Comeuppance – Episode 2 result


The segment opens with a wide-angle view of the Mucky Dip. Sian is standing by the chair, flanked by the pair of burly guards. The camera zooms in.

Sian: Welcome to the final part of this the second episode of Comeuppance! You the public have delivered your verdict; now it’s time to administer the punishment! Be informed, ladies and gentlemen, that voting is closed as of now. If you try to vote, it won’t count and you might still get charged for the call.

Sian and the guards walk over to the area in front of the cages, where the contestants are awaiting the news.

Sian: Ladies, we’re just doing the final verification and then its c-time! Victoria, you had a clear lead earlier on. Feeling the pressure?

Victoria: [cringing] I’m hoping it’s turned around.

Sian: And it could well have done, because there has been a lot of votes since the update. That means nobody’s safe, are they, Nadine?

Nadine: [grimly] Nope.

Sian: Yasmin, you’ve gone through this once already. Reckon your luck might have run out?

Yasmin: [unconvincingly] No, I think I’ll scrape it.

Sian: [touches her earpiece] The final result is in!

The lights dim except for three lonely spotlights on the three cages. Dramatic ambient music plays.

Sian: The public have cast their judgement, and their decision is as follows:


Yasmin slumps against the bars of her cage, as the lights snap back on and the spectators cheer.

Yasmin: [half laughing half groaning] No-ho-ho!!

Victoria clenches her fists in front of her and laughs, open-mouthed, with relief. Nadine also grins.

Sian: Oh yes! The tables have turned! Lads, please prepare this lady for takeoff!

The guards unlock Yasmin’s cage and march her, still groaning, towards the chair. Sian, meanwhile, unlocks Nadine’s cage.

Sian: Nadine, it grieves me to deliver this news, but you and your smart suit are going back to Newcastle fresh, clean and dry. How do you feel?
Nadine: Fabulous! [Grins and raises hands in the air]

Sian: Thought as much. You also get this Jammy Dodger trophy to take with you on tax inspections, so that you can really rub it in to the poor taxpayers. Thanks for coming on the show.

Nadine:jammyDodgerTrophy Thank you Sian, I enjoyed it. I’ll also enjoy going through your tax return; make sure it isn’t late!

Sian: [frowns] Ladies and gentlemen, a resentful round of applause for Nadine please!

The audience do a slow handclap as Nadine walks off stage.

SianVictoria6 goes over to Victoria’s cage.

Sian: Victoria, it really looked like you were for it, but the public have granted you a reprieve… for now.

Victoria: [still slightly giddy with relief] I’m very grateful. Thank you!

Sian: The bad news is you’re still on the market for a messing. We’ll be seeing you again next week, and you may get your comeuppance yet!

Victoria nods and shrugs as Sian walks away. Sian approaches the white plinth with the big red button set into the top.

Sian: It’s been another incredible episode. Thank you everybody for your participation and support. Now here comes the bit you’ve all been waiting for: Yasmin the check-in clerk has reached cruise altitude, and she’s about to experience some turbulence!

Foreboding music begins to play. The scene switches to a rim-side view at the Mucky Dip, the undulating surface of the custard-like gunk stretching out before the camera. The camera moves upwards, meeting a pair of feet about a metre above the rim. Encased in silky transparent tights, Yasmin’s pink-painted toenails point down at the gunge. The camera ascends her shapely legs, her thighs exposed due to her skirt riding up in her seated position. Next comes her torso, clad in her bulky jacket, and finally Yasmin’s face comes into view. The smile is still there, albeit a very sheepish one as she peers down at the yellow-green fate that awaits her.

Yasmin faces her comeuppance

The music fades out.

Sian: Look at her up there! She thought she was going to get away with it, but her misdeeds have finally caught up with her!

Sian places her hand on the big button. Yasmin whimpers. Her shoulders hunch and she clasps her hands in front of her.

Sian: Yasmin, on behalf of everyone who’s been stung by exorbitant charges at the check-in counter, HERE IS YOUR COMEUPPANCE!!

Sian hammers the button. Sparks fly around the studio and the spotlights flash full beam. After watching Sandra’s demise the week before, Yasmin knows to keep her mouth shut. She plummets with her lips clamped together and her cheeks puffed up. A ring of goo jumps into the air as she vanishes into the Mucky Dip, quickly followed by a powerful wave washing over the rim and running nastily down the outside of the vat. Only the chair cables remain in sight, jerking from side to side as an unpleasant gurgling sound effect plays.

After a couple of seconds the cables pull tight and a brightly-coloured, human-shaped hulk of gunge is hauled into view, while the audience goes berserk and wah wah wah wahhhh!! sounds. Yasmin’s regal blue jacket is now a garish medley of yellows and greens, the goo hanging from it in big snotty chunks as her shoulders quiver. Her blouse and necktie are likewise recoloured. The gunge coats Yasmin’s squirming thighs and saturates her tights, and has pooled in the seat of her skirt.

As for Yasmin’s head, it is a mere misshapen lump on her shoulders, mostly a hay yellow but with a streak of blue on one side. It is impossible to know where her face ends and her hair starts. The only discernible feature is her mouth, frozen in a contorted expression, halfway between dropping open in shock and curling up in disgust. Her flapping hands rise up and scoop out great heaps of goo from around her eyes. Yasmin’s head spasms from side to side and her shoulders shake more vigorously. As her mouth starts to move, she emits a series of strange, clucking squeals.

Yasmin: Wuh-huh-huh-huh! Wuh-huh-huh-huh!!

A payload of gloopy purple gunge descends from above, pelting Yasmin’s head, shoulders and back.

Yasmin: Wuh-huh-huh-HAH-HAH-HAH!!! Ohhhhh!!

Sian: My oh my!! Absolutely marvellous! She made one hell of a splash landing! That was a richly deserved comeuppance and I’m sure it will look even more satisfying in super slow-mo.

The scene shows a slow motion replay of Yasmin plunging to her doom, looking very comical with her pressed lips, puffed cheeks and almost closed eyes.

Sian: And from above!

The scene switches to a bird’s eye replay. The gunge is so thick that it appears to deform elastically, indenting as Yasmin’s legs sink into it. As the base of the chair hits, a large wave radiates outward, partially spilling over the rim with the rest rebounding to close over Yasmin’s head, swallowing her up.

Sian: And finally the poolside view!

The rim-side camera shows Yasmin’s tight-encased feet and legs pierce through the surface of the thick, wobbling gunk. Her backside splashes down, causing goo to splurt up between her thighs. There’s just time to see Yasmin’s screwed up, gunge-splattered face before the surging gunge reaches the camera and the lens is obscured.

The scene returns to the present, where Yasmin has wiped the worst of the muck from around her eyes, cheeks and mouth. An isolated blob clings to the tip of her nose. There are finger marks through the various coloured layers in her hair. She is now smiling and laughing, taking her humiliation with good humour.

Sian: Yaz, what’s the muck like?

Yasmin: Euuugghhh… it’s cold, smelly and disgusting! My uniform is absolutely full of it!

To prove her point she pushes the lapels of her jacket, causing gunk to splurge out. The audience laughs.

Sian: Well you can keep it in there and take it back with you to your check-in counter. That’ll have your passengers reaching for the oxygen masks! Ha ha ha!

Yasmin: [with a rueful smirk] Woe betide, Sian, if you ever turn up at my counter!

Sian: [snootily] I fly BA. Seriously though Yaz, you’ve been a fantastic sport and we’ve enjoyed your company these past two episodes, so thanks for putting yourself forward.

Yasmin grins and raises a hand to wave to the audience. At that moment a batch of dark green goo descends, giving her hair and shoulders a fresh coating and causing her to duck and squawk.

Sian: Oooo!! There goes the baggage drop! Thanks for watching folks, and remember: if a profession really gets your goat, let us know. It could be them in the Mucky Dip! Good night!

Sian stands at the edge of the stage and waves as the camera zooms out. The camera sweeps across the audience, who are dancing and clapping to the funky outro music. The scene then switches to Victoria looking concerned in her cage, and finally back to Yasmin, who is trying to wipe the goo out of her hair. She flashes a wry smile to the camera and waves. Another load of gunge, this time red, drops on her just as the shot fades. The closing scene is a slow-mo replay of Yasmin emerging from the Mucky Dip, caked in the yellow-green muck.

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  1. Henry lee says:

    This is a great series already.


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