Pancake Day 2: Splash Wednesday: Scene 9:

Fans of the series might have noticed a couple of things. Firstly no new cute tagline for this scene. I was tempted to keep up the splash puns (bangers and splash, splashes to splashes, super splash brothers, box office splash) but felt they were going to be a bit too tedious, plus if I do manage to keep this going as a series I’m going to run out of taglines pretty soon anyway, so it makes more sense to switch to one tagline per film, sooner rather than later.
The other difference you might notice is I’m writing an intro for each part now. Partly because I’m uploading at a slower rate, so have the time, but mainly because the traps are more elaborate this time, so there is a bit more to write about in terms of where the ideas came from.

There are a few things from scene 1 I didn’t mention in my last intro as I was concentrating on re-introducing the series as a whole. One thing I’d like to mention is Porcelain’s new outfit, which is actually based on one of my own favourite outfits. For those who haven’t read it elsewhere last year I came out as transgender, and it was around the time I was writing the first pancake day stories. It would be true to say that there was a link there, with the Porcelain character reflecting some of my previously repressed feminine traits, including my some of my preferred dress sense in her look, so now I’ve kind of brought things round full circle by basing her new outfit on one of my own favorites.
The trap from scene 1 doesn’t come from one specific source. I’ve seen a number of places use variations of the overhead mess in containers that falls on people idea, which was the starting point. The idea for the suspended platform was what I came up with when I was trying to think of a more dramatic way of dumping someone in a pool of batter, rather than the standard slide or freefall, and was quite pleased with the image it created.

So now on to this scene. It will probably come as no surprise that I’m a fan of the Saw films. There’s the whole kidnapping someone and putting them to the test format, plus Jigsaw’s “It’s time to play a game” catchphrase is one of the main inspirations for Porcelain’s “It’s playtime” catchphrase. Well a while back I was discussing ideas for what trap we’d design if we were making a Saw film, yeah, sometimes I do have some strange conversations. Anyway, I came up with an idea for one, based around the time I’d tried running up a downwards escalator, while messing around after closing time, at a shop I used to work at. I had to make a few changes to incorporate it into this series, most notably substituting the flaming oil and fire pit with a material more appropriate to this series, but once I done that I was good to go.

Scene 9:

The camera cuts to an overhead shot of a room in a familiar looking dark cellar. This room has another steel bared door at the top, leading down from which is a rusty old looking escalator, consisting of about twenty steps. It’s currently not moving, which is just as well for girl currently lying in a not comfortable looking way across a number of the steps as she would go off the bottom of the escalator, where there’s a five foot drop down into a large bowl. The camera zooms in so we can see the bowl that’s about eight foot across, and is filled with a light brown chocolate moose, topped with a sprinkling of icing sugar.
The camera cuts to a closer and as the girl wakes up. She’s wearing a pastel orange dress with a skirt that reaches about a third of the way down her thigh, where her legs and feet are bare. Her hair is a vivid blonde, although a little darkening around the roots hints that this isn’t her natural hair colour. Her face is heavily made up, covered in a layer of foundation with eyebrows plucked into shape, heavily massacred eyelashes and dark red lipstick.

Porcelain: Hello Jasmine. It’s playtime.

The camera cuts to a shot of a doorway. Behind which stands Porcelain, looking down at Jasmine with a gleeful grin on her face. It cuts back to Jasmine as she wakes up, looking around in surprise.

Jasmine: What is this? Some sort of joke?
Porcelain: Hmmmm. That depends on your perception of humour? For instance you always seemed to find tormenting and humiliating me funny. Personally, I thought it was just cruel.
Jasmine: Who are you?
Porcelain: My name is Princess Porcelain, or just Porcelain to my friends. You can call me Princess.
Jasmine: Oh nm God! You! You’re the one who went all crazy.
Porcelain: I see you’ve heard of me. Good. That means sure must you know I like to play.
Jasmine: Oh my God!

Jasmine gets up in a panic, and climbs up towards the door as she continues to talk.

Jasmine: Come on Porcelain. You don’t have to do this. We can be friends. Please.
Porcelain: Ha! You think that’s going to work. You never wanted to be friends when I didn’t have you at my mercy.
Jasmine: Please! I’ve learnt my lesson. We can be real good friends now. Come on.

As she says this she reaches through the bars, putting her hands on Porcelain’s shoulders.

Porcelain: You know Jasmine, I always wondered what you could achieve if only you focused your energies in the right direction. Those efforts you focused tormenting those you felt were below you. What if you put them into doing something useful? What if you put the effort you put in to always getting other people to do most of your work for you into actually working yourself? What if you put all that effort you put into dieting and calorie counting into a bit of physical excursion, instead of desperately trying to be let off every games class. Well today we’re going to find out how much effort your willing to make to keep your freedom.

As Porcelain says this the sound of a motor is heard. The escalator Jasmine is standing on starts up, moving in a downwards direction. Jasmine is forced to climb upwards at speed just to remain in the same place, and avoid dropping off the end into the chocolate moose. As she struggles to keep moving she pants her next sentence.

Jasmine: Come … on…. Por…cel…lain. …..This … isn’t …. …. fair.
Porcelain: Oh, I’m more than fair Jasmine. That’s why I didn’t give you a game that involved any mental dexterity. In a couple of minutes you’ll here a short buzz. During that time the electronic lock on this door will release, before locking itself again. All you need to do is open the door in that time and you‘ll have your freedom. Of course if you choose not to make an effort there may be some negative consequences for you. Have fun.

With that we see Porcelain walk away, pausing only to turn over an hourglass on a small pedestal before going. The camera cuts to a shot looking down at Jasmine, as she desperately climbs up closer to the door. As nears the top a bucket load of purple coloured syrup suddenly drops on her from above, leaving a sticky purple layer coating her hair and face. She descends several feet down the stairs as she wipes her eyes, and gasps in shock. The camera cuts to the hour glass, we see eighty percent of the sand is left. The camera cuts back to Jasmine, gasping loudly as she climbs up to the door. As she gets close she’s hit by a high spray of red syrup coming from a nozzle next to the door, that coats much of her body. Visibly exhausted she grabs the bars of the door, leaning much of weight on the bars as she struggles to keep moving her legs. The camera briefly cuts to the hourglass, showing around forty percent of the sand left. We cut back to a shot viewing Jasmine through the door, as another bucket load of purple syrup drops down on her. This causes her to stumble, and her feet are taken away from under her. She desperately tries to hold on to the door, but after a few seconds looses her grip and falls down. The camera cuts to an overhead shot as Jasmine desperately tries to stand up. Barely two step lengths from the bottom of the escalator she gets to her feet, and lets out a cry of desperation as she starts to run up the steps again. She lets out a final cry as she desperately calls on what little reserves she has left. The camera cuts back to the hourglass, only a small amount of sand is left. We cut back to Jasmine, who thanks to a burst of adrenalin has sprinted halfway up the escalator. We then hear a loud buzz, and cut to the doors lock where a light turns from red to green, then a few seconds later back to red a few seconds later as the lock activates again. The camera cuts back to Jasmine as a barrage of different coloured syrups drop down from the ceiling. She grabs onto the handrail as she has gone completely spaghetti legged, unable to climb any more. She descends down the escalator, and with a look of panic drops off the edge, falling down into the large bowl of chocolate moose below.
She drops in with a loud splat, descending under the surface of the moose. A few seconds later she sits up, taking numerous deep breaths, chocolate moose clinging to her body in various random splodges. The camera slowly zooms out as an exhausted Jasmine looks around what for now is her new home.

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