Pancake Day: Scene 42: Playtime is over:

This is the final scene of my Pancake Day series. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read it, and give me feedback, and Happy Halloween.

The camera cuts to a scene in an old abandoned cake factory. Around the room are various strange pieces of machinery, many rusted beyond repair, but notably a few look like they’ve seen recent use. It’s dimly lit, with many of the bulbs being burnt out or flickering.
Suddenly Porcelain runs into shot. As the camera tracks her we see she’s not presented as immaculately as she usually is. Her face paint and make up is smeared, there’s a rip in one of her tights, and several splashes of various messy substances can be seen on her clothing. As she reaches a doorway she stops, and grabs one of her chlorofoam pies located on a table there, and turns around.

Porcelain: STOP IT! This isn’t playtime. This is sleepy time!!

Porcelain throws her chlorofoam pie with a lot of force. For the next few seconds the camera follows the pie as it flies threw the air, until it is suddenly knocked out the air by someone swinging a frying pan. The camera pans out to show the holder of the frying pan, Elysia. She is looking much the worse for wear, coated not just in the batter and strawberry syrup from her game, but also eggs, flour and splashes of chocolate she’s been hit with during her fight with Porcelain. The handcuffs are still on her wrists, but the chain linking them has been broken. Most notably a number of lumps of white chlorafoam can be seen on her, but crucially none is on her face, meaning so far she has avoided the chlorafoams sleep enducing effects.

Elysia: I’m done playing games Porcelain. Just give it up.
Porcelain: No! Not until you play fairly! You used you hands! That’s cheating!

Porcelain then turns away, ducking through a curtain covering the door she’s standing in front of. As Elysia charges through after her the camera briefly pauses on a sign saying Porcelain’s Throne Room.

The camera cuts to Elysia entering the room, then turns around to see what she see’s. We see a large room, on the far wall is a short set of steps leading up to a golden throne. There is a small pedestal like table next to the throne. On the steps we see a varied collection of dolls and soft toys, many have a body part missing, or have been torn open, exposing their stuffing. As the camera pans around the room we spot six large pools of various messy substances, pancake batter, chocolate and banana custard, blueberry, strawberry and maple syrup. We also see a counter with cupboards an oven and hob set up on it, and various kitchen implements hanging up behind it. Finally the camera settles on a large desk, with lots of pieces of paper on them, with schematics and ideas for Porcelains games drawn on in colourful felt tip.

The camera pulls back to a final overview of the room, when suddenly, with a loud scream Porcelain bursts into shot. The camera cuts to where we can see Porcelain tackling Elysia. Elysia falls over, and falls down face first. She lands in a giant chlorafoam pie, the crust being a four foot diameter inflatable black paddling pool, the foam is piled twelve inches high. After the impact Porcelain stands up and dusts herself off.

Porcelain: Finally.

With Elysia lying motionless in the pie Porcelain climbs the steps up to her throne. She reclines on it sideways, her back resting on one armrest, her legs draped over the other, with her 7 inch stilletto heels dangling in the air. She reaches over to the pedestal, taking a hand mirror in her left hand and a small sponge applicator for her face paint in her right, which she uses to tidy up her smeared face paint.

Porcelain: Look at the mess you made. How am I supposed to be the perfect princess with you causing so much trouble. Well never mind, it doesn’t look like your going anywhere for a while, except maybe back in my gunge tank. This time I’ll secure your hands properly to make sure you play fair. Then the whole world can watch you play with me one last time.

With one last check of her face paint Porcelain stands back up and makes her way back down the steps towards Elysia. She crouches down and takes a handful of dress around Elysia’s shoulders to drag her up. As she does the camera cuts to Elysia’s face, which miraculously is still clean. The camera cuts again to where Elysia’s face was in the pie. We see the frying pan there which Elysia was able to use to protect her face and avoid the effects of the chlorafoam. Before Porcelain can see this Elysia grabs the frying pan and swings the frying pan hard into Porcelain’s side. The blow catches Porcelain off balance, causing her to stumble and let go of Elysia. Elysia scoops the frying pan through the giant chlorafoam pie, filling the pan with the foam. With a mighty grunt she lunges at the stunned Porcelain, swinging the contents of the pan at her face, and connecting with a mighty blow. The camera cuts to Porcelain’s face, now completely masked in a layer of thick white foam. We see Porcelain blindly stumble around as she becomes more and more woozy as the result of the chlorafoam now covering her face. The camera cuts to Elysia, all but her face now covered in a thick layer of white chlorafoam, who continues to grab handfuls of the chlorafoam and throw them at Porcelain. The camera cuts back to Porcelain, woozy and being hit by a continuous barrage of chlorafoam, as she blindly stumbles to one of the large pools around the room, the one filled with maple syrup. The camera cuts to a shot showing both girls as Elysia charges at Porcelain, and with one last mighty swing of the frying pan sends her tumbling into the giant pool of maple syrup. The camera focuses on the pool as Porcelain goes splashing in. She goes completely under, but then sticks her syrup covered head up to scream out some last words:

Porcelain: No! This isn’t fair! You cheated! You cheated!

As Porcelain completely submerges into the syrup the camera cuts back to Elysia.

Elysia: I don’t play by your rules.

With that Elysia exhales deeply, as she lets herself finally collapse onto the ground. As she sits there she discards the frying pan, and starts to slowly wipe the foam off her body. The camera lingers about twenty seconds before quickly cutting to outside the factory. We see a convoy of police cars, sirens blaring, pulling up outside.

The camera cuts back to Elysia, a huge pile of foam can be seen next to her, but a thin layer still clings to her body. She lets out a laugh of joyous relief.
Suddenly Porcelain bursts out the pool of syrup, with a loud cry she lunges towards Elysia. Elysia lets out a loud scream as she desperately tries to fight Porcelain off.

Roll closing titles.

By the same Author
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About Black Opera

A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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4 Responses to Pancake Day: Scene 42: Playtime is over:

  1. wolf324 says:

    A very nice wrap-up to the series, with a thrilling final confrontation that kept me guessing right the way through. I thought Porcelain had come out on top there for a moment, until the neat reveal with the frying pan. Of course, the ending with her emerging from the pool was classic horror, and a strong note for the series to end on.

    I enjoyed the concept of skipping over a number of scenes; it could have been confusing but you did a good job giving the reader enough information to fill in the blanks themselves.

    Great job, and a Happy Halloween to you!


  2. TG says:

    This was a very enjoyable and fun series, and interesting change to have script format. I actually listened to this on text-to-voice (for no other reason than being too busy and tired to read) and it came over really well. It’s a good format for fast-paced action and dialogue, though lacks depth when it comes to atmosphere and emotional response. I guess a script needs to be acted out to be appreciated to the full…


    • Black Opera says:

      Thanks. It’s an interesting trade off using the script format. I think it’s the right one for this series though as it helped a lot with the action sections, and Porcelain aside most of the characters aren’t given enough time to become that developed. They’re based on some of the tropes you see in a lot of exploitation horror films. In order of appearance it’s: Clique Leader, Beauty Queen, Sexy Geek, Goth, Town Trouble Makers, Kick Ass Final Girl.


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