Pancake Day: Scene 26: You‘ll Totally Flip:

The camera cuts to Christabel lying sleeping on the floor. She wears a black t-shirt, and a leather miniskirt. She has long black hair, and is wearing dark red lipstick and heavy dark purple eye shadow. Finishing the outfit is a pair of black mid heel boots. As the camera pans up we see her right wrist has a secure looking metal shackle around it, that is chained to a large steel ring that is secured around another heavy looking chain. As she stirs a large splash of chocolate sauce suddenly hits her in the face. She suddenly opens her eyes in shock, her face dripping with chocolate syrup. She looks at her shackled wrist in shock.
The camera cuts to show Porcelain holding a large bucket, now almost empty.

Porcelain: Wake up sleepy head.
Christabel: You! What are you doing. The cops are looking everywhere for you.
Porcelain: Those nasty spoilsports. Dont worry. Theyre all searching around the ghost house where I left one of my chairs. They dont realise Im bored playing with them.
Christabel: They’ll get you eventually.
Porcelain: I wouldn’t worry about them. They’re not going to spoil our little play date. Look where we are.

The camera pans round to reveal a large pool of partially melted ice-cream. There are a number of rapid camera cuts to reveal a large twisted structure made from scaffold poles. On various parts we see wooden panels screwed on. Painted on the panels are pictures of demented looking clowns. We also see the chain Christabel is shackled to running through the frame in a long and twisted route.

Porcelain: So Christabel. Do you like my climbing frame? Playing on it’s going to be so much fun.
Christabel: Look Helen, I’m sorry about what happened.
Porcelain: My name’s not Helen. It’s Princess Porcelain.
Christabel: Porcelain. I didn’t expect things to end like they did. I just thought they were going to sabotage your entry into the baking competition. If I’d known you’d end up humiliated in front of the whole carnival like that I would have stopped it.
Porcelain: Well you didn’t stop it did you. All of you were always so horrible to me. You were all just jealous because I was smarter, prettier and baked better cakes than all of you. That’s why you all cast me aside and never played with me.
Christabel: I didn’t know that’s how you felt.
Porcelain: Well now I’m going to find you all and make you play with me. Your going to play in my climbing frame Christabel. Otherwise do you know what will happen?
Christabel: What?
Porcelain: If your still in here when your time runs out that curtain’s going to swing open, and the sprinklers up on the ceiling will activate. They won’t sprinkle water though, but lots of thick sticky chocolate syrup, which everyone here will see you get covered in. Won’t that be fun.
Christabel: You monster!

Christabel lunges herself at Porcelain, but Porcelain simply steps back where she’s out of reach of a still shackled Christabel. Porcelain laughs manically as she turns over an hourglass and walks away.

Porcelain: It’s playtime.

Christabel tries pulling hard on both the chain and her shackle, but neither gives way. She lets out a grunt of annoyance before looking towards the pool. She moves the shackle along the chain until she’s at the edge of the pool where she hesitantly steps in. She inhales sharply in response to the cold temperature of the ice-cream that comes up to her knees. She takes the chain in her left hand and moves along it until she reaches the first obstacle. The camera cuts to a low shot looking up of a number of large metal hoops sticking out from the melted ice-cream. We see Christabel crawling towards the camera on all fours.
The camera cuts to behind Christabel as she reaches a tower like structure. It’s square, with four poles, with rungs between the poles which the chain weaves in and out of. Christabel has to crouch down, her chin dipping into the ice-cream, to duck under the first rung. The camera briefly cuts to the hour glass, where 40 percent of the sand has gone. We cut back to Christabel enclosed in the tower, her boots slipping on the first rung. Cursing she unzips her boots before pulling them and her socks off, before gingerly climbing the tower, having to climb through the gap between the rungs several times to keep following the route of the chain. At the top we see her glance over to the hour glass, and she decides to jump down from the tower. She lands in the ice-cream with a splash, falling backwards as she lands, completely submerging herself in the ice-cream. The camera cuts to a close up of her face, as she emerges gasping with shock, her face and hair dripping with cold ice-cream.
The camera makes a number of rapid cuts between the hourglass and Christabel as she negotiates several more obstacles, until we see the sand has almost run out, but Christabel is making her way towards the door, until she’s forced to stop as her shackled hand dips under the ice-cream. The camera cuts to a close up showing the top of a narrow metal hoop, the top barely sticking out the ice-cream. To get through Christabel will have to completely submerge herself under the ice-cream. The camera cuts to the hourglass, with nearly all the sand gone, before cutting back to Christabel. She crouches down, takes a deep breath and sticks her head under the ice-cream. It’s ten seconds later before she remerges from the ice-cream, completely covered and gasping for air. She gets up and surges forward as quickly as she can, but once again she’s forced to stop a few feet from the exit. The camera cuts to a pole sticking just out the ice-cream that the end of the chain is welded too. Christabel pulls on the chain, trying to loosen as much slack in the chain as she can. The camera cuts several times to show how much of the chains slack is still caught up in the frame, and won’t come by simply pulling on the chain, before cutting to a shot of all the sand running out the hourglass.

The camera cuts to a large pagoda like tent, in it are a large crowd, and tables with a large array of cakes, deserts and other creations on them, as the camera pans it passes a group of 4 people, two holding a clipboard. They appear to be discussing which cake to award the first place ribbon too. Suddenly a loud siren blasts out. Everyone’s attention becomes focused on the corner of the tent where a curtain drops, revealing Christabel, on her knees, still desperately pulling on the chain. Suddenly the sprinkler system set up above the pool of ice-cream activates, dousing the whole area heavily in thick chocolate syrup. After about 40 seconds the deluge subsides, and the camera zooms in to Christabel, now sitting dejected in the ice-cream, her hair, face and every other part we can see now covered in a thick chocolate layer.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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