Pancake Day: Scene 11: Blueberry Kill:

The camera cuts to a dimly lit attic. Around it are a number of boxes and crates and old pieces of equipment. It looks well frequented, being mostly free of dust and cobwebs. In the background we hear the sound of some sort of gathering. The camera pans to the floor and closes in on a coffin shaped cage made of chain link fencing, the only hole being a circular opening above the female captives face. Lying on her back is a beautiful, tall blonde girl. Her hair is styled into a formal bun, and is decorated with a sparkling tiara. She wears a pink ball gown, that reveals a generous amount of cleavage, but has a long elegant skirt that reaches down to her ankles where she wears a pair of silver sequined high heels. Most notably she wears a sash across her body with the words “Carnival Queen” emblazoned on it. As she comes around she starts to struggle, but she is held in place by a number of leather straps around her chest, stomach and waist.

Porcelain: Hello Megan. It’s playtime.
Megan: What’s happening? Where am I?
Porcelain: It’s O.K, we’re going to have lots of fun together. Look your sitting on top of my Helter Skelta.

The camera shows around Megan’s feet, we se where she’s sitting on some sort of trapdoor, that’s set to swing down at her feet. We also see there is a set of what looks like bike pedals attached to some sort of device.

Porcelain: In a minute your going to be tipped down it. You’ll go whizzing all the way down, until you reach the really fun part at the bottom. Can you guess what fun I’ve got planned there?
Megan: What?
Porcelain: The exit comes out in the big ballroom, where tonights big carnival dance is taking place. In there I have a huge pool of my lovely thick pancake batter ready. So soon everyone at the dance will see all the fun you have covered in my lovely batter.
Megan: No please. Just let me out.
Porcelain: But Megan. You always loved attention. You always dress up nicely to make sure everyone looks at you. Always making sure your in the most popular clicks. Surely you don’t want to miss the opportunity of having the whole dance looking at you.
Megan: Don’t do this. I’ll do anything. I’ll give you money. I’ll have sex with you.
Porcelain: Oooo, tempting, but I’m afraid it’s not up to me if you go down or not. It’s up to you. Do you see those peddles at your feet? They’re attached to my little generator here. All you’ve got to do is build up the charge enough to activate the winch that will lift the cage up and away. Go on give it a go.

With obvious hesitation Megan puts her feet on the pedals and pedals at a moderate pace. The camera cuts to a close up of a dial, with the pointer on the far left, but as Megan pedals it starts to slowly move to the right, getting closer to a red area on the far right. The camera cuts back to Megan’s face. She is suddenly hit in the face with a pie. The thin pastry quickly crumbles, revealing her gasping face covered in a thick cream that has a slight blueberry purple tint. The camera cuts back to the dial, the pointer now moving slowly back to the left.

Porcelain: Oh you stopped peddling, now the charge is going back down. Did I forget to mention the generator is also hooked up to one of my other fun devices. How naughty of me.

The camera pans up to reveal a long conveyer belt ending a few feet above Megan’s face. On the conveyer belt is a long line of around twenty blueberry cream pies, the closest is already teetering on the edge, ready to tip over and land on Megan’s face.

Porcelain: Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll have lots and lots of fun with my wonderful blueberry cream pies. I baked them especially for you, and soon everyone will see you splashing about in my big pool of thick, gooey pancake batter.

With that Porcelain turns over an hour glass and leaves.

Megan: No please. Come back.

Megan struggles in the leather straps some more, before with a look of reservation she puts her feet on the pedals. She closes her eyes and grimaces her face as she starts to pedal. Almost immediately another pie falls on her, spreading the blueberry cream even further across her head. The camera briefly cuts to the dial, that slowly starts to move to the left again. She continues to pedal as fast as she can as pies continue to fall on top of her. Soon her whole head and the upper part of her body is covered in a mountain of blueberry coloured cream. She stops peddling to lean up gasping, trying to shake some of the cream off her face. The camera cuts back to the dial, that’s at the halfway point, but heading back to the left. It then cuts to the hourglass where we see there’s not much sand left. Megan resumes peddling, leaning up slightly, resulting in the pies striking her forehead and cream splattering down her face and into her hair. The camera then cuts to the dial that’s now at the two thirds mark, and then the hour glass as the sand runs out.
Megan lets out a scream as the floor swings down at her feet and she slides down the newly revealed channel. As the camera tracks down with her we see two buckets above that tip over as she passes over, dumping a load of sticky treacle onto her pink dress and over her face.

The camera then cuts to a large school gym, that for this evening has been especially decorated with bunting and ribbons for the big carnival dance. A romantic rock ballad plays as couples of all ages in their dresses and suits slow dance under the sparkling light on the big dance floor.
Suddenly a loud siren blares out. There’s a look of panic amongst many of the guests as the camera tracks across the floor. The camera stops on a big silver curtain that slowly opens, revealing a large wooden tub, nine foot across, four foot deep, full of light brown pancake batter. We hear a scream of terror as the camera focuses on a large wooden chute, at the back of the tub. Megan comes into view, uncontrollably sliding down the chute, until she goes flying off the end, completely submerging as she splashes down into the batter. A few seconds later she emerges, a layer of batter completely covering her. She tries to stand up but the combination of the restraints, her heels and the slippery surface make standing difficult, so she ends up slipping over, and splashing into the batter a second time, and then a third. Only by awkwardly wading over to the side of the pool where someone can offer a hand is she able to stand up. The same helper then wipes the batter off her face, but all this does is expose the thick treacle layer, sticking on underneath.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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