Pancake Day: Scene 37: It was Panned by the Critics

WARNING: There is a brief mention of manure in this scene. It’s only used for a short section, so I don’t think it should be a problem for most readers, but if a small mention of it will upset you this is your warning.

The camera cuts to a scene of a woman struggling in a small enclosed room, barely three foot square. We see that three of the walls are made from old rusty metal, the fourth is made from some sort of thick plastic, that by the looks of it used to be clear, but is now to scratched and dirty to see out of, but it still lets some light through.
The camera focuses on, the woman. Her hands are securely handcuffed behind her back. She’s wearing a red, knee length summer dress decorated with white polka dots. The love of red continues with a pair of red designer trainers, and her hair that is dyed a vibrant flame red, with 2 pigtail plats on either side of her head. She wears dark lipstick, which is of course red, along with dark eye shadow. The camera then cuts to a shot from the top of the room, where we look down on her as we hear a familiar voice call out:

Porcelain: Hello Elysia. It’s playtime.
Elysia: You!
Porcelain: How do you like my little gunge tank?
Elysia: Let me go you monster.
Porcelain: Why would I do that after I went to so much trouble? Those spoilsport police really tried to stop us playing. They searched the carnival and closed down all my play rooms there. They arrested Dwayne and Gary, and all they did was help me make my play equipment.
Elysia: Those creeps.
Porcelain: That’s not nice! Maybe if you lot had been nicer to them they wouldn’t have been so eager to help a pretty little damsel in distress like me. Don’t worry though. I was still able to distract all those spoilsport police, so I could bring you to my little palace to play. Let’s give my gunge tank a go.

Elysia lets out a scream as a deluge of batter drops on her from somewhere off screen. As the deluge subsides we see the batter now clinging to much of her body, including her hair and the back off her dress. She looks back up, her face still clean, but all her hair around it is completely soaked. Unable to wipe herself off while handcuffed she tries to shake off some of the mess.

Porcelain: Now wasn’t that fun? Aren’t you glad you came? Oh, but where are my manners? Let me let you out so we can talk face to face.

We see the plastic wall of the gunge tank slide to one side. We see Elysia hesitantly look through the door.

Porcelain: Come on. Unless you want to play in the gunge tank some more.

The camera cuts to another overhead shot of the next room. It’s about sixty foot square. Attached to one of the walls is an old diving board. We see Elysia step out onto it, and the door slide shut behind her. As the camera zooms down we see she is located 12 foot over a large pool of horse manure, that covers the entire floor of the room. The depth is uncertain, but it looks deep.
The camera cuts again to behind Elysia’s shoulder. Looking over it we see a doorway at the end of the diving board. It is currently blocked by a barrier made of metal bars. On the other side of it we see Porcelain with a joyful expression on her face. Elysia rushes forward towards her. As she does thick red strawberry syrup suddenly sprays out from a pair of nozzles, located either side of the doorway. The syrup sprays high into the air, covering Elysia from head to toe, leaving her gasping as she blinks her eyes open.

Porcelain: You be careful.
Elysia: You bitch.
Porcelain: Such language! Be careful there might be kids watching.

The camera zooms in to a web-cam set up on the wall, pointing towards where Elysia is located in the middle of the room.

Elysia: Who’s watching?
Porcelain: Oh everyones watching Elysia. This is being transmitted live online, so the whole world can see all the fun your having.
Elysia: Porcelain, please. Something is clearly wrong. You need professional help. Just let me go, then we can take you somewhere where you can get the help you need.
Porcelain: I’m doing nothing wrong. All I want is for people to play with me. I’ve gone to so much trouble so you can play in my little swimming pool. Why don’t you dive in?
Elysia: No!
Porcelain: It doesn’t matter. In a few minutes the diving board your on is going to slide back into the wall, and you’ll go plunging down, then the whole world will see you plunging into my big pool of stinky horse manure. Then my revenge will finally be complete, and no-one will dare to ever refuse to play with me ever again. Ha-Ha!
Elysia: You don’t have to do that. Go on, open the door and we can play together.
Porcelain: Really?
Elysia: Yes really.
Porcelain: Your lying! You just want to avoid playing my game.
Elysia: No, that’s not it.
Porcelain: Then you won’t mind playing then. If you want the door to open all you have to fill up the chalice next to the door there with liquid.

The camera cuts to a bracket next to the door, where a large glass chalice is attached to the wall, then cuts back to Porcelain’s grinning face.

Porcelain: Don’t worry I’ve provided plenty of liquid for you to use.

The camera cuts back to Elysia as another torrent of strawberry syrup sprays high into the air, covering her once again.

Porcelain: Oh, I forgot, your handcuffed. Not for the first time I bet. Well you’ll just have to put that big mouth of yours to good use.

Porcelain then turns over an hourglass and walks away.

Elysia: Porcelain no!

Another barrage of syrup sprays into the air. Elysia opens her mouth, trying to catch as much as she can. She then closes her mouth and cautiously makes her way forward, her footing unsteady due to both the syrup and the instability of the diving board. She reaches the chalice and spits out a large mouthful of syrup. She then has to edge her way slowly backwards, and waits for another spray of syrup. Shaking the syrup out her eyes she makes her way forward again to spit out another mouthful of syrup. At this point she glances out the doorway. The camera cuts to the hourglass, already a third of the sand has gone. The camera cuts to the chalice that is barely 20 percent full.
The camera cuts to Elysia’s syrup covered face, a look of realisation comes across it. This time she edges further back along the board, to where it’s less slippery and more stable. She crouches down and steps back over the handcuffs, bringing her hands in front of her. She goes back to the syrup, this time catching a large pool in her hands as well as in her mouth. She edges towards the chalice and deposits both the syrup in her hands and mouth into it. A few quick camera cuts show the chalice is now about three quarters full, but only 20 percent of the sand is left. Elysia steps back yet again, and after an agonising delay another torrent of syrup sprays up. Barely pausing Elysia walks forward as fast as she dares with another handful of syrup. Just as the she reaches the edge of the board the camera cuts to the hourglass. A siren blares out as it runs out of sand. We cut back to an overhead shot as the diving board starts to steadily retract into the wall, moving Elysia further away from the door. She desperately reaches out, and is just able to get her hands over the chalice and drop the last syrup into it, filling it to the brim. A bell is heard ringing out as the bars on the door start to slowly rise, portcullis style into the air, creating a gap at the bottom. We see Elysia is now about six foot from the door as she crouches down and dives at it head first. She barely makes it, her torso diving through the door, leaving her madly scrambling to climb up further, until she gets her legs through the door as well.

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