Meet the new boss, same as the last-but-one boss!

So it looks like I’m running the shop again. I’d like to reiterate my thanks to VanillaXSlime for his services as blog admin, and to wish him well for the future. I’d also like to give my continuing thanks to Byron McSteele, who quietly does a lot of work, in capacity as editor, fixing and updating pages on the site.

A few announcements:

The finds page

The informal nature of the finds page has proven very popular. Even registered authors seem to prefer using it to posting on the front page. The downside, as pointed out in discussion a few months ago, is that it is very hard to find (ironically) anything posted more than a couple of weeks ago.

I’m not really sure what can be done about this; it’s perhaps a fundamental limitation of the blog format. But to improve the level of organisation, I have forked the finds page into two: TV finds (plus film, music videos, internet shows, etc) and civilian finds (personal stuff posted to YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, etc). There may well be the odd find that fits into both or neither of the classifications, in which case just choose one; it doesn’t matter. The old finds page is now archived and closed to new comments.

Submit your own banners

Following the idea of Lily et al, you are duly encouraged to submit your own banners to appear at the top of the site! Simply download the banner template and use a graphics manipulation program (such as the wonderful GIMP) to fill the green area (652 by 198 pixels) with your chosen image(s).

Then you can either email your banner to me (address at the bottom-left of the blog) or upload to an image-sharing site and link in a comment. If possible please include info and a link to the picture or video featured, to be used in the banner index. You will of course be credited for making the banner.

The Wammies vote

…will up soon!


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Hunter of WAM media, author of WAM fiction, founder and administrator of the independent and community-led blog
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7 Responses to Meet the new boss, same as the last-but-one boss!

  1. Lily says:

    I really like these changes! The ‘Finds’ format will make it easier to find content, the Banner submissions will be a great way for users to contribute content for the site (The Banner index of 500-559 will have to be changed though to 500+ or something seeing as there are more banners now) and I am also looking forward to the Wammies vote!


  2. I just thought of a question (though I post my finds straight to the main page so it won’t affect me personally…)

    Where do things like film clips, music videos etc. go?


  3. Y2Gunge says:

    Ok I’ve started to go a bit overboard I guess with the making of banners. Last ones tonight I promise, I’ll go have a beer:

    Which is from


    which is from


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