The Wammies 2015 – And the winners are…



Best Celebrity Wamming
☆ Christina Tosi ☆

Masterchef Junior
Christina Tosi


Best WAM Show
☆Chega Mais☆

(aka Belas X Feras)


Best Civilian WAM
☆ I’d Do Anything For Joe ☆


The Holy Grail Award
☆ Myleene Comic Relief gunging ☆

with full build-up


The Goolitzer Prize
☆ Tank Talk ☆

by TripleWAM
Episode 1: Cara Delevingne
Episode 2: Charli XCX
Episode 3: USWNT
Episode 4: Rita Ora
Episode 5: Emily Blunt
Episode 6: Kate Upton
Episode 7: Amy Schumer


The Showercap of Shame
☹ Jake Hammond ☹

for harassing celebs and no doubt putting them off getting gunged


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11 Responses to The Wammies 2015 – And the winners are…

  1. terroristpie says:

    Please can you release the full voting results?


    • TG says:

      Christina Tosi 59
      Pilar Rubio 56
      Kirsty Gallacher 47
      Lorna Bancroft 17
      Charlotte Crosby 12
      Syahrini and Raisa Andria 11
      Suzanne Sommer 4

      Chega Mais 78
      Kapışma 42
      Zapp Duel 34
      Swipe TV 23

      I’d Do Anything For Joe 43
      Charis 39
      Mad Lovers Cosplay 36
      Cutie.Red 32
      Amanda Abbot 8

      Myleene for Comic Relief 91
      Charlotte on NHP 51
      Generation Game Conveyer Belt 14

      Jake Hammond 79
      The Pie Face Game 45
      Swipe TV 21
      YouTube 12

      I’ll reserve the Goolitzer scores unless the authors involved say they are happy for them to be released.


      • terroristpie says:

        Thank you!


      • Genuinely surprised Swipe placed third in the showercap vote. Their “crime” was nowhere near as bad as YouTube becoming less and less user-friendly to me. Though like I said, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their awfulness as of late.

        …though I still use the site since there’s no viable alternative for the entertainment I view on it (messy or otherwise). :/


  2. MessySoMessy says:

    Happy that Christina Tosi’s messing won its respective category. Attractive female, colourful thick mess, and NO protective gear – rather, a very nice dress and looking beautiful. I mean isn’t that we have been hoping would happen more often?

    Not happy about shower cap of fame. I often wonder if ‘Jake’ just does it now to piss us off and this furthers it…

    And as for The Goolitzer, well done to my fellow writer TripleWam. Imaginative and fun series to read through!


    • It doesn’t matter if he’s doing it to piss people off or not. He still deserves it either way.


      • TG says:

        It’s worth keeping in perspective we’re not the only fetish to have a “Jake”


        • Henry Lee says:

          Every fetish has one or more “Jakes”. The bigger the fetish, the more creeps there are. There used to be a phenomenon among some members of the tickling community where they’d try to find innocent-sounding ways of getting celebrities to reveal how ticklish they were during Q & As etc.

          However, the concepts of the ‘conventional’ pervert (I wanna see your tits), the foot fetish pervert (I wanna smell your feet) the bondage pervert (I wanna see you tied up) and so on are all relatively well known in society. That a celebrity receives creepy messages about her feet is generally seen as regrettable but inevitable. Some have commented on it.

          WAM, particularly what you might call mainstream gunge, is different in that it’s something that most people wouldn’t normally see as remotely sexual. Thus, when someone like Jake pops up it’s usually a cause of interest for non-wammers. Also, there seem to be a depressing amount of WAM creeps out there, which I guess is just a perception because I know to look out for them but mightn’t even notice other fetishes’ creeps. Nevertheless, it feels like a week doesn’t go by when I don’t notice some new idiot on facebook or twitter thinking they’re being nonchalant.


          • On the topic of commenting, I think it’s interesting when celebrities do tell of their encounters with various fetish fandoms. Keeping with the feet example, as I recall Hayley Williams was freaked out at the existence of a web page that featured pictures of her feet. On the other hand, Cristina Scabbia finds it amusing that people find her feet sexy and doesn’t seem to mind the attention or the existence of her WikiFeet page. They’re very different reactions to the same thing.

            Now admittedly we’re not on the same level of popularity as WikiFeet, but we do fill a similar niche. As such, I’m wondering if Christina Tosi knows about us and if so, what she’d make of her messing not only being on here, but being considered the “best” of 2015. Similar for someone like Cara Delevigne, who’s been in a story considered among the best. To say nothing of someone like Simone Simons, who’s been in both stories and clips posted to the site!


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