Pancake Day: Scene 31: Assault and Batter Me:

The camera cuts to a large hayloft. In it we see two cylinder shaped cages. The bottom half being made of a blue plastic barrel, the top half and roof are made out of chain link fencing. Near the top, running between the two cages appears to be a long length of black plastic guttering, hanging from a pivot in the centre. At either end it sticks into a slit in each cage where there is a handle that can be used to tilt the guttering up and down.
We see two people stir in the cages. One, Launa, is a slim, short brunette and wears a pair of white denim hot pants, a pink top, cut low enough to allow the edge of her black bra to be seen. She has large hooped earrings and heavy make-up. The other, Sandy, is taller and of a more chubby build, with long brunette hair coming down to her waist. She wears a white t-shirt with a picture of a rock star on it and dark blue jeans.

Launa: What the fuck is happening?
Porcelain: Hello Launa. Hello Sandy. It’s playtime.
Launa: You! Your that psycho that was on the news.
Porcelain: Oh, don’t pretend you don’t know me. It was you two that helped make me who I am today. Sure it was Clarity and Mika’s little sorority that wanted to sabotage my entry into the baking competition, but it was you they paid to do such a naughty thing.
Launa: You can’t prove anything you bitch.
Porcelain: Oh Launa. For someone who revels in challenging those in authority your pretty happy to use the system to protect yourself when it suits you. Sure the police can’t prove anything, but anyone who listens to the gossip knows it was you. If only you’d owned up, you’d currently be getting the same protection Elysia is getting. Don’t worry though. Those spoilsport policemen can’t stop me from playing with her forever. For now though it looks like I’ve got you two to play with.
Launa: When I get out of here I’m going to beat the shit out of you.
Porcelain: Really? The last four people I played with are now too ashamed to ever show their face in this town again. I’ve taught them to be nice in future, now it’s your turn.
Sandy: Helen please. Just let us go.
Porcelain: Helen’s gone Sandy. It’s Princess Porcelain now. Just like how the old you has gone. Remember when you and Helen used to play together, then you started hanging out with this nasty girl, who made you do all sorts of nasty things. I always wondered are you really such a naughty girl, or are you just too lazy to stand up for yourself. Well soon we’re going to find out.
Sandy: Come on Porcelain. We can all be friends again.
Porcelain: We’re all friends. That’s why I brought you here to play with my see-saw.

The camera cuts to show the black plastic guttering hanging from the ceiling, in the centre we see a pipe that opens out in to the centre of it.

Porcelain: In a minute lots of my lovely pancake batter is going to pump down it and onto you two. Of course it’s up to you two how you tip the see-saw.
Launa: Is that supposed to scare us?
Porcelain: Of course not. This is supposed to be fun. That’s not the only fun thing I have for you though, look at the floor.

The camera cuts to the floor, where there is an obvious slight gap going across it, set up to open like a trapdoor. The camera keeps focused on it as Porcelain continues.

Porcelain: That trapdoor your standing on. If you put too much weight on it, like the weight from all that batter for instance, it will open up, and you’ll get to play on my giant slide. Won’t that be fun. I’d be careful about the landing though.
Sandy: Why?
Porcelain: Because at the bottom is a giant pool of stinky, icky mess, that everyone in the barn below will see you go splashing right in to. Then they’ll see you wallowing in all that mess.
Launa: You are fucking dead.
Porcelain: I’m afraid shouting or violence isn’t going to get you out this predicament Launa. Have fun.

As Porcelain leaves the camera cuts back to the pipes outlet, that starts to pump a heavy torrent of the thick pancake batter. The camera cuts to Launa, who almost immediately grabs the handle to tip the see-saw down in Sandy’s direction. The camera cuts to Sandy who is hit by a large amount of batter, soaking her hair and t-shirt. She holds up her hands to protect herself as she looks up, and grabs the handle herself, raising it so it’s horizontal again, resulting in both her and Launa being hit by the flow of batter. Shes forced to hold on to in order to avoid it going down again.

Sandy: Come on Launa. Maybe we can get out of this.
Launa: No you let go Sandy. You still want us to be friends don’t you.
Sandy: I don’t want everyone to see me covered in gunk. Maybe we can avoid the trapdoor opening until the batter runs out. We could divert the flow outside the cage.
Launa: No, one of us has to go down the slide, and if you don’t do it Sandy I won’t be your friend anymore. Ill hate you forever.
Sandy: Really:
Launa: Go on. Let go.

The camera cuts to the underside of Sandy’s trapdoor as it creaks slightly. The gap opening up slightly due to the weight. The camera cuts to Sandy as she readjusts her stance, spreading her legs wide to reduce the weight on the centre of the trapdoor.

Sandy: Launa please. My doors about to go.
Launa: Let it, otherwise Im going to hate you.

There’s a few seconds pause, then Sandy thrusts the handle of the see-saw as far up as she can reach it, tipping the see-saw down in Launa’s direction, causing all the batter to fall down on her.

Launa: What are you doing?
Sandy: Fuck you Launa. You were never a true friend. You always get me into trouble. You never cared about me. You just wanted someone you could tell what to do. Well this time I’m not listening.
Launa: Sandy! Stop it!

The camera zooms in on Launa as she desperately tries to stop the batter. She tries pushing the handle up, but her shorter height means she can’t raise it high enough. She then desperately starts grabbing handfuls of batter and throwing them outside the cage, but she can’t empty it faster than the flow of batter coming in. After about 30 seconds Launa suddenly drops from view. The camera quickly tracks over to look down the now open trapdoor which she has down disappeared.

The camera cuts to the inside of a large barn. Inside are set up a collection of animal pens, each housing a different species of farm animal. A large number of families and groups are walking around viewing the various unusual species. Suddenly a loud siren goes off as a curtain on the far side of the barn slides open, revealing a large circular pool full of wet mud mixed in with a large number of eggs. Straw and egg shells still float on the surface. We see members of the crowd look on in shock. A uniformed police officer rushes to the edge of the pool, urgently talking on his walkie talkie. The camera zooms on in a large black plastic tube, the exit of which is at the far edge of the pool. We hear a loud scream, and Launa and a large amount of batter comes flying out the tube. Launa splashes into the pool of eggs and mud, being completely submerged on landing. It’s a few seconds before she is able to stand, revealing her hair, head and upper body completely covered in the egg and mud mixture. She gasps and wipes her eyes, when we her a sudden whoosh. From the ceiling descends a large cloud of chicken feathers that fall down and thickly coat both the surface of the pool and Launa, leaving her flailing in the pool completely covered in mess.

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About Black Opera

A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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3 Responses to Pancake Day: Scene 31: Assault and Batter Me:

  1. wolf324 says:

    This one would have to be my personal favorite. Having two victims this time was a great twist on the formula, and having them battling it out with the see-saw to try and make sure the other one got sent down the trapdoor was a great concept well executed. I really liked Launa as the aggressive, bitchy character who tries to threaten or push around the other characters. While some of the dialogue could still maybe use a little fine-tuning, it made for probably the best exchanges with Porcelain so far. We get to see a bit more personality from her, and ended up getting a little more insight into the (deranged) workings of her mind. Like a lot of classic horror villains, it’s interesting to see that she has a somewhat sympathetic (if delightfully silly!) origin story.

    I was glad to see Launa get it in the end, and that Sandy saw her for what she really was. She came across as a pretty unpleasant piece of work, so I enjoyed seeing her messy downfall play out.


  2. henrylee1 says:

    I like the premise and set-pieces of this series but personally I prefer traditional narrative. stories to the script formula.


    • Black Opera says:

      The script formula isn’t something I’d use all the time, but I used it here because I think it fitted the idea of a slasher/horror film homage. It’s always interesting to try something a little different as a writer.


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