The Splosh Pit 2 Pre-vote

Before I do the next Splosh Pit, I’m going to do something a little bit different. Two of the acts featured in the first one had multiple female members (Warpaint and Triaxis) but only one member from each potentially getting gunged, and I personally hand-picked the members involved. Not that it mattered for Warpaint since their nominee avoided the gunge, but that’s beside the point!

This time, all three acts who will be partaking in the messy segments are going to have at least two women in them. The Splosh Pit Poll will be between Skillet and Eluveitie (pronounced “el-vay-tee” if you’re interested!), with Evarose (“ee-va-rose” – don’t worry, future instalments won’t need pronunciation guides!) facing the Five Hundred Challenge. However, this time I’m not picking who’s up for what. This time it’s up to you. Here are the rules:

  1. While there are male members of Skillet and Eluveitie, only the women of the current line-ups each band will be up for the vote – Jen Ledger and Korey Cooper for Skillet; Shir-Ran Yinon and Anna Murphy for Eluveitie.
  2. Evarose has no male members, so all four of them will be up for their vote.
  3. Whoever wins the vote between Jen and Korey will be getting dunked if the audience decide to let Eluveitie play. Whoever wins the vote between Shir-Ran and Anna will be getting dunked if the audience decide to let Skillet play. A majority vote for Jen, Korey, Shir-Ran or Anna does not ensure that they will get gunged, only that they might. A lack of a majority ensures that they will not get gunged, though.
  4. Whoever wins the vote between the Evarose members will be getting gunged at the end of the Five Hundred Challenge. Unlike the Skillet/Eluveitie polls, a majority vote for one of the Evarose members does ensure they will get gunged.
  5. Voting will be unlimited. Democracy’s alright, but I want to see how much people want whoever gets it rather than just how many!
  6. Only TellyGunge and myself will be able to view the results ahead of the story being posted. They’ll come at the end of part 3. I can’t stop TG from looking at them, but I trust him not to leak them.
  7. You will have until the 24th of March to vote.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get to the voting.






Evarose. Member names are listed in the poll, left-to-right as you’re looking at them.

That’s about all. Get voting!

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5 Responses to The Splosh Pit 2 Pre-vote

  1. Two things. First, I’m thinking about doing a little update after a week in regards to how the vote is going. Second, I know these people are hardly A-listers but I would love to see some opinions from people about who they voted for and why, even if it’s just something like “Jen, Anna and Connie are hotter than the other options”, for example.


    • TG says:

      Ok, well I don’t know any of these from Adam, so I voted purely on looks. In the first one I went for the slightly Asian-looking woman – she’s kinda cute. In the second one, neither of the women really appeal to me, but the first one just edges it. In the third one, to be honest the picture isn’t of a good enough resolution to really judge what the women look like. They all look pretty similar in terms of hairstyles and make-up. I went for the leftmost one but I don’t know whether that’s just because she was the first one my eye fell upon.

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