The Wammies 2015 – the voting begins!


Polls close at 10 pm GMT on Thursday 28th. If I’ve missed out a nomination or there are any other problems, let me know ASAP.

Best Celebrity Wamming
Best WAM Show
Best Civilian WAM
The Holy Grail Award
The Goolitzer Prize
The Showercap of Shame

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4 Responses to The Wammies 2015 – the voting begins!

  1. jfsredhead says:

    reguarding youtube cloggin pie in face with pie face game at least the clip from ellen show is better then the reguar pie face game


  2. MessySoMessy says:

    Oh how I love the awards season, The Wammies being a highlight!

    Good year for it too this year, glad to see a couple of the nominations in celeb wam and TV show wam I suggested made it in.

    But blimey the Goolitzer prize was hard to vote on this year between two nominees in particular. They may not have been thick and fast but there was some great stories posted up in 2015 on the quiet.

    And as for the Shower Cap of shame, I knew what to vote for right away. God damn vlogging families and their new Christmas present.


  3. Right, so my thoughts on each category.

    Celebrity WAMming is definitely a case of quality topping quantity here. There aren’t many nominees compared to previous years, but they all look like fairly worthy winners.

    I’m going with Zapp Duel for my choice of WAM show, as that was what I nominated. Not much to say on that one.

    I’m not sure whether IDAFJ or Mad Lovers Cosplay really count as “civilian” given their ties to the WAM community. Kudos to them for their charity connection though. Still, if I count them out then, there’s no contest here – Cutie.Red’s messes were pretty great. The fact she’s a ginger gaming metal fan has absolutely no sway on my vote at all. 😉

    Holy Grail’s a bit naff this year. There hasn’t really been a lost clip that’s resurfaced among them, just better versions of stuff that was already out there. I reckon it’ll be between Myleene and Charlotte, with Myleene being my choice.

    I’m a little bit miffed but totally not surprised that none of my works were nominated for the Goolitzer this year! I’m proud of what I put out nevertheless, though I do understand that they’re probably not to anyone’s taste but my own! Good luck to everyone who’s nominated.

    Like civvy, Showercap of Shame’s a no-brainer for me. There’s a crap board game fad that will die out quickly if it hasn’t already, a nitpick at one Swipe TV gunging, YouTube becoming slightly more irritating to use (which is hardly the worst thing YouTube’s done lately), and perennial Twitter nuisance Jake Hammond. Which one got so noticeable that Dave Gorman lampooned it in a rather fashion? Exactly.


  4. Lily says:

    Oh gosh I hope that lame ‘Pie Face game’ wins the Showercap of Shame. It’s been horrendous to try and search for anything WAM Pie related in the last few months. No matter what search filter I use, all I get are videos of that game shot vertically on an iPhone.


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