The Wammies 2015: Nominations

This is the fourth year this has been ran now, and I’m up for having one again. I might do a spiffy logo, I might not. I dunno. Anyway, same categories as ever, and right now we’re just looking for suggestions for who to vote for.

Best Celebrity Wamming: Self-explanatory; any media personality who got gunged, pied, pitted in mud or whatever else, as long as it was messy and (preferably!) as long as it was good.

Best Messy Show: Another simple one. Any TV show from anywhere in the world, so long as it aired in 2015 and delivered mess on a regular basis.

Best Civilian WAM: Any clip or event where someone other than a media personality or a WAM model got messy.

The Holy Grail Award: For any clip that was previously lost in the mists of time and was revealed in the last year.

The Goolitzer Prize: For WAM fiction that was written and posted here in 2015.

The Showercap of Shame: For when something just didn’t go our way, or was a massive let-down. I know some of you have plenty of ideas for this “award”!

And, if there’s enough of a response to it, I’d like to add another category: Best Producer-created Wamming: For any messy clip or photoset that was created specifically to titillate the consumer.

Please only nominate one thing for each category, and where possible try to nominate something different to what someone else has already put. You don’t need to nominate for all seven categories, however. I’ll keep the nominations up until the 26th AKA what would be Boxing Day if it hadn’t fallen on a Saturday this year.

About VanillaXSlime

So I'm a WAM author (Suzi's Slop Drop, The Kayotics, The A-Z of Gunge II, Goo Your Own Way, miscellaneous other stuff), the administrator of, a fan of metal, punk and gothic music, an occasional cosplayer and bassist. Twitter: ECG: UMD:
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36 Responses to The Wammies 2015: Nominations

  1. wamfan101 says:

    Best civilian? Video is called Charis gunging. Making a slight assumption on the age, views welcome, Havent posted a link yet until verified. Video on YouTube


  2. Showercap of Shame: Youtube removing the All Activity section from subscriptions. I’m pretty sure most of us have found new videos from likes or favorites of people we subscribe to.


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