d give you an update on how the votes are going. I’m also going to add some different pictures of the potential gungees.


Currently Jen is leading with 86 votes to 12, or 88% to 12%.

(Seriously though, who the hell names their band after a frying pan? Well, apart from the members of Skillet, I suppose.)


Shir-Ran is ahead, with 54 votes to 36, or 60% to 40%.

(I didn’t intentionally put a bunch of Celtic pagans up against a bunch of Christians, though it could make for some interesting dialogue in the actual story!)


The current results are:

First place: Dannika (44 votes/53%)
Second place: Robyn (19 votes/23%)
Third place: Connie (11 votes/13%)
Fourth place: Imogen (9 votes/11%)

(Dunno about you, but I prefer Dannika with brown hair)

Da roolz:

Just to reiterate, during the actual show the winner of the Skillet poll will go up against the winner of the Eluveitie poll. Whoever gets the most votes gets dunked in gunge in part 3. The winner of the Evarose poll will get gunged at the conclusion of the Five Hundred Challenge at the end of part 2. Votes are infinite, so if your favourite isn’t winning you could make it happen (even if that favourite is Imogen or Korey!). Then again if your favourite is way ahead, you might want to keep voting for her – don’t get too cocky, Dannika and Jen voters!

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One Response to The Splosh Pit Episode 2 Pre-poll Update

  1. Closing the polls at midnight, UK time.


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