Pancake Day 2: Splash Wednesday: Scenes 15 + 16:

Hello, and welcome to scene 15 and 16 of Pancake Day 2. Now having mentioned the Saw films in my last intro I feel obliged to mention them again as the trap in scene 15 borrows heavily from a trap in one of the films. It sees two people strapped together, competing against each other in a tug of war like scenario. Very similar too one of the first traps in one of the Saw films, (I forget which number exactly. One of the weaker ones towards the end of the series) that saw a group of people tethered together in a similar way, fighting to avoid being the one who ended up being decapitated. Here the result of failure isn’t as fatal, but results in one of several changes I made to make it a proper messy game.
With two people involved in the game I also took the chance to give one of Porcelain’s allies an extra appearance during the set up of the game. The development of Dwayne and Garry as characters is one of the more notable changes between writing the first and second film. In the first film I’d not put much thought in to them, as they only get a quick mention to explain how Porcelain carried out some of the schemes. Here though I’ve thought about them more, and how they ended up being treated as outcasts and consequently aligning with Porcelain. In Dwaynes case I’ve drawn on some of my own experiences of struggling in a lot situations before I realised I was transgender, while trying to dispel a few misconceptions at the same time, such as by giving him a girlfriend, and having someone who cross dresses for psychological, not sexual reasons.

Scene 15:

The camera cuts to another room in the old cellar. This time it’s a long narrow room, made even narrower where it’s divided down the middle by a chain link fence. On either side is a girl lying on the ground. One has long brunette hair, has purple eye shadow, dark red lipstick and wears a navy blue summer dress decorated with red rose designs a pair of high chunky heeled boots. The other has a short blonde bob, pink lipstick and eye shadow and wears a white top and a pleated pink miniskirt and a pair of mid heeled fashionable stilettos. The camera cuts to one of their wrists. They’re handcuffed behind her back, and the handcuffs are secured in place by a padlock attaching the chain to a brown leather belt secured around her waist. Attached to the belt there is some sort of steel cord, that runs to the back of the room. As the camera zooms out we see more of the floor, on which are numerous crepe style pancakes topped with various substances such as whipped cream, or fruit and syrup, or chocolate sauce.

Porcelain: Hello Clara.
Dwayne: Hello Amy.
Porcelain + Dwayne: It’s playtime.

The camera cuts to a shot at the end of the room where two barred doors can be seen, either side of the chain link. On both doors at about waste height is a metal panel, about twenty centimetres high, in each panel three geometric shapes have been cut out. Behind one door is Porcelain, wearing her now familiar red and black corset top. Behind the other door is Dwayne who has donned a red and black striped sequined dress, and a pair of red satin gloves, along with black leather leggings and a pair of heeled boots. He’s also wearing a long wavy brunette wig, and has applied a layer of make up to give him a more feminine look.

Clara: What it this? Who are you two freaks?
Dwayne: I like the name Davina. You might recognise my good friend here, she likes to be called Princess Porcelain.
Amy: No! Your that girl who carried out all those gunge attacks in Southbrook.
Porcelain: I’m sure you know me for more than that. All that name calling, tormenting, you and your friends made my life hell for almost a year.
Clara: Look I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you’d get quite so upset. Most of it was Amy’s idea anyway.
Amy: Oh you would say that you manipulative cow. You were always willing to drop others in it. Not like me. I just went along for the ride. If you should be punishing anyone it’s her.
Clara: No it was always you. I always said it was stupid.
Amy: What about all the idiotic suggestion you made?
Clara: Well if anyone could think up an idiotic idea it would be you.
Amy: Me! What about all the times you’ve got people into trouble. I’ve been called to the head-mistresses office four times this year already thanks to you.
Clara: What about the time you got us all egged after one of your stupid jokes backfired.
Amy: What about the time I had to walk through the town dressed as a Christmas fairy because you couldn’t do the simple job of arranging some transport.
Clara: Stupid blonde bimbo.
Amy: Cock sucking whore.

The camera cuts to a shot showing Dwayne and Porcelain. They both look at each other, and with a knowing nod to each other step of to either side. The camera cuts back to Amy as the argument continues.

Clara: Tell me. Did they ever find out who on the rugby team was your father?
Amy: Well at least my dad didn’t get cheap thrills by fucking drainpi…………….. Aaah!

The interruption comes as Amy suddenly has a large bucket of pancake batter thrown over her. The camera cuts to a longer shot showing Clara also similarly covered, and Dwayne and Porcelain holding a bucket each at the doors.

Porcelain: Finished? There’s plenty more where that came from.
Amy: You numbskull! Your only making things worse.
Clara: Oh, you can talk.
Porcelain: ENOUGH! If you two don’t play nice I’ll start the game now, and you’ll have to work out for yourself what to do. Honestly, I don’t know what was worse, putting up with you two continuously spurning and tormenting me, or putting up with your constant petty bickering.
Dwayne: That’s why we came up with a little game where you can end things, once and for all.
Porcelain: Indeed! If you look above you you’ll see a load of pipes we’ve set up. In a few minutes they’ll be pumping out a load of black treacle, covering anyone still in the room.
Clara: What? What kind of sick idea is that?
Dwayne: Don’t worry. We’ve given you an easy way out if you don’t want that to happen.

Porcelain: If you look at the back of the room you’ll see a trough filled with maple syrup. In it are a number of shapes you should be able to grab using your teeth. All you’ve got to do is slot them in the appropriate shaped slot in the door. Once all the shapes are in place your door will open and you can escape.

Dwayne: There is one thing though. That cord attached to both your waists. It’s also tethering the two of you together via a pulley out back. You’ll notice there’s a limited amount of slack to share between you.

With a final look of acknowledgement between them Porcelain turns over an hourglass and they both walk off.
Amy and Clara both make a dash for the back of the room. The camera cuts to Amy’s stilettos as they step in a whipped cream covered pancake, causing her to slip, and stumble as she just keeps her footing. The camera cuts to Clara, her face inches above the maple syrup. In it we can just make out the geometric shapes lying on the bottom. Each has a small handle attached to it to allow it to be picked up. Clara takes a deep breath and plunges her face down in, until almost her whole head is submerged, the camera cuts to a shot taken under the syrup of Clara feeling for the handle, and grasping it with her teeth. Clara raises her head, and the camera cuts to a front shot of her as she strides forward as quickly as she can. Two thirds of the way there she suddenly stops. The camera cuts to an overhead shot showing that Amy has also made it halfway down the room, and like Clara is desperately trying to push forward. They both struggle and groan for a number of seconds, before the camera cuts to one of the hourglasses, showing about a quarter of the time has gone.
The camera cuts back to Amy as she’s pulled back and falls down on her backside, she is then dragged along the ground, through the pancakes, resulting in her legs and skirt getting covered in the different syrups and sauces. The camera then cuts back to Clara as she slots the first shape into the door, then back to Amy as she struggles to get back to her feet, her hands still cuffed behind her back. After a bit of a struggle she gingerly steps forward, getting closer and closer to the door. The camera cuts to the hour glass, about half the time has gone. It then cuts back to Amy as she gets close to the door, only for her to be stopped, as the camera cuts to Clara who has her second shape and is pulling against her. It looks like Amy is struggling again, so she suddenly takes several steps backwards. Clara is unprepared for this, and the sudden loosening of the strain causes her to tumble forward, dropping the shape she’s holding as she falls down into the messy pancakes, and is then dragged backwards through them as Amy pushes forward to put her shape in.

Clara: Stop being a bitch. I’m running out of time.

The camera cuts back quickly to the hourglass, showing about thirty percent of the time is left.

Amy: Fuck off!!

The camera cuts to Clara as she crouches down to pick up her dropped shape. This time once she has the shape she runs forward as fast as she can as Amy heads back to pick up her second shape. Just as she’s about to reach the door she suddenly halts, and slips down into pancakes, getting more of the cream and sauces on her, dropping her shape for a second time. The camera cuts to a rear view of Amy, who has braced herself with her back to the chain link fence separating the two of them, and is holding onto it as tightly as she can.

Clara: What are you doing?
Amy: If I’m going down I might as well take you with me.
Clara: No! Let go! Right now!
Amy: Come and make me!

In response Clara first tries pulling hard on the chord, and when that fails she marches over to where Amy is holding on, and kicks the chain link , but to little effect. She then takes a step back, and shoulder barges the fence as hard as she can. This causes Amy to sway, but she maintains her grip on the fence. The camera cuts to the hourglass as the sand runs out. A rain of treacle descends from the ceiling. Both Amy and Clara crouch down against the wall to try to protect themselves, but the rain is so intense they’re unable to do anything other than keep there heads down to protect some of their face. Soon both their hair and clothes are completely saturated, their legs and arms are completely covered in a thick, sticky, black layer. After forty to fifty seconds the rain subsides, and the camera cuts to a dejected looking Clara as she plops down into a three inch pool of treacle she’s now in, overcome by exhaustion and rage.

Clara: This is all your fault.

Scene 16:

The camera fades from a shot of Amy, to a computer screen showing the same image of Amy. We zoom out to see a corner of a room where a desk holding the computer is set up. We see one of Porcelain’s allies Garry sitting at the desk, with Dwayne and Porcelain standing behind him, watching over his shoulder. Porcelain has a particularly gleeful look on her face.

Garry: Well they failed. Looks like we’ve got another couple of prisoners. Shall I go down to unlock their wrists?
Porcelain: Let them stew for a little while first.
Garry: Do you think they ever had a chance?
Porcelain: Maybe if they’d actually put there differences aside. Sandy and Dwayne here gave it a couple of goes using just water, and they opened both doors and found the keys to the cuffs with a little time left.
Dwayne: We worked together though, we didn’t waste time fighting each other.
Garry: Do you think I should tell those two that?
Porcelain: I doubt it would be enough to teach them the benefits of co-operation.
Garry: It’d be funny though.
Dwayne: Now all this has been done, is it OK if I get changed so I can rejoin Sandy upstairs.
Porcelain: Are you worried about her? That’s so sweet. Don’t worry, she can take care of herself.
Garry: Be careful though. Now Amy and Clara have disappeared everyone’s bound to start getting even more suspicious. There’s only so much I can do, even having taken control of all the computers and communications here.
Porcelain: Yeah, stay away from Mrs Turnbull. You should be alright convincing everyone else your a new pupil if you have to, but I doubt she’d just let you go.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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2 Responses to Pancake Day 2: Splash Wednesday: Scenes 15 + 16:

  1. TG says:

    Another great part (as was the previous one). I really enjoy the psychological set-ups of Porcelein’s traps. Intriguing that the victims are being kept prisoner in the house rather than dumped in public view like the last series. I await with interest what will happen to them next!


    • Black Opera says:

      What exactly happens to them isn’t a major plot point in itself, it’s got more to do with the location, and story set up. The fact the rest of the college’s pupils and staff are due to return in a few days means their incarceration isn’t permanent, but the fact the victims are still on site, rather than having been taken away to the local hospital will have an impact on things towards the end, particularly when we get to meet the Mrs Turnbull character.


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